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FPR Cyber Saturday
October 23, 2010
Live from the SPIKE Dome
It's all up to you!

NOTE: Voting is not limited in the sense that you can vote on one wrestler for everything if you so desire! Voting on a wrestler in match #1 will not affect their ability to be voted on in matches later on. If someone is already wrestling you can still vote on them for other matches! For example Cena vs Muta is a match but you can still vote on Cena or Muta to receive title shots or any other match eligible, or if you vote for someone to compete in the Ultimate Fan Dream Match, you can still vote for them in any other match! You CAN vote for absolutely anyone whether they are contracted or not, injured, fired, etc.

8 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal: ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ?
The annual opener to FPR Cyber Saturday returns for the fifth edition. Every year it provides the most action-packed opening contest as possible and promises to be one with major title implacations on the Junior championship. The winner of this match receives a title shot at FPR Halloween Havoc but must first overcome seven other stars in this match. Who particpates is all up to you as you vote for the top 8 juniors to get a chance to shine. Last month at The Ultimate Encounter we saw several junior showcases and now it's your turn to decide who gets this chance!
Vote: Any 8 Cruiserweights!

Bison Smith vs Spoiler 2000 in a Lumberjack, Submissions, or Tag Team Match
Spoiler 2000 has been at odds with Bison Smith and Takeshi Morishima since the Road 2 GAB tournament in July. Spoiler has managed to overcome both men in recent months and most recently in a tag team bout. Following the Ultimate Encounter, Bison demanded a spot on the Cyber Saturday card and FPR Management gave him just that - another match with Spoiler. Only this time, the fans will decide what type of match this will be. Will it be a lumberjack match, a submissions match, or a tag team bout! It's all up to you.
Vote: Lumberjack, Submissions, or Tag Team match

Legend Killer Challenge: Randy Orton vs ?
At every Cyber Saturday, Randy Orton has made the legend killer challenge. Sometimes it's been singles, sometimes tag. This year, Orton has taken an extended leave of absence following a string of losses earlier this year. When FPR Management approached Orton about whether or not he would reprise his Cyber Saturday challenge, Orton vowed to bring it back and return with a vengeance. Orton has stated he will defeat whomever the legend that gets voted in will be, just like he did at the very first one in 06 as well ast the last one in 2009. But who will be the legend that faces the returning Orton? That will be all up to you as you make the vote to determine Orton's challenge!
Vote: Any Legend!

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair, Yoshinari Ogawa, or The Great Khali
Moments before Cyber Saturday was finalized, Kurt Angle announced that he wanted his own match. Angle stated he has no doubt that fans will vote him into other matches but he'll wrestle twice. Angle said he would take on anyone in order to redeem himself from the loss that killed his hot streak last month to the Big Show. FPR Management quickly brought together a list of opponents for the fans to choose from as Angle's opponent. His two most recent victories, Yoshinari Ogawa and Ric Flair, and a wildcard in the Great Khali. Angle and Flair are 1-1 this year, Angle and Ogawa have a storied rivalry dating back to last year where they met at this very show, Khali would certainly be a tough task for Kurt. But it will be all up to you and you choose which one of the three Kurt will face!
Vote: Ric Flair, Yoshinari Ogawa, or Great Khali

Ultimate Fan Dream Match: ? vs ?
The ultimate fan dream match is all about what match you really want to see. This gives you the opportunity to vote for absolutely any match that you want to take place at Cyber Saturday involving any wrestler! Each year it has delivered a classic bout, and sometimes lead to a series of matches. In 2006, it was Angle vs Joe, then it was Angle vs Bret in 2007. 2008 saw those two mix with Bret vs Joe and last year it was Shawn Michaels and The Rock. What will you pick for 2010? It can be anything at all, whether it's happened or not, it's all up to you in the ultimate fan dream match!
Vote: Anyone vs Anyone!

Octagon Championship Match: Bob Sapp(c) -vs- ???
Last year your vote in Cyber Saturday led to Bob Sapp finally losing the Octagon Championship, albeit briefly, it was still the end of a three year long reign. Sapp lost the title a second time earlier this year but as he always does, was able to regain it quickly after. Sapp has headed into every Cyber Saturday as Octagon champion and last year was his only loss. Will lightning strike twice for the fans vote? Who will you choose to enter the Octagon with the Beast?
Vote: Anyone!

