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Favourite Undertaker feud?

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Was just wondering what everyone's favourite dead man feud is/was?

Id go Kane followed closely by Shaun Michaels

I wasn't watching when his feud with mankind took place so ill struggle to put him there

Honourable mention goes to his Batista feud of course
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The best feud of the Undertaker is obviously with KANE, this is by far the best feud of Taker.When you say "Undertaker" immediatley the next wrestler that comes to mind is "Kane"

Even if you ask a non wrestling fan about Undertaker they will also most likely know Kane.

In truth, no rivalry in WWE history has been as enduring as the one that has burned between The Brothers of Destruction. Since Kane made his debut in WWE at Badd Blood 1997, Kane and Taker have torn each other apart in gory Hell in a Cell Matches, brutal Buried Alive bouts and even a fiery Inferno Match.

But their rivalry dates back even long before Kane’s debut, beginning in the ashes of a funeral home that the Undertaker burnt to the ground, leaving Kan with physical and emotional scars he would carry with for a long time.

The story of Undertaker and Kane is the most epic storytelling WWE has ever done.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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