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The name for my new Wrestling Federation is called the Extreme Wrestling Alliance. I used the about all of the WWE roster, and then i added about 20 TNA superstars that i could think of and put 10 each into raw and smackdown. For the Pay Per Views i used most of the WWE and some old WCW, and then i thought up 4 to put in. The tv shows are Raw and Smackdown. Raw is commentated by JR and King, Smackdown by Tazz and Cole. Raw can also use coach, and has josh in the back. Smackdown has Matt Capotelli in the back for interviews...but enough of that stuff...here are the rosters...


Chris Beniot, Triple H, Shawn Michelas, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Ron Killings, Jeff Jarret, Christian, Matt Hardy, Kenzo Suzuki, John Bradshaw Leyfield, Rhyno, Batista, Raven, Wildcat Chris Harris, William Regal, Charlie Haas, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Garrison Cade, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, Kid Kash, Tyson Tomko, Rico, Dallas, A-Train, Nunzio, Johnny Stamboli, Hector Garza, Mr. Agulia, Heavy Metal, and Abismo ***** (Team Mexico)
Women: Lita, Trish, Jazz, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria

Eddie Guerrero, Rock, John Cena, Chris Jerico, Edge, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kane, Big Show, Mordeaci, AJ Styles, Abyss, Rene Dupree, Eugene, Tajiri, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, Fallen Angel Chris Daniels, Mark Jindrack, Billy Gunn, Elix Skipper, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, Amazing Red, Hurricane, Val Venis, Hardcore Holly, Rosey, Luther Raines, Jamie Noble, Paul London, Chris Sabin, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Petey Williams, Scott DeMore (Team Canada)
Women: Torrie Wilson, Sable, Dawn Marie, Stacy Kiebler, Nidia

Ok thats it..i should have raw posted soon....i forgot who the commisioners were..but no matter i just kept raw with bischoff and i put heyman on smackdown...ok raw will be there soon
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Raw Promo hits and then the pryo comes on..the crowd is going crazy. It is January 1st, 2005....we are coming up on the royal rumble.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to a new and improved raw. We have just finished our TNA and WWE combined draft and are now coming up on Wrestlemania 21.

King: Wow this crowd is nuts Jr. As many of you know we purchased TNA a little while ago and our boss Vince decided to combine both rosters and do another roster draft. This should be so exciting. (Gets interruped by evolution music...Randy Orton comes out and crowd boos.)

JR: What does he want? we cant even start our show with out some Evoultion member coming down to the ring and interrupting. (Orton grabs the microphone)

Orton: I cant belive that you people are still booing me. I have now held the title for a little over a YEAR! That is a feat that only yours truly Randy Orton can accomplish. So tonight to commerate this grand new occasion, I, Randy Orton, is issuing a random challenge to anyone in the back that wants to fight me for the intercontinental title.
(Benjamin's music hits and he comes out with a microphone, the crowd starts to cheer.

King: what does this punk want now JR? Does he want to get embarrased like he did last time?

Benjamin: Hey Orton. Remember the last time you gave me a shot at that title? I got screwed. You pulled my tights, and you cost me that belt. So now im going down there and your losing that belt right here right now! (crowd erupts as ref sprints into the ring and the bell sounds)

Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin

Orton starts out by poking Benjamin in the eyes right before he shakes his hand. Orton picks him up for a quick scoop slam and then gets on top of Benjamin and begins to punch him in the face. The ref gets him off and orton continues the assualt with a backbreaker and an irish whip into the rope where orton comes back with a back body drop.
(Orton whips him into the rope again...this time Orton gets a sleeper and locks it in for a few minutes)
A few minutes later.....
Benjamin is now back to his feet. He elbows Orton in the gut. and whips him into the ropes. Benjamin comes back with a quick heel kick to the jaw of orton. He climbs to the top and lands a cross body.....1....2...no orton gets him. Benjamin whips him into the turnbuckle and then goes for a 10 punch..he gets them all and them slams Orton to the mat. He goes to the top rope and then goes for a high splash but Orton moves, and both men are dazed and out on the floor.
(both men get up dazed after about 9 seconds...and benjamin locks in a camel clutch on Orton)
More time goes by.....
Orton gets to the ropes and then he low blows Benjamin as the ref isnt looking. He then locks Benjamin in a small package and holds on to the bottom rope...1....2.....NO Benjamin wasnt about to get screwed there. Then orton hits him down and goes to untie the turnbuckle. He does and then he goes to whip Benjamin in...but Benjamin stops himself and goes to kick Orton..but he grabs the foot and sets him up for the RKO..but Benjamin gets out and pushes him into the exposed turnbuckle. Then Benjamin runs over to the other side and splashes Orton. Then he pins him but this time Benjamin puts his feet on the rope when the ref isnt looking......1.....2.....3!! yes Benjamin did it

JR: Yes Yes its about time. Good for you Shelton!

