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Me and Antattuide starting our own shows and company called
Hardcore Wrestling Corporation(HWC)

We have two shows:
1. Slaughter
2. War Zone

War Zone
Hwc Championship
Hwc IC belt
Hwc Cruiserweight
Hwc Tag Team title
Hwc World title
Hwc Hardcore Title
Hwc Womens Title
Hwc World Tag Team Title

2.Mind Games
3.Blood Brawl
4.End Game
5.Sudden Death
6.Chrismas Chaos

Roster(Slaughter MY SHOW ):
Amazing Red
Kid Kash
Rey Mysterio
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Lance Storm
The Hurricane
Booker T
AJ Styles
Jeff Jarret
Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit
Team Angle
"The New Age Outlaws"( Big Boss Man,Brian Christopher)
Steve Blackman
Shawn Michaels
Chris Benoit
Spike Dudley
Booba Rey Dudley
Jerry Lynn

Roster(War Zone Antattuide`S SHOW) :

Billy Kidman
David Flair
Ric Flair
Chavo Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero
Jamie Nobal
John Cena
Shannon Morre
Sean O'haire
Mark Jinderak
Perfect Event (Chuck Pulmabo, Shawn Stastiak)
Chris Nowinski
Randy Orton
Brian Kendrick
Kevin Nash
Sean Morely
Bill DeMott
Joey Mathews
Christian York
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
So what you guys think about our company?

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Event: Sunday Night Slaughter
Place: Chicago,Illinois
Venue: Allstate Arena
Time: 9-11
Current Champions
Hwc World title: Kurt Angle
Hwc Hardcore Title : Steve Blackman
Hwc World Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boys

*Fade in on the blue HWC "lightning" logo, which then fades briefly to the blue logo of Slaughter symbol, then fades in on the arena.As the opening techno starts, the arena goes pitch black..then when the bomb soundings occur, several small pyro's shoot diagonal*

Travis: Hello everyone!
Eddie:Welcome to the Sunday Slaughter!
Travis: With you Travis The Best and Eddie McHon
Eddie: Today is the first day of the new era of wrestling it is called
Travis: And as you know Eddie we have many wrestlers who came from WWE,WCW.WWF!
Eddie: We do,and especialy we have out best and hot GM Stephanie McMahon!
Travis: I`m glad that she bought HCW for a lot of money!
Eddie: Travis,Travis,you always thinking about moneys!(laughting)
Travis: Eddie,please don`t start!(laughting)

*New Theme of GM Stephanie McMahon hits and she is making her way to the ring with a big smile on her face and with a mic. with a logo of HCW*

Stephanie:I have a lot of things to say to you guys!
Crowd: Yeaaa!
Stephanie:I was a GM at SmackDown and now I bought Slaughter for a lotf money and I would like to make it the best show in the world,but as you guys know I`m not the only one,we have one more show at HCW it is called War Zone and there is a GM his name is Eric Bishoff!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!
Stephanie: He was my only enemy at SmackDown,thats why I hate him so much!But my show Slaughter will be the best show.And we have a lot of matches tonight,and we already have a champions.So tonight you will experiance a new brand of HCW ,Slaughter!!!!

*Stephanie`s theme hits and she is leaving the ring*

((Jerry Lynn is walking up the stairs and he saw Low-Ki.))

Jerry: Hey,whats up man!I didn`t know that you are here at Slaughter!
Low: What the hell you want?
Jerry: Come on I didn`t do anything to you.
Low: Get out of my way,go where you going and stop following me!
Jerry: Ok.

Travis: What the hell is his problem?
Eddie: He is trying to be cool.
Travis: Man,I hate that guy.
Eddie: Coming up next Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Kash which is opening our show tonight!
Travis: I can`t wait!

