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In this thread, we talk about our favorite albums from different decades, whether that be just a general "favorite from each decade" like I'm doing, or your favorites from a particular decade, like favorite '90s albums or whatevs. Go crazy. My faves from each decade starting with the '50s:

'50s: Marty Robbins- Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs
'60s: The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
'70s: The Undertones- Undertones
'80s: Descendants- Milo Goes To College
'90s: Alice In Chains- Tripod
'00s: My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
'10s: 100 Gecs- 1000 Gecs

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This is my "today" list. Ask me this question again tomorrow and you'll get a different list....

'50s: Les Baxter - Ritual Of The Savage
'60s: Martin Denny - Exotic Percussion
'70s: Grease - The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
'80s: Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time
'90s: Green Day - Dookie
'00s: The Cranberries - Stars: The Best of 1992–2002
'10s: The Cranberries - In The End

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70s - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
80s - Metallica - Master of Puppets
90s - Faith No More - Angel Dust
00s - Evanescence - Fallen
10s - Metallica - Hardwired...... to Self Destruct

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Black Sabbath - Paranoid


Slayer - Reign in Blood


Alice in Chains - Dirt


Primordial - To the Nameless Dead


Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
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