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Favourite Raw/Smackdown Song?

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My personal favorite is Raw is War theme from 1998-2001 (Thorn in your eye i think it was called) and the first original Smackdown theme. My opinion is after 2003ish the themes have sucked. Beautiful People for Smackdown is an exception i thought that worked well with the era. It just seems the songs they chose got soft. Its nearly pop music after the grunge music of the attitude era. And for PPVS dont get me started, having the likes of flo rida and other rappers either perform at PPVS or just having their song as a theme for the PPV. It seems the PG era has killed the heavier songs. My favoutite PPV song is My Way by Limp Bizkit at WM X-7, that worked perfectly. Just my opinion
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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