1st Match Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Kash
Match starts with a lock up. Kash has Lynn in a headlock now Lynn backs Kash into the turnbuckle now elbowing him in the gut. Kash breaks off as Lynn gives him forearms to the face. Lynn now goes on Kash,and flips him. Lynn now posing to the crowd. Kash gets up,and when Lynn turns around he is met with a dropkick. Lynn gets up,and Kash follows up with an armdrag takedown to Lynn. Lynn than flips up,and reverses it,and is now pulling Kash arm in the back. Kash than elows Lynn in the neck several times until Lynn breaks it. Lynn breaks it,and Kash runs into the ropes,and follows up with a flying clothesline taking Lynn down. Kash now with an armwrench to Lynn. Lynn rolls around,and now Kash it pulling Lynn's arm from behind. Lynn now grabs Kash neck,and Lynn flips to the back of Kash,and pushes him forward into the ropes than follows back with an school boy for the 1.......2 kick out. Lynn now kicking Kash as he tries to get up. Lynn grabs Kash by his hair,and body slams him. Lynn now going to the second rope,and drops his fist into Kash mouth. Kash slips to the outside holding his mouth. Lynn now runs against the ropes,and dives to the outside on Kash. Lynn now feeling his bad knee. Kash gets up,and goes back inside than does an Aisa Moonsault to Lynn on the outside. Kash now in pain picks Lynn up,and presses his body against the barriacade. Kash now goes on the apron,and dives off it hitting Lynn with a spinning heel kick knocking Lynn into the audience. Kas now holding his ribs in pain. Lynn now bleeding in the mouth grabs Kash hair,and attempts to suplex Kash over the barricade into the audience,but Kash overpowers Lynn,and suplexes Lynn over the barricade. Lynn hits his knee on the steel steps,and holds it again. Kash now picking Lynn up,and throws him back inside. Kash now with a springboard leg drop to Lynn on the inside for the 1.........2...... kick out. Kash can't beleive it,and picks Lynn up,and hits a Fishermen suplex for the 1........2...... Lynn again kicks out. Kash now angry picks Lynn up by the hair than runs,and carries Lynn on his shoulders to the opposite turnbuckle,and shoulder thrusts him in the turnbuckle twice than picks him up to the second rope. Kash going for an Hurricanranna,but Lynn catches him,and puts his arm between Kash legs,and does a second rope Craddle Piledriver for the 1........2..........3 Win.
Winner: Jerry Lynn

((After the match,we saw Low-Ki running out of the carcas.He slide to the ring and started to attack Jerry with a right hand and then with his leg to the middle section.Kash got up and started to attack Jerry too,two on one.Jerry felt on the mat and didn`t move.Low-Ki and Kash looked at each other faces and they left the ring.))

Travis: Damn!I can`t stand those guys look what they did to Lynn,but he didn`t do anything to them,he just tried to be friendly!
Eddie: Yea,thats what I thought.

((Kurt Angle was standing next to Stephanie`s office and he knocked at the door.))

Stephanie: Yes,come in.
Kurt: Hey,Steph!
Stephanie: OO Kurt,hi.how are you?
Kurt: Look Steph. I know that you put Dudley Boys as a HCW World Tag Team,but could you booke the match with Team Angle and Dudley Boys for the HCW World Tag Team Title?
Stephanie: Hmm,Kurt are you trying to say that Team Angle is going to be #1 contenders for the HCW World Tag Team Titles?
Kurt: Yes,Steph.
Stephanie: OK,Kurt I`ll do it!
Kurt: Thank you so much,now I`m going to leave.

((Kurt left and he had a big smile on hsi face and he made his way to the Team Angle`s looker room))

((Kurt was near the locker room and he opened a door and he saw Haas and Benjamin sitting with sad faces))

Kurt: Guys!I have a big news!Tonight you are going to have a title shot for the HCW World Tag Team Titles!!
Haas: OHH,Kurt THANX MAN!!!!
Kurt: No problem!Now I have to go and polishe my HCW World Title!
Benjamin: Go ahead!

((Kurt left the locker room))

Travis: Man,we are going to see a good tag team match tonight
Eddie: Look at Kurt he is so happy!
Travis: He is happy because he is a HCW World Champion!
Eddie: Maybe.

2nd Match Chris Beniot vs. Rey Mysterio
We hear Beniot’s music. He heads down the ramp and into the ring. Mysterio comes out next. The bell sounds and the two men get into a lockup. Beniot and Mysterio keep the lockup going until they both break it. Beniot and Mysterio circle each other and get into another lockup. This time Beniot gets behind Mysterio and hits him with a side suplex. Mysterio lands on his feet though and kicks Beniot in the back of the leg. Beniot falls forward into the rope and Mysterio signals for the 619. Mysterio goes for it, but Beniot moves out of the way and Mysterio goes back through the ropes and lands on his feet. Beniot turns around and Mysterio hits him with a dropkick. Beniot falls to the mat and Mysterio runs into the ropes and flips onto Beniot. Mysterio goes into the cover 1…2…Beniot kicks out. Mysterio gets up and he picks up Beniot and Irish whips him into the ropes. Beniot catches Mysterio as he went for a cross body. Beniot flips him completely over his head. Mysterio lands on his stomach and he screams in pain. Beniot kicks Mysterio and then picks him up and Irish whips him into the corner. Beniot puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle and hits him with a snap suplex. Beniot goes right into the cover 1…2…Mysterio kicks out. Beniot puts his hands around Mysterio’s waist and lifts him straight up and then back down again face first into the mat. Beniot doesn’t let go and Beniot lifts Mysterio up onto his feet and hits him with a German. Beniot doesn’t let go and he hits a second German. Beniot hits a third and then a fourth. When Beniot tries for a fifth Mysterio slides under his legs and hits Beniot with a drop toehold. Mysterio then puts a leg lock on Beniot. Mysterio wrenches Beniot’s leg harder and he screams in pain. Beniot reaches his arm out and barley touches the bottom ropes and Mysterio hops Beniot around. Now Mysterio has the leg lock on Beniot and he is in the middle of the ring. Beniot screams in pain and agony, but he doesn’t give up. Mysterio applies more pressure and finally Beniot counters it into a leg lock of his own. Mysterio now is the one screaming in pain, but Beniot put the lock on right next to the ropes and Mysterio grabs onto the middle rope. Beniot lets go of the hold and he gets up. Mysterio remains motionless on the mat and Beniot singles for the end. He goes to the top rope and hits the headbutt on Mysterio. Beniot doesn’t go for the cover instead he drags Mysterio to the middle of the ring and puts the cross face on Mysterio. Mysterio yells and screams, but Beniot doesn’t care and Mysterio doesn’t give up. Mysterio tries to counter It by rolling over Beniot, but Beniot gets Mysterio right back into the cross face. Mysterio screams in pain as Beniot puts more strain on the hold. Finally Mysterio gives in and taps out 1 2 3!!
Winner: Chris Benoit

