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Game of Thrones Season 4: Trailer #1

The Hangover

Shutter Island




Django Unchained

Shaun of the Dead


Iron Man 2

The Dark Knight

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Marvel's The Avengers


True Detective

The Departed

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I must have watched the Shutter Island trailer at least a dozen times before it came out in the cinema. Best trailer I've seen though is for The Shining:

Doesn't give away plot, doesn't need to promote cast, just leaves you feeling creeped out and intrigued.

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I usually attempt to steer clear of trailers since nowadays they seem to give away far too much of the film, but in fitting with my new sig/avi set the Alien and Alien 3 trailers/teasers are great:

^ How does that not get you hyped? Best teaser of all time.

^ There's better trailers than this but I love the old school feel with the voiceover and THE BITCH IS BACK. Not to mention that shot of Ripley and the xeno at the end is one of my favourite shots in cinema history. It probably works even better in the trailer than the actual film since it's a superb way to end the trailer on a cliffhanger and leave people wanting more.

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There's loads, and most of which I can't remember off the top of my my head.

Probably my most watched trailer (and one which nearly everybody tries to emulate now. :lol):

I loved Prometheus' nod to the Alien trailer:

That Brazil score:

The Raimi Spider-Mans had awesome trailers too, using Immediate Music & James Dooley for the soundtrack. Seems like ones I remember most are ones with a fantastic music accompaniment.

Some teaser trailers that really hyped me up, which I'll put in a spoiler tag so I don't dominate the page:


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OP you made me sad because the VOICE OF TRAILERS just died and this thread reminded me of him.

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Some really great ones here but I had to add Sopranos season 6:

Funny to watch that now and see how it really turned out. A lot of it went in a different direction that I would have guessed when just seeing the promo.
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