King: Did you see that JR? He had his feet on the rope. He cheated.
Benjamin is standing the ring..and the ref is putting the belt on Benjamin..but then from behind Ron Killings appears.
JR: Its Killings. What is he doing here?
Killings levels Benjamin with a right hand..and he kicks him in the gut and then goes into the ropes and hits a scissors kick and then does a break dance spin celebration. (crowd now upset and boos loudly)

King: Hey mabye this guy isnt that bad after all. Benjamin deserved that all right
JR: What was that for. Benjamin just won a grueling match and Ron Killings comes in and ruins the celebration. (Killings stares at Orton and then walks out of the ring)


In the back, we see HHH walking in the back with Evoultion to their locker room. As HHH turns the corner, he bumps into the Undertaker with Paul Bearer, and the crowd cheers loudly. HHH almost falls over in fear, and then he gets up and gets in Taker's face
HHH: listen Taker, this is Raw. This is Evoultion's show. Anything we want, we get. Any match we want, we get. So i dont want the deadman walking around back here thinking this is his yard. This is my yard god damn it! Dont get in Evolution's way....or they are going to have to put you in the grave you came out of. (HHH walks away...Batista and Flair walk behind him...looking back at Taker...they seem scared of him. What HHH said to Taker barely phased him as he walks away with Bearer and the second match is about to start.

La Resistance vs. Kid Kash and Dallas (World Tag Team Titles)
JR: i wonder what was wrong with HHH....Undertaker didnt do anything wrong
King: I dont know, but i dont think he should get the deadman mad, but we will have to see later because this match is about to get underway.

Grenier starts off with Dallas, and Dallas begins to manhandle Grenier. He whips him into the ropes and hits a huge big boot. Conway gets in and tries to break it up, but then he gets nailed with a big boot as well. He gets back over to Greneir but he chop blocks him. He begins to get a boston crab in on Dallas. (Dallas struggles into away from the middle of the ring...and throws Grenier off of him. He tags in Kid Kash. Kash gets in and gets some quick suplexes in on Grenier. He goes up top for a 450 but and hits it...1....2...no Grenier gets out. Kash gets Grenier up, and then he hits a dropkick off the ropes. He picks him up and whips him into the ropes again but Conway makes a blind tag by slapping Grenier on the back. Conway gets in and back suplexes him, while Grenier comes off the whip and hits a big elbow drop. Conway hooks the leg..1....2...no Kash just gets out. He gets scooped slammed by Conway. Conway gets a tag. and they pick up Kash in their suplex, and then Grenier lowers him and Conway grabs his legs, they are about to flip him to the mat but Dallas lands a boot and Conway and then clotheslines him over the rope as they both go over. Kash gets up and goes for a super kick, but Grenier ducks and picks him up in suplex, and then spins and slams him down to the mat...1....2...3 yes the French duo retain their tag titles.

In the back Micheals is seen going into Beniots locker room. He goes in, and walks up to Beniot.
HBK: look Beniot, i have been on your ass for a title shot. These past couple months i have beaten alot of people to get this title shot. So what is your answer. Yes or No Beniot? You got the guts or not?
Benoit: Ok Micheals, I bet your ass before, and I have no problem doing it again. At Royal Rumble, me and you, 1 on 1, for this worlds heavyweight title! (crowd goes crazy)
JR: wow king did you just hear that! What a great match! The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals against Chris Beniot. A great match that should be
King: I cant wait JR. If Royal Rumble keeps this up, we should be in for one hell of a Rumble!


Next Match is Kenzo Suzuki vs. Rhyno

JR: Here we go king this should be an intersting match. Kenzo came on the scene a few months ago on smackdown and he has become a pretty dominating force here in the wwe.
King: Hes kinda scary. You cant understand him first of all. and then he comes out on that big chair thing. I dont know what to say about him.

Kenzo starts out by hitting Rhyno with a big clothesline. He picks him up and lands some big shoulder blocks and then slams him down to the mat. Rhyno is dazed as Kenzo picks him up to his knees, and then proceeds to land some big kicks to the back and head. Kenzo rolls over and gets the pin. 1.....2....no rhyno gets out. He gets up and starts to fight back. he gets some right hands and stuns Kenzo. He runs into the rope soon after and lands a huge clothesline, knocking down Kenzo. He picks him up and lands a suplex. He rolls over for the pin. 1....2...no Rhyno cant keep the leg hooked as Kenzo gets out. He throws him into the turnbuckle, and lands some big chops, but Kenzo gets angry..and with a big scream he grabs Rhyno by the head and then turns around and tosses him into the turnbuckle, landing a hard combo of rights and lefts to the head. He gets him out of the turnbuckle and picks him up with a long stalling like suplex. He gets him up and whips him into the ropes, but Rhyno ducks the clothesline and hits a huge gore. He gets the cover...1...2..no wow Kenzo muscles out. Rhyno, amazed, gets up and stands Kenzo in the middle of the ring, and runs into the ropes, but as he comes back from the gore, Kenzo grabs him in mid gore, and crunches his head before hitting his version of the downward spiral. 1.....2....3 yes Kenzo pulls out the ring. He starts to yell in Japanese, and walks out of the ring.

King: Wow JR! that was the first time i have ever seen anybody do that to Rhyno. In mid gore he caught him and drilled him into the mat.
JR: That was a dominating win King. We should definetly look out for this guy in the future.
JBL's music hits as he comes out in his limo. The crowd boos and throws some debree at the limo. Bradshaw appears out of the top of the limo. He comes out and says that he is very happy to now be away from Smackdown and from that scum Eddie Guerrero. He is now very happy to be on raw.
Bradshaw: Soon i will show you all what it means to be a hard working Texan who makes alot of money like I do. He admires himself in the reflection of the limo.
BANG!! glass shatters
JR: Its Austin!!! Austins back!! O my god King
King: what does he want?
Austin rams his ATV into the back of Bradshaw's limo and climbs up to where the sun roof is and grabs Bradshaw by the head and beats the living hell out of him. He grabs Bradshaws microphone
Austin: Welcome to Raw you no good son of a bitch. I knew that as soon as i came back to Raw there would be some stupid jackass running his mouth. Well tonight your gonna taste a good can of stone cold ass whuppin, because tonight i got your ass in the main event, and thats the bottom line, cause stone cold said so! He signals for some beer, drinks some, and pours the rest on bradshaw. He gets off the limo and then drives out on his ATV.


Trish w/Tyson Tomko vs. Victoria (womans title)
Trish starts out with a kick to the stomach, and begins to hit a suplex on Victoria. She then whips her into the turnbuckle, where she attempts to do a stratusphere, but Victoria pushes off her legs and Trish lands on her feet. Victoria lands a cross body on her. 1....2..no Trish got her foot on the ropes just in time. Victoria hits scoop slam, and then a back breaker. She whips Trish into the ropes but Trish comes back with a sunset flip for the pin. 1.....2... no now this time Victoria just gets the leg up. They begin to battle some more, and Trish applies a arm lock. She wares down Victoria with the lock, then gets a back suplex. Trish begins to get cocky and kick Victoria, but she grabs Trish's leg an sweep kicks her off her feet. She whips. Trish into the ropes. She is about to get Trish up in the tree of woe, and she does. Trish is left all alone and defenseless. Victoira is about to stomp away on Trish but Tomko grabs her ankle as the ref is destracted with getting Trish untied. He does and then she sneaks behind her and rolls her up. 1.....2....no Victoria kicks out again. She almost get jipped out of the womens title thanks to cheating by Tyson Tomko. Trish and Victoria begin to fight and punch back and forth, but Victoria ducks one of her punches and goes behind and puts Trish on her shoulders. Trish gets spun around from Victoria's shoulders to her waist and then gets dropped by Victoria's sidewalk slam. 1......2...no Trish just gets out. The Victoria sets her up and begins to shake, she is close to hitting her standing moonsault, but Tomko interfers again by grabbing her leg, she is destracted, and it leaves enough time for Trish to come up from behind and grab her head and jump on the ropes and hit the stratusfaction. 1......2....3.. yes Trish retains the title

JR: God damn that Jezibel. She should just go away
King: calm down JR. Just look at those puppies. WOO HOO!


