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Father Ezekiel could be back !!!

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In the Book of Ezekiel ... This priest gimmick was actually his first gimmick in Indies and it kicked you in the bottom

I love Ezekiel Jackson but he needs a repackaging, using those two pics we can see that he can be highly different from his current "monster" gimmick.

So cute, serious and sexy :

A-team style :

Repackaging :
I can see him repackaged as a highly intelligent but brutal face wrestler. He would be able to transcend his natural monster body in order to deliver thoughtful promos speaking about philosophy and the morality. Mister Hyde within Jekyll body. The mighty force of God able to confront the biggest Evil and triumph. A priest or a preacher.

Father Ezekiel Jackson, listen to that (only listen)

But a priest who can smoke cigars (because i dig the second picture) and whose aim is to ultimately control WWE (Chaotic Good). I can also see him becoming a GM for some time before to really getting over as a tweener using Bible to quote and explain and justify his bad or good actions.

Face to tweener to evil priest. Behold and repent for your sins.

The biggest question is now, can he sing gospel ?