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Extreme Rules Divas 2014 Pics

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Paige and Eva :banderas
Seriously Eva Marie looks so fake and vulgaire
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My baby Paige win once again.

And i agree with BruceLeGorille, Eva Marie a fake and vulgaire and classic example of how a personality can make you look even more ugly.
Paige is the only one who looks like she'd do a spread like this. She's not all done up with make up and her hair isn't any more styled than it is normally. Naomi, Cameron, and Eva looks very fake
Maybe it's just because it's Paige's gimmick and it's what I'm used to seeing from her, but it's amazing how this look is so much more fitting to Paige than any of the other ones. Cameron, Naomi, and Eva Marie look like they dressed up for a photo shoot. Paige looks like she's about to go raise hell.
Paige :homer

Eva looks good, too. I just wish she would try to get better in the ring. I want to like her, she seems like a decent girl.
I could see Paige using something hardcore to finish off Tamina and the match.
1. Eva Marie - WOOOOOOOOOOOO. She is this shoot! WOOOOOOOOO.
2. Paige - Sexy as hell
3. Cameron - Hot in some, weird in others
4. Naomi - Kinda looks awkward in this shoot IMO.
I wish Paige would do porn... or Eva... or Naomi.. or...
Fuck yeah Paige.
Eva looks good but her personality is boring. Paige looks good aswell.
The degree to which I would mark out if she spiked Tamina with that to win the match on Sunday can’t even be defined.
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Paige and Eva:banderas

Where Lana at tho?
Paige's faces in her pictures are :moyes1.
Paige 10/10

The rest: 2/10
21 - 40 of 45 Posts
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