Travis: That was a good match for Chris!
Eddie: You have to give a credit to Rey!
Travis: He is a cruiser weight wrestler.
Eddie: Yea,and he is wrestled Chris Benoit!(laughting)


((Stephanie is writing something on the peace of paper,when Raven comes in))

Raven: You wanted to see me?
Stephanie: Yes,Raven I was thinking a lot and I would like to make a match for tonight you and Steve Blackman for HCW Hardcore title,what you think?
Raven: What I think?HELL YEAAAAA!!!
Stephanie: Go ahead and get ready cause your match is next!

((Raven left the office,and went to his locker room,on his way he met Steve Blackman))

Steve: You are that guy which I have to wrestle next for MY TITLE?
Raven: Yes it me,you got any problems with that?
Steve: (laughting)

((Steve went his way))

Travis: WOW!Tonight is going to be HOT!
Eddie: Coming up next Raven vs. Steve Blackman for HCW Hardcore Title!

3rd Match Raven vs. Steve Blackman for HCW Hardcore Title
Raven comes out first with his shopping cart filled with weapons. Blackman walks down the ramp, but Raven meets him there and the two begin to fight. Blackman punches Raven in the gut and Raven falls. Blackman rolls Raven down the ramp. Blackman takes a trash can lid from the cart and Raven gets to one knee and Blackman hits Raven with the lid. Raven breathes heavily as he stumbles forward. Raven stands in front of the barricade and Blackman rushes him and smacks the lid over his head once again and Raven falls over the barricade. Blackman moves the ring steps closer to the barricade and he climbs up them. Raven stands up and Blackman leaps over the barricade and hits Raven in the head with the lid. Raven falls deeper into the crowd and Blackman and him fight up through the crowd until they are in front of a black curtain. Both men fight through the curtain and they end up in the technical area of the building. Raven punches Blackman and he falls to one knee. Raven takes an electrical cord and strangles Blackman with it. Raven lets go and Blackman holds onto his neck. Blackman gets up and Raven punches him again. Blackman walks backward and Raven punches him again. Blackman punches Raven and he stumbles back. Blackman takes Raven by the arm and Irish whips him into a giant plastic coke bottle. Blackman picks up Raven and Irish whips him into the wall. Raven stays against the wall and Blackman takes a chair and whacks Raven in the head with it. Raven falls onto the concrete floor and Blackman goes over to him and picks him up. Raven goes to punch Blackman, but he blocks Raven’s punch and Irish whips him into a door. Both men go through the door and inside is a room with a pile of clothes and a couple of boxes stacked and a chair. Blackman takes the chair and hits Raven in the head. Raven falls into the boxes and they all fall on him. Blackman searches through the boxes and he finds Raven. Blackman punches Raven and he stumbles back. Blackman then hits a karate kick-causing Raven to fall back into the dirty pile of clothes. Blackman goes for the cover 1…2…Raven kicks out. Blackman picks up Raven and leads him through the door. Once they get out of the room Blackman through Raven on the floor. Raven gets up and walks rather fast through the hall, but Blackman is right behind him and Blackman takes him by the neck and rams his head into the wall. Raven falls back and Blackman hits him with a clothesline. Blackman then looks around the hall way and finds a broom he takes the broom and hits Raven in the back with it. The broom snaps in to and Blackman waits for Raven to get up. When finally does Blackman uses the broken broom as those stick things he uses. Blackman hits Raven ten or eleven times until ending. Blackman picks up Raven and puts him on top of a nearby salad bar table. Blackman then jumps up onto the table and scoop slams Raven through the table. Blackman goes straight into the cover 1…out of nowhere a guy in a black ski mask hits Blackman in the back in the back with a 2X4! The masked man turns Blackman over and starts punching him left and right. The masked man rolls Raven on top of Blackman and the ref counts 1…2…3)
Winner and New HCW Hardcore Champion: Raven

Travis: Who was that????
Eddie: Did you see that mask?
Travis: Nope.
Eddie: It was white with black..

