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February 22nd Newswire

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- Announced last night following “ROH on HDNet”, ROH officials have come to terms to an additional stipulation for THIS Saturday night’s ROH World Title bout! (http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/stipulation-added-to-saturdays-world-title-bout/). The World Title match between Champion Roderick Strong and his challenge, “The Notorious 187” Homicide, will now be a “No Holds Barred Barrio Street Fight”! Does this play into Homicide’s game, or will it allow the House of Truth to insure Strong retains the belt? Order it now at GoFightLive.TV if you can’t be there in person to find out (http://www.gofightlive.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/ROH__The_9th_Anniversary_Show/920). If you can make it out to Chicago tickets are now available (http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=201) at ROHWrestling.com. If you’re looking for reserved seating there are only a few tickets remaining. We’re expecting one of our biggest Chicago crowds to date this Saturday night.

- The next 2 challengers for the ROH World Championship have officially been signed (http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/next-two-world-title-challengers-set/)! The winner of the Roderick Strong/Homicide title bout this weekend will head to New York City on 3/19 for “Manhattan Mayhem IV” to defend the ROH World Title against former ROH World Tag Team & World TV Champion Eddie Edwards! Edwards secured himself a future World title shot by winning “Survival of the Fittest 2010” last October and ROH officials have now set the date for the biggest opportunity of his career! Get your tickets now: http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=208.

- And as if that wasn’t enough ROH officials have also determined that the last man who pinned the current ROH World Champion Roderick Strong, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, will challenge for the ROH World Title on April 1st when we debut in Atlanta, GA! Daniels has been in pursuit of the ROH World Title for quite a long time but has never been able to attain the elite position of ROH World Champion. Tickets are sold out here at ROHWrestling.com, but you can still get select seats through Ticketmaster so hurry while they last!

- Check out the latest edition of the ROH Video Wire as we head into “World’s Greatest” & the “9th Anniversary Show” this Friday & Saturday night! Hear ROH World Champion Roderick Strong & challenger Homicide comment on their title bout, Truth Martini & Michael Elgin address Christopher Daniels and their meeting in Dayton while Eddie Edwards speaks on their TV Title meeting in Chicago Ridge; the Kings of Wrestling & ANX speak on their tag title confrontation, and we take a look at the recent changes in Steve Corino.

- ROH officials have stated that “The Generic Luchador” El Generico is at the top of the list of World Championship challengers based off many factors including his recent match with the champion in Los Angeles. The upcoming weekend will be very important for El Generico as a victory against Homicide in Dayton would almost ensure Generico as the next challenger after Christopher Daniels’ title fight on April 1st. The following night in Chicago Ridge, Generico will face House of Truth member Michael Elgin. It has been leaked that Elgin has been given a hit list by the World Champion and Generico is the second name that appears (http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/michael-elgins-hit-list/). There is no doubt that the Champion sees Generico as a major threat and, with the help of Truth Martini, he has developed a nefarious yet clever plan to soften up, not only Generico, but all of the potential challengers.

- Officially signed for this Friday on 2/25 for “World’s Greatest” in Dayton, OH is Steve Corino & Grizzly Redwood vs. The Bravado Brothers! Corino continues his attempt to give back to the younger generation and not only requested to team with Grizzly but also requested a match with the Bravado Brothers. “The officials have put us together,” stated Grizz, “Like always I will do what’s right and expect Steve to do the same. Don’t get me wrong though, I will be looking over my shoulder ‘cause it will take a long time before anybody can completely trust him.”

- We are pleased to announce that Davey Richards has officially signed to compete for our returns to Plymouth, MA on 3/18 and NYC for “Manhattan Mayhem IV” on 3/19!

- Last night on “ROH on HDNet” we saw the tension between the All Night Express and the ROH World Tag Team Champions Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli come to a climax. Kenny King was victorious in his one-on-one contest with Chris Hero but immediately after the pinfall The All Night’s were laid out by Hero, Claudio, Sara Del Rey, and Shane Hagadorn.

- ANX are not only ready for their first traditional shot at tag team gold here in ROH but they are also ready to gain revenge on the KOW. “I beat you Hero’” stated King, “Straight up, man-to-man, I beat you. Now you know exactly what we are capable of and that’s why you jumped us after the match. You’re scared, you know your days are numbered, and when we roll into Chi-Town this Saturday it’s all serious business for us. The pleasure will come on Sunday when Rhett and I are chillin’ with 10 ladies each, one for each pound of gold we’ll have strapped around our waists!”

- ROH Officials are in negotiations to bring back TJ Perkins to compete on future live events. TJ Perkins has been highly impressive in his recent ROH bouts and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Perkins and ROH.

- Don’t forget that Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin will take part in a special Meet & Greet autograph session with the fans one hour prior to the upcoming events in Dayton, OH on February 25th and Chicago Ridge, IL on February 26th.

- And speaking of the WGTT, take a special look at the Dream Tag Match between Haas & Benjamin and The Briscoes: