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ok i m sure everybody knows about ewr now this is my thread i will do this and wwe the future thread great ewr writers like a-dust,we champ have inspired me as i saw how impressive there old threads were i will also be posting to the enjoyment of the viewers i am going to post my first show copy and pasting

federation name-wwf writer the dames smartmarks .com shows raw and sd n heat and velocity i will only post heat and raw and ppv the tag teams amazing phenenomon,dudleys,bashams,evolution revolution(orton and jindarak,extreme(moore and nova),hardy boyz,hurrricane and moore,servants of darkness(edge and christian),paulombo and stambolli,x-pac and kane stables-evolution-cade,jindarak and orton generation x-treme-hurricane,lita,matt,jeff,moore,nova ministry of darkness-christian,edge,o'haire,paul bearer,undertaker,tough enough-maven,shaniqua,miss jackie,chris nowinski,cade sydal feuds-benoit and jericho,hardys vs servants of darkness,daniels vs styles

ok first show

no split Spike Dudley vs Matt Hardy.

Match Background: None.

The Match: Weak bodyslam by Spike. Spike Dudley turns Matt inside-out with a clothesline. Reminds me of Willow's 'Bored Now' skin ripping finisher. Inside joke, don't worry about it. Spike Dudley scores with a crappy looking standing spinebuster. Could have been done a hell of a lot better though. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Spike Dudley strikes Matt Hardy with a hard blow. Covers for a quick two count. Matt Hardy powers out of a Spike Dudley headlock. Matt hits a dropkick on Spike Dudley and gets right back up. Spike takes a NICE hurrancarana from Matt Hardy. Spike blocks a punch. Spike hits a piledriver on Matt Hardy. I know I wouldn't let someone that bad give me a piledriver. Matt Hardy gets whipped into the corner by Spike, who charges in with a clothesline. Matt grabs the referee and pulls him in the way! The referee calls for the DQ as he collapses to the mat in pain. Matt Hardy gets out of the ring and walks off, having taken the cheap way out. Matt Hardy has a temper tantrum, kicking the ropes and punching the turnbuckles.

Christopher Daniels is backstage. He was on Hype Central (HYPE CENTRAL!!!) tonight, this time for a match with AJ Styles. Can you believe that I just marked out for Lance Wright? How many people even remember that guy?

Match Background: This will be a bra and panties bout.

The Match: Badly executed second rope splash by Nidia convinces me that I can do better. Trish powers out of a headlock. Trish Stratus hits Nidia. Big kick from Trish staggers Nidia but that's about it. Nidia takes a right hand to the temple from Trish. Nidia backdrops Trish Stratus out of a piledriver attempt. That took a lot out of Nidia. Back heel kick from Nidia on Trish. Flying knee to the face from Nidia. Nidia hits a wheel kick on Trish. Trish powers out of a headlock. Nidia takes a right hand to the temple from Trish. Trish Stratus turns Nidia inside-out with a clothesline. Reminds me of Willow's 'Bored Now' skin ripping finisher. Inside joke, don't worry about it. Nidia gets whipped into the turnbuckles by Trish. Stratusfaction! Trish Stratus pulls the clothes off Nidia to leave her in her bra and panties for the win! Nidia extends her hand to Trish...and it is accepted! They shake!

AJ Styles is in the ring, and he calls out Christopher Daniels. Daniels runs down and hits the ring, and they brawl all the way back into the aisle, and eventually out of sight backstage.

Servants Of Darkness vs Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio.

Match Background: This will be a hardcore bout. Servants Of Darkness are one of the most experienced teams in the promotion. This match is for the WWE Tag Team titles. Servants Of Darkness have been WWE Tag Team champions since 23 May 2004.

The Match: Face-first suplex onto a trash can by Christian! Rey Mysterio charges into the corner, but EATS BOOT and staggers backward. Ultimo gets thrown over the table. Rey Mysterio reverses a hip toss. Implant DDT by Rey Mysterio! I will always and forever mark out for that move. Rey \ Ultimo whip Christian into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Edge takes a NICE hurrancarana from Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo Dragon hits a dropkick off the table. Christian flips out of a Rey Mysterio bodyslam attempt. Spear by Edge. BRAINBUSTAH~! by Christian! Rey Mysterio grabs Christian from behind and shoves him into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but Christian rolls through with the move! He is using the tights for leverage! 1....2...3! The referee didn't see it! Hardy Boyz come running down into the ring. They nail Edge from behind, then grab Christian and hit the Swanton Bomb! With him out of the way, the drag Edge to the outside...and promptly put him straight through the announcer's table with a double slam! Hardy Boyz have destroyed Servants Of Darkness!

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels.

Match Background: This will be a cage bout. Daniels and Styles have been feuding recently. So far, Daniels hasn't managed to get a pin or submission over Styles since the feud started. AJ Styles is the reigning WWE Cruiserweight champion, and has been since 23 May 2004.

The Match: AJ Styles throws Daniels into the cage. Styles crushes Daniels with a huge legdrop. Styles charges into the corner but EATS BOOT. STIFF high kick on Styles by Christopher Daniels. Hard back suplex on Styles. Come to think of it, that move had WAY too much power in No Mercy for N64. Christopher Daniels launches Styles into the cage wall. Christopher Daniels hits a rolling kick on Styles. Konnan has ruined any chance for me ever enjoying this maneuver again with his shitty execution of it. Christopher Daniels climbs the cage, but gets pulled down by Styles! Daniels drops an elbow...but AJ Styles moves out of the way. Flying cross body off the top rope! Tiger suplex on Daniels. No Misawa references from me, I swear. Oh, Bloody Hell! THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD! I swear, that makes any match just a little bit better. I don't mind telling you that every time I see it, that's for sure. AJ Styles throws Daniels into the cage. Christopher Daniels reverses a hip toss. Daniels uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL~! DDT from the top rope by Christopher Daniels. That looked KILLER. AJ Styles can barely stand. Last Rites! Styles climbs the cage...but gets pulled off by Christopher Daniels, who then climbs up and over! We have a winner! I don't think the fight has finished. AJ Styles and Daniels have begun brawling again! They wind up brawling all the way down the aisle and out of view.

Rob Van Dam is backstage. He wanted to rip into Raven. Not literally, of course. That would just be nasty. Instead, this was a good way to build up to an eventual match.

Rob Van Dam vs Raven.

Match Background: This will be a barbed wire bout. This match is for the WWE Intercontinental title. Rob Van Dam has been WWE Intercontinental champion since 03 May 2004.

The Match: Raven hits a right hand. Raven throws RVD into the barbed wire! Bodyslam by Raven. Raven slams Rob Van Dam down and motions to the crowd. Raven misses a clothesline. Rob Van Dam throws Raven back-first into the barbed wire. RVD crushes Raven with a huge legdrop. Raven counters a sleeper with a jaw breaker and is able to get free! Raven hits a bulldog off the ropes. DEATH VALLEY DRIVAH~! by Raven just KILLS Rob Van Dam! Raven misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Raven walks into a high dropkick from Rob Van Dam, almost losing several teeth in the process. Raven elbows Rob Van Dam in the face to break a hammerlock. Bodyslam by Raven. Raven moves in for the kill. Raven Effect DDT! 1....2....3. Rob Van Dam offers a handshake to Raven...and he accepts it!
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Each show is good, keep up the good work. Cena being released was disappointing though.
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