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Vince McMahon comes out accompanied by his general managers: Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon.

Vince: Well this New Year brings some new changes, one of which will be the dethroning of the Champ Kurt Angle. And the wrestler that will do so, whom was handpicked by me is ... Kane!!!

Kane's pyros hit and he steps out (the crowd boos) he walks down to the ring.

Kane: Well as Vince said, i will be the one to dethrone Kurt, and be the next great WWA Champion.

Kurt's music hits and he comes out onto the entrance ramp.

Kurt: Kane you will never be able to beat me, because you are an average person, and average people don't beat me...

Kane: But Kurt, you see I’m not average I survived a burning pit of fire, and i was the last man standing in one of the most vicious matches ever. Nobody can stop ME!

Kurt: We'll see about that.

With that Kurt walks back and leaves Kane and the McMahon’s alone in the ring.


NWO members fill the ring, with Hogan taking the mic.

Hogan: Listen here brother, I have a little something to tell everybody, next Monday night, Scott Hall WILL face Batista for the TV Title, in a Steel cage match.

Batista walks out onto the entrance.

Batista: well Hogan who will o.k. this match between me and...
Hogan: it's already been done, there's nothing you can do about it but face your fate.

Batista: well next week you'll have to drag his body out of the ring.

With this, Batista ducks backstage.

The first match of the night is a tag team match between, The Dudley's and John Heindreich and Paul London, for a #1 tag team contender's match.

Heindirch and London come out, to cheer's and the dUDLEY'S COME OUT TO boos. Once the match starts Heindrich is physically dominating D'von wth rights and lefts, beating him into a corner. The ref tells Heindrich, to get off him, and once he is out of striking range, D'von throws in a cheap shot, which gains the Dudley's the upper hand, both d'von and Heindriech tag out, Bubba comes in dropping everybody in his path. London gets a hard clothesline, sending him outta the ring. D'von grabs London, beats on him for a while outside of the ring, while Bubba takes Heindrich outta the match with a Bubba bomb. D'Von throws London into the stairs, while Bubba is still beating away on Heindrich. D'von sends London in and D'von and Bubba set up the 3-D. They nail it perfectly, and Heindrich still outside the ring doesn't get a chance to break up the pin.
The dudley's get the #1 contender spot, and will face Jindrak and Cade at Mayhem.


Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri FOR #1 Contender
Tajiri Enters the ring and rey JUmps on him, but Tajiri over powers Rey and throws him to the mat. Tajiri starts beating away at Rey but, rey manages to get to his feat and land a few good punches. Rey Hooks a hurracrana, sending Tajiri to the mat. Tajiri gets up and tries to blow green mist into Rey's eyes but he ducks, and hits the ref, blinding him. Billy Kidman heads down to the the ring with a chair. SUprising everybody, he hits rey with the chair!!! The ref regains his sight to see Tajiri hit the Buzzsaw, and get the pin for the win.
WINNER: Tajiri

After the match Kidman, gets in the ring still holding the chair to congratulate Tajiri. Raising Tajiri's hand in victory then turning to celebrate the defeat of his former best friend. Kidman turns and hits Tajiri with the chair, Dropping him instantly.

Kidman: I screwed Rey and Tajiri tonght so that i could retake my Cruiser weight title, and next week we will have a battle royal for the Cruiserweight title, with me, eddie, rey and Tajiri.


John Cena has a match against Rene Dupree.
Cena gets in the ring, and busts a flow about his opponent
Cena: So tonight im fighting Dupree, funny, cause i dont see the French fight much. Only when they don't have to cry much. But this frenchie is gonna feel the sting, cause when i hit the FU its no fun and games, WORD LIFE.
Dupree comes in the ring and the two go at it. The champ takes the lead with a standing head lock. Dupree breaks it up by sending Cena to the ropes but Cena ducks Dupree's clothesline, and comesback with a hard shuffle side kick dropping Dupree. Cena goes to the top rope, for a diving elbow drop, but Dupree rolls out of the way. Cena lands hard on the mat and is slow to get up Dupree goes for a back body drop on Cena, and nails it perfectly, Cena gets up and ducks a hard clothesline, and executes a flying neckbreaker on Dupree sending both men to the mat hard. Cena the first to get up sends Dupree into the corner, Cena sets Dupree up on the top rope. Cena executes a superplex, off the top turnbuckle, leaving both men in pain on the mat. Cena sets up for the FU, and drops Dupree hard on the mat. But Conway interferes with a steel chair to Cena's head.


The final Match of the night is A triple Threat TLC Hardcore Title match.

RVD comes out and says that neither Rhyno or Randy Orton can beat him for the title. Rhyno and Orton come out. Once Orton gets into the ring the three men began beating on each other. Rhyno clotheslines RVD sending him over the tope ropes. Orton whips Rhyno onto the ladder in the turnbuckle. Orton went for a diving shoulderthrust but Rhyno moved out of the way. Orton slams into the ladder, knocking it onto him. By thius time RVD has a chair, and blindsides Rhyno. With both opponents down, RVD set the ladder up to go for the belt. Orton began getting up, Orton was groggy, standing near the ladder and when he turned he gets a Goar from hell from Rhyno, knocking down the ladder and succesfully knocking RVD out of the ring. Rhyno gets up and heads for the ladder. He grabs it and slams it into Orton's gut, then he heads towards the belt, setting the ladder up directly underneath the belt, he begins to climb up the ladder. But RVD jumps onto the turnbuckle, and dropkicking the ladder sending Rhyno flying down to the mat. Orton gets up just as RVD sets the ladder up for a third time, Orton grabs RVD and hits the RKO knocking RVD out. Orton begins to climb up the ladder, but Rhyno starts to get up. Both men begin climbing the ladder. Once they both reach the top, they began fighting on top of the ladder. By this time, RVD has come to and climbs the turn buckle, jumps and kicks the ladder for a second time. Both Rhyno and Orton begin to fall but Orton jumps and snags the belt pulling it down to the mat with him.

Evolution comes out to congratulate him, but Orton doesn't look to happy to see them. Triple H takes the mic and tells Orton how proud good he fought, and that with some work one day he could be as good as the LEGEND standing in front of him. With this Orton RKO's Triple H, leaving his body in the ring, he leaves the arena.


It was a little short but i needed to start some rivalries for more storylines. More are on the way.

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Well, the first starting segment is kind of out of character if I may say so myself. Vince and his kids actually getting along? This is not the only thing that I dislike about the opening segment. Kane comes up with his pyros blazing and just restated what Vince said. I would try working on bringing our the right personalities of all your wrestlers you are using. Lack of this has damaged the first segment.

