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Faces you hated/Heels you liked

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Most wrestling fans have a tendency to cheer the faces and jeer the heels, but sometimes, that doessn't happen.

There are sometimes instances when we like a certain bad guy in wrestling or dislike a good guy.

Who were some babyfaces you didn't like/booed and some heels you liked/cheered for?

I'll start:

Heels I liked- Big Show, Batista, Kane, Kurt Angle, Edge, Lita

A Face I didn't like- Diesel
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I'm a heel guy I prefer heels I watch them closer and here's a list of brilliant heels:
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
The Rock
Eddie Guerrero
Ric Flair
Mr. Perfect
Rick Rude
Ted DiBiase
Roddy Piper
Jake The Snake Roberts
The Undertaker
And these are just my favorite heels...

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Oh man, honestly, I tend to fall into being a heel girl. It's very rare that I cheer the good guy in anything, lol. I can say that 2 face's I totally never could stand are Hogan and Warrior and I lived through the Rock and Wrestling connection. So I was around for their heyday and even back then as a little girl I never liked them.

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I couldn't stand the Hart Dynasty when faces nor half of the mid-card faces, to be honest.
I've always liked JBL, and Ziggler I find even more likeable as a heel than he was as a face (I think he redebuted as one)
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