As we come back we see JBL's limo in the way of the ramp way. We then see some backstage people set up a ramp behind the limo. JBL gets furiated becuase then the glass shatters and out comes Austin. Austin then proceeds to drive his ATV up JBL's limo and parks it at the top. He walks to the ring and does his middle finger salutes to the crowd and the match starts.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Bradshaw Leyfield

Austin starts out with locking up with Bradshaw. He pushes him away with ease. Bradshaw gets up and wants to lock up again, but Austin punches him in the face. Austin knocks him to the ground and starts to kick away at him. He picks him up and hits a back body drop on Bradshaw. Bradshaw is down, but as Austin goes to pick him up, he lands a low blow. He gets up and shoulder blocks Austin down to the ground. Now he begins to stomp away at Austin. He then goes into the ropes and comes back with an elbow. He goes for the cover. 1......2.....no Austin gets up. Bradshaw gets up and whips Austin into the ropes, he goes for a clothesline and Austin comes back with the Lou Thez punches. He then goes into the rope and gives him the middle finger, then lands the elbow. He then goes to the second rope, and flips him off and lands the elbow again. 1......2....no Austin kicks out. He picks up Bradshaw's legs and punches him in the groin. Now Bradshaw is in some serious pain. He tosses him into the turnbuckle and then begins to stomp a mudhole in Bradshaw. He picks him up and hits a spine buster. 1......2...no Bradshaw gets out. Austin continues on his rampage of punching and stomping at Bradshaw. He knees him in the gut, and talks some trash. He clotheslines him, and lies down in his face and begins to talk more trash. He then signals for some beers. He starts to drink some and turns around. He sees Bradshaw get up, he hands him the beer, flips him off, and then lands the stunner. Instead of going for the pin, he gets some more beer, and pours it on Bradshaw. He is drinking more beer, and the ref is trying to stop and tell Austin to keep fighting. Bradshaw soon gets up, and he runs at Austin, but Austin just sees him out of the corner of his eye and ducks as he lands a clothesline from hell on the ref. Now the ref is out. But Austin gets up, turns Bradshaw around, and hits a stunner. But then we see Randy Orton, Batista, and Flair get in the ring.

JR: What the hell is this? Austin's outnumbered. Evolution loves to play cheap like this King
King: Hey will mabye if Austin didnt come out and stick his nose where it didnt belong we would have never had this problem.

Soon HHH comes out. He nails the ref with a pedigree for good measure, and now all four members of Evoultion are pounding away at Austin.
DONG.....DONG....The ring fills with smoke as the areana darkens.

JR: King you know what this means! Its the deadman
King: Run Evolution!! Get out of there quick.

Soon Undertaker appears in the ring behind Evolution. He grabs Batista and tosses him over the ring apron. He does the same thing to Flair and Orton. Till he is eye to eye with the game. HHH goes to punch him, but it has no effect as Taker tombstones him. Bradshaw gets up and clotheslines under, but it has no effect as he gets chokeslammed. Soon Austin gets up and Taker tombstones him. Then Paul Bearer is in the ring and he puts up the urn. Taker gets down on one knee and stares into it.

King: I guess this is really Taker's yard JR.

Picture fades and wwe logo appears......
ok you can read and rate this raw..i will have smackdown up in the next 2 or 3 days..thanks

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I liked it. Shows a lot of promise for the future. A good amount of matches, decent length also. I like where you are going with Taker.
I could only find one problem with the show...if it were to take place in January, surely ALL the champions wouldnt be the same as they are now. Maybe two at most.
But I'm just nitpicking there, overall it was a high quality show. 8/10.

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Smackdown promo hits and then we go inside the arena. The crowd sounds excited. They are anxious to see the first Smackdown after the TNA/WWE combination draft. Cole and Tazz are at ringside.

