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What are your favorite and least favorite submission moves:


Crippler Crossface

A submission move that hurt the victim's arms, shoulders, neck, back, and nose at the same time.

It could also happen anytime, as well. Benoit could counter a backdrop, punch, suplex, pedigree, Irish whip, and many other moves into this lethal submission.

Bear Hug

With more wrestlers opting for fancy finshers, the simple Bear Hug remains one of my favorites.

I'd like to see some of the current big-guys use it; maybe Big Show or Ezekial Jackson.

Brock Lock

Here's a video for those who don't remember : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHR1aG4UDw0&feature=related

Brock Lock was a move that made you cringe when you saw it. It would easily snap a man's leg if done for real.

Brock Lesnar being a 300 lb. beast also helped.


Hell's Gate

I love Undertaker, but Hell's Gate looks out of place in a WWE ring and in his moveset.

As a Deadman, Undertaker should be winning every match by pinfall.

Ankle Lock

I have no problem with the Grapevine Ankle lock; my problem is with the ordinary version.

When in the Ankle Lock, the victim has his entire body free.

Surely, the person can use his one leg, his two arms, and his torso to break free.

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Cobra Clutch/Million Dollar Dream is my favorite, i just love it.

I don't really like armbar especially when the opponents don't sell it well.

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Favorite submission would be the Sharpshooter.

HATE any sort of vice grip such as Khali's. Just stupid.

Hate Cena's STF.

Always hated the mandible claw.

Hate the Masterlock.

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Don´t really have a favourite one. If done and sold correctly most of the submission holds can look very very painful (I´m not saying that every wrestler is capable of doing so).

My least favourite one comes from my alltime favourite wrestler --> Mankind´s Mandible Claw

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Lebell lock, Crossface, Texas Cloverleaf & the Sharpshooter are my favourites and I'm not the biggest fan of Cena's STF
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