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A) Has anyone on here wondered why the WWE won't use the terms such as lower-card, mid-card, upper-mid card, and main event status through it's characters? Seems like it could be a great way to show ranking, but not officially. Most of us know what these terms describing what type of talent the WWE has, or what the talent has potential become. Obviously this would be something that a "heel" character would use more so than a "face".

B) Should the WWE do more to emphasize back room morale, back stage personalities, and actual backstage friends, or Cliques both in a kayfabe manner, and perhaps a non-kayfabe manner. One over the other wouldn't make any creative sense, so I think both should co-exist. I remember the internet hype surrounding the Hardy/Lita/Edge feud, and I didn't care much about either of the three up until then. It seemed as though it was catching steam via the internet, and that was something fresh. Rock, and Cena have taken it to new levels of the internet now with Tweeting.

The other small ideas would be things like mentioning how Morrison reminds everyone of HBK, but when confronted Morrison does as much as he can to run around the comparison. How many internet threads have there been made asking if "Morrison was the next HBK"? Next, maybe mentioning every time Daniel Bryan wrestles that he is considered by many to be the greatest wrestler in the world today. Nothing that a humble man like himself would admit, but something that everyone else would be accusing him of being.
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