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I just recieved FYF: Finale in the mail a couple of days ago and I was very impressed with this show as a whole. I'm going to post the show match by match without going into great match detail and simply giving my opinion on each match.

1) Colt Cabana vs. Delirious
This match was a really good opener. It started with a few minutes of comedic spots, with Cabana going nuts instead of Delirious. Good match and like I said a nice way to open up the show. ** match

2) Sara Del Ray & Allison Danger vs. Jetta & Eden Black
I really didn't get into this match to tell you the truth. I guess the WWE has ruined my opinion of women's wrestling and shit but I honestly didn't really watch this match much. Maybe I should go back and watch it fully, but I was more interested in getting to the other matches.

Falls Count Anywhere
3) BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs
I must say that I am becoming a huge fan of both Jacobs and Whitmer. Whitmer mainly because of his feud with CZW last year, especially the Barbed Wire match with Necro. Jacobs on the other hand, has interested me with his feuding with former partner BJ Whitmer. These two definitely have ring chemistry and whenever they get into the ring together, you know something insane is going to happen. ***

4) Matt Sydal vs. PAC
PAC impressed me the night before in his debut match against Roderick Strong for the FIP Heavyweight Title. This was the first time I had seen PAC wrestle and he could definitely be a future star in ROH. Sydal and PAC go hard and have a good match filled with high flying spots and good mat wrestling. ** 1/2

5) Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
I don't think much more needs to be said here. I'm a huge Briscoe's fan and for me this could have been MOTN. Both of these guys give it their all, just like every time they step into the ring. *** 3/4

ROH World Tag Team Title Match:
6) No Remorse Corps(Strong & Richards) vs. Doi & Shingo (C)
Strong steps back into the Tag Team scene with Davey Richards in their newly formed alliance known as No Remorse Corps, as they take on the newly crowned ROH Tag Champions from Dragon Gate, Naruki Doi & Shingo. This was a hard fought Tag Team match and once again showcases the talents that the Japanese wrestlers bring to America and ROH in particular. Great Tag Title Match!! *** 1/2

Fight Without Honor:
7) Jimmy Rave vs. Nigel McGuiness
Obviously being in Liverpool, McGuiness was hugely over and chants of "Die Jimmy, Die" quickly began. Great contest of both wrestling skills and some sick hardcore spots that should not be missed. Both these guys give it their all. *** 1/2

8) Samoa Joe vs. Homicide
This was Joe's final match in ROH. He gets tremendous ovations from the crowd, and being a Joe fan myself, I'm glad to see the appreciation that everyone had for Samoa Joe, at one point chanting "Legend" towards Joe. Obviously this was a great contest between two guys who carried one of the greatest ROH World Title feuds in the companies short five year history. These two always work together great, and this one is no exception. *** 3/4

Post Joe/Homicide match sees Joe give his farewell to ROH speech in front of the fans, with all the guys in the back coming out and showing Joe respect.

Following the farewell speech, we are treated to a "Thank You Joe" tribute video, spanning his greatest accomplishments in ROH.

Overall event rating: **** event

The show in general is just awesome. The Briscoe/Briscoe, ROH Tag Title, and Joe/Homicide matches all are considered to be MOTN/MOTY candidates in my opinion. This is a definite must buy for any ROH fan!!

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Im confused how you got a **** star rating but none of your match ratings reached that? **1/2 for Pac vs Sydal? IMO that was closer to ***1/2. Briscoe was an easy **** match too. But I realize its your opinion. But still a little confused on your overall show rating then your match ratings dont reach that high. Classic Show.
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