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The WWE sign flashes over the Titantron as WWE Raw kicks off from Madison Square Gardens as a new Era begins tonight. Raw promo plays and then big pyros as No chance hits the arena and out comes Vince Mcmahon gets a mic and stands in the ring with the crowd cheering as they wait to see what he says

"I have come out here to announce the new General Manager of Raw and his name is Shane Mcmahon"

Shane makes his way down to the ring and Vince leaves and Shane grabs a mic and then look at the crowd who are going wild for Shane

"tonight we will have a match to crown a new WWE Champion and in that match we will have the the Toughest SOB in the world today he is Stone Cold Steve Austin *crowd go wild* and in the other corner he is The Larger than Life living leagend Chris Jericho"

Jr "ow my god jericho vs Austin tonight for the WWE championship"

King "what a night we going to have here"


JR "welcome back and we got our first match coming up is for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Between Jamie Nobal and Billy Kidman"

1st Match Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs Jamie Nobal w/ Nidia

Billy kidman over powers Jamie for most of the match with Nobal getting some offence moves in and Kidman goes for the Shooting Star Press but misses and Nobal hits the Tiger Bomb and he gets the 1,2,3

Winner and New WWE Cruiserweight champion Jamie Nobal

In the back we see Triple H come in with Ric Flair and both men ask we aint HHH in the Championship match. Shane tells them that HHH goes one on one with The Rock


2nd Match Tag Team Championship
Batista + Randy Orton vs Dudleyz

It's a Normal Tag match and when it comes to the end Batista takes out D'von when Bubba hits Batista with a chair when the ref has his back turned out from the crowd comes Charlie Hass and he hits Bubba with a superkick and Randy Orton makes the Cover and they get the 1,2,3

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions Dave Batista and Randy Orton


Charlie Hass, Randy Orton and Dave Batista beat the living hell out of the Dudleyz and then they leave together raising each others arms in the air on top of the stage

We see Kurt Angle in the back drinking some Milk when Brock Lesnar comes in and they stare each other down when John Cena comes in doing a Little Rap about them and both of them Beat the living hell out of Cena and then Lesnar Leaves


3rd Match
The Rock vs Triple H w/ Ric Flair

This is an amazing match with back on forth action with the ref getting knocked down and the Rock hitting the Rock Bottem and then Ric Flair grabs the ref and throws him in as Rock Makes the cover 1,2kickout and Flair cant belive it as what it looks like Flair is trying to screw HHH but then all of a sudden Rock hits a Spin Buster on Flair and then a Peoples Elbow, HHH is up hits a Pedigree and then Pins the rock 1,2,3

Winner of the match Triple H


HHH grabs a mic and beigns to speak

"rock this place aint big Enough for the both of us so at No Way Out next week me and you in a Loser Leaves Town match"

HHH drops the mic and kicks Flair and leaves

* Break *

In the back we see Kurt Angle talking to Shane were Lesnar comes in and askes about having a Title Shot against the winner of the main Event and Angle gets involved and Shane books a match were the winnner Gets a shot at the title at No Way Out

4th Match WWE Intercontinatal Title
Matt Hardy vs John Cena vs Edge

All 3 men get involved with High Flying moves and lots of close covers a good all round Triple Threat, Edge hits a spear on Cena and when edge pins him Hardy hits a Leg Drop of the top rope onto Edge and all 3 men are down and Cena rolls over onto Edge and pins him for the 1,2,3

Winner and New WWE Intercontinatal Champion John Cena


In the back Edge is going mad after losing and attacks John Cena in the back and Shane makes a Rematch at No Way Out

5th Match #1 Conteder WWE Championship at No Way Out
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

Lots of suplexes and Submission holds and reversals match ends when Kurt tries a Cross body of the top but Lesnar catches him and sets him up for the F5 But kurt slips out and hits the Angle Slam and then he slaps on the anckle Lock were Lesnar has nothing to do but Submit

Winner and #1 Conteder at No Way Out Kurt Angle


6th Match WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Y2J

An amazing match with both men putting on a show and doing some great moves and Austin hits a stunner but Y2j Kicks out and when austin goes for another Y2J hits a Bulldog and then a Lionsault but Austin moves and hits another Stunner to get the 1,2,3

Winner and New WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin

Shane is loving his new Job in the back and who walks in But Eric Bischoff and he smiles and Bischoff has a Contract which reads he is the Cheiff of Staff on Raw and Holds has much power as Shane Mcmahon so Basically theres two General Mangers

Scene ends with Shane looking at Bischoff smiling

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Champions of WWE

WWE Champion= Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Intercontinatel champion= John Cena
WWE Cruierweight champion= Jamie Nobal
WWE Womens Champion= Vacnet
WWE Tag Team Champions= Dave Batista + Randy Orton

No Way Out Card 23/2/02

WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle

WWE Intercontiantal Championship
Edge vs John Cena

Loser Leaves town match
Special Guest Ref = Ric Flair
The Rock vs Triple H

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