Tazz: Hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown! Im Tazz and here is my partner Micheal Cole. And Cole im tellin’ ya tonight is gonna be great. We are going to see some superstars that we have never seen before, and some new fueds too.
Cole: I know tazz this is gonna be a great night. Now lets go down to the squared circle with an interview from matt. (Matt is standing in the middle of the ring. Apparently someone is ready to come out for an interview.)
Matt: well everyone. As most of you know the cruserweight division is a great division here on Smackdown. And right now I would like to introduce you to one of the most innovative, young cruserweights ever. Here right now is Amazing Red! (crowd cheers as Red comes out and goes to the ring.)
Matt: Well Amazing Red I would just like to get your thoughts on coming here to Smackdown and being able to wrestle some of our greatest cruserweights here in the WWE.
Red: Matt it’s a great opportunity to be here in the WWE. I would love to show everyone here what I can do and hopefully challenge Rey Mysterio for the Cruserweight title one day down the road (crowd applauses)

Tazz: Wow Cole what a great match that would be!
Cole: Your telling me. I hope that happens soon.
(soon Chavo’s music hits and he walks down to the ring as everyone boo’s.)
Chavo: whoa whoa whoa. Who the hell do you think you are? Coming out here and demanding to face Rey Mysterio for the title. If your going to fight anyone, first, you have to prove yourself against me here tonight. I am one of the most unstoppable cruserweights EVER!! (crowd boo’s more)
Red: O. Chavo Guerrero. I heard of you. You were the one who lost your Cruserweight Title to a girl. Ha Ha. I should have no problem beating you tonight. (crowd laughs and cheers)
(Chavo decks Red in the face and then walks out as he’s talking some trash.)
Tazz: Well tonight we have got Amazing Red vs. Chavo Guerrero. That’s going to be some non stop cruserweight action.
Cole: I cannot wait to see what else we have on Smackdown here tonight.


Next is Rene Dupree vs. Booker T
(Both men enter and Dupree is getting boo’ed heavily. Booker T is now getting cheered for. He has had a recent face turn after helping out Eddie against Bradshaw a couple of weeks previous to this draft.)

Tazz: I am glad to see Booker a fan favorite again Cole
Cole: I know. These two men are both potential United States title contenders. This should be a good match here.
Booker T starts off with some big chops to the chest of Dupree. He puts him in the turnbuckle and begins to stomp away. He goes and puts Rene’s leg on the bottom rope. He jumps up and lands back down on the knee. He does it one more time and then drags Dupree from the turnbuckle corner and lifts him up for a shin breaker.He gets it and then he covers him. 1……2…..no Dupree is out. Booker picks him up again. He is trying to go for another shin breaker…but Rene flips over his back and hits an atomic drop, and then runs into the rope and levels Booker with a clothesline. He drags Booker up by the head, and lands some big knees to the shoulder and head region. He gets the cover. 1…..2…no Booker just gets out at 2. Dupree gets him up again, and gets a stomach breaker. He then puts him in the middle of the ring, and begins to hop from side to side of Booker, getting ready to land that elbow, but Booker T gets up as Rene lands down to the ground. He picks up Dupree and whips him into the ropes where he hits a big spinebuster. 1…..2…no Dupree gets up. While Dupree is down, Booker goes into the ropes, and comes back with a stalling knee drop. It seems that Booker is now in control of this match. He gets an arm wrench on Dupree, then comes back and goes for a side kick to the face, but Dupree ducks and then back body drops Booker T out of the ring. Booker is on the outside for a bit while Dupree taunts the crowd. He comes back and nails him with a baseball slide. He goes out and then whips him into the steps. He picks him up and then tosses him in the ring again. He goes for the pin. 1…..2…no wow Booker T got out at 2. Dupree applies a chin lock to try to wear down Booker T.
A couple of minutes later…..
Booker is coming out of the chin lock. He tries and uses all of his energy to turn around and hit a book end on Dupree. Now both men are out on the ground. Both men start to stir soon after, and then Booker kicks Dupree in the stomach. He runs into the ropes for a scissors kick but Dupree moves and gets in a low blow, and then gets up and hits a powerbomb on Booker. He rolls him up and grabs the rope with his hands. 1……2…..3

Cole: Damn it Tazz. That Dupree cheated again. This guy doesn’t have the guts to pick up a win cleanly.
Tazz: But you have to give him credit. The French Phenom has won again, moving him closer to that U.S. title shot against Cena.

Mordeaci Promo flashes on the screen. He is in his white robe and surrounded by all his candles, and he has that big white cross staff at his side.
Mordeaci: I have seen Smackdown now for a couple of months. I am very disappointed. There are just so many sinners. So many people who need to see the light. Soon there will be another chosen one. I have seen him before, and he will soon see what happens when you become a sinner. In a few weeks, everyone will see who I am talking about. Until then, everyone should be ready, because at any moment, I may strike. HEAR ME FEAR ME!!!

Next when we go back to the ring its time for the Dudleyz vs. Rikishi and Scotty for the Tag team titles.