Another big problem I see is, two short segments that are back-to-back. That is like having two interviews without something seperating them, it just doesn't mesh well together. It is even worse, that they happen in the same place. Try to clean this up a bit in your upcoming works. The way Hogan was dictating the match confused me. Hulk Hogan wants Hall and Batista to fight each other in a steel cage? Doesn't that go against everything all 'heel' stables want. They like matches like no disqualification where they can get involved, or hardcore matches where they can as well. The steel cage match is taking away Hall's advantage, leaving him to defend himself against Batista which all in all isn't that bad, but they always want the advantage.

The Dudley Brothers match-up was kind of odd. When did the Dudleys become heels? It takes a bit of further development before you can take a team that is as big of a face as they are before you turn them into heels. Overall the match was a decent one. You used some description and the match flowed pretty well.

The cruiserweight match for the number one contender was kind of short. I know that you added much more description that alot of people put into ten minute matches, but in the description you gave the readers it seems as if the match only lasted for one minute. This can be pretty bad if your card is already lacking its total time allowment. The whole Kidman angle is kind of a disappointment. It seems as if anyone can just speak to the crowd demanding and recieving whatever they please. Kidman just shouting that he is making it so they can have a battle royal for the title next week. If I was him why not go for a world title shot while he is at it?

The John Cena rap wasn't very amusing, but that isn't a large problem. The match was pretty good. So far I think that it is the best of the night, only one that might break its rank is the final match.

Before I review the last match there is one thing that I have to say. The card lacks their full time allowment. Normally wrestling cards last two hours. You have four matches, and two small segments that can't last the entire time no matter how long the matches are. RAW alone last night had what seven matches and a battle royale, as well as some backstage segments. This match is pretty good excluding its only weak link. The weak link is of course, Randy Orton. He is not hardcore, despite what anyone thinks. The last segment was also not that good. Randy Orton should have had the build-up leading to him attacking Triple H. You can also work on that later.

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WWA Monday Madness

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Maddness. Later on we will have the cage match for the TV title, but first Shane has an announcement to make.

Shane comes out to a welcoming crowd.

Shane: Well I'm out here to announce to things which will make a pretty big impact tonight. First of all i want to tell everyone that I was the one who gave permission for the TV Title match between Batista and Scott Hall. And second I want to announce that at Mayhem in three weeks the Undisputed Championship will be a triple threat match with the addition of... (NWO Music sounds throughout the arena) Hollywodd Hulk Hogan.

Hogan heads down to the ring with a mic.

JR: WHAT...WHAT, Hogan and Kane are challenging for the titles at Mayhem.
Coach: It will be one hell of a fight between these three men.

Hogan: Well, eveybody needs to realize something, that the NWO controls part of this Industry.
Shane takes his shirt off to reviel an NWO shirt on!

JR: What the HELL is Shane doing...
Coach: Well JR, it looks like he is making a good "Investment" in the NWO.

Shane: Listen, we will dominate this business and nobody can stop us because we are the NWO!!!

Kane's pyro's go off and out comes the big red machine.

Kane: Listen Hogan you might be in the match, but I will decimate both you and Kurt.

Kurt Angle comes out and nails Kane in the back with a steel chair.
Kurt: Listen Hogan you might have your little puppet Shane help you out, but I'll still win this match at Mayhem.
Kurt Angle turns to head backstage, but is hit with a big boot from Kevin Nash. Nash heads down to the ring to join Shane and Hogan.
Shane: You see, neither of you can defeat the NWO.
Vince comes out (Crowd boos)

Vince: Shane you may think you are pretty smart, allying yourself with the likes of Hogan and the NWO, but you don't understand the power that i have, and who i have power over.
The Rock's music hits the arena and the crowd goes wild.
Shane: I thought you were shooting another movie.

Rock: WHAT... thats what people like you would think, you wouldn't think that The Rock HAS FINALLY COME BACK TO THE WWA FOR GOOD!!!.

Hogan: Rock, you of anybody should know...

THE ROCK cutting him off: I'm not talking to you Jabroni, the Great One is refering to the monkey standing next to you. Shane, do you like your lips...

Shane: Well yea, but ...

Rock: Cause they're about to get slapped off your face!

Vince: Well Shane, you seem to have found yourself in a pretty bad spot, so I'll let you choose your match against the Rock at Mayhem. Cage, Hell in a Cell or Lumberjack match.

SHane: Well... uhh...

Rock: What's it gonna be candy ass!!!
After looking at hogan and Nash.
Shane: LUMBERJACK!!!, mine will be Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Rock: I'll use...Lex Luger and... STING!!!

Both Luger and Sting some out and side with Vince, The Rock, and Kane.

Coach: It's Sting, Sting is back with Lex Luger in the WWA.
JR: This lumberjack match will be one-hell of a fight between these six men.

With that Kane, The Rock and Vince leave the arena.


The camera's cut back stage where Randy Orton is talking with Stephanie McMahon about what he did last week.
Orton: I want Triple H in a match TONIGHT!!!
Stephanie: Triple H isn't here tonight, he had some neck pains from your RKO last week, but i can give you a match with Flair.
Orton: Thats fine!!! I just want a piece of Evolution after what they've put me through over the last year, IT"S BEEN HELL!!!
Stephanie: OK Randy just calm down, we can find a way to handle this situation.How about a Last Man Standing Match at Mayhem. You two can tear each other apart in that match.
Orton: I can't wait.

JR: That match will sure be a slobber knocker Coach.
Coach: That will be a match for the ages.

The first match of the night for Maddness is Matt Morgan and Test.
Both men come out to boos. Test gets in the ring with morgan who is 4 in. taller than Test. Both men go at it in the ring, Test uses his speed to duck under a clothesline, and dropkick Morgan to the mat. Test rolls onto Morgan for a 2 count. Morgan gets up and lands a deadly clothesline on Test sending him to the mat. Morgan whips Test into the turnbuckle, and attempts a diving shoulder thrust, but Test moves out of the way and Morgan hits the turnbuckle hard, and lands in on the mat. When Morgan begans to get up Test hits him with a powerful big boot to the face, busting Morgan open. Test rolls him up for the pin and 1-2-kickout. Morgan starts to get up, and Test goes for another big boot, but this time Morgan dodges it, and catches Test in a standing sleeper hold. The ref reaches over and pulls up Test's hand, one drop, two drops, but on the thrid drop, Test begins catching some power, and winning the crowd over. Test hits three elbows to the gut, and bounces off the ropes for a clothesline, but gets a horrible clothesline from Morgan. Test low blows Morgan and attempts a Pumphandle slam, but Morgan falls back over his shoulder. Morgan throws Test into the ropes, when he rebounds, Morgan hits a kick to the gut, setting him up for the sit down powerbomb. 1-2-3.
WINNER: Matt Morgan

JR: That was one hell of a match, from both men.
Coach: Yea, both men gave there all in this match.


