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Okay Boys.. This Is my first ever post. (of many, hopefully)

I've been watching this section for a while now and I'm pretty damn distressed that it's not getting the usage it deserves.

I've seen forums where this section is their main topic revenue. The point of being a wrestling fan is thinking you know what they should be doing; especially now that the WWE is in a big hole.

You guys make your little fantasy cards, and that's all good... but now it's time to go one step further.

Let me explain;

I have 3 promotions: Raw (Monday's on TNN), Smackdown (Thursday's on UPN), and Nitro *formerly known as Heat (On Sunday night's on MTV)

The date is the 14th of February. The Royal Rumble got a P.P.V buy rate of 1.8.

Kurt Angle won the rumble, but injured himself in the process.
Triple H defeated Steve Austin (With help from the freshly turned Scott Steiner) and remains the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Before the Royal Rumble got underway, Shane McMahon arrived at the arena surrounded by former Tag Team Champs Rhyno and Raven. These three amde their presence felt as they attacked Maven in the Maven v Randy Orton v Chris Nowinski match on Heat.

Throughout the night Rhyno and Raven make numerous entrances into matches, causing riots in the backstage area.

This is nothing compared to what happens in the Main Event, when Brock Lesnar and The Rock (both faces) are going at it, Diamond Dallas Page makes his way down the ramp and makes the match a No Contest; keeping Brock the champion.

William Regal gets put through a table, courtesy of the Dudleyz. After the match Justin Credible runs out and takes down the Dudleyz, as well as Regal. Credible and Storm celebrate as The Impact Players are Re-United.

The night after the Rumble Commissioner, Eric Bischoff, makes the Main Event a 10 Man Battle Royal featuring: Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Steiner, Batista, Rob Van Dam, Jericho, Rhyno and a Mystery Guy. The mystery guy ends up to be DDP, who wins the Battle Royal and becomes Number 1 contender for Wrestle Mania.

The next week is spent trying to figure out who DDP will face; Lesnar or HHH.

While this is going on The Rock turns heel and begins a business relationship with Brock Lesnar (also a heel now); interfering in all Brock's matches;helping him retain the Title.

Newly returned Sting is one of the first to suffer this treatment, and gets his revenge the next week in a Rock v Edge match.

On Raw, Triple H is retaining the title by having Batista (who is rostered on the Smackdown list) attack his opponents before the matches.

From the start of February to February 14... Numerous stars have made big returns and debuts in the WWE: Including Goldberg, Sting, Steve Corino, Randy Savage and Konan.

Kane and The undertaker have re-united... but are on a rampaging quest for domination and power. They continue to attack Steve Austin, Booker T and The Dudley Boyz.

Shane McMahon made another return and announced that he was turning Sunday Night Heat, into Sunday Night Nitro. A new Roster Draft was formed, giving Nitro an equal amount of superstars as the other two brands.

Here is how the roster draft looks at the moment: *=face
Al Snow*
Booker T*
Bubba Ray Dudley*
Chris Nowinski
D-Von Dudley*
Triple H
William Regal

WWE Heavyweight- Triple H
WWE Tag Team- Vacated (Impact Players won, then were drafted to Nitro)
WWE Universal- Steve Corino

Brock Lesnar
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio*
Scotty 2 Hotty*
The Rock

WWE World- Brock Lesnar ^defending against Goldberg at No Way Out^
World Tag Team- Vanillatude (John Cena/Matt Hardy v 1.0) ^defending against Konan and Rey at No Way Out^
WWE Cruiserweight- Billy Kidman ^Defending against Chavo Guerrero at No Way Out^

Jeff Hardy*
Justin Credible
Lance Storm
Mike Sanders
Randy Orton
Scott Steiner
Rob Van Dam*

WCW World- Chris Jericho ^Defending Against RVD at No Way Out (Ladder Match)^
WCW Television- Randy Orton ^Goldust at No Way Out^


Currently under contract, but has not been drafted is...

Kurt Angle (Inured)
Eric Bischoff (Commissioner)
Mick Foley*
Ric Flair
Shane McMahon
Shawn Michaels*
Stacy Keibler
Stephanie McMahon*
Vince McMahon

In The Development Territory...
Austin Lee
Chris Candido
Chris Chetti
Nick Dinsmore
Orlando Jordan
R.C Haas
Shark Boy
Shelton Benjamin

On My Shortlist...
Hulk Hogan
Jody Fliesch
Juvi Guerrera
Spiffy Sean Stylez
Disco Inferno
Jeff Jarret
Ron Killings
Steve Corni
Christopher Daniels

That is my draft, that is my promotion.

Here's the deal: This is now officially my news board. I will post all news, results, signings and firings here.

But you guys know that there isn't a point to me doing it if No one reads it... and I don't get some decent feedback/ideas from you guys.