Bubba and Rikishi start out. Rikishi gets some big rights on Bubba and then puts him on the ropes. He hits him a few more times, and then whips him into the other side and as Bubba comes back he lands a big belly to belly suplex. He gets up, and is about to sit down right on Bubba’s chest, but Bubba gets out of the way. He then goes right for the legs. He starts to pound away at the knee. And locks in a single leg crab for a little bit. After that, he drags him over to the Dudleyz corner. He tags on D-Von, and D-Von stays on the attack. He runs into the ropes and hits a big drop kick to the leg, knocking Rikishi to one knee. He goes to right hand him, but Rikishi catches the punch, and gets up to a solid base, and then drags him in for a big somoan drop. He crawls over to his corner and tags in Scotty. Scotty comes in and hits a dropkick on D-Von. Then Bubba comes comes in and gets dropkicked as well. Then Scotty goes to the top rope and hits a flying cross body on D-Von as Rikishi hits a kick right to the face of Bubba, knocking him over the top rope. Scotty gets the cover after the cross body. 1…..2…no D-Von gets out. He gets him up and gets an arm wrench. He keeps the lock and then whips D-Von into Rikishi who grabs him by the head, and then tosses him into the turnbuckle. He goes to the other turnbuckle, and then runs and hits a big splash, and D-Von falls down. The crowd goes crazy as they know that the stink face is about to be applied. He goes in for it, but D-Von crawls out of the way and tags in Bubba, who got back on the apron. He chop blocks Rikishi and then kicks grabs Scotty and hits a suplex on him. The ref gets Rikishi out of the ring and Bubba goes to work on Scotty. He puts him into the corner and lands some big open handed chops to the chest. He scoop slams him down, and goes to the top. He jumps off, and is about to land on Scotty, but he gets out of the way and crawls towards Rikishi for the tag. He gets in and knocks down Bubba, and then he tosses D-Von over the ropes as he was charging. He whips him into the corner, and Bubba falls down, ready for a stinkface. But then we see Commisioner Heyman come out, and he seems mad. He goes right for Scotty, trying to knock him off the apron. Scotty realizes and he jumps off, and it seems as if he is going to attack Heyman. But as he turns around, D-Von levels Scotty in the head with a chair he got from the outside. Rikishi turns around, and sees this. He goes away from the stinkface and goes to the ropes and starts yelling at Heyman. As this happens, D-Von rolls in the ring and Bubba gets up. They signal a 3D behind Rikishi. He turns around and gets planted by a 3D. 1……2…..3 Yes the Dudleyz keep the tag titles as Heyman comes in and celebrates.

Tazz: Hey look its good to see our Commisioner here tonight Cole
Cole: I guess so but he just interfered in that tag match costing Rikishi and Scotty a good chance at those belts
Tazz: So what he can do whatever he wants, he’s the boss.


(If Ya Smeelll!! Rings through the arena as the Rock appears. He has a microphone.)
Rock: Finally, the Rock is back…..on Smackdown. Yes being the #1 pick a couple of years ago its great to be back here. All I have to say is that the most electrifying man in sports entertainment is looking for a title shot, so Eddie, if your back there, I hope that you and me can one day go at it for a title shot. (Jericho’s music hits and he walks out.)
Jericho: Hey Rock hold on here. I know your anxious to come back and get your title, shot, but I am sad to inform you that I just got finished talking to Commisioner Heyman, and he said that I get a title shot next. But I have an idea. Why don’t me and you fight tonight here in the main event, and the winner can go on and face Eddie Guerrero for the title at Royal Rumble (crowd cheers at the idea)
Rock: Ok Jericho. That sounds good to me. Tonight me and you 1-on-1 for #1 contendership here tonight. If ya smeellll, what the rock….is cookin.

(Rock leaves the ring and we see Chavo Guerrero jr in the back ready for his match. He is taping up his wrists and looks prepared for this match against Amazing Red. In the we go back to the ring and we see Amazing Red getting introduced and on his way out. He gets a good ovation from the crowd. Out comes Chavo a little after and the match is underway.)