Flair is shown talking to someone, presumably Triple H.

Flair: You want us to take care of it tonight...yes, i that match was confirmed... sure, we'll make him wish he never did it.
Flair hangs the phone up.

Batista: SO... what did he say?

Flair: He wants us to take care of it, ourselves tonight.

Batista: I knew that when i came back we should have kicked him out, I knew it!

Flair: Easy Dave, during my maych tonight you come down to the ring, and we'll do exactly what we planned.


Lillian is backstage interviewing Scott Hall.

Lillian: So tonight you have the chance to become the European Champion...

Hall: ... A chance, a chance, listen chico, I will win the European Title in the cage match tonight against Batista!

Lillian: Well Scott, how can you guarentee your victory?

Hall: Well, haha, you'll just have to watch the match and see what we have in mind.

Randy Orton walks up to Scott Hall.

Orton: So, you're gonna try to decimate Evolution, or whats left of it after i left.

Hall: You made a smart decision, because after i take Batista's title, the NWO will destroy the rest of Evolution.


JR: Wow, if I was Randy Orton I would be watching my back for the rest of the night.

Coach: Yea, but that's old news, the next match is Brock Lesnar vs. A-Train. Here comes the Pain.

Brock's music hits and the crowd goes wild. A-Train comes out to boo's.
Once A-Train gets into the ring Brock hits him with a clothesline, and continues to stomp him. A-Train rolls out of the ring, escaping the beating that he is recieving from Brock. The ref starts the count-1. Brock heads out of the ring and starts to beat on A-Train outside the ring-2. Brock sends A-Train into the stairs-3, but when he tries to send him into the turnbuckle outside the ring A-Train reverses it and sends Brock into the Turnbuckle-4. A-Train sends Brock back into the ring, ending the count. Brock starts to get up and A-Train goes for a clothesline, but Brock reverses it and hits a spine buster. Brock picks A-Train up and hits a suplex, and a cover 1-2- kickout. Brock pulls him up and sends him to the rope, a toe kick, and nails the F-5. 1-2-3. Brock picks up the win.

JR: For a while I thought A-Train was going to take the win at a few parts during the match.

Coach: I had a feeling Brock would end the match pretty quick.

JR: Brock is one of the most talented superstars in the WWA.

Commercial Break


Coach: Now we get to watch one of the youngest Tag Teams in the business.

JR: And a very talented group at that Coach. But I'm more excited about getting to see RVD and HBK, the selfproclaimed SHOWSTOPPERS!

The Showstoppers come out to a cheering crowd, while Le Resistance comes out to loud boos.

First in the ring are HBK and Grenier. HBK and Grenier start off testing each other before both men coming out in full attack. Grenier goes for a back suplex but, HBK wiggles out of it, and hits a shuffle side kick, before he drops an elbow into Grenier's gut. HBK stomps Grenier's face twice before he can get back up. HBK starts to pull Grenier back up but he fights out of it, and hits a dropkick. Grenier stumbles to his feet and makes the tag, and in comes Dupree. But HBK hits a drop kick on Dupree and RVD comes in and kicks a side kick on Grenier. RVD throws Grenier out of the ring, and follows with a diving bodypress onto Grenier. HBK hits a drop kick on Dupree's left knee, knocking him off his feet. Dupree gets up and reverses HBK's suplex, and hit's a reverse suplex. Dupree goes to cover HBK, 1-2-kickout. Dupree pulls HBK up, but HBK breaks the hold and hits the Superkick on Dupree, HBK makes the tag to RVD. RVD jumps up to the top rope, and hits the Five-Star-Frog-Splash. He gets up off the matand does, a standing moonsault, kicking Grenier off the apron and landing on Dupree with the pin 1-2-3.

JR: The Showstoppers pulled off a huge victory.

Coach: Well i think that this match has left the Showstoppers mark on Tag Team wrestling for ever.

JR: I think the Tag Team Champs should watch out for these guys.

Back in the Evolution locker room, Batista and Flair are shown worried about their matches later.

Flair: Batista!!! You can't lose the title tonight, especially to the NWO, I think they are going to try to back Orton!

Batista: What! Lose to that wash up alcoholic Hall! NO WAY!!!
Flair: You never know what the damn NWO can pull, just be careful. If you lose the title we will lose almost all control we have in the WWA.

Batista: Flair, listen to me, i got this match in the bag. OK. Now would you please relax, you should really be worring about your match with Randy.

Flair: Listen here Dave, I have a plan for my match with Randy, he'll never disrespect us.

Camera's come back to Coach and JR.

JR: I wonder what those two have on their minds.
Coach: JR, are you feeling that Batista and Flair are going to win unfairly, that's just wrong JR.
JR: We'll see what is wrong later on tonight. But now we have the Cruiser Weight Title match that Kidman guarenteed last week.
Coach: Yea these men hate each other, i don't want to see these four men after this match, it's going to be brutal.