So i'll put out a proposal: If you're interested in letting me do a full report of results, write a reply here... saying you would read, and give me feedback and some storyline ideas.

If you think it's a waste of time, just forget it (or write a reply telling me it's a waste of time)

Let The Games Begin!

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Yeah I Got Nitro a Primetime Spot.. They're getting straight 1.30 ratings every week. Ranked #3 in the ratings (#1- Raw, #2- Smackdown)

Thanks for the replies so far, I think I'll attract a bit more of a crowd when I get going.

BTW: On this forum I was on ages ago, you couldn't use Geocities as the host of a picture for your sig; can someone tell me if this is the case here. If it is, can someone please offer to host my pic.

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Nitro Results- Sunday 17th of February

This week’s edition of Nitro is live from the Hartford Civic Centre in Hartford, Connecticut.

Commentators, Jonathan Coachman and Paul Heyman, welcome the 10043 people in the audience as the Pyro explodes.

Segment 1.
-{Nitro Owner, Shane McMahon, is seen walking down a corridor with an infuriated look on his face. He makes his way to the parking lot, where a long black limo pulls up. Batista, along with Ric Flair, gets out of the limo.}-

Shane McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are? Last week you interfere in the Number 1 Contenders Match for the WCW Title, and then you turn up on Raw and interfere in their main event? I got a call from Eric Bischoff; he thinks he’s signing you. You are contracted to Nitro, understand?

Batista: Yeah, I understand.

Shane McMahon: You think you’re a tough guy, Batista… is that it? You think you can run things around here? Well just to let you know who’s in charge; I’ve booked you in a match tonight.

Batista: That’s fine, bring it on.

-{Shane McMahon turns around and begins to leave the parking lot; but he turns around and steps back into the shot.}-

Shane McMahon: Oh, by the way; you’re match… is against Scott Steiner!

-{Batista looks a little bit worried as Shane McMahon turns around and walks back into the arena.}-

Rating: 90%

Segment 2: Spanky def. Goldust
Spanky uses the ropes as leverage (again!) and continues his winning streak. After the match Spanky attacks Goldust with a steel chair. Much to the delight of the Hartford crowd; Rikishi makes his way down the ramp and makes the big save.

Rating: 66%
*: 2 and ¾

Segment 3.
-{A limo pulls up in the parking lot and Diamond Dallas Page gets out. Michael Cole is quick on the act and shoves a mic in DDP’s face.}-

Michael Cole: DDP, tonight you face Chris Jericho; the man who, last week, cost you the match against Scott Steiner… My question is; tonight are you going to be 100% focused on your match with Chris Jericho, when it is rumored that Raw Champion Triple H is in the building.

DDP: Triple H? Is in that building?

Michael Cole: Yes, apparently.

-{DDP picks up his bag and walks away from Michael Cole into the arena}-

Rating: 89%

Segment 4: Randy Orton(c) draws. Hurricane
The Hurricane hits Randy with a Hurri-Chokeslam but as he goes for the pin the Manbeast, Rhyno, runs down and makes the match a no-contest. Rhys delivers a Powerbomb to Hurricane and then nails Randy with the Gore

Rating: 72%
*- 2 and ¾

Segment 5.
-{Mark Lloyd is standing backstage with the WCW Champion, Chris Jericho.}-

Mark Lloyd: Jericho, last week you retained your WCW Championship against Goldust, this week you’ll put the title on the line against Diamond Dallas Page. Obviously his mind is on other things, but where is your mind-set tonight, knowing that the Number 1 contender for your title, Rob Van Dam, is here tonight.

Chris Jericho: You know Mark, if you think I’m afraid of RVD, you’ve got another thing coming. RVD is nothing but a punk kid and I will prove that at No Way Out. Because I, am the King, Of The World.

Mark Lloyd: But aren’t you worried that he might interfere in your match tonight?

Chris Jericho: What makes you think that RVD would interfere in my match tonight, Mark?

Mark Lloyd: Well, you did attack with a steel chair last week on Nitro.

Chris Jericho: Yeah well let me te-… hey you’re right. He’d be pretty pissed off, wouldn’t he? I’ll see you later Mark, I gotta go find Christian.

-{Jericho walks off down the corridor}-

Rating: 96%

Segment 6.
-{Rikishi is standing in the back with Michael Cole.}-

Michael Cole: Rikishi, I’ve got to ask you… why did you attack Spanky tonight?

Rikishi: Cole… For the past 4 weeks, Spanky has been unstoppable in the ring. He’s beaten Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane and now Goldust. Sure he had his foot on the ropes, sure he was pulling the tights… but he still won. If I’m not careful… I’ll be next. That’s why next week; I am challenging Spanky to a First Blood Match.

