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ok, I am new here, let me give this a shot. I talk about what they should do, so let me see if I can write it.

Show opens with clips of HHH and Co. in the ring last week. Also clips of Orton and Batista throwing Goldust into the circuit box and being carted off on a stretcher.

The pyro hits and JR welcomes us to the show.
JR: Good evening everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw. We have a great show tonight as Bishoff has an annoucement that will rock the wrestling world.
King: Yeah, this announcment is supposed to turn the WWE upside down. JR, you think maybe Bishoff got SCSA.
JR: I don't know king, we will just have to wait and find out.

HHH's music hits. Out come HHH and Co. All 4 members walk to the ring as the boos from the crowd fill the whole arena. HHH grabs the mic.
HHH: First off, I want everyone in the arena to take a look at what is standing before you. 4 people totally dedicated to ruling the wrestling business and being the best there is. As I said last week, things have changed and the advantage now belongs to us. We will never come to the ring alone and we will never be caught without backup. 2nd thing, Steiner, so you beat Jericho last week. So what, I've beat him on numerous occasions, big deal. At No Way Out, you will find out why they call me the Cerebral Assassin.
Booker T's music hits.
Booker T: HHH, I really tired of listening to you shoot your mouth off about how good you are and how you are the game, however, I am not here for you, I want to talk to the suckas behind you, Batista and Orton. Now you guys come out of your little luxury box last week looking for Steiner, but instead you send Goldust into a circuit box, and fry his ass. Well, let me just make one thing clear, that was my friend and partner and I will be damned if I am going to stand by without exacting some revenge.
Orton: Tell you what Booker, my should is only 97% so I cannot wrestle yet, but I would bet that Batista would be more than willing to hand you your ass. (Batista smiles)
Booker: I don't care who it is. Batista, you, or 100 year old nature boy, but let me promise you one thing, you will wish you had never messed my partner. Now can you did that Suckaaaaaaaa!
JR: Man, what a way to start Raw, Booker T will face Batista tonight. That is sure to be one helluva match
King: Why does Booker care what happens to Goldust, they are not tag partners anymore, it is none of his business.
JR: King, they are still friends and Booker took offense to the beating Goldust took.
Next is Jeff Hardy vs. Hurricane
Good match, Hardy does a couple of high risk moves. Hurricane gains some offense but Hardy hits a Swanton bomb and pins Hurricane 1-2-3.

Bishoffs music hits. Bishoff stands at the top of the ramp:
JR: Time for the announcement. Bishoffs time is running out, this better be good.
Bishoff: Well, as you all know, Vince has given me 30 days to turn Raw around, now since this is my final opportunity in that time I have something that will completely shock everyone here and everyone at home. Raw has needed a superstar that can lead the way and bring Raw back to its former glory, well I have someone for you. You will recongnize him from the past few years, he was cheered by fans everywhere and he was a key player in one of the most recognized and dominate feuds in wrestling history. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you, the one the only........................, wait, on second thought, it is not time. This is not right. You people don't deserve it. I think you need to wait a little longer. If this is my last night on Raw, I am going to go out with a bang.

JR: what was that. Why would he bring his ass out here and leave us all hanging.
King: JR, bischoff has his reasons, you heard him say these people did nto deserve it, he has probably decided to wait until the ppv.
JR: Well, don't get everyones hopes up and not deliver.


Victoria vs. Jackie
Decent match, Jackie gets some good shots in. Victoria wins after Richards hits Jackie with Victorias title belt.

Test's music hits. Test and Stacy come to the ring.
Test: Jericho, I gave you the chance last week to apolgize, well you sent Christian in to attack me. Well, tonight after I beat his ass, I will find you in the back and beat an apoligy out of you.

Test vs. Christian
Christian runs in and tries to gain the early advantage. Test pushed him into the corner and starts nailing him with right hands. Christian takes a beating until he rolls out of the ring. When test follows him he kicks test in the gut and uses and electrical cord to choke him. Rolls test back in the ring, cling up top and delivers a back somersault. Goes for the pin, but test kicks out. Christian continues the offense until Stacy gets on the apron and distracts Christian. Test gets up and when Christian turns around the eats the sole of Test's boot. Test pins him 1-2-3.
Test then heads to the back to look for Jericho.


We come back and see Bishoff on the phone talking to someone and stating that he can't wait for him to get here and that he is the man who will turn Raw around.

Next is Booker T vs. Batista.