((Raven got on his feet and looked around he saw Blackman lieing on the mat.And ref. gives him his title.Raven took a title and wraised it above his head,and he celebrated his victory))


((Stephanie McMahon is going to Kurt`s looker room))

Stephanie: Kurt?
Kurt: Steph.??
Stephanie: I was thinking about what you said earlier and I agree,but tonight you have to beat A-Train in order for Team Angle to have a titel shot,you agree?
Kurt:Hmm.yes,I agree.

((Stephanie left the locker room))

Travis: Man,I love my job!!
Eddie: Yea Me too!


((Team Angle and Kurt getting ready))

Haas: We`ll help you Kurt!
Kurt: i don`t need any help!
Benjamin: No problem.
Kurt: OK,guys 1,2,3 TEAM ANGLE!!

4th Match Kurt Angle vs. A-Train NON-TITLE
-Train charges right off the bat. Kurt sidesteps him and gets a drop toe hold. Kurt floats over and hooks a facelock, and A-train powers back up to his feet and shrugs Kurt off. Kurt comes off the ropes, and A-train puts him down with a big powerslam. Kurt rolls out of the ring to regroup. Back in the ring, Albert tries a kick, but kurt catches his leg and single legs him down to the mat. Kurt goes to work on the ankle and hooks a leg grapevine. Albert easily makes the ropes and shoves Kurt off. Angle tries to attack the leg again, but Albert catches him and gives him a belly to belly suplex. A-Train goes on the offensive. AAAAAAH! Powerslam! AAAAAH! Clothesline! AAAAAH! Scissor Kick, and Kurt is out. A-Train makes the cover to win the world title 1…2….but kurt kicks out at the last possible second. Albert whips him into the corner, but it’s AAAAAH Shit! As Kurt sidesteps the charge and Albert posts himself. Kurt goes behind and hooks Albert….Rolling Germans! That gets the crowd back into it. Kurt whips him into the ropes, and gets a belly to belly overhead suplex of his own. Kurt makes the cover 1..2.. but the A-Train kicks out. Kurt fires off the ropes and goes for a bodypress, but Albert catches him. He powers Kurt up to his shoulder to go for the Canadian Backbreaker, but Kurt wiggles free and walks…right into the DERAILER! We ‘re gonna have a new champion! Albert covers for the collassal upset 1..2….and Kurt Angle kicks out of Albert’s finisher! Albert is stunned. He tries to whip Angle, but Angle catches him and delivers another belly to belly. Kurt pulls him up and delivers the Angle Slam! The straps come down and Kurt looks like he’s going for the ankle lock, but climbs the ropes instead. Kurt delivers a huge Moonsault! Angle covers 1…2…3!
Winner: Kurt Angle

((Team Angle ran out and picked up Kurt and celebrated his victory))

((While Dudley Boys were sitting at their locker room and watching a match on TV))

Travis: We are going to see Team Angle vs. Dudley Boys for HCW World Tag Team Title.
Eddie: I can`t wait!


5th Match Team Angle vs. Dudley Boys for HCW World Tag Team Titles
Team Angle come out first then the Dudley’s. D-Von and Hass get strapped together and Benjamin and Bubba get strapped together. The bell sounds and D-Von and Hass start punching each other as does Benjamin and Bubba. Bubba hits Benjamin with a huge right hand and Benjamin falls back and Bubba pulls the strap pulling Benjamin back to Bubba. Bubba hits a big back body drop on Benjamin. Hass and D-Von are still punching each other. Hass pulls the strap and clothesline’s D-Von. Bubba drags Benjamin across the ring and Bubba punches Hass down. Benjamin gets up and he pulls Bubba to him and he takes him down with a over the head suplex. Benjamin takes the strap and hits Bubba in the back with it. Benjamin hits him again and again. Finally D-Von gets up and takes his strap and whacks Benjamin in the face with it. Benjamin has a huge red mark across his face. Bubba gets up and Irish whips Benjamin into the corner. The strap pulls Bubba to Benjamin and Bubba hits him with a clothesline. D-Von and Hass are once again fist fighting. Hass takes D-Von down with a drop toehold. Hass takes the strap and its D-Von with it. Bubba notices is this and starts hitting Hass with rights and lefts. D-Von gets up and touches one of the turnbuckle pads. He goes for a second one, but Benjamin punches him down. Benjamin starts running along the opposite side of the ring and Bubba falls. Benjamin begins dragging Bubba all around the ring and D-Von takes out Benjamin with a dropkick. D-Von stomps on Hass’s back two or three times. Bubba tells D-Von to go to the top rope. D-Von listens and Bubba spreads Hass’s legs. D-Von then hits the headbutt into Hass’s mid section. Bubba then hits D-Von’s chest and tells him to get the tables. D-Von leaves the ring and drags Hass outside the ring with him. D-Von pulls out a table and sets it up on the outside. D-Von picks up Hass and rams his head into the ring post. Hass falls and D-Von whips him with the strap again. Inside the ring Bubba Irish whips Benjamin into the ropes and Benjamin ducks under a clothesline. Benjamin turns around and hits Bubba with a clothesline. D-Von Irish whips Hass into the barricade. D-Von takes the back of his hand and smacks Hass’s chest. D-Von does this three times before he again rams Hass’s head into the ring post. Benjamin picks up Bubba and throws him through the second rope. Benjamin leaves the ring. He picks up Bubba and Irish whips him into the ring steps, but since the steps wee so far away the strap pulls Benjamin forward to. D-Von at this point has put Hass on top of the table. D-Von hops up onto the apron and goes a leg drop, but Hass rolls off the table and D-Von crashes through. Hass picks up D-Von and rolls him into the ring. He goes for the cover 1…2…Bubba tries to get in the ring, but Benjamin pulls the strap and Bubba goes flying into the barricade…3!!!

