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Favorite Undertaker moments

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Well why not have a thread, we've had one on Kane, Austin, The Rock etc. Although i'm sure there's been one for Taker as well but anyway.

Ok so this was proberly the weirdest of the lot of the videos. First off, just the way he's talking, seems somewhat out of character almost as if he's taking the piss while commentating. The whole "Take his head off, take his head off" had me laughing as well.

BTW Taker should become a color commentator :)

During the days when he was winding down to his Biker gimmick, pwning both Triple H and The Rock/Mankind

Then you have this one, where he almost comes off a little more lighter then he usually does, almost in a tongue in cheek way, but he's obviously trying to get some laughs so I won't say anymore.

Those were just a few small ones but here's some more

I don't know what people thought of the Corporate Ministry, but the moment with the formation of the Corporate Minstry was pretty good.

Hard to choose just one moment from the Ministry of Darkness, so I went with all of them :)

What would be a Taker favourite moments thread without his badass return at JD2000
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