Booker and Batista start off exchanging blows. Batista finally nails a clothesline and takes Booker T down. The match continues for a while until Orton pull booker out of the ring. Booker hits Orton but batista grabs him and throws him into the ring post. Orton and Batista start double teaming Booker. They roll Booker back in the ring, Batista tries to pin Booker but he kicks out. Booker gains some offense but eventually Batista nails him with a right hand. Orton distracts the ref as Batista grabs a chair. As Batista raises the chair, Goldust runs in and nails him with a bulldog (ala, Dustin Rhodes) he rolls out and Booker picks Batista up and delivers the Book End and as he tries to pin Batista, Orton comes in a causes the dq. Goldust goes after Orton and he and Batista head up the ramp.


Out comes HHH and Flair.
HHH: Steiner I know you are here. I am not waiting until No Way Out. Come out here now, and I will show you the meaning of Cerebral Assassin.
Steiners music hits. Steiner comes out
Steiner tell HHH to bring it. They are nose to nose. While they are yelling back and forth, Steiner does not notice Flair behind him with the chair. Flair clocks him in the back of the head. Flair and HHH begins beating on Steiner. Then all of a sudden.
JR: (yelling) IT'S STING IT'S STING.
The crowd is going nuts. The cheers tear the roof off the place.
JR: Is this Bishoff suprise? He said he was the key player in the biggest feud in wrestling history. He was talking about the NWO and WCW not WWE. Oh my God
King: I can't believe it. I thought Sting was retired and gone.
Sting begins by nailing Flair, he then goes for HHH but HHH retreats Flair is still laying there and Steiner gets up and suplexes Flair. Sting then grabs Flair and applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Flairs is screams as he taps. HHH just continues to walk up the ramp with a look of fear and shock in his eyes
JR: Oh my God, what will happen now? Bishoff just may keep his job.
King: what is Sting doing here. Oh no.
JR: We have to go, see you next week

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Not bad,but only 2 matches???:confused: I know that you are new,but when I was new fist I looked at what people are writing and then write your own story,and I dont like the end!!!!JR: We have to go, see you next week.

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There were 4 matches. Sorry I am not as good as you are. who cares what anyone else is writing. I was doing my own. Ok, not good enought for this forum. That was my only one. Just wanted to try it out.

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Here is feb 17 RAW

Show opens with clips from last week when Sting runs in and helps Steiner.
After the clips, there is not pyro, and no RAW music. The lights go out and Sting's music hits. (Same music from WCW). Strobe lights flash. Sting comes out with his bat and trenchcoat. Not much said, just a few comments from JR and King
JR: I wonder what is going though his head.
King: I don't know, I do know his presence here will definitely be felt.
JR: HHH and Co, better pay attention!

Sting: OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Boy, its good to be back. I never thought I would be standing in the middle of a WWE ring. It's about time. As you all know, I am here to get RAW back on track. I am going to begin by taking care of some business with by good ol' pal Ric Flair. Now Ric, you and I have had some great matches and I assumed that when Nitro was cancelled that our issues were settled, well apparently they are not. I am tired of every week turning on the tv and seeing you try to relive your glory day with the 4 horsemen through this group of thugs you call athletes. Let me make one thing clear, it will not happen. I will not allow you or these thugs destroy this company. This is not the 80's, you are done. HHH, Orton, and Batista will not bring back your glory days. And you want to know why? I am the reason why. I will not allow that to happen. You tried to run the wrestling business and I cannot allow that to happen again. Steiner will take care of HHH at No Way Out and you and I will take care of this unfinished business. So, Flair, the next time you think about jumping someone, look around, 'cause I might just be there
Sting leaves.

JR: Tell you what king, Sting means business. Flair and his gang better look out
King: Come on JR, what can Sting do? Flair knows what he is doing. Sting is not a threat.
JR: We'll see.


Bishoff comes out.
Bishoff: As you all know, this is my last night as RAW GM. So we are going to make the show the best it has ever been. First.......
"Here come the money........" blares out over the speakers
JR: It's Shane
King: He is early, why is he here?
JR: I bet we are fixing to find out.

Shane: Eric, your time is up. Obviously, Vince was not impressed. So, he has given me a message to deliver to you, but first, Cheif Morley get out here.
Morley come out with a scared look on his face,
Shane: Ok, now, the 2 of you did nothing to help this show. Obviously, Eric, after you run WCW into the ground, your creative genius leaked out of your ears. So, as my first order of business as RAW GM, Vince asked me to tell you, "YOU'RE FIRED"
Both of you, so get your bags and get out of my arena. Now that I have taken care of that problem, Orton and Batista, what you pulled last week against Booker T is not acceptable. I say Booker T and Batista will go at it again, tonight in a no DQ match. Orton, you, Flair and HHH are barred from ringside. Now HHH, you have pushed your weight around here for too long. You will have a match tonight, injured or not. Your opponent is....Scott Steiner. This will be however a non-title match. Now I know you 2 are fighting at No Way Out, but hey, I figured the fans deserved a preview of what they will see at the PPV.
Shane Leaves


match 1: Regal/Storm vs. The Dudleys. (Title Match)
Good match. Very physical. Regal and Storm are pretty much getting whipped until Regal delivers a low blow to D-Von. Match goes back and forth. Regal tried to use the knucks, but the ref sees it. As Regal turns around he is hit with the 3-D. D-Von takes out Storm and Bubba gets the 1-2-3. New Tag Team Champs
After the match, D-Von and Bubba put Storm through the table with another 3-D.