Chavo Guerrero vs. Amazing Red

Chavo starts out by going to hit Red, but he ducks and slaps the back of his head, playing around. This gets Chavo mad even more, and he goes to attack again, but Red ducks and drop toe holds him to the rope. He runs to the other side and runs and jumps over the rope and hits a leg drop to chavo on the second rope. Chavo is stunned as Red then jumps on the top rope and lands a head scissors ddt to Chavo. He goes for the pin. 1…2…no Chavo just gets out. Red gets up and jumps up on Chavo’s shoulders, and tries to roll down and get a victory roll, but Chavo won’t let him and drops him with an electric chair drop. Chavo gets up and goes to the top rope. Then Chavo hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. He hooks the leg. 1….2…no Red now just gets out. Chavo gets up and hits Red with a quick arm drag. He gets up and hits another one. He goes for a third but Red lands on his feet and lands a front drop kick to the face of chavo. He gets a twisting small cradle and hooks the leg. 1…..2…no Chavo barely out. Red gets up and hits a twisting neckbreaker on Chavo. He goes up to the top rope, and as he comes down Chavo lands a dropkick to the ribs. He puts Red on the top turnbuckle, and runs up and hits a top rope arm drag. He goes for the pin. 1…..2..no now Red just gets out of that. Chavo picks him up and gets a scoop slam down. He goes to the top rope. He looks like he is going for a five star frog splash, but Red runs up the rope and hits an inziguri to Chavo, and he goes falling to the canvas. Red runs up and hits a 450 and gets the leg hooked. 1…..2….NO wow Chavo got the foot on the rope, we thought for sure it was over for Chavo. Red picks him up, and goes for a clothesline but Chavo ducks and as Red comes off the ropes Chavo lands a back elbow square to the face of Red. He picks him up and gets a brain buster ddt. 1…2…no Red just got the shoulder up. He whips him into the ropes and gets a tilt-a-whirl sideslam on Red. 1…2….no Red gets the shoulder up. Chavo tries to do it again but this time we see Red counter in mid air and he hits a head scissors ddt again. Red signals for something, and climbs to the top rope. He hits a shooting star press (or he calls it the Red Star Pres). He goes for the pin. 1……2…..3 Yes Red picks up the win.

Cole: WOW! What a great match we saw there Tazz. Two great cruserweights putting their bodies on the line in a fantastic match here tonight
Tazz: I know Cole. That was one hell of a match. I hope the rest of smackdown goes that way.

(Backstage we see Angle getting wheeled around by Luther Raines. All of the sudden we see some waterish mist come and splash Angle in the face. He looks and sees its Eugene spitting water like HHH does in his entrance. Angle goes over to him.)
Angle: Eugene! What the hell are you doing? You’re getting water all over me!!
Eugene: I’m pretending to be my favorite wrestler. TRIPLE H!! (spits more water, and then spills the bottle. Some goes all over the floor, and then some on angle’s cast. Eugene tries to help but falls over the puddle of water and falls on Angle’s leg.
Angle: OWWW!! EUGENE! GET OFF OF ME!! LUTHER HELP!! (Luther pulls him off.) That’s it Eugene, right now its time for you to go down to that ring, because now your going to have to deal with Luther…Next!!


When we come back Eugene comes down to the ring. Everyone is cheering to see him Luther is already in the ring, and lands a cheap shot on Eugene while his back is turned

Luther Raines vs. Eugene

Luther starts off by pounding Eugene down to the mat. He goes and picks him up way over his head, and then tosses him back down. He picks him up and gets a spinebuster on Eugene. He goes for a cover. 1…..2…no Eugene gets out. Luther goes for a big boot, but Eugene ducks and lands a suprising german suplex. Luther gets up, stunned, and Eugene jumps around excited and waves to the crowd. Luther goes for the attack again, but Eugene gets a hip toss down on Luther. Luther gets up and goes for an attack, but Eugene gets up and executes a big atomic drop, and then a dropkick down to the mat. The crowd loves it, and Eugene is excited and now jumping around clapping. He drags him out, and locks his legs up. He sits down, and begins to roll all around the ring for about 15 seconds. Luther gets up dazed, and then falls right back down. Eugene goes to pick him up, but gets poked in the eyes. Luther gets a back breaker and then gets a headlock down on Eugene. He seems to be getting weary, and looks like he is going to get knocked out. The crowd really begins to get into it, and starts to chant for Eugene. Eugene seems to be fighting back. He gets up, elbows him in the stomach, then fights some more, and then gets another elbow, then he looks like he starts to hulk up, and gets a big back suplex on Luther and the crowd cheers in amazement. Eugene starts to get down to his knees, and begins to bite Luther on the head. Then he starts to crawl around and he headbutts Luther, then pretends to piss on his head. He gets Luther up, and goes for the Air plane spin, but Luther slips behind and gets a powerbomb on Eugene. He goes to the outside to grab a chair, and gets back in the ring. Luther goes to hit Eugene, but he ducks and kicks Luther in the groin. The Rock appears on the ramp way, and Eugene gets excited. He puts Luther in the middle of the ring, and then takes off his elbow mad, getting ready for his version of the people’s elbow. He lands it, and goes for the pin. 1…..2….3 Eugene wins.

