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Fake Sting?

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I am sure most will want my head for this, but I am going to say it. We all know how important it has meant to those wanting the infamous Sting return for anything Sting related to just happen in the WWE. Hell, there obviously was a portion of fans who actually believed this man was coming into the company for the 1st time in wrestling history. The company has to know that this is some sort of interest in seeing this man. Could The Miz pull off being a fake Sting. Imagine if this fake Sting starts showing up to Raw, Smackdown, and Main Event hanging out in the rafters. Then fake Sting shows up during a match. Arena lights go out and fake Sting appears in the middle of the ring with a baseball bat.

The match fake Sting interferes in has to be a situation where there might be two heels vs one face. This leaves fake Sting to clear the ring of the heels and then violently attack the face. The point of the attack isn't so much to start a feud, but to cut a promo about how delusional the WWE Universe actually is. Miz tells the fans something similar to what HHH said this past Monday about Fandango and how the fans are fickle. Miz tells the WWE fans that they're all morons and losers because they actually find a man a decade away from being a senior citizen interesting still. Miz says he is the only "must see" superstar there is and he proved it tonight.

The idea of the fake Sting role is to draw as much heat as possible once the reveal of the fake Sting happens. Fans may likely throw trash in the ring. Overall I think this is a sure thing for The Miz to use as a way to get back into the limelight with the WWE fans. He needs something that he knows will piss 90% of the crowd off. Last Monday night would have been perfect. Fans have been expecting Sting for so long now. Miz uses this to draw heat and enter himself back into the main event title scene.

Miz says that his fake Sting trolling blew the ratings sky high and it was definitely best for business. Because of this HHH grants Miz a WWE title shot and a feud rekindled with Daniel Bryan. Of course The Miz defeats Daniel Bryan and is now one of the top notch heels of the company again. I happened to enjoy Miz vs Bryan feud during NXT, and their United States title feud. For some reason I feel like a WWE title feud just makes sense for their small rivalry that the WWE could build upon. Yes, I realize most of you don't like The Miz, but this scenario would certainly work.
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It's Barry Windham.
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