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Kanes original when they had the explosion timed to kick in with the music - nice.

Anything of Austins with the glass shattering just me me mark like a 8 year old on christmas day.

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Randy's not my favorite wrestler by any means, but I think his Voices theme song is the best by a large margin. That just fits his persona so perfectly.

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Metalingus by Alter Bridge for Edge and This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage for CM Punk as those are two of my favourite bands. Also liked Burn In My Light for Randy Orton and have always liked Chris Jericho's theme song.

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THE KING OF KINGS :mark::mark:

THERE IS ONLY ONE :mark::mark::mark:

Mark Henry has a three six mafia song as his theme, so that's a candidate as well and one of the most underrated theme songs ever as I think that if he had a generic theme that they wouldn't have rolled with him as a monster heel in 2011.

Cult of Personality is probably the greatest song to ever be used as an official entrance theme in WWE lore though.
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~ Gowen/ My old Theme in backyard/ Old Ringtone

~ Favorite Austin theme, seeing as it was by what was my favrite band growing up.

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~ Shaman's Harvest :mark:


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Honorable mentions:

Pretty hard to pick only a few. I literally have 186 WWE themes on my Droid. Seriously, look...
3MB - More Than One Man.mp3
AJ Lee - Custom Heel Theme.mp3
AJ Lee - Light it Up.mp3
Alberto Del Rio - Realeza.mp3
Alex Riley - Say It to My Face.mp3
Alissa Flash - Take It Out on You.mp3
Antonio Cesaro - Miracle.mp3
Armageddon - The End.mp3
Batista - Monster.mp3
Beth Phoenix - Glamazon.mp3
Big Boss Man - Cell Block.mp3
Booker T- Can You Dig It.mp3
Bray Wyatt - Live in Fear.mp3
Bret Hart - Road to Destruction.mp3
British Bulldog - Attitude Theme [V2].mp3
Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing [V2].mp3
Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing.mp3
Brodus Clay - Somebody Call My Momma.mp3
Chris Benoit - Shooter.mp3
Chris Benoit - Whatever.mp3
Chris Jericho - Break The Walls Down [V1].mp3
Chris Jericho - Break The Walls Down [With Intro V2].mp3
Chris Jericho - Break The Walls Down [With Intro].mp3
Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down.mp3
Chris Jericho - King of My World.mp3
Christian - At Last.mp3
Christian - Custom Heel Theme.mp3
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes [Full].mp3
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes [V2].mp3
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes [V3].mp3
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes.mp3
Christian - Project Gothic.mp3
CM Punk - Cult of Personality.mp3
CM Punk - Miseria Cantare.mp3
CM Punk - This Fire Burns.mp3
Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors [Downstait].mp3
Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors [V2] [Full].mp3
Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors [V2].mp3
Cody Rhodes - UnDashing (2).mp3
Cody Rhodes - UnDashing.mp3
Cold - Remedy.mp3
Cold - Suffocate.mp3
Crash Holly - Slow Death.mp3
Curtis Axel - Reborn.mp3
Daffney - Psychotic Angel.mp3
Daniel Bryan - Flight of the Valkyries.mp3
Dashing Cody Rhodes - Smoke & Mirrors.mp3
D-Generation X - Break it Down.mp3
D-Generation X - Kings.mp3
Divide The Day - Let It Roll.mp3
Dolph Ziggler - Here to Show the World.mp3
Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection [V2].mp3
Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection.mp3
Drew McIntyre - Custom Theme.mp3
Drew McIntyre - Seeing Red [V2].mp3
Drew McIntyre - Seeing Red.mp3
Drew McIntyre - Seeing Red.mp3.sfk
Drew McIntyre 1st - Seeing Red [Full].mp3
Drew McIntyre 2nd - Broken Dreams [Exit].mp3
Drew McIntyre 2nd - Broken Dreams.mp3
Dudley Boyz - Drop The Bombshell.mp3
Dudley Boyz - Ollie Stalefish.mp3
Edge - Metalingus.mp3
Edge & Christian - Custom Theme.mp3
Eric Turner - Written In The Stars 2.0.mp3
Evolution - Line In The Sand.mp3
Gail Kim - International Woman.mp3
Gene Snitsky - It Wasn't My Fault.mp3
Goldberg - Invasion.mp3
Hacksaw Jim Duggan - 2X4.mp3
Hardcore Holly - How Do You Like Me Now.mp3
Hulk Hogan - Real American [Full].mp3
Hulk Hogan - Real American.mp3
Hulk Hogan - Voodoo Child.mp3
Jack Swagger - Get on Your Knees.mp3
Jack Swagger - Patriot.mp3
JBL - Longhorn.mp3
JeriMiz - Play The Walls Down.mp3
Kane - Burned.mp3
Kane - Slow Chemical [Explosion].mp3
Kane - Slow Chemical [V2].mp3
Kane - Veil Of Fire.mp3
Kevin Nash - Rockhouse.mp3
Kurt Angle - Medal.mp3
Lance Storm - Hammerhead.mp3
Legacy - It’s A New Day.mp3
Limp Bizkit - My Way.mp3
Lita - lovefurypassionenergy.mp3
Mariz - Came To Play-quoi.mp3
Mark Henry - Somebody's Gonna Get It.mp3
Maryse - Pourqoui .mp3
Maven - Tattoo.mp3
Mike Knox - Death Grip.mp3
Mr. Kennedy - Turn Up The Trouble.mp3
Natalya - Yeah Baby.mp3
Nation of Domination - 6th Theme.mp3
nWo- 4th Theme.mp3
NXT - Wild and Young.mp3
Owen Hart - Enough Is Enough.mp3
Owen Hart - Nation Theme.mp3
Randy Orton - Burn In My Light.mp3
Randy Orton - Voices.mp3
Randy Orton Custom Theme.mp3
Randy Savage - Pomp And Circumstance.mp3
Rated RKO Theme.mp3
Razor Ramon - Bad Boy.mp3
Rico - You Look So Good to Me.mp3
Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind.mp3
Rob Van Dam - Van Daminator.mp3
Ryback - Meat on the Table.mp3
Saliva - King of My World.mp3
Shaman's Harvest - Broken Dreams.mp3
Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy.mp3
Shawn Michaels - Tell Me a Lie.mp3
Sheamus - Written In My Face [With Intro].mp3
Sheamus - Written In My Face.mp3
St Valentine's Day Massacre Theme.mp3
Stone Cold - Alliance [V1].mp3
Stone Cold - Alliance [V2].mp3
Stone Cold - Glass Shatters.mp3
Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me.mp3
Summerslam 2005 - Remedy.mp3
Survivor Series - Deadly Game.mp3
Survivor Series 2002 - Always.mp3
Suvivor Series 2003 - Build A Bridge.mp3
Tazz - If You Dare.mp3
Ted DiBiase - It's All About the Money.mp3
Test - Face Theme.mp3
Test - Heel Theme.mp3
The Corre - End of Days [V2].mp3
The Corre - End of Days.mp3
The Evolution of Edge.mp3
The Evolution of Rob Van Dam.mp3
The Evolution of Stone Cold Steve Austin.mp3
The Evolution of Triple H.mp3
The Exies - Ugly.mp3
The Hart Dynasty - New Foundation.mp3
The Miz - I Came to Play [V2].mp3
The Miz - I Came to Play.mp3
The Miz - Reality.mp3
The Nation - Power.mp3
The Nexus - We Are One [V2].mp3
The Nexus - We Are One [WWE Edit].mp3
The Rock - 8th Theme.mp3
The Rock - Electrifying.mp3
The Rock - Hollywood.mp3
The Rock - Know Your Role.mp3
The Rock - Nation Theme.mp3
The Shield - Special Op.mp3
The Ultimate Warrior - Warrior Wildfire.mp3
The Undertaker - American Bad Ass.mp3
The Undertaker - American Badass [V2].mp3
The Undertaker - Dark Side.mp3
The Undertaker - Deadman.mp3
The Undertaker - Funeral March.mp3
The Undertaker - Ministry [V3].mp3
The Undertaker - Ministry [V4].mp3
The Undertaker - Ministry Theme.mp3
The Undertaker - Pure Evil Ministry Remix.mp3
The Undertaker - Rest in Peace [Crowd Effect].mp3
The Undertaker - Rest In Peace.mp3
The Undertaker - Rollin'.mp3
The Undertaker - You're Gonna Pay.mp3
The Undertaker- Ministry [V2].mp3
Triple H - Corporate Player.mp3
Triple H - Higher Brain Pattern.mp3
Triple H - King of Kings.mp3
Triple H - My Time [Instrumental].mp3
Triple H - My Time.mp3
Triple H - The Game [Drowning Pool].mp3
Triple H - The Game [V2].mp3
Triple H - The Game.mp3
Turn The Page of Broken Dreams.mp3
Unforgiven 2003 - Step Up.mp3
Vance Archer - Black Fury.mp3
Victoria - All The Things She Said.mp3
Wade Barrett - End of Days.mp3
Wade Barrett - Rebel Son.mp3
William Regal - Heel Theme.mp3
Wrestlemania X8 - Tear Away.mp3
Wrestlemania XXVII - Written In The Stars ft Eric Turner.mp3
Wrestlemania XXVIII - Invincible.mp3
Zack Ryder - Oh Radio [V2].mp3
Zack Ryder - Radio.mp3