Kidman comes down to boos, Tajiri comes down to cheers, Rey comes down to cheers, and Eddie comes down to boos.
Once all four men are in the ring Mike Chioda begans to explain the rules
Chioda: A superstar is eliminated from the match when he goes over the top rope and his feet hit the ground, the last man in the ring alone will be the winner, and be the Cruiser Weight Champ.
Tajiri goes after Kidman, and Eddie goes after Rey. Eddie, goes for a back suplex, but Rey flips over his head, lands and hits a flying DDT. Meanwhile Kidman is being man handled by Tajiri sending punches and crippling kicks, but Kidman, duck's under one kick, and lands a roundhouse kick of his own. Dropping Tajiri, Kidman heads up to the turnbuckle to hit the Shooting Star Press, but Tajiri moves once Kidman talks flight, and leaves Kidman laying on the ground in pain. Kidman begins to get back up, but is hit with a Buzzsaw kick from Tajiri, leaving him flat on the mat. Tajiri goes to throw Kidman out but he reverses the whip and sends Tajiri into the rope, dropkicking him over the top rope. TAJIRI ELIMINATED! Know it is a twon on one between Eddie and Kidman on Rey. Kidman, turns and nails Eddie with a cheap shot that the Chioda misses when trying to check on Rey. Kidman goes for the kill and whips Eddie into the corner and puts him on the top, Rey tries a dropkick to kick Kidman and Eddie out, but Kidman drops and kicks Eddie off of the turnbuckle. EDDIE GURRERO ELIMINATED! Kidman goes after Rey but Rey ducks hitting a swinging neck breaker. Rey pulls Kidman up to his feet, but Kidman breaks the hold and attempts throwing Rey over the ropes, Rey grabs the ropes, and pulls himself onto the apron. Kidman thinking he won, begins to celebrate, Rey jumps back into the ring. Rey goes for a hurracarana, but Kidman turns it into powerbomb. Kidman begins taking off the turnbuckle cover, the ref runs over and tries to put it back on. Meanwhile, Kidman pulls brass knuckles out of his tights, and nails an unsuspecting Rey on the forehead. Kidman tosses it out of the ring, and pulls Rey Mysterio up and easily throws him out of the ring.
Stephanie McMahon come out.
Stephanie: Not so fast Kidman! Everybody but the ref saw what you just did.
Kidman: What are you talking about.
Crowd chants :ASS HOLE!!!
Stephanie: We all saw your brass knuckles, you are about to get a match that you don't want!
Kidman: What are you talking?
Stephanie: OK you wanna play like that! Then next week you have a match against...GOLDBERG!!!
Crowd begans GOLDBERG chant.
Kidman: NO,NO,NO!!!
Stephanie: Also you have a Title match at Mayhem with Rey. Oh and it will be a special referee match, and the special referee will be ME!
Crowd goes wild.
Steph ducks backstage.

JR: I'm glad to see that Kidman got what he finally deserved.
Coach: After what he did to both Tajiri and Rey last week he deserves his fate.

Kane: Vince, how can you let Shane make the title match a triple threat, with Hogan and the NWO involved anything can happen.
Vince: Listen with the Rock, Luger, and Sting on our side i don't think that we have much to worry about in the title match. Plus i have a plan for the title match that has no chance of failure.
Kane: Perfect, i have to have the Title after Mayhem!
Vince: The Corporation has guarrenteed it believe me.
Kane: Shane has to much power, and now the NWO, what if he tries to pull something.
Vince: He won't and i have a little plan to get his mind off this business.
Torrie Wilson walks in.

Kane: Excellent idea!

The next match is Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton.

Orton comes out to cheers from the crowd.
Randy grabs the mic.
Orton: Ya know, I've been thinking about doing this for weeks, but i just haven't had the guts, but now i don't have to deal with running those three loser's errands. And know i can pursue a real career, I've been carring Evolution for month's now. And as far as me and Triple H, he's going to lose the match at Mayhem, I WILL BE THE LAST MAN STANDING!

Flair comes out to boos.
Flair: Listen here Randy, you don't know what you're doing, you are going to pay for what you did to Triple H.

Finish: Orton goes for the RKO and hits it but Batista comes to the ring with a steel chair, Batista swings, misses and Orton dropkicks the chair into Batista's face. Randy goes for the pin, but the lights go out. The lights come back on and Randy and Triple H are in the ring together. Triple H gut kicks Orton and hits the Pedigree, Mike Chioda calls for the bell, but the beating isn't over. All three members continue to destroy Orton. Then Nash, X-pac and Maven head out to disrupt the beating. The three NWO member's disrupt the fight, and scare Evolution off. They pull Orton back to their feet.

Orton grabs the mic.
Orton: Listen, if you want to all be in the match, it's fine, I'll try to pull some string, and get it done.
Stephanie McMahon comes out onto the ramp.
Stephanie: Well Randy, if you want to change your match, then its done. Instead of the last mand standing match, you will have a six man tag match. Evolution on one side, with Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac.
Crowd goes wild about the match. Orton and the NWO member's look happy about the match.
Coach: So, the NWO and Evolution have their first face off at Mayhem.
JR: But Coach, you're not thinking about the Cage match next.
Coach: This main event is going to begin the battle for power in the NWO, and its coming up next.


Hall comes out with the NWO music and Kevin Nash and they both get big cheers, but the ref tells Nash to go back up the ramp and stay there. Nash angrily leaves the arena. Batista heads out with hi TV Title to boos. As the cage begans to lower, Orton begins to walk out to the ring. The ref shouts at Orton to leave but he acts like he can't here him.FINISH: Batista has been feeling the effectsof the chair shot, all match. Hall sets up for the Outsider's Edge, but an Evolution promo, starts on the Titantron about their plan to defeat the NWO at Mayhem. Hall dropps Batista and looks at the Promo. Batista turns and hits the Sitdown powerbomb, and begins to climb the cage. Orton eads over and begins to climb the cage to meet Batista at the top, but Triple H comes down, and pulls him back down and whips him into the cage, knocking Batista off of the cage and back into the ring. Scott Hall gets up and sets up for the Outsider's Edge, and points at Triple H before he pulls Batista up. Triple H heads to knock Hall off of the cage but Nash runs down and gutkicks Triple H and Jacknifes him onto the outside mat. Hall climbs the cage and escape's. Nash and Orton congratulate him on his victory once he gets out of the cage.

Hogan comes down to congratulate Hall, Hall showing off his trophy. The lights go out and the pyro's hit, and Kane storms down towards NWO, throwing Hall and Orton out of the way, and Clotheslines Hogan. Kane pulls Hogan up, and Chokeslams Hogan strait to Hell. Angle runs down gives Kane a gutkick and gives him an Angle Slam.

Kurt is the only one left standing.


tell me what you think

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i think breaking up orton is a good idea i did the same thing in my writings check it out

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1/15/04 Monday Maddness

Vince comes out to boos after the pyro's go off.

Vince: Well as everybody might have realized, The Coporation is back and our leader is Kane. We have the mnost powerful and prolific superstars in the business, and we have one to add today. That new member is...GOLDBERG!!!

Goldberg's music hits and he starts to head down to the ring.

JR: What Goldberg has joined them, i never thought he would drop to Mr. McMahon's level.

THe crowd is almost silent in shock.

Goldberg gets in the ring and is handed a mic.

Goldberg: Yea, you all wanna know why I joined this group, you question my decision? Because I'm tired of hearing your boos, all of you. But know with me in The Corporation I WILL get the respect i deserve for the work i have done in this industry.

Vince: Oh and did i mention that later tonight we will have a tag match between Sting and Luger vs. The Outsiders. Tonight will be the time that we find out that The Corporation's tag team is superior to the NWO.

JR: Well, Goldberg with The Corporation, along with The Rock, Sting and Luger, I think these guys are for real.
Coach: No doubt, i wouldn't mess with these guys!
JR: Coach you wouldn't mess with a gang of 5 year olds.

