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Feuds should end at WM and no rematch clause

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WM doesn't feel special to me anymore. You know why? because I know that the World Title matches are just going to repeat at the next PPV.

WM is supposed to be the Superbowl of WWE the season ender. Doesn't it make sense that all feuds should blow off at Wrestlemania? If the WM title match is only part 1 of a 2 or 3 PPV feud then there is nothing special about that match.

Take Hart/HBK WMXII for example. A great story was told there; Bret Hart as the experienced veteran who wants to preserve his legacy, Shawn Michaels as the young challenger who is fighting to make his boyhood dream come true. Great match, great ending. What happens after WM? Bret takes 6 months off while Shawn becomes the guy and defends his title against the bad guys.

Now ask yourself if that fued would have been nearly as good had Hart come out the next night on Raw and got an automatic rematch 1 month later.

Which brings me to my next problem, the free rematch for the former champion. I don't think I was watching when his stupid rule was implemented but it is simply a crutch for unimaginative writers. 'Don't want to come up with a new feud or a good reason why this feud should continue? Free rematch clause'. It's lazy and it's stupid and should be gotten rid of.

I know there are much bigger problems with WWE nowadays, but this is a little push that can help make WM and the Title seem a little more prestiegious.
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Mania should be the seasons end every year

the same way that January is for pro darts
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