-{Rob Van Dam walks into the room and stands next to Cole}-

Rob Van Dam: You know Rikishi, you’re way too aggressive. If you go around all heated up, someone will get hurt; and we don’t want that. You should be more like me… Rob-Van-Dam. Last week Chris Jericho attacked me with a steel chair, but you don’t see me challenging him to a first blood match, do you? But you know, now that I think of it… that chair did kinda hurt. Challenging Jericho to a First Blood Match isn’t that bad of an idea. But seeing as though you’ve got dibs on the first blood match… I guess I’ll just have to settle for a Ladder Match.

-{Rikishi smiles and rubs his hands together and the two walk off together}-
Rating: 89%

Segment 7: Batista def. Scott Steiner
Triple H runs down and attacks Steiner while Ric Flair distracts the referee. Batista hits the Judgment Day Slam and gets the pin. After the match Batista and Triple H do a beat down on Steiner, but the Godfather runs down and makes the save.

Rating: 72%
*- 2 and ¾

Segment 8.
-{Christian is backstage on the phone. Chris Jericho walks into the room and tries to talk. Christian puts his hand in Jericho’s face and tells him to ‘hold on.’ Jericho takes the phone and throws it at the wall.}-

Christian: What the hell are you doing?

Chris Jericho: Forget it; I’ll buy you a new one for Christmas. Look Christian, I need a favor. Tonight, RVD and Jeff Hardy have a match against the Impact Players… I think we should go do some ring commentary, if you know what I mean.

Christian: What do you mean?

Chris Jericho: Okay… we’re gonna give RVD an early Christmas Present.

Christian: Why does RVD get an early Christmas Present? I want an early Chri-

Chris Jericho: We’re gonna do a run in, Christian.

Christian: Oh, okay. You should have said that in the first place.

-{Christian and Jericho leave the room}-

Rating: 84%

Segment 9: Impact Players def. RVD and Jeff Hardy
Chris Jericho and Christian run down and attack RVD. Justin Credible hits the ‘That’s Incredible’ and picks up the pinfall.

Rating: 74%
*- 3

Segment 10.
-{DDP is shown walking down the corridor, opening doors looking for Triple H. Michael Cole catches up with him and shoves the mic in his face.}-

Michael Cole: DDP, I think I should tell you… Triple H was seen leaving the arena in a limo with Batista and Ric Flair just a few minutes ago.

DDP: Good for him

Michael Cole: DDP, if you’re not looking for Triple H… who are you looking for?

-{DDP stops and looks down at Cole}-

DDP: Ever since I won the Rumble, it’s been a huge turmoil as to who I will be facing; which WWE Champion I will face. So far, Triple H is the only one that has shown an interest in me. But there are two sides to every story, Michael. Who am I looking for? I’m looking for the Smackdown Champion; I’m looking for Brock Lesnar. That son of a bitch is here somewhere, and when I find him… If I find Brock Lesnar before the end of tonight, he won’t be making it to No Way Out.

-{DDP pushes Michael Cole out of the way and continues searching in the locker rooms.}-

Rating: 93%

Main Event: Chris Jericho(c) draws. Diamond Dallas Page
During the match RVD runs down the ramp and attacks Chris Jericho with a ladder. The referee calls the match a no contest. As the two brawl to the backstage area Brock Lesnar jumps over the security barrier and nails DDP with an F5.

Rating: 81%
*- 3 and ¼

Show Rating: 1.30
Booking Quality: 82%

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Just Signed Steve Bradley to Ohio Valley for $46,000 a month.

His stats are farely solid but he needs to build his Charisma at least 20 points before I even consider bringing him into the live events.

In other Ohio News: Shelton Benjamin and R.C Haas are both about 2 months away from making an appearance. Shelton has got loads of Charisma and I expect he'll be a big player in a year.

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Just Signed Hogan to a 2 year contract as a Non-Wrestler.

For 290,000 a month.
Crunched it down from 300,000 with a Creative Clause.

Any one got any ideas for what I can do with Hogan, and what show he can be on.

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Just checking if my sig works..

(BTW: I am doing the Raw card, right now, so the results will be up soon)

I'm putting a link in my sig, i hope it works, to this thread.

So when I start posting in the Raw and SD discussion boards, people will strat coming here to.

Thanks- bye

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^^^Yeah thats wat i was thinking.
If you wanna do it then fine but that is gonna take up sooo much of your time if your planning on doing it regularly.

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I'm Glad a few more of you are replying... even if you don't know what day it is.

Yes, this is a game... called 'Extreme Warfare Revenge' (how hard was that numbnuts)

I want some more input.. who gives a Sh!t if it's a game man.. and It doesn't take up any of my time.

I want this thread to be bigger than the Raw and SD! boards and I think with a little perserverence it can be.

BTW: I have decided that I will start putting any one who wants to be in the game, in the game...

So if you want to head up against the best in EWR, sign up in a reply post... just give me a few of your details... (Name, Finisher, Lightweight/Heavyweight, Trademark, Heel/Face, Style*Tech, Lucha, Brawl* etc..)
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