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Feuds- Greatest crappest, couldov been better.

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Hey guys and the minority, but very popular group of female wrestling fans. We all dream of the greatest feuds coming to life and i'm one of them so here are my ___ greatest feuds that have either already happened, or may never happen also the CRAPPEST FEUDS EVER and the 'couldov been better ones' aswell. These are in no particular order.
Greatest feuds
1. Austin vs Rock- Although Austin vs Rock Three should have been saved for W'M XX.

2. HHH vs Mick Foley (all Personas)- Great feuds which had many great matches including Hell in a cell (@ No Way Out), Fall count anywhere (@ Raw), Street Fight (@ Royal Rumble) etc

3.Lesnar vs Rock- A defining moment for such a young wrestler to had the torch handed down to him by such a top wrestler and they made it into quite a showdown.

4.HBK vs HHH- Two great singles matches (@ Summerslam & Armageddon) plus their other incounter (@ Survivor Series/Elimination chamber).

5.RVD vs Jeff Hardy- Awesome matches with some of the best bumps of 2001.

6.Chris Beniot vs Kurt Angle- Some of their matches were technical bores, but they made up for it @ the 2003 Royal Rumble.

7. Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar- OK, OK they only had one match but that match was amazing especially the Shooting Star Press.

8. Kurt Angle vs Edge- Hilarious skits and debut the 'You Suck', 'Your Bald' chant and Debut Angles new look.

9. Edge vs Christian- Good turning point for christian even though it took him a while to take of.

10. Dudleys vs Hardys vs Edge & Christian- Possibly the only greatest tag team feud in the past present and future.

11. Austin vs McMahon- Oh Hell Yeah.

12. Angle vs Shane o'Mac- O'Mac Took some of the best bumps along with RVD and Hardy of 2001
Dream Feuds
1. Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio- Possibly starting to happen on smackdown.

2. Goldberg vs Lesnar- Goldberg may quit the WWE pretty soon, but who knows, 20yrs from now it could be a W'M XX recall moment.

3. Kane vs Kevin Nash- It was begining to evole in 2002 near W'M X8 but injuries stopped it.

4. Kevin Nash vs Big Show /Taker- Whoever Nash faces it should be a top Big men encounter.

5. Edge vs Jeff hardy/RVD- The battle other mid cards would be good espcially with a stipulation and a title.

Crappest Feuds
1. Hogan vs McMahon- For 20 yrs in the making it was pretty crap.

2. Hogan vs Rock 1 & 2- Boring, what boring matches, basically the only actually moves down were the wrestlers finishers the rest was strength tests and punches. BORING

3. HHH vs Scott Steiner- for such a build up for the 1st encounter you would think that it would be good right? Wrong! both match were crap.

4. Y2J vs Rock- with Y2J being a heel for him to be that way he had to ruin those matches by cheating.

5. Big Show vs Bossman- A time when the (back then) WWF title was a joke and a pretty low storyline (Big Show's dad died Big Show being literally a Bastard etc)

6. HHH vs Kane- CRAP, BIGGEST LOAD OF B.S I HAVE EVER HEARD. Saying that Kane's a murderer and he had sex with a corpse just to unbelievably fake for todays public.

And finally the Couldov been Better feuds.

1. Jeff H vs Matt H- They couldov done what they did with edge and christian made it a cage, ladder, table or tlc. Unfortunatley Jeff was fired so no more feuds.

2. HHH vs RVD- Bloody Ric Flair ruined it

3. Rock vs Goldberg- Hollywood has gotten to somebody i wonder who? cause they didn't have enough time to spend building up this dream feud.

4.Kevin Nash vs HHH- 1st match CRAP ending (if u can tell by now i don't like matches end in a DQ) Hell in a Cell ended quite crappily because HHH kicked out after a Barbed wire shot and a Jacknife but Nash can't kicked out of 1 pedigree, 2 maybe but 1 sure he could.

Well thank you for reading this article a please do send a reply with agreements, disagreements and suggestions and ido my best to return them aswell.