Backstage Vince is having a meeting with Sting, Luger and Goldberg.

Vince: Listen guys I'm depending on all of you, so don't screw up tonight, or you might be in the same position as Shane!!!

Luger: Vince we'll take care of everything, you don't need to worry about this match.

Vince: Well just incase, Goldberg I want you to be at ringside to help them out. And i don't want you guys to beat The Outsiders, I want you to put them out, I don't want them at Myhem! GOT IT!!!

All three: Got it!!!

Those three leave, and Vince turns to his desk to look at something, but when he turns back John Cena is looking back at him.

Cena: Vinny Mac, man you hatin, how come you don't help out your boy Cena. I've been around a little while. I mean, when you are looking for somebody good, why don't you come looking for the IC champ.

Vince: Listen John, i have a plan for you, tonight, there is a match with........................
Vince turns away from the camera, making Cena the only one that can hear him.

Cena: OH!!! I see thats great Vince, they'll never see this coming. So we're gonna let HIM in?

Vince: Yes John, i know you two have had some problems, but you need to put them aside and do what i'm telling you.

Coach: JR, I wish we knew what match they are talkng about.
JR: Well i've become pretty accustomed to this sort of business. Well at Mayhem we have the World Title match with Kane, Hogan, and the Champ Kurt Angle.
Coach: Yes, but tonight 2/3 of the men in that title match will compete after an attack that happened last week at the end of the show.

The film of the Attack at the end of the last show is aired.

JR: It's not hard to tell that Kane and Hogan want a piece of each other. Well that match comes after our next match.

Coach: But know we have Maven of the NWO vs. RVD.

RVD comes out to a huge pop, with Maven coming out to a fairly good pop along with Cade and Jindrak.

Finish: Cade and Jindrak are beating on RVD outside the ring when John Cena comes out and nails both Jindrak and Cade with a steel chair. RVD gets back in the ring, and hits a roundhouse kick on Maven then hitting the Five Star Frogsplash.

Cena gets in the ring, holding up RVD's hand in Victory.

Vince heads down to the ring.

JR: Well i guess this is what Vince was telling John Cena about.

Vince: Well, Cena did a god job taking out RVD's troubles. If you haven't caught on yet, we are at war with the NWO, and in two weeks, Shane and his friends will feel the pain at the hands of...

Brock's music hits the arena. Brock walks out onto the entrance ramp, not looking to happy.

Brock: Listen Vince, it has been 2 weeks and i haven't gotten anything other than being ignored, and I'm mad as hell about it. So Vince, you and everybody else here beter watch out, becuse if you cross my path, you WILL have hell to pay.

Vince: Whoa, whoa Brock. What are you so steamed about? I was going to call on you this week.

Brock: I don't want to be your BITCH like Cena, I'm going to destroy everyone in your "Corporation" of wrestlers.

Vince: Well Brock, if you would be a little more patient, then you would...

Brock: Damnit Vince, i don't want to be your worker,I am the youngest superstar to ever wear the title belt. So, at Mayhem i want a piece of YOU MCMAHON!

Vince: Brock you will never get a shot at me, and if you do you will never work in this business again!!! But how about i try to make a deal, at Mayhem, Brock Lesnar, in a HELL IN A CELL HARDCORE match against ... JOHN CENA!!!

All three men have smirks on their faces.

JR: Well, Vince must have a trick or two up his sleave, because i don't think Cena has much of a chance against Brock.

Coach: JR, give the kid a chance, you remember how good he wrestled against Undertaker.

JR: Undertaker, hah! But were is Taker Coach...DEAD!!! Kane and Vince Buried him alive.


JR: Well the first match of the night will be a first contender match for the Tag Team Championship.

Coach: Yea, its gonna be a triple threat tag match with The Dudleys vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. the APA.

JR: Well this is gonna be a hell of a match, so lets get it started.

Finish: The Dudleys sets Farooq up for the 3D, Dvon goes to lift Farooq, but puts him down when Bubba goes to hit the neckbreaker. Bubba gets up and seems mad at Dvon, just then Shelton Benjamin delivers a super kick to Bubba that knocks him out. Dvon just stares down at Bubba, and seems uninterested. Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline, but Dvon ducks it and turns around and catches a Dominator from Farooq. Charlie Haas takes a chair shot from Dvon when he tries to get in the ring.

The three men left standing grab hands and raise them in victory. Just then Booker T's music hits and Booker heads down to the ring.

Booker T: Well, well, well. Us brothas are ready to stick together, so for all of you sucka's the Nation is BACK!!! And now we are stronger thn ever with me, Farooq, Dvon and Shelton, we can't be stopped by anybody.

Just then Eddie Guerreo's music hits the arena.

Out comes Eddie, along with Psychosis, Rey Mysterio, Chavo and Conan.

Eddie: Hey essa, whatcha you thinkin' vato, cause you think you all can beat all this Latino Heat!

The crowd goes wild for Eddie and is gang.

Booker T: Listen here "homes", you and your little gang of sucka's needs to put up or shut up, and if i were ya'll sucka's i'd shut up!

With that the latino's head down to the ring and get into it with the Nation, with the Nation being quickly tossed out of the ring. Eddie grabs another mic, and begins to speak.

Eddie: So homes you and the NATION can't handle the Latino World Order!!!!

JR: It looks to me like the LWO is going to dominate the Nation seeing how...

Coach: JR! The Nation will destroy the LWO, they have an average height of like 5'5.

JR: Yea but Coach, their hearts weight somewhere near 350.

Kane is back stage talking to Vince, and appears to be mad about something.

Kane: I want BOTH OF THEM NOW!!!

Vince: Kane, chill out my friend, you need some time to cool off.

Kane: Cool off, your telling me to cool off. I got and Angleslam last week. FROM BEHIND, he couldn't even fight me like a man, he jumped me VInce.

Vince: Ok, i can't give you Kurt, but tonight, because you are a dear close friend of mine, I will let you have Hogan, is that all right?

Kane: Not exactly what i was looking for but better than anything else.

Cena comes in, and looks suprised to see Kane in Vince's office.

Cena: hey bss, hey Kane. Listen Vince i was thinkin' that maybe tonight i could...

Vince: I've got a good idea, Kane, we all know that the NWO will interfere, so tonight, during your match, John will be at ringside, to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Kane: Perfect!

Kane walks out, almost ripping the door off the hinges.

Cena: Ya know Vince, I'm down with the drty work, and with the fight with Brock, but i want a match tonight.

Vince: You want a match, you want a match, ok, then tonight, it will Cena vs. Chrsi Benoit.