International Championship Match: The Big Show(c) -vs- ???
Last year at Cyber Saturday, you voted The Big Show in to face Mark Henry for the international championship. Show won the title there and he's held it ever since. Defense after defense, Show has reached a full year as champion but will he make it past that is now the question. Last month, Big Show had a dominating under 5 minute victory that showed why he has been an unstoppable champion. Whomever you vote in will best come prepared if they plan to topple the Giant as it has proved to be no easy task. Show has taken on all comers thus far, so who will you put up against him for the FPR International Championship!?
Vote: Anyone!

Fulfill Your Fantasy Women's Battle Royal: ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ?
Another staple of FPR Cyber Saturday is the women's battle royal. Eight women step into the ring and only one makes it out as the victorious number one contender. Each year the match has a major impact on the women's division and it's title picture. It's up to you to choose which eight will make it in this year. It's always interesting to see who makes it into the match and it always delivers as a great one. Last year saw a ton of fallout that led into the months that followed. About 16 women have had the privelage to compete in the years past. Now, it's your choice, which eight women will compete in the epic battle!?
Vote; Any 8 Women!

Hardcore Deathmatch Championship Match: Abdullah the Butcher(c) -vs- ???
Abdullah the Butcher recently put an end to Mick Foley's 10 month reign (that began at last year's Cyber Saturday) and he's proven a worthy champion thus far. Abdullah has kept Foley's anyone, anywhere ruling on the belt and this night is the best time to take advantage of that as truly anyone can receive a shot at the title! But who it will be is all up to you! Who will you put against Abdullah in the deathmatch environment where the ring is surrounded by barbed-wire and landmines with light tube boards in every corner!
Vote: Anyone!

Junior Championship Match: Jushin Liger(c) -vs- ???
Shockingly enough, the FPR Junior Championship is the one and only title that has never changed hands at a Cyber Saturday event! Three of those four shows saw Jushin Liger walk in - and out - as champion. This year things almost went a different way as Liger lost the title at the beginning of the year and left the division briefly. However, last month, Liger made his return to the junior division to challenge then-champion Brian Pillman. Pillman had been champion since WrestleMania and beaten every contender but Liger had returned and he won his belt back in CRITICAL fashion. So now, Liger heads into his 4th consecutive Cyber Saturday as champion, but who will you put him up against in his first defense of his seventh reign?
Vote: Any cruiserweight!

6 Man Mix Up: Hulk Hogan , Bret Hart , OR Triple H vs. CM Punk, Austin Aries, OR Shawn Michaels
This is a feud that's been going almost the whole year. WrestleMania was when the pieces came together to bring Punk, Aries, and Michaels back together for the first time in four years. Their opposition has been the three men they have caused the most trouble for so far. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Triple H. Those three men have joined together in their war with Generation sXe. Despite losing War Games in July, Bret and HHH have continued to battle Aries and Michaels while last month saw Hogan and Punk once again vying for the worlds championship. Tonight, you will pick one from each side to go at it in a 1 on 1 encounter!
Vote: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, OR Triple H
Vote: CM Punk, Austin Aries, OR Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Championship Match: Latin American XChange(c) -vs- ???
The LAX have had their best year ever in 2010. They've held onto the tag titles for months, they won the 64 team Real World Tag League and in the process became the first ever reigning tag champions to do so. LAX have remained tearing through the competition and despite some close calls, reigned supreme every time. Now it's time for you to decide who they face next for the FPR World Tag Team Championships. Who will you put against FPR's current top team!?
Vote: Any 2 wrestlers!

John Cena vs. Great Muta in Steel Cage, 2/3 Falls, or Barbed-Wire Ropes
The hottest feud of the last several months has been John Cena and the Great Muta. It all began in the finals of the Road 2 GAB Tournament when Cena defeated Muta. Muta's post-match assault put Cena on the shelf until he returned for a street fight at the Great American Bash. Cena won in a bloody brawl but Muta wasn't going to give up. The following month at Final Burns they met again in an I Quit match. In one of the best matches of the year, Cena prevailed yet again forcing Muta to pass out in the STF after a twenty minute war. Last month they were involved in the wild six pack challenge for the world title but neither were able to bring home the gold. Muta has remained determined to defeat Cena and has challenged him to another match here at Cyber Saturday. This time you will choose what type of match they compete in! Will it be inside the 15 foot high steel cage? Will they go the distance in 2/3 falls? Or will they be surrounded by barbed-wire? It's all up to you!
Vote: Steel Cage, 2/3 Falls, or Barbed Wire

Women's Championship Match: Alissa Flash(c) -vs- ???
Since her debut late last year, Alissa Flash has made a very quick rise to the top of the women's division. Last month she won the women's championship back from Jessica James ending their series of matches with a 2/3 falls match. For the past two years, Candice Michelle had gone into Cyber Saturday with the title but this year things have changed. Last year your votes led to a tie which resulted in a triple threat match. This year it's all up to you to determine who faces Alissa Flash for the women's title, the choice is yours!
Vote: Any woman!

Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: Mick Foley(c) -vs- ???
Last month FPR was turned upside down with one of the most monumental main events of all time when Stone Cold Steve Austin put the FPR Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line in a six pack challenge. FPR's first world title six way in seven years and it involved all the top contenders. Mick Foley shocked the world when he came out on top with the victory. Foley outlasted Hogan, Punk, Cena, Muta, and Austin to become world champion for the very first time. In just three months, Foley has gone from hardcore champion to world champion and nobody saw it coming. Since winning the gold, Foley has called it the culmination of a year-long crusade, relating back to he pinned then-champion Hulk Hogan at last year's Halloween Havoc. Foley is now the champion and now he has the target on his back as everyone's gunning for him and the title. But who gets the first shot, is up to you. Who will you choose to headline Cyber Saturday against Foley?
Vote: Anyone!

©Cyber Saturday 2010, ALL This and more! Tell the world to get their votes in! On the heels of one of the most exciting FPR PPVs last month, Cyber Saturday promises to be a can't-miss event!

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Just a reminder that FPR Cyber Saturday takes place one week from tonight. With nearly 50 votes, none have came from this forum despite 80 views. I hope you will change that and get some votes in!

The Power Of Three Will Set You Free
4,022 Posts
I'll help and vote like I do every year.

Evan Bourne/Rey Mysterio/Tyson Kidd/Utlimo Dragon/AJ Styles/Juventud Guerrera/Dean Malenko/Chavo Guerrero

Submission Match

Bret Hart

Ric Flair

John Cena vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Ken Shamrock

Wade Barrett

Mickie James/Layla El/Melina/Trish Stratus/Maryse/Michelle McCool/Natayla/Santana G

Hardcore Holly

Justin Gabriel

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Edge and Christian

Barbed Wire


Stone Cold Steve Austin

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8 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal: ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ?
Mr Aguila, Super Crazy, Psicosis. Jack Evans, Amazing Red, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki and Shannon Moore

Bison Smith vs Spoiler 2000 in a Lumberjack, Submissions, or Tag Team Match
Tag Team Match

Legend Killer Challenge: Randy Orton vs ?
Bob orton

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair, Yoshinari Ogawa, or The Great Khali
Yoshinari Ogawa

Ultimate Fan Dream Match: ? vs ?
Undertaker vs Sting

Octagon Championship Match: Bob Sapp(c) -vs- ???
Ken Shamrock

International Championship Match: The Big Show(c) -vs- ???

Fulfill Your Fantasy Women's Battle Royal: ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ? vs ?
Victoria, Daffney, Katie Lea, Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix, Mschif, Sara Del Ray & Natalya

Hardcore Deathmatch Championship Match: Abdullah the Butcher(c) -vs- ???

Junior Championship Match: Jushin Liger(c) -vs- ???
Taka Michinoku

6 Man Mix Up: Hulk Hogan , Bret Hart , OR Triple H vs. CM Punk, Austin Aries, OR Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart -vs- Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Championship Match: Latin American XChange(c) -vs- ???
The Colons

John Cena vs. Great Muta in Steel Cage, 2/3 Falls, or Barbed-Wire Ropes
Steel Cage

Women's Championship Match: Alissa Flash(c) -vs- ???

Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: Mick Foley(c) -vs- ???

121 Posts
1st Match: Psicoisis vs Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero vs TAKA Michinoku vs Ultimo Dragon vs Essa Rios

2nd Match: Submissions Match

3rd Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin

4th Match: Ric Flair

5th Match: The Undertaker vs Sting

6th Match: Brock Lesnar

7th Match: Edge

8th Match: Triah Stratus vs Victoria vs Mickie James vs Melina vs Natalya vs Layla vs Beth Pheonix vs Serena

9th Match: Tommy Dreamer

10th Match: Chris Jericho

11th Match: Bret Hart vs CM Punk

12th Match: The Hardyz

13th Match: Steel Cage Match

14th Match: Lita

15th Match: The Rock

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Rey Mysterio: 30
Chavo Guerrero: 23
AJ Styles: 18
Evan Bourne: 18
Ultimo Dragon: 18
Psicosis: 14
Kaval: 13
Amazing Red: 12
8 Man Cruiserweight Battle Royal: Ultimo Dragon def. Chavo Guerrero, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Psicosis, Evan Bourne, Kaval, & Amazing Red (23:37)
*Mysterio eliminated Chavo (13:02) with a magistral rollup
*Psicosis eliminated Styles (15:19) with a backslide
*Psicosis eliminated Mysterio (16:00) with a german suplex
*Bourne eliminated Psicosis (18:43) after Ultimo used a kick
*Red eliminated Bourne (21:03) with the Code Red
*Ultimo eliminated Kaval (22:09) with a hurricarana
*Ultimo eliminated Red (23:37) with a running powerbomb

Lumberjack: (47%)
Submissions: (36%)
Tag Team: (17%)
Lumberjack Match: Bison Smith def. Spoiler 2000 (11:39) with the Bisontenniel

Stone Cold & Bob Orton tie with 6 votes each
Legend Killer Challenge Triple Threat Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Randy Orton & Bob Orton Jr. (13:36) via armbar submission on Bob

Ric Flair: (54%)
Yoshinari Ogawa: (29%)
Great Khali: (17%)
Kurt Angle def. Ric Flair (17:13) via submission with mounted knees

Sting vs The Undertaker received 5 total votes.
Ultimate Fan Dream Match: The Undertaker def. Sting (14:44) after the Last Ride

Brock Lesnar received 13 votes:
Octagon Championship Match: Bob Sapp def. Brock Lesnar via 2nd Round KO (0:13) after a barrage of punches to RETAIN the championship (5:13)

Andre the Giant received 8 votes:
International Championship Match: The Big Show def. Andre the Giant (10:45) after a lariat to RETAIN the championship!

Necro Butcher received 9 votes, edging out Sabu by 1 vote:
Hardcore Deathmatch Championship Match: Necro Butcher def. Abdullah the Butcher (12:46) with the tiger driver to become the NEW Champion!

Trish Stratus: 34
Mickie James: 25
Beth Phoenix: 20
Angelina Love: 17
Tara: 17
Velvet Sky: 16
Lita: 16
Natalya: 15
Fulfill Your Fantasy Women's Battle Royal: Victoria def. Angelina Love, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Velvet Sky, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & Lita (29:06)
*Beth eliminated Angelina (15:56) via rollup
*Lita eliminated Mickie (16:08) after a leg drop
*Lita eliminated Trish (18:57) via magistral rollup
*Lita eliminated Velvet (21:39) with a powerbomb
*Victoria eliminated Beth (23:52) after a russian legsweep
*Victoria eliminated Natalya (24:58) via submission with a leglock
*Victoria eliminated Lita (29:06) via submission with a surfboard stretch

BONUS MATCH: Women's Tag Team Championship Match: The Beautiful People def. The Canadian Ninjas (29:49) when Maryse pinned Portia after the French Kiss DDT to RETAIN the championships!

Rey Mysterio received 6 votes:
Junior Championship Match: Rey Mysterio def. Jushin Liger (7:52) via magistral rollup to become the NEW Champion!!

Hulk Hogan:: (18%)
Bret Hart: (49%)
Triple H: (33%)

CM Punk: (48%)
Austin Aries: (12%)
Shawn Michaels: (40%)

CM Punk def. Bret Hart (13:34) via rollup

The Hardyz received 6 votes:
World Tag Team Championship Match: The Hardyz def. Latin American XChange (17:06) when Jeff pinned Homicide with a split-legged moonsault to become the NEW Champions!!!!

Barbed Wire: (45%)
Steel Cage: (29%)
2/3 Falls: (26%)
Barbed-Wire Ropes Match: John Cena def. The Great Muta (19:06) via submission after sending him into the barbed wire

Amazing Kong received 8 votes edging out Lita (7) and Sara Del Rey (6)
Women's Championship Match: Alissa Flash def. Amazing Kong (10:53) with the michinoku driver to RETAIN the championship!!

The Rock & The Undertaker TIED with six votes each!
Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match: The Rock def. Mick Foley & The Undertaker (28:04) to become the NEW FPR Worlds Heavyweight Champion!!!
*Rock forced Taker to submit to a dragon sleeper (26:32)
*Rock forced Foley to submit to the sharpshooter (28:04)

©FPR Cyber Saturday 2010. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped make this a truly great event! For full stories with the results visit firepror.blogspot.com. See the highlights at http://www.viddler.com/explore/tigerXgroge/videos/38/
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