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Should denial of the Holocaust be illegal?

Deadline to hand in your debate will be Thursday July 9th. Failure to show will result in an automatic disqualification. As previously mentioned, your debates are to be posted in this thread only.

You have the option to choose your own side of the topic so you may debate the same side without consequence.

Good luck.
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Should denial of the Holocaust be illegal?

Illegal. Not in America, it’s your constitutional right to say and believe what ever you wish. But in Muslim Countries and anti-Semitic nations their choice is made for them by their governments that control both their educational system and media. Since I’m able to choose of my own free will, I can intelligently conclude. Therefore, I can believe World War II was fought over Aldo Hitler’s campaign to secure economic control of Europe and his goal was solely based on that. Thus, the US involvement was based on that premise also, not for Human Right concern for Jews begin killed. So why make up such a horrendous lie as of over 6 million people being destroyed. What purpose does it serve? The right for Israel to have a nation of its own? Hollywood’s War of the World greatest hoke? No, BECAUSE IT REALLY HAPPEN. Is it illegal to deny the history of Blacks being enslaved, or the Indian’s of both America and India having their lands token from them? No its not. So theirs no intelligent way to say it’s illegal to deny it. Even thought, it happened. Therefore, I disagree that it should be illegal.
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