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First real willy for penis museum

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A MAN of 95 has left his penis to a museum devoted to the organ.

Pall Arason's pickled manhood is the first human specimen to go on display at the Phallological Museum in the tiny fishing town of Husavik, Iceland.

The tourism worker, from the nearby village of Akureyri, pledged his member to chum Sigurdur Hjartarson's gallery 15 years ago.

It was officially unveiled in a ceremony last week after he died on January 5.

And it is now on display alongside the institution's extensive collection of phalluses from mammals including whales, seals and bears.

Several people have pledged their manhoods to the museum over the years — including a Briton, American, and a German — but Pall's was the first to be successfully donated.

Sigurdur said: "I have been waiting for this guy for 15 years."

Thousands flock to the museum — which boasts 276 members, including a 67-inch sperm whale penis and what it describes as an "unusually big" penis bone from a Canadian walrus — every year.

Sigurdur, 69, said his interest in what he calls "phallology" began when, as a youngster, he was given a whip made from a bull's penis to help him herd cattle.

Later, when he worked at a school near a whaling station, colleagues brought him whale penises as gifts.

He said: "That was how it started. I opened this museum 15 years ago with 62 specimens."

Sigurdur said he didn't think it was unusual having a human member on display.

He said: "People are always donating some organ after they died.

"It's no more remarkable to donate a penis than it is to donate an organ like a kidney."

And he revealed the donation fitted with Pall's personality.

He said: "He liked to be in the limelight. He was a funny guy. He was a boaster, a braggart ... he liked to be provocative."

But the museum director was coy when asked about the size of his newest acquisition.

He added: "I can't tell you that. You will just have to come and see it."


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