JR: What a match, the Dudleys really meant business tonight.
King: They cheated. They know they could not beat Regal and Storm in a fair fight.
JR: Shut up King.

We know see Shane on the phone. It appears he is talking to Vince. Jericho comes in and demands a match with Test. Shane agrees and the match is set.


Match 2: Jazz vs. Molly Holly
Jazz is just awesome. She totally dominates Molly. Molly has no offense. Jazz wins in less that 2 minutes hitting 2 DDTs.

JR: Jazz is so physical. I wonder if there is any woman in the WWE who can stop her.
King: I don't know, but I will definitely stay away from her.
JR: Smart move King:

Sean O'Haire promo airs on Titantron.

Match 3: Test vs. Jericho.
Jericho runs into the ring and receives a clothesline. Test really starts pounding on Jericho. Match last about 8-9 minutes. Ends when Stacy distracts Jericho, and as Test tries to hit him with the boot, Jericho moves and Test hits Stacy. Jericho hits him from behind and applies the Walls of Jericho. Test taps.


We see Sting and Shane talking in the back. We also cut to Goldust and Booker discussing his match.
Booker: I will take Batista out
Goldust: I got your back.

Match 4: Kane vs. Tommy Dreamer
No history behind this. Just a good match to take up time. Good match until Dreamer starts pounding Kame with the Singapore cane. Dreamer also hits him with a chair. RVD finally runs out and Dreamer leaves. Huge ECW chant.

We see Booker and Batista walking to the ring.
JR: Booker and Batista is up next. This will be brutal.
King: I hope so, Booker needs to be taught not to put his nose in other people's business.


Match 5: Booker T vs. Batista (no DQ0
Match starts with Batista dominating Booker. Booker finally gains some offense, but when he tries to go to the top for a dropkick, Batista sidesteps him. Batista throws him outside and starts by throwing him into the ring post. Batista then picks up the metal steps and drives them into Booker's guts. Batista rolls Booker back in the ring and as he goes for the Batista bomb, Goldust runs in and hits him with a chair. Golddust and Booker throw Batista to the floor and start pounding him. Booker hits Batista with the ring bell. Batista is busted open. They roll him back in and out comes Sean O'Haire. As Booker and Goldust turn their attention to him Batista puts Booker in the Batista Bomb and pins him 1-2-3. Batista and O'Haire leave up the ramp while HHH, Flair, and Orton are standing at the top of the ramp waiting for them.

JR: That just ain't right King. What is O'Haire doing out here?
King: Well JR, it appear HHH and Co. has a new member.


We come back and see HHH and Co. celebrating in the back and then we see Shane watching on the monitor in his office.

Terri tries to interview Steiner, but he ignore her and walks away.

Match 6: Shawn Micheals vs. Jeff Hardy
Good match. Micheals puts Hardy over good, but still took care of business. There was not way Hardy would win. Micheals hits the Sweet Chin Music and wins 1-2-3. As Micheals leaves Jericho hits him from behind and applies the Wall of Jericho on the ramp. Regs break it up.

JR: Damn Jericho, He has no business out here.
King: It's Micheals fault. He started it.
JR: Yeah, and he will finish it too.

We now see Steiner heading for the ring. Flair is talking to HHH.


JR: Here we go, this is sure to be a slobberknocker.
King: HHH is going to destroy Steiner, he won't even be able to go to No Way Out.

Match 7: Steiner vs. HHH (non-title)
HHH comes to the ring with Flair and Orton. Steiner comes out alone. They lock up and taunt each other back and forth. Steiner finally nails a clothesline and executes a suplex. HHH gains some offense and pretty much dominates for a while. Flair distracts the ref and HHH goes for a chair. Sting runs down and takes out Flair throwing him into the ring post. Steiner nails HHH and applies the Steiner recliner and Orton comes in and kicks Steiner in the head. The ref calls for the DQ. Sting takes out Orton as HHH goes after Sting he runs into a clotheline from Steiner. Steiner applies the recliner to HHH again as Sting puts Orton in the Scorpion Death Lock. We go to the back and see O'Haire and Batista locked in the dressing room with Shane standing there holding the key and smiling. Flair is knocked out on the floor and Orton and HHH are screaming and tapping in pain as we go off the air.

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well done, both raw were good, maybe you would consider also writing smackdown, I'd find it very entertaining
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