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I feel like I am a man again. I am getting stronger, mentally prepared, and tested every day. I am preparing for the ultimate goal. I am preparing for my Major League Baseball comeback. My body is about to tell me it is ready to return. However, with my progress of becoming the man I used to be, I find myself in a whole different situation. I, also, find myself to be a serious contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

I could not only be the world champion of wrestling, but I can also be the world leader in the sport of baseball. I can rule the world, but I won’t let that get into my head. Finding myself as a man is bringing me into a new spotlight of life. Compassion. Poetry. Love.

I am understanding what it is like to love again. I know what compassion means. Words have never meant so much to me than they do now. I find the right compilation of words and throw them together after each workout, each meal, each conversation, etc. Sometimes these words rhyme and it turns out I put together one hella fine poem.

Just like now.

I sit here trying to find my inner me
Not sure which person in here has the key.
Pitching this, pitching that,
How many times has my head slammed against that mat?
Is wrestling even worth it?
Baseball isn’t better, it makes me throw fits.
But both are my passion that I can’t give up,
If I was an alcoholic it would be about time to fill up my cup.
I could juggle the two,
But the pressure might bring back my depression blue.
Can I handle the haters?
I got one thing to say to them, don’t look now, but I’ll see you laters.

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LOL loved the poem.

It was short.

But enjoyed what little there was.
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