Cole: Eugene wins and here comes the Rock. He’s helping Eugene out. Good job Rocky.
(Rock taunts Luther, and then lands a rock bottom. He does his people’s elbow, while Eugene watches clapping and cheering. They shake hands and Eugene walks away as Rock stays in the ring as its now time for the main event.


Rock vs. Chris Jericho (#1 Contendership)

Rock starts out by kicking Jericho in the stomach, and then coming off the ropes and getting a knee to the face. He then taunts to the crowd as he goes to pick up Jericho, and hits a ddt, laying him right back down. He goes for the cover. 1….2..no Jericho gets out. He gets him up, and now both men are slugging away at each other, it now seems Jericho is getting the upper hand, and runs into the ropes and nails a flying forearm. Jericho gets up and kicks Rock on the side of the head, and then taunts him some more. He picks up Rock and then hits a quick snap suplex. He then gets Rock up again, and gets a sleeper on Rocky. Rock is wearing down, but counters out and gets a sleeper of his own on Jericho. Now it seems that Jericho is fading, but grabs Rock’s head and gets a jaw breaker on Rock to counter the sleeper. Now they are both stunned on the mat. Rock gets up, but Jericho is now up too. Jericho goes over and tries to get a spinning heel kick, but Rock ducks and then grabs his legs and locks in the sharpshooter. Jericho is in a huge amount of pain, and the Rock spends about a minute or two keeping that sharp shooter in and then after about 1 or 2 minutes Jericho finally gets to the ropes. Jericho gets to the ropes, and then Rock keeps on the attack, he drags him to the middle of the ring and tries to hit another sharpshooter locked in, but Jericho rolls out and lands an inziguri to the head of the Rock, staggering him down. Jericho goes to the top rope, and hits a missile dropkick off of the top rope. He covers Rock up. 1….2…no Rock gets the shoulder up. Jericho gets him up, and then gets a swinging ddt coming off the ropes. He then takes Rocks leg, and pounds it to the mat. He is trying to wear down the legs of the Rock so he can get the walls of Jericho later on in the match. He picks Rock up and now hits the spinning heel kick right to the face of the Rock. He decides to do a cocky pin and not really try to get a cover. 1….no Rock up at one. The cocky pin was a bad idea. Rock gets pounded on, but then gets up to his feet, and as Jericho comes off of the ropes he ducks and catches him into a somoan drop. Both men are down again. They both get up at almost the same time, and Jericho runs at Rock again. This time Rock lands a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring. He walks over him, takes off his armpad, and runs from rope to rope, he is ready to land that elbow, but Jericho grabs his legs and trips him up. He runs into the ropes and gets a lionsault. 1…..2…NO Rock kicked out barley at 2. That was amazing. Now Jericho is definitely frustrated. He gets Rock, and now this time he grabs his legs and tries to turn him over for the walls of Jericho. He finally does, and the Rock tries desperately not to submit. After a while, Rock pushes Jericho off, and Jericho hits the ref, knocking him out of the ring. Rock nips up, and hits the Rock Bottom. But then from out of nowhere, Scott Demore comes from behind and cracks him over the head with the canadien flag w/hockey stick. Soon all three other members of team Canada come down, and just beat away at Rock. Petey Williams lands the Canadiean destroyer on the Rock. And he is now busted. They all walk out as Jericho puts in the walls of Jericho. The ref tries to see if Rock will submit, but he is knocked out cold. The ref rings the bell and Jericho wins due to Rock not being able to continue.

Cole: I don’t know what the hell I just saw Tazz! Can you belive that!
Tazz: Team Canada just came out here and just cost Rock a shot at the WWE title. I cant belive this. This is chaos!!

(Team Canada and Jericho stand over Rock and drape the canadien flag over him. They all raise each others hands and the crowd is pissed off.)

WWE logo appears and the picture fades away

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good shows 9/10 smackdown was a bit better than RAW.
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