Cena: Excellent.
Cena walks out and in come Torrie and Sable.

Sable: so Vince have you seen the new Playboy.

Vince: O yes, and i figured that this sealed my decision. I need you two to help keep the NWO's mind off Mayhem, try to ummm... keep them busy, if you get my drift.

Torrie: O yea Vince, we get your drift.

With that both women, leave and Vince is alone in his office.

JR: The next match is gona be Rhyno vs. Batista.

Coach: Both of these men are animals, and i don't know if anyone can stop them.

Rhyno and Batista come out to boo's.

Finish: Batista hits the powerbomb on Rhyno, but Matt Morgan comes down to the ring and starts to taunt Batista. Batista gets distratced and gets out of the ring to attack Morgan. Batista, gets back in the ring and gets Goared by Rhyno, Rhyno ges the pin.

JR: Well, i guess that Morgan and Rhyno have become a new tag team.

Coach: Well if you are right about that then the tag champs better watch out because these two can be mean competitors.
Backstage Hogan is talking to Shane about the match tonight.

Hogan: Shane you know that Cena is going to jump in and help out Kane, I need somebody to give me a hand with those two.

Shane: OK, you want some back up, how about THE BIG SHOW.

Big Show walks through the door, with his NWO shirt on.

Big Show: How's it goin' Hollywood.

Hogan: Well Giant, it's been awhile. Shane, i think he'll do.

Shane: OK, and i need you two to make sure...

Torrie and Sable both walk in.

Torrie: Hey Shane, Hollywood, Giant. What are you boys doing.

Both Torrie and Sable try to look as sexy as they possibly can, and do the job, getting all three of them off the current subject.

JR: Well now we get to see the clash of the tag teams.

Coach: Yea, is it going to be the Outsiders of the Corporation that takes the win.

Sting, Lex, and Goldberg come out to an ok pop, while the Outsiders come out to boos.

Finish: Sting hits three back to back Stinger Splashes on Hall, who dives and makes a tag to nash, but Sting tags in Luger who comes in colthesling both Nash and Hall. Nash gets up and hits a big boot on Luger, Sting and Hall are outside the ring battling. Nash tries another big boot but Luger ducks and puts Nash in the Torture Rack. Hall throws Sting to the barrier, and heads toward the ring. But before he gets to the ring Goldberg spears Hall into the barrier, giving Luger the chance to make Nash give up.

Sting, Luger and Goldberg get in the ring, holding hands in victory.

Luger: Well we have proved who the better team is so Shane are you ready to give up yet.

Shane appears on the titantron, alone.

Shane: Listen here guys, do you think that this is going to scare me. This doesn't even begin to scare me, i had to fight KANE for God's sake. If you think you can...

Rock attacks Shane with a clothesline knocking him down, when Shane trys to get back up, the Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom.

Rock: Listen I want to make an example out of Shane for the rest of the NWO. If you are going to try to defeat the Corporation, your going to have to try harder.

Backstage Kane is being reassured by John Cena that he is going to make sure that no NWO members intefere with the match, when Hogan walks in.

Hogan: Well brother, listen here, if you don't interfere, then Cena no NWO will interfere.

Cena: You think you can try to scare me out of going out there Hogan, you need to check yourself.

Coach: Well this is 2/3 of the Title match that we get to see in one week and six days.

JR: I sure hope that this is gonna be a preview of what happens at Mayhem.

Kane and Cena come out to an alright pop, and Hogan comes out to a huge pop.

Finish: Kane sets up the chokeslam and hits it when Brock Lesnar comes out and begins to beat on Cena, hits the F5. Then he goes in the ring, hits the F5 on Brock, and once Hogan gets up, he F5s Hogan too.

Brock grabs a mic looking pretty pissed.

Brock: Vince i warned you of this. I told you that you would pay for what you did to me, now everybody will have to pay.


End. tell me what i can do to make it better, or if i missed anything.

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Maddness 1/22/04

The pyro's go off with the advertising for Mayhem in one week.

JR: Well coach we are now only six days away from the first PPV in WWA history, and we have some suprises in store for tonight.

Coach: Well first of all Vince wanted us to announcethart tonight in a handicap match, it will be Sting and Lex Luger against Brock Lesnar.

JR: Yea Vince wants to pay back Brock for what he did last week.

The clip of Brock interfering with the Kane vs. Hogan match.

JR: But also tonight we have the US champ John Cena facing A-Train in a title match.

Coach: That is sure to be one hell of a fight between those two.

Sting and Luger are in their lockeroom getting a pep talk from Kane.

Kane: You have to destroy that guy. We can't afford to have a monster like him roaming around backstage.

Lex: Listen Kane we can talk care of Brock Lesnar, we've beaten better wrestlers than Brock.

Just then Goldberg comes in.

Goldberg: Listen you three need to watch your backs tonight, because Brock just got here and word is he is very pissed off.

Kane: If i see him he better be prepared to fight. Cause I'm gonna kick his ass.

Goldberg: Kane you need to get a hold of yourself man, he'd kill yoo.

Kane: O is tha so, how about me and you go AT IT THEN TONIGHT.

Lex: Listen, we need to stick together andnot get torn apart with this bs. OK, are you to cool.

Both: Yea.

Lex: Great, cause some of us here have an important match to be worrying about.

Brock is shown walking around back stage when he runs into Batista.

Batista: Hey Brock how's it goin...

But Brock already begans to beat on Batista landing rights and lefts. Then he hits the F5. But Flair comes in to try and fight off Brock, but Brock beats Flair down also.

Stephanie McMahon comes running up.

Stephanie: Brock what are you doing?

Brock: Letting everybody know that they need to watch their backs until your father and everybody else here treats me with respect.

With that Brock walks off while Stephanie is trying to get help for the hurt wrestlers.

JR: Well our first match is between the rivaling Nation and LWO.

Coach: Yea Farooq against Chavo Guerreo. I think that these men are going to participate in the first battle of a war that is to come.

Both men come out to ok pops.

Finish: Farooq hits the Dominator on Chavo, but Eddie comes out to protect his nephew. Eddie gets to the ring and begins to beat on Farooq, but then out comes Booker T and the rest of the Nation, then the rest of the LWO come out the groups are battleing it out in the ring. Finally the Nation throws the LWO out of the ring. Booker T grabs a mic.

Booker T: Eddie, i Want you in a match at Mayhem. As a matter of fact lets make it a tag match, me and Farooq against you and one of yours.

Eddie looks around at his LWO partners.

Eddie: Alright homes, i got him, how about Giant Gonzales.

JR: What!!! Can he still wrestle?

