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ex-World Champions - Jobbers

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Since this kind of stuff has become a trend by WWE,let's discuss it.

Turning ex-World Champions into jobbers is really an extreme. Example of that is Jack Swagger and Sheamus,that one could argue is barely in competition for the US Title. Other examples are The Great Khali,Chris Benoit (not now obviously but in early 2007) and Kane,even though in the last year he "recovered".
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TNA’s greatest shame = Raven. The man held the NWA WHC FFS and then he was treated like a second rate bum. The names above were treated like gold in comparison. Not only would they put anyone and everyone over him, but they wouldn’t even put him on TV. Retire the man, if you must, but don’t make a mockery of him.

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I honestly don't think there being jobbed out purposely , I just feel that creative doesn't have an angle for them right now and are waiting to either capitalize on something or to eventually re-package them completely. Also the "youth movement" Im sure has jumbled many ideas and creative has acted to quickly on certain things.

Noteworthy examples are: Santino who was made to look like a straight fool, who then became a funny fool who now actually puts on a decent match (minus the cobra) and is super over.
CM Punk during the last part of 2010 was always recognized as someone but there was just no future angle for him so they re-packaged him too and now he is super over.

I still see hope for Swagger, He was just pushed way too fast and couldn't handle it, I think he's restarting right now and will soon be back.

My main concerns are Sheamus and Ted Jr: Sheamus lost the belt then was a "wandering" contender for a few months who was being jobbed then he won the KOTR and became King Sheamus (personally I think its a horrible idea) but it seemed like he at least had a new angle..but now he's back to shit with I guess a feud with Daniel Bryan because he looked at him wrong...They should of at least started an angle where maybe Bryan stole Gail away from Sheamus or something

Ted Jr. even though never a champion has just fallen off and is definitely a jobber. For a minute I thought his feud with DB would escalate but that never happened. SO now he is stuck and where can he really go besides a rise back to glory type angle which would never get over, or a crazy dominator guy which is not his look. I see him being like MVP (BTW MVP had way better credentials then Ted byt still fair comparison) who was at the same spot Ted Jr is at now and was never able to recover with his release. But with Ted being a 2nd gen start he wont get fired from WWE so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Right now the only consistent true jobber is Kozlov and JTG and possibly Slater and Mcgilicuty
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