WWE themes are great workout tunes. Seriously :lol

John Cena - Basic Thuganomics
Alex Riley - Say It To My Face
Hulk Hogan - Real American
The Miz - I Came To Play
Christian - Just Close Your Eyes (V1)
Edge - Metalingus
Edge - Never Gonna Stop Me
Randy Orton - Burn In My Light
Randy Orton - Voices
Ryback - Meat On The Table
Curtis Axel - Reborn
APA - Protection

My list could go on but this bloke summed it up for me.. So many songs and they're great for working out, get you in a pumped mood.

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WWF/WWE Raw- Thorn In Your Eye
WWE Raw- Across The Nation
WWE Smackdown- Rise up
Lita- Lovefurypassionenergy
Edge- Metalingus
CM Punk- This Fire Burns
Randy Orton- Burn in my Light (Not a big fan of the music, but it suited him)
HBK-Sexy boy (Not a big fan of the music, but it suited him)
Batista- I Walk Alone
HHH- The Game
Evolution- Line in the Sand
RVD-One of a Kind
Stone Cold's theme

probably got some of the song names wrong but oh well

The Winds of Change
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Edge - Metalingus
Austin - Glass Shatters (Disturbed version)
Triple H - My Time
The Rock - Hollywood
Razor Ramon - Bad Guy
CM Punk - Cult of Personality
Triple H - King of Kings
Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down
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