Gonzales joins the rest of LWO outside the ring.

The Nation looks suprised to sAY THE LEAST.

Booker T: Alright, if you sucka's gotta go out recrutin for this then whatever. But next Sunday, Gonzales, you'll be wishing you didn't join the LWO. Now can you dig that SUCKA?


Kidman comes out not looking to happy.

Kidman: Well after i won the Cruiserweight Title fair and square( Crowd Boos) Stephanie McMahon came out and made a match for Mayhem. I don't think that that is fair, and on top of that, she will be the special referee. Now that just isn't fa...

Stephanie McMahon walks out and comes down to the ring.

Stephanie grabs a mic with the crowd going wild.

Stephanie: Listen Billy you come out here, whinning about your match next week, but you could be getting it alot worse. I could be feeding you to Brock Lesnar right now.

Lesnar's music hits the arena.

JR: O no!

COach: Here comes the pain!

Brock walks down to the ring, jumping up onto the apron with the pyro going off almost knocking Kidman down.

Brock grabs a mic.

Brock: OK Kidman wer're already tired of hearing your whining. ANd I'm going to give you three seconds before people start dropping.

Kidman: No Brock, listen man, we're in the same situation, we gotta stick together, the McMahon's are trying to get us out of the busi...

Brock gut kicks him and F5's Kidman.

Brock: Vince, do you like seeing your crusierweight champ like this? Stop trying to ignore me Vince.

Vince walks out onto the ramp.

Vince: Brock, are you trying to tell me what to do? ME, the CEO of the WWA. You need a reality check Brock.

Brock: No Vince, I am this business, I'm on the cover of games and magazines everywhere. Vince stop ignoring me or else!

Vince: Or else what Brock?

Brock: Or else this will happen again next week.

The tape of Brock giving Cena, Kane and Hogan F5's.

Brock: Just a little warning.

Vince: Well Brock,here's a little warning for you, your match is NEXT!

JR: Well know we have the handicapped match with Sting and Luger, against Brock Lesnar.

Sting and Luger come out to a good pop.

Finish: Lex tries to put Brock in the Torture Rack, but Brock, rolls out and hits the F5. John Cena heads down to the ring with a chair. Brock hits a gut kick, Cena drops the chair and Brock grabs it, hitting Cena, Luger, and Sting with Chair shots. Goldberg heads down to the ring with the Rock, and both get flattened by the steel chair. Then Brock looks like he is going to leave, but he looks back at Goldberg and picks him up and plants him with the F5. Then he locks his leg in the chair, and jumps off the top rope, (just like what Batista did). Brock then continues to beat on Cena, sofeting him up for their match at Mayhem. Goldberg is taken out on a strecher

Backstage Vince and Kane are talking to each other.

Kane: Vince, he's going to interfere at Mayhem how are we gonna...

Vince: Listen its ok, Kane, i've got it all played out in my head. don't worry about him, just focus on winning the title i promise nobody will interfere with you.

Kane: Tonight i want Hogan in a match, and i don't care what kind.

Vince: Alright, how about a tag match. You and Rock against... Hogan and my son.

Kane: Great, we can take care of the NWO tonight, and mop up the rest at Mayhem.

Vince: O yea, and as far as my son, don't be to easy on him.

JR: We have the Tag Championship on the line tonight with Jindrak and Cade going up against RVD and it was supposed to be Goldberg but after recent events Vince told us that he would make a decision before the match.

Jindrak and Cade come out to a good Pop, and RVD comes out to a huge pop.

Then Vince comes out and stands on the ramp.

Vince: Well I'm sure some of you thought i would try to screw RVD, but RVD is part of the Corporation, so his partner and new Corporation member is ...Shawn Michaels!!!

The crowd goes wild as Shawn comes aout casual strolling by Vince down to the ring.

Finish: Michaels and Jindrak are out but, Shawn gets some life and both men began to get up, they lock in a grapple but Shawn Michaels breaks it and hits the SUperkick. He fals over and tags in RVD, RVD comes in and jumps onto the the turnbuckle and hits the Five Star Frogsplash. Cade tries to go in and break up the count, but Shawn Michaels hits a super kick on Cade. 1-2-3

Vince comes down to the ring to congratulate the new tag champs, but Brock follows him and Cena behind him with a chair, Cena hits Brock with the chair, stunning brock, but he turns around and plants Cena with the chair. RVD and HBK run down to help Cena with Kane and the Rock coming from the other dircection to chase Brock off of his prey. The filming stops as Cena is surronded by COrporation members with Brock standing with a sick smile.

I'll have the PPV up by tommorow or Friday

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WWA MAYHEM 1/29/04

The pyros go off as JR and Coach are welcoming the crowd to the arena.

JR: Well tonight we have the triple threat match that has had so much controversy.

Coach: Along with the Cena-Lesnar, and NWO-Evolution match to name a few.

JR: But first we have the crusierweight title match with Rey and Kidman, with Stephanie McMahon as the special referee.

Rey comes out to a huge pop, but Kidman comes out to boos.

Finish: Rey goes for a dropkick, but Kidman ducks and Stephanie catches the dropkick off the top rope. Kidman slides out of the ring and grabs a chair, DDT'ing Rey onto the chair, stunning him, Kidman wakes Stephanie up, then goes up to the op and hits the SHooting Star Press. 1-2-3.

Backstage D'Von and Booker T are shown discussing the tag match later, when Benjamin comes running.

Benjamin: Booker, something happened to Farooq, he's face down in the lockeroom.

Booker T: Damnit.

They run to the lockerroom, and Farooq is out cold, the mirror is broken and written in the shattered glass is "Can You Dig That Sucka?"

D'VOn: So who's gonna replace him? Me or Benjamin?

Booker T: I have an idea, they wanna pull this, I have a partner in mind. You boys don't let it bother you, OK?

Benjamin: Yea, Booker are you sure you don't wanna just use one of us?

Booker T: Guys its alright, i have him on the way already.

Flair, Triple H, and Batista are backstage walking into the arena, when a monster truck pulls into the parking garage. It's the NWO monster truck. It stops just infront of the three. Then X-Pac, Maven, and Orton crawl out of the giant truck.

Orton: Well well, if it isn't our opponents for later tonight, if I were you three i would be watching my back right now, because you know that we have people looking around for you so you better watch your backs, especially you H.

The NWO members leave and Triple H is maddest of all three.

Triple H: I can't stand that punk.

Batista: I told you that we should have dumped him when I got healthy, but no, e should keep him because...

Flair: Dave! We get the point lets just get focused on tonight's match, it ain't gonna be to easy, Randy knows our tricks.

