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I never take anyone to a movie on a first date. On the first date I really want to get to know someone and you can't do that sitting in the dark with a theater full of people. For the first date I never try to go over the top to impress someone or anything like that. Like I said, I just want to talk and get to know someone so dinner somewhere or even a homemade dinner is good enough for a first date to me. Might sound boring or that I don't try or anything, but all that other stuff comes later to me.

But that's just me. Realistically you two should just come up with someone you both enjoy doing so you can enjoy each other's company while doing it.

ah what he said, i was going to say well anything apart from the cinema. its too boring and antisocial.

for a second date however, i once got several envelopes and inside each one was something to do for the day.
i then made her choose one of the envelopes and so what we did was luck. i put dinner, the zoo, the sea life centre, cinema, shopping, chill in park etc etc in each one. it went down well.

im very outgoing and try to be different, shes same so it worked well
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