Winners and New HCW World Tag Team Champions: Team Angle

((The ref takes off the straps and Angle runs down the ramp. The three men hug and jump in joy. Hass and Benjamin get their belts and Team Angle walk up the ramp celebrating.))

Travis: Team Angle has a HCW World Title and World Tag Team Title!!
Eddie: OOHH MY GOD!!


((Backstage we see HHH staring at himself in the mirror breathing heavily. HHH stares at himself for a couple of seconds before punching the mirror he walks through the door of his dressing room and heads toward the ring. The camera then cuts and we see Shawn heading through a long hallway.))

Travis: Coming up the last match of the day two enemys which were at Raw,now here at HCW Slaughter!!!
Eddie: I can`t believe this!


6th Match HHH vs. Shawn Michaels MAIN EVENT
HHH comes out to loud boos and then Michaels comes out to loud cheers. The bell sounds and the two men stare each other down. HHH and Michaels look around the red hot Boston crowd. While Michael is fixed on the crowd HHH hits him with a cheap shot. Michaels stumbles back and then he gets right up into HHH’S face. The two men exchange some words and Shawn shoves HHH down. Michaels begins stomping on HHH. HHH rolls around the ring as Michaels is right behind him. Michaels allows time for HHH to get up and when he does Michaels hits him with a clothesline. Michaels taunts HHH to get up and when he does Michaels takes him down with another clothesline. HHH gets up impatiently and again both men get into a stare down contest. This time Michaels gets the sucker punch on HHH.HHH falls back and Michaels clotheslines him over the top rope. Michaels leaves the ring and he picks up HHH and Irish whips him into the ring post. Michaels rolls HHH into the ring and goes for the cover 1…2…HHH kicks out. Michaels picks up HHH and Irish whips him into the ropes. HHH ducks under Michaels sweet chin music and HHH takes Michaels down with a clothesline. HHH gets payback as he starts stomping on Michaels bad back. HHH picks up Michaels and Irish whips him into the ropes and hits him with a knee to the face. Michaels slowly gets up and HHH kicks him in the side of the head. Michaels doesn’t go down and HHH tries again, but Michaels catches HHH’S foot and flips HHH over. Michaels gets up to loud cheers. Michaels picks up HHH and starts punching him until HHH is locked in the corner. Michaels picks up HHH and puts him upside down on the turnbuckle. Michaels starts kicking HHH in the gut and then HHH falls onto the mat. Michaels picks up HHH and Irish whips him into the opposite corner. Michaels taunts HHH and when he stumbles out of the corner Michaels goes for the sweet chin music, but HHH ducks and kicks Michaels in the gut. He puts his head between his legs and hits the pedigree. HHH goes for the cover 1…2…Michaels kicks out! HHH can’t believe it. He picks up HHH and goes for another pedigree, but Michaels counters it with a big back body drop. Michaels then picks HHH and punches him again. Michaels hits the scoop slam on HHH and then he gets on top of HHH and punches him back and forth. HHH rolls over so he is on top of Michaels and he punches Michaels back and forth. HHH gets up and so does Michaels. Michaels kicks HHH in the mid section and Michaels runs into the ropes and hits a sunset flip pin on HHH 1…2…HHH just gets his shoulder up. Michaels picks up HHH and Irish whip him into the corner. Michaels stomps his foot on the mat a couple of times and HHH stumbles out of the corner and Michaels hits him with the sweet chin music. Michaels goes into the cover 1…2…3!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Travis: That was the best match!!
Eddie: Yep!Bye guys!
Travis: See ya next week at Slaughter!!

