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Extreme Rules Match Predictions

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Extreme Rules is only 3 weeks away, and so far, only one match has been officially announnced. So, I guess if you want, you can leave your match predictions as to what type of matches will happen at Extreme Rules.

Which person will be in which matches is really crystal clear atm seeing as this is the continuation of WrestleMania feuds. Del Rio/Edge, Cena/Miz, Rhodes/Mysterio, Orton/Punk, Bryan/Sheamus/Sin Cara, and Corre/Show, Kane and Santino.

So, it's more of predicting the stipulation of the match then it is predicting who is going to be in the match itself. If you don't want to write out a whole predictions column, just write who you think should go over at Extreme Rules regardless the stipulation of each match. So, here are my predictions.

John Cena vs. the Miz: Last Man Standing for the WWE Championship
Obviously it's called Extreme Rules for a reason. I think their reserving an I Quit Match for Over the Limit. This feud is probably going to play out how Cena/Batista did last year. Even if my stipulation is wrong, Miz needs to go over here.

Punk vs. Orton: Street Fight
It'll be either No Disqualifications, or a Street Fight....even though their technically the same thing. I say let Punk get over here cause Randy did at Mania. Maybe have a Nexus member return or debut.

Del Rio/Edge- Ladder Match for the WHC
This is the only match confirmed so far. I'm REALLY looking forward to this match. Should be a great bout. Ladder matches rarely disappoint. I don't really know if Christian will be added in to this match or not, but it would definately be a bonus if he was. I really want Del Rio to win the title after his WrestleMania loss, so I want del Rio to get over.

Sin Cara vs. Sheamus- Falls Count Anywhere for the US Title
Maaaybe a Daniel Bryan addition. Not sure. Should be a good match. Cara should go over here. He's new, so it seems fitting to start his career off at WWE well.

Rhodes/Mysterio- Mask vs. Mask match
It could be Mask vs. Mask, or if Rhodes loses he has to lose his mask, or vice versa. Similiar to the Rey/Punk feud last year where they exchanged stipulations, and then combined them togetehr. If it is Mask vs. Mask, no way is Rey going to lose. Rey will win it since Cody won at Mania

Corre vs. Kane Big Show for the Tag Titles.
I can't really forsee a tornado tag team match for some. Whatever the stipulation, Corre has to go over to regain their credibility.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Ehh...just to have these guys on the card and fill in time?

Not sure where Triple H will fit in in this PPV. He's directionless atm. Will be interesting to see where he goes now.

So, what are your guys's predictions for Extreme Rules? Let me know!
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OMG, they should scrape that name, there is nothing extreme in WWEak right now except lobotomy.
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