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So I've decided to do a BTB based on the game Federation Wrestling by indie developer MDickie. I've playing a lot recently and making up my own feuds and stuff so I though I might as well write it down!


Company: Federation Online

Owner: Mat Dickie

Weekly Streams:

Online Review: Tuesday- A recap of the past week in Federation Online along with a 'Talent Focus' segment. Hosted by The Fan.

Federation Wrestling: Thursday- The A-Show of the company. Features the companies big names locking horns weekly.

Federation Focus: Sunday- The B-Show. Exists to give lower-card talent some screen time.


Whack Ax- H- World Champion

Ackrite- F

Whack Oz- F

Scally- H

Infinite Best- F

Endon Sezzer- F- Inter Champion

Dyny- H

'The Franchise Player' Cody Savage- H- Tag Champion

Bberlaine- H- Tag Champions

'The Veteran' Gus Hardball- F

Ewan Trust- H

Baby Bull- F

Woodrow- H

Outlaw Eaton- H

Wild T.A- H

Cast- F

'The People's Chief' Chief Truro- H

Mama Pearl- H

Bob Orson- H

MDickie- H- On-Screen character of owner Mat Dickie. Wrestles part-time.

Midwinter- F

Powermonger- H

Sergeant Merc- F

Private Acer- F

Stormer- F

Menace- H

Shank- H

Bob Baggins- F

Billy Baggins- F

Other On-Screen Personnel

Announcer: Dr. Stainton

Miss Viola- Valet of The Wild Outlaws

The Fan- Make appearances on the two wrestling shows often and hosts Online Review.

Tag Teams & Stables

The Mat Pack: MDickie, Whack Ax, Cody Savage, Bberlaine- H

The Franchise Players: Cody Savage & Bberlaine- H- Tag Champions

Woodrow & Bob Orson- H

The Wild Outlaws: Wild T.A & Outlaw Eaton w/ Miss Viola- H

Merc & Acer- F

Prison Break: Menace & Shank- H

Cast & Midwinter- F

The Baggins Brothers: Billy & Bob Baggins- F

PPS(Pay-Per-Stream) events(Dates to be revealed soon)

Big Bumpz


Most Wanted

Thriller Night


@ The MDome

@ The Idigicon Center

UK Tour

Million Dollar Brawl

Lethal Lottery


Auld Slam Style

Federation Online Archives

Federation Focus Archives

Rules of Federation Wrestling

1. Matches will be contested under 'Street Fight' rules. Weapons are permitted but falls only count in the ring.

2. When a title is being defended DQ's will come into play. Title matches will be contested under Best of 3 rules.

3. If a talent purposely attacks a referee or staff member of the company they will be fined and suspended indefinitely.

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Big Bumpz Results January 1 2012

Match 1: Endon Sezzer (c) beat Mama Pearl in a Hardcore match to defend the Inter championship.

Match 2: The Franchise Players beat The Wild Outlaws, The Baggins Brothers (c) and Midwinter & Cast to win the Tag Championships.

Match 3: Stormer beat Dyny in a Steel Cage match.

Match 4: Ewan Trust beat Infinite Best in a Singapore Cane match.

Match 5: Chief Truro beat Ackrite to become the Number One Contender to the World Championship. Ackrite was attacked by the Franchise Players before the match.

Match 6: Whack Az beat Whack Ox (c) to win the World Title after interference from The Mat Pack.

fedonline.com exclusive

We see Ackrite walking backstage looking really angry as we see Monica following him.

Monica: Ackrite! What do you have to say about what happened tonight??

The 'Ass Kicking Machine' turns around and looks right into the camera, grabbing the mic.

Ackrite: Mat Dickie... YOU ARE DEAD!!!!!!

He tosses the mic away before stomping away.
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