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Shop Status: CLOSED

Welcome to Fear GFX. I will GFX most themes, but specialise in musicians, sports stars and babes. I reserve the right to deny any request.


1.) All banners are now FREE! All I ask is that you use them for a bit :D

2.) All requests require the addition of the desired pictures. Any request posted without workable images will be refused. Of course, if you want something such as a text banner or abstract banner, this rule doesn't apply.

3.) You may request avatars with the signature, and your name on any banner bought from the "banners for sale" section.

4.) You may request a banner from me 1 month after your previous request in the section, provided the shop is open. Please do not PM me regarding requests.

5.) At the moment, my work life is quite busy. Banners may take a fair amount of time to be completed, so please no PMs in that regard. Thanks :D .

Feel free to ask any questions you have.


Banners for sale:

None at the moment. Check back soon!

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Hey whats up man, hope you do my request. Thanks in advanced!

Price: 300 Mil

Last Request: First request on your shop.

Topic: TNA Madison Rayne

Details: Anything you think looks good (Please NO black and white)

Text 1: My Knockout!

Text 2: Isaias4u2nv

Pictures: Make sure you use this picture along any other picture you think looks good.

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Price: 200 Mil.

Last Request: First request under the new format.

Topic: Text Banner (Username)

Details: Transparent BG with a deep gold color perhaps to spell out KOP.

Text 1: Just my username... KOP

I do have one request though to add onto it. If you can find perhaps a crown that you could place over the K that would be pretty cool. If you need me to find one let me know and I'll look and see.

If you do find a crown let me know because I'd like to have an matching avatar with just the K with the crown over it.


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KOP, I'll try. I can't make any guarantees about the crown though. If it doesn't look good, I'd rather not compromise the piece. I want people who request from me to get the best that I can give, so if the crown doesn't look good I might have to scrap it. But I will try my best.

ANyway, if Arsenal FTW gets back to me, that'll be all 3 requests. Shop is now closed.

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Right, had some free time today, so I knocked 2 of the requests out.


Don't pay me if you don't want to for this one. Might redo, since I'm not happy with it.

Arsenal FTW:

And yeah, I already said I'm doing this one for free.


KOP, I'll try get to yours before the end of the day.

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Last Request: October or November tbh.

Topic: Blake Griffin

Colors: Red, White and Blue

Pictures: http://www.mkrob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/griffin.jpg



Text 1: Blake Griffin

Text 2: 2011 Slam Dunk Champion

Avy: Yessirr. Please&ThankYou

(If you can get my username in that'd be great as well :S)

Price: 9Million...):

EDIT: I see that it is closed, sorry :S
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