*Show went off air*

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That was quite good, but I hate the commentators!

Grade:B+/A- (somewhere n the middle)
Promos were quite good
commentatoirs were nasty
OK Style
Great match length and description

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I just hated the announcers because of half the things they said, it's like this:
we have a match next Eddie
Eddie: we certainly do, (laughs)
It's just annoying, it's probably not the commentators, just the things you make them say.

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Here is my first show for HWC War Zone

Before the show starts we see a Limo pull up out side the arena and out steps Eric Bischoff and the crowd boo him as he steps out and he walks into the arena smiling

The Promo kicks off the show followd by Pyros blasting off the stage and ring as War Zone kicks off live from Seattle, Washington as Mike Tenay and Josh Mathews are at ring side

MT "Hey and welcome to HWC War Zone for the first ever show and what should be a classic show Josh"

JM "Yes this show is going to be a classic and should rock sports entertainment off it's foundations"

I'm Back plays and out comes Eric Bischoff and he gets in the ring and grabs a mic as the crowd boo him as nobody like Eric Bischoff

"Seems as i am the General Manager of War Zone i think we should crown a First ever HWC Champion right here on this show tonight. (crowd go crazy) We will have the champion crowned in the main event and the match will be Between the Undertaker (crowd go wild) and The Rock in which should be a match to set the standers of HWC to come. Also we will crown new HWC Tag Team champions were we will have the Team of the Perfect Event Shawn Stastiak and Chuck Pulambo agianst the ever Extreme tag team of the Hardy Boyz (crowd go mental for the match) Also we will crown a new HWC IC champion were we will see Edge go one on one with his Brother Christian. We Also have the Cruiserweight Championship on War Zone and we will have a Four Way Match to decide the HWC Cruiserweight Champion with No Dq Rules aswel. In that match we will have the Talented Billy Kidman against Shannon Morre against Jamie Nobal Against Brian Kendricks in what should be an Epic Encounter"

Bischoff then walks up the ramp with the crowd waiting for the matches


1st Match HWC Ic Championship
Edge vs Christian

Edge comes out first to a massive crowd reaction with all of the girls screaming for him, Then as Edge is ready in the ring Christian comes out to a Massive rounds of boos as he comes down and he gets in and Edge attacks him straight away with him hitting stiff kicks. He picks him up and whipps him into the the ropes and hitting a Spear and pins him 1...2...kickout and Edge cant believe it as he picks up Christian and sets him up for the Edgeuction but Christian gets out and reverses it into a Bakcwords DDt and Christian pins him 1...2...kickout and Both men gets up and there ready to fight. Edge and Christian battle back and forth untill Edge hits a Kneckbreaker and pins him 1...2...kickout and Edge throws him to the outside. Edge and Christian battle on the outside with Edge going to whip him into the ring post but Christian reverses it and then he smiles as he puts him in the ring and Pins him 1...2...kickout christian looks at the ref and he shoves the ref and the ref goes down and Efge tries to hit a Spear but Christian moves and he takes out the ref and Edge turns and ducks a clothline and hits a edge-o-matic and pins him but theres no ref and the crowd count the 1,2,3 but the ref hasn't and Edge cant believe it and he tries to get the ref around but he cant get him to move. He turns his attension to Christian but he hits a low blow and Christian hits a DDT and edge is down and He goes to the outside and grabs a Chair and Brings it in and hits edge across the head and the he hits an Unpritier on it and Edge is busted open and he pins him as the ref comes around and does a slow count 1...2...3

Winner and New HWC IC Champion: Christian

In the back we see The Rock getting ready and the crowd Boo him and he gets up as the camara shows that Ric Flair has Walked in

Ric "Hey Rock Just wanted to tell you that hope you win tonight"

Rock "Hope you win your tag match with your son tonight"

Both men Shake hands

MT “what a match that was just then between Edge and Christian”

JM “yes and we got our first HWC Champion in Christian”


