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Favorite Championship reign of all time

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Out of all the championships and all the reigns, which reign was your favorite? It doesnt have to be a World Championship.

For me, I enjoyed JBL's WWE Championship reign in 2004. He was so damn good as a heel and made me lots of money as my friends would bet on Taker, Eddie, Booker, etc to end his reign. I never gave up hope/faith. I even bet on him to beat Cena and WM21 and Judgement even though I never he wouldnt regain the belt.

And a honorable mention goes out to Randy Orton's Intercontinental Championship reign in 03-04
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I enjoyed JBL's run as well.

Match quality wise CM Punk's current run has been very good.

I also enjoyed Triple H's run with the belt during Evolution, Edge's runs with WHC with La Familia and Eddie Guerrero 2004.
The one where Cena was Superman, aka, every one of them.
I enjoyed JBL's run as well.

Match quality wise CM Punk's current run has been very good.

I also enjoyed Triple H's run with the belt during Evolution, Edge's runs with WHC with La Familia and Eddie Guerrero 2004.
This also for me.

Match quality wise CM Punk's current run has been very good.
Only from his fans' point of views. Most thought it was a series of snooze fests.
Chris Jerichos undisputed championship reign was fantastic.
Chris Jericho's undisputed championship and The Un-Americans with the tag team titles are two of my favorite reigns. I am enjoying Punk's current reign as WWE champion too.
Stone Cold's 5th WWF Championship reign in 01. Great matches and Austin was funny as hell. Rock as the corporate champion in 99 is a close second and would be number one but Rock didn't hold the title long enough.
(All are WWE only, no WCW or any company WWE bought the rights to later)

WWE/WHC title... there are three in the running: HBK's final WWE title run before his 1st "retirement", Warrior's... what can I say I am still a massive mark for the man, and HHH's run in 2000 was always fun to me

IC title... oooo tough. Perfect's runs were always a lesson in wrestling greatness, but you can't go wrong with saying Rude, Warrior, Savage, HBK, or Hart really... they all had great matches and moments. Hell, even Razor's run was awesome. I miss the days when the IC title was the true mark of greatness in the business....

Tag Titles... E & C were the greatest champs of all time and always fun to watch. I was also a fan of both TWWGTT's runs and MNM's... again, I miss the days of a great tag division. They almost always were head and shoulders above the world tittles in terms of feuds and reigns.
The Rock's 5th title run in 2000 where he had awesome matches with (and defeated) HHH, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Kane, Undertaker etc.
there have been a lot

Triple H in 2000 and with Evolution

Mr Perfect and Bret Hart had great intercontinental title runs

Bret Hart in 94

Shawn in 97

Ric Flair in the 80's(from what ive seen on youtube and dvds)

Shane Douglas in ECW with the triple threat

Hulk Hogan in the 80's and early 90's

Chris Jericho as Cruiserweight champ

Kurt Angle's run with team angle

Eddie Guerrero

and the Ultimate Warrior
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Bret Hart's reign in 1994. Talk about a great champion.
Bret hart's 2nd title was solid, steve austin's first and last wwe title reigns were great.
Rock 2000, Rock/Mankind November 1998-April 1999, Austin 1998. Angle/Lesnar 2002-2003. Hollywood Hogan 96-98. Goldberg 98.
Total favorite for me was RVD's near 2 year long TV Title reign in ECW.

So impressive because he faced nearly everybody who worked ECW at that point, often put on the best match of the show, made the title seem more important than the World Title and because he managed to have a few reigns with the tag team titles, sometimes defending both championships by himself.

After that, probably Hollywood Hogan in 1996/1997. One of the better heel World Title reigns, IMO.
1.Any Stone Cold reign especially if it had McMahon as the antagonist

2.Edge and Rey Mysterio as tag-team champions

3.Randy Orton as IC Champion.For some reason I enjoyed Morrison's reign as IC champion

4.Michelle McCool as Women's champion - The last time I was interested in Divas Division.Laycool were just good.
Undertaker in 1997, WWF Championship: While it's not nearly one of the most talked about or flashy title reigns, I thought Taker did a great job during his time with the belt, helping to really set things up with Bret and Shawn, while still keeping Sid in the mix. You knew things were not pretty between Bret and Shawn and eventually they'd get the belt, but Taker always brought instant credibility to the belt...because he's the Deadman. He was able to help sustain the top of the card with Bret and Shawn while Stone Cold was rising and getting ready to explode.

Triple H in 2000, WWF Championship: From January through April of 2000. His second reign that year was great too, but he was on a whole other level with his feuds with Foley and Rock. Triple H was at his absolute peak as a heel in 2000...hands down the greatest heel in WWE history in my book.

Chris Jericho in 2001, Undisputed Championship: His character was played perfectly, and had some incredible matches. And let's not forget...he's the FIRST Undisputed Champ in history. Gotta love it.

Kurt Angle in 2002, WWE Championship: When he won the belt of Big Show at the end of 2002 and then held it to go into WM19 against Brock. Awesome reign.

Batista in 2010, WWE Championship: The heel "Big Dave" was the best work of Batista's career and it's such a damn shame he left shortly after WM26.

Razor Ramon in 1993 and 1994, Intercontinental Championship: Really enjoyed his feud with Michaels over the belt, but for some reason also enjoyed his program with Jarrett. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that I couldn't stand Jarrett too.

Chris Jericho in 2001, Intercontinental Championship: The ladder match with Benoit at the 2001 Rumble was so epic. Great rivalry.

Owen Hart & Yokozuna in 1995, Tag Team Championships: I honestly couldn't tell you why I thought this team was so awesome. Part of me has always had a thing for unlikely pairings that make tag teams, but I thought that from a kayfabe match-strategy perspective, it made so much sense. Hart's technical ability matched with Yoko's massive size and power made for a great pair.

Edge & Christian in 2000, Tag Team Championships: One of the greatest tag teams ever and played off each other so well. They had such an awesome rivalry with the Hardyz and the Dudleyz that raised the tag division to new levels.

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit in 2002, Tag Team Championships: Such an awesome team. I loved how the whole team was built on them trying to out wrestle and our perform the other.

Chris Jericho & Big Show in 2009, Tag Team Championships: Awesome, and in many ways unlikely pairing. They worked so well together, and really brought some legitimacy back to the tag division. That was short lived...
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