Triple H: Damnit, I'm gonna kill him tonight.

Booker T is shown backstage on the phone talking ti his mystery tag partner. Shelton Benjamin and D'Von wait beside him to hear the news.

Booker: So your almost here... Great, are you sure your ready for this match...yea your right...yea I'll announce you once i get in the ring before the match... when you get here don't draw attention just slip in and chill in my dressing room.

Booker T hangs up and turns to his partners.

Benjamin: So he's ready for the match?

Booker T: Yea he's on the way right now.

D'Von: Booker, i hope you're right about this one, because if not then we are gonna have to live with this until next month.

Booker T: DO you trust your leader? HUH? DO you?

D'Von: Yea i trust your judgment.

Booker T: Good, with that outta the way, you two are going to be on the ramp during the match to make sure no Latino's come down to the ring to interfere. GOT IT?

Both men: Yea boss.

Just then the door to the locker room opens, but the camera's don't turn to see who it is but they do see the happy reaction's on the Nation's faces.

In another part of the building Cena and VInce are talking about the match Cena's match later on.

Vince: John did you talk to him about helping you in the match tonight?

Cena: Of course i don't wanna be thrown to the wolves by myself.

VInce: And he agreed to join up after tonight?

Cena: Yea, Vince, what are you so worried about man?

Vince: I dunno, tonight is gonna be big for us, i cantell you that now.

Cena: So you're still keeping it a secret from everyone, when are you gonna tell us who?

Vince: You'll find out soo enough, OK.

JR: Well now its time to find out who Booker T's partner is gonna be for tonight.

Eddie's music hits and Eddie and Giant Gonzales come out to a mixed response. Booker T comes out to cheers. Booker T gets in the ring and is handed a mic.

Booker T: Well after what you did tonight, i had to find a partner for this match, and I decided to go back in my history to find this partner. And my partner was always a close friend to me, so i have choosen ...(Booker T's music hits with out the CAN YOU DIG IT? part) STEVIE RAY.

JR: WHat he's back in the business, that's Booker T's brother.

Coach: He's a monster.

JR: Well i guess they needed someone to counter Giant Gonzales.

Eddie and Gonzales are in shock.

Finish: Booker T tags in Stevie Ray, he clotheslines both Eddie and Gonzales. Eddie comes running at Stevie Ray and he hits the flapjack and then Gonzales trys a chokeslam, but Stevie Ray counters it and hits the Flapjack, pinning Gonzales for the win.

JR: Well next we have the Cena-Lesnar match that has been buzzing through the arena since the statment made by Cena to Mr. Mcmahon.

Cena and Brock come out to big pops.

The Cell is lowered with a chair and a table inside the caged area.

Finish: The two are climbing up on the outside when Brock hits the F5 on Cena on top of the cage. 1-2-kickout. They begin battling until Cena gets a lead and starts to head down the cage, where Brock catches him and the two begin fighting 7-8 feet in the air. Brock elbows Cena in the ribs knocking one hand loose, then another elbow and Cena fell threw the announcing table near the ring.

Brock goes down to hit another F5 when Bradshaw heads out Brock tries to plant a clothesline on Bradshaw but misses and Bradshaw counters with a Clothesline From Hell. Cena stumbles to his feet and FU's Brock, getting the pin. 1-2-3

Cena and Bradshaw continue beating on Brock until Vince gets down to the ring.

Vince: Brock, you like hurting people, you like breaking superstar's legs, is that it. Well break this.

Bradhsaw hands Vince a chair and he hammers Brock's back with it.

Hogan is shown backstage preparing for the title match when Shane walks in.

SHane: Well i guess, good luck man.

Hogan: You to Shane, just watch out for the Rock Bottom, don't let him catch you in it or your done for.

Shane: Thanks man.

Nash and Hall come in the lockeroom.

Nash: Alright Shane you ready?

Shane: Ready as ever. Lets go kick some ass. Just watch yourself in that title match Hogan.

Hogan: Gotcha man.

The Rock, Sting and Luger come down to the ring to a good pop, the same with the outsiders and Shane.

Finish: Rock tries to set up for a Rock bottom but Shane ducks it and hits a neckbreaker. Shane looks like he's going to go up top, but Luger reaches up and pulls him down to the floor. Sting grabs him and hits a Stinger Death Drop (Reverse DDT). And rolls him back into the ring. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom and sets up the People's ELbow. Hall tries to rush in and save the pin but Luger hits the Steel Clothesline, and Nash is hit with a Stinger Splash. 1-2-3.

JR: The next match is the NWO vs. Evolution.

NWO comes out to a good pop but Evolution comes out to boos.

Finish: X-Pac is down outside the ring with Orton healthy on the apron, Maven tries to tag in Orton but Orton drops off the apron and Maven looks pissed at Orton. Maven turns and gets hit with the Sit down Powerbomb. 1-2-3.


Nash, Hall, and Big Show, head down to the ring, but Hall gets hit with the RKO, Big Show gets Pedigreed, and Nash gets the powerbomb from Batista.

Then Vince begins to head dwon to the ring with The Rock.

Vince: Well Triple H, good job, and I'd like to welcome you back.

Triple H: Well its nice to be back Vince.

The two shake hands and they start to celebrate.

JR: Evolution and Randy Orton have been playing us the whole time coach.

Coach: YEa and now, Evolution is with The Corporation.

JR: Well now that that shock has passed through, its time for the WORLD TITLE MATCH.

Coach: Yea this is going to bre a great match with these three competitors.

ANgle and Hogan come out to a big pop, but Kane comes out to boos.

Finish: Kane has Angle down ad is preparing to Tombstone Hogan when the light go out. The lights turn dark blue and fog begins entering the ring. Undertaker's music starts up and a figure can be made out in front of the ring. Kanbe looks like a scared little kid. Yelling No NO, YOUR DEAD!!!. Undertaker gets in the ring still with the dark blue light and Chokeslams Kane. When he chokeslams KAne pyros from the turnbuckles go off. Undertaker Then rolls Kane out of the ring, and puts him over his shoulder and walks out of the arena. Cameramen follow them backstage where Undertaker puts Kane in a coffin, and nails it shut, on the outside the sign of the Undertaker covers the front.

Back in the ring, Hogan and Angle are getting to there feet, Angle is slower up than Hogan and Hogan hits a big boot once Angle gets up. Then hits the Atomic Leg Drop on him the pin. 1-2-3


NWO comes down to congratulate Hogan as he basks in his glory, Cameramen are backstage with Vince and other Corporation members trying to get Kane out of the Coffin a the PPV goes off the air.
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