2nd Match #1 conteder HWC Tag Titles
Ric and David Flair vs Los Gurreros

Ric and David Flair come out to a good crowd reaction and with the fans screaming for them, Then Los Gurreros come out to a posotive crowd reaction aswel and the match starts with David and Chavo going after each other with David rolling up Chavo 1...2...kickout and Ric is fighting Eddie on the outside. Eddie and Ric are sent to there corners and David Flair and Chavo begin the match. Los Gurerros keep David in the ring just beating on him with the crowd chanting for Ric and David is on the top rope and he hits a Hurricaneranna on Chavo and both men are down and David Goes to get the tag but Eddie gets the tag and pulls him back and he taunts to Ric and he goes mad and Chavo and Eddie pummel David. David gets snap Suplexed and eddie is goes to the top rope and looks to hit a Frog Splash but as he jumps on in the air David moves and eddie hits the mat and both men are down and both look for the tag. Both men get it and Ric comes in and knocks down chavo the eddie and he hits a spining spin buster to Chavo and then signals for the Figure 4 Leg lock and he puts Chavo in it and David does the same to Eddie and the Flair have Los Gurerros in the Figure 4 Leg lock and the crowd are going wild then Eddie reverses it and David Leaves go and eddie breaks up the other hold and he hits a suplex on david and goes to clothline Ric but he hits Chavo and Chavo goes to the outside and the ref goes to see if he's ok and through the crowd comes CROWBAR and he gets in and hits Ric with the Crowbar and then hits eddie and puts Davids Arm over Eddie and the ref comes back in and Crowbar goes back into the crowd as the ref Counts 1...2...3

Winners and #1 Contenders for the HWC Tag Titles: Ric and David Flair


Crowbar is in the crowd celebrating and David is wondering what is going on as his father is getting helped back to the backstage

MT “what the hell is crowbar doing here? Last time I cheaked he wasn’t on the HWC Roster”

JM “Why did he help only David Flair in that match?”

MT “ A lot of answer to be answered by Crowbar”

Eric is in his Office loving his show when Undertaker comes in and slams the door and looks at Bischoff

UT "Eric if you got any plans for me tonight in screwing me out of my title dont bother because if you do i will hunt you down and make your life a living hell and as for the rock he will become another member of the large amount of DeadMan Inc"

Undertaker leaves the room with eric just looking at him


3rd Match
Rhyno vs Chris Kanyon

Rhyno comes out to a massive crowd reaction as he jumps in the ring and looks ready for his match when out From the back comes Kanyon and he pulls him out of the ring and whips him into the ring post and then a snap Suplex on the outside and he celebrates as he grabs a chair and smashes it over the head of Rhyno as Rhyno goes down and he is busted open wide as Kanyon just starts kicking him and then he hits him with the chair again and for the 3rd time and he just smiles as he grabs a mic and looks at Rhyno

Kanyon "Rhyno you worthless piece of trash you are just one person that is going to get a piece of Chris Kanyon becasue i want to be reconised here in HWC and the way to do that is to beat the living hell out of people and you were just my first person and you know what i aint done yet"

Kanyon grabs the chair and smashes it over the leg of Rhyno and then grabs his arm and puts the chair in it and he kicks the chair twice breaking the hand of Rhyno

MT “what is Kanyon doing? He will pay for this if rhyno will be able to get his hands on him soon”

JM “I doubt that Rhyno will be able to get revenge anytime soon”


4th Match HWC Tag Team Championship Match
Hardy Boyz vs Perfect Event

Hardy boyz come out first and the crowd go wild as Matt Hardy is wereing a Mattuide shirt and he gets in the ring and then Perfect Event start to come down to the ring with the crowd booing them and they are getting a lot of heat and Jeff runs at them and jumps over the ropes and hits a cross body on the two and Matt follows him and they start to beat them Matt hits Shawn with a Suplex on the outside and then they put Chuck in the ring and Matt hits a Twist of Fate and Jeff gets ready to hit a Swanton Bomb but Sean Morley comes out from now were and hangs onto Jeff and jeff tries to fight him off but Chuck is up and he hits a low blow on Jeff and then a Superplex on him and both men are down and Chuck makes the cover 1…2…kickout and the ref finally gets control and sends Matt and Shawn to the apron with Sean Morley in the corner of Perfect Event. Jeff hits the Whisper in the wind and both men are down and they look for the tag. Jeff gets the tag to Matt and Chuck gets the tag to Shawn. They come running in with Matt hitting a clothline on Shawn and then another one on Chuck Sean gets on the apron and Matt hits him off and Jeff tries a Twist of Fate but Shawn Stastiak reverses it and pushes Jeff into Matt and Matt Turns looking annoyed and Chuck comes from Behind and hits a superkick on Matt and then Shawn and Chuck hits a Double Power bomb on Jeff and then another and Shawn goes down and matt throws Chuck out of the ring and goes to break up the count but stops and looks as the ref counts the 1…2…3

Winners and New HWC Tag Team Champions: Perfect Event


Perfect Event with Sean Morley leave celebrating while Matt just looks at his brother and Matt then hits a Twist Of Fate and leaves the arena

JM “what the hell was that all about?”

MT “I don’t know Josh but what ever it was Matt has turned on his Brother”


We come back to see Matt in the back and Lita comes up to him and askes him

Lita “hey Matt what happened out there why did you turn on Jeff like that”

Matt “See Lita Jeff isn’t the real deal he is a person with no charisma and you why he don’t have any talent either it’s all because he doesn’t take his vital daily dose of Mattuide! If he let my be the leader of the team we could have won that match and we could be the HWC Tag Team champions but no he had to be the leader he had to be the hero well Jeff you just got a vital Twist of Fate!”

Matt Leaves smiling

5th match HWC Cruiserweight Championship
Fatel 4 way No Dq
Billy Kidman vs Shannon Morre vs Jamie Nobal vs Brian Kendrick

Kidman comes out first to a massive crowd reaction and then he is followd by Morre who gets a tidy reaction then Nobal comes out and the crowd boo him and Kendricks comes out a good crowd reaction with them loving him. Kidman and Nobal fight and Morre and Kendrick fight. Kendircks hits a Hurricarana and then he pins Morre 1…2…kickout and Nobal comes in with a trash can he hits Kendricks and then Morre and he puts it in the middle of the ring and signals to the crowd and he hits a Tiger Bomb on Kendricks on the trash can and it looks like it hurt Kendrick and Nobal pins him 1…2… Kidman breaks up the count and he hits a sky High on Nobal and pins him 1…2…kickout Kidman comes in with a Chair and smiles to the crowd and hits Morre coming in from behind with the chair and he then puts the chair on top of Morre and climbs the turnbuckle and he tries a shooting star press but Morre moves and Kidman lands on the mat. All 4 men are down and Morre crawls over to Kidman and puts his arm over 1…2…kickout and the crowd are going wild for this match. Kendricks is up and he gets a table from the outside and sets it up out there and then Nobal hits Kendricks with a trash can and then puts Kendrick on the table and he gets another table and slides it in the ring as Morre is on the top rope and he jumps off hitting a Moonsalut through Kendrick through the table. The crowd begin a chant of holly shit as Nobal puts the second table in the corner and smiles as he grabs Kidman who is still hurt and nobal grabs him in DDT but Matt Hardy runs down and hits Nobal with a Chair and then grabs Kidman and hits a Twist of Fate onto a trash can and then Morre slowly gets in and Hardy pulls him forword and he puts him on top and the ref counts 1…2… but Nobal some how breaks up the count and Hardy then gets the title belt and smashes Nobal with the title belt and Morre goes to the top rope and hits a leg drop and pins Nobal 1…2…3

Winner and New HWC Cruiserweight Champion: Shannon Morre

Matt Hardy and Shannon leave together smiling

In the back we see Ric Flair approach David

Ric “David did you know anything about the jerk Crowbar who hit me with the Crowbar of all things”

David “No Dad I seriously didn’t know anything about it I don’t know whats going on in his head”


6th Match HWC Championship
The Rock vs Undertaker

The Rocks music plays through the crowd and out comes the rock to a mixed reaction with some of the crowd going wild and some booing. As rock is in the ring the lights go out and Takers music plays through the arena and out comes Undertaker on his bike and he parks it and jumps of as Rock attacks him on the outside and Taker goes to whip him into the ring steps but Rock reverses it and he goes straight into the steps and Rock goes to the crowd and taunts. Rock then picks Taker up and pushes him into the barrier and then he whips him into the ring post and Taker is down on the floor. Rock grabs the title belt and taunts with it and puts it around his waist and grabs taker and shows him and taker hits a shot to the mid section and whips Rock into the announcer table and rock is on top of the table. Taker then goes to chock slam him through but rock fights out of it and hits him with the title belt and then he puts the title belt on top of the table and rock is smiling. Rock rolls taker into the middle of the ring and pins him 1…2… kickout, Rock is looking at the ref and he turns and taker is up and he hits a big boot and then both men go down. When rock gets up Taker does to and taker fights on Rock and taker whips rock into the ropes and catches him in a Chock slam and he hits the move and pins rock 1…2… But Kevin Nash pulls the ref out and looks Taker and Taker is going metal in the ring and he goes out and Nash and Taker start fighting when Taker throws Nash into the crowd and Taker goes back in the ring Rocks got a chair and he hits Taker with the chair busting him open. Rock then pins taker and Nash who is back up throws him back into the ring and the ref counts 1…2…kickout and Rock cant believe it and Nash is on the apron and Rock goes to pick up Taker but Taker pushes him away and Taker goes to hit Nash but Nash grabs him and pulls his head onto the ropes and then Taker turns and gets hit with a Rock Bottom and rock pins him 1…2…3

Winner and New HWC Champion: The Rock

MT “what a match and what a champion”

JM “what was Nash’s Business out here?

MT “altheas questions will be answered next week on War Zone”

The Scene fades with Rock Celebrating his win on the ramp with a bloody Taker looking at Nash

Tell Me what you think!

How was my Matt Hardy Interview becasue i thought it was quiet good, Just like the real thing. What you think?
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