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This is my last stab at the BTB forum. I am determined to make this work so I will be writing both show for now. The shows will be called War Zone and Mayhem. The Gm's will be Eric Bischoff(WZ) and Paul Heyman(M). The Rosters will lokk like this:
War Zone
Gene Snisky-H(TV)
Matt Hardy-F(TAG TEAM; Jeff Hardy)(c)
Big Show-H(HW)
Ric Flair-F(HW)
The Hurricane-(TAG TEAM; Rosey)
John Cena-F(HW)
Rosey-F(TAG TEAM; The Hurricane)
HHH-H(HW)(injured list)
Val Venus-H(TV)(c)
Billy Gunn-H(IN)
Billy Kidman-H(TV)
Booker T-F(HW)
Bubba Ray Dudley-H(TAG TEAM; D-Von Dudley)
D-Von Dudley-H(TAG TEAM; Bubba Ray Dudley)
Johnny Samboli-H(TAG TEAM; Nunzio)
Nunzio-H(TAG TEAM; Johnny Samboli)
Orlando Jordan-F(IN)
Paul London-F(IN)
Rene Dupree-H(IN)
Rey Mysterio-F(TAG TEAM; RVD)
RVD-F(TAG TEAM; Rey Mysterio)
Jeff Hardy-F(TAG TEAM; Matt Hardy)(c)
Rob Conway-H(TAG TEAM; Sylvain Grenier)
Sylvain Grenier-H(TAG TEAM; Rob Conway)
Road Dogg Jessie James(TAG TEAM; K-Kwik)
K-Kwik(TAG TEAM; Road Dogg Jessie James)

Christian-H(TAG TEAM; Edge)(c)
Edge-H(TAG TEAM; Christian)(c)
Petey Williams-H(CW)
Garrison Cade-H(US)
Mark Henery-H(TAG TEAM; Rodney Mack)
Rodney Mack-H(TAG TEAM; Mark Henery)
Shawn Michaels-F(HW)(c)
Shelton Benjamin-F(US)
The Rock-H(HW)
William Regal-H(US)
Randy Orton-F(HW)
Carlito Carribean Cool-H(US)
Charlie Haas-F(US)
Danny Basham-H(TAG TEAM; Doug Basham)
Doug Basham-H(TAG TEAM; Danny Basham)
Hardcore Holly-F(US)
Steven Richards-H(US)
Kenzo Suzuki-H(US)
Kurt Angle-H(HW)
Luther Reigns-H(TAG TEAM; Mark Jindrak)
Mark Jindrak-H(TAG TEAM; Luther Reigns)
Scotty 2 Hotty-F(CW)
Shannon Moore-H(CW)
Spike Dudley-H(CW)
Vicsera-H(TAG TEAM; Mideon)
Mideon-H(TAG TEAM; Vicsera)
Monty Brown-H(HW)
Lyle McMichaels-H(CW)
Chuck Palumbo-H(TAG TEAM; Tyson Tomko)
Tyson Tomko-h(TAG TEAM; Chuck Palumbo)
Michael Shane(TAG TEAM; Frankie Kazarion)
Frankie Kazarion(TAG TEAM; Michael Shane

the first show should be up by tomorrow
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ya y not. I can't count omn someone else to get there shows up so I will try this by myself. Jarmac does his by himself and look how good they are. but i will only do it for a while until i get under exteme pressure.

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ya but i think i can handle it. the only trouble i will have is writing 5 shows a week cause i also have to write th LoW. but i hope this thread can last this time.

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Mayhem opens up for the first time and shows the CEO, Rob MacDonald going into the WWE last Monday and telling the fans that this is the last show they will ever see the WWE show. Then they show him go into the NWA and say the same thing. “Screw the old shows this is the Empire of Sports Entertainment” flashes on the screen. Pyro goes off as well as the music video.

Cole- Welcome everyone to the premiere of the EWF who took the 2 biggest named wrestling companies out in a week. What a night we have for all you fans tonight.

Tazz- That’s right tonight we’ll see the return of wrestlers like Kanyon as well as some older faces like The Rock and some new guys like Lyle McMichaels. I can’t wait this should be off da hook, Cole.

All of a sudden a new face appears on the Triton Tron.

McMichaels- Hi! I’m Lyle McMichaels. Most of you don’t know me but soon enough you will. I see all the people out there anxious to see me get in the ring and show everyone that I can be the best. But I also see a lot of fat chicks in the audience tonight as well and that is not something to be proud of. You should all be like the chicks that crawl all over me. Nice and skinny. I am a very proud man and I know most of the men out there can’t say that cause look at all of you hot dog eating freaks. You can’t be proud cause you are all around 200lbs over weight. Maybe if you put the food down once in a while and hit the gym you wouldn’t look like that. But tonight I will get into the ring with Tajiri and I will walk around him faster then all of you can run. Hell if there was a fire tonight in this building then most of you would die. I bet all of you have to turn sideways to get out of your house, don’t you? But hey if you wanna look like that then be my guest because you are just letting good looking guys like myself get ladies like these.

3 blondes appear beside Lyle. They are all hot.

McMichaels- See what being in shape gets you?

Cole- What a self-centred bastard!

Tazz- Cole just cause no chicks go for you doesn’t mean that you have to put other people down.

Cole- Tazz, did you not hear what he said? He put down all these wonderful fans for no reason at all. I hope Tajiri kicks his ass tonight.

Tazz- Well we’ll have to wait and see but right now we have our first match of the night as Kanyon takes on William Regal.

Match 1- Kanyon vs. William Regal

6:12 into the match

Kanyon hits William Regal with the “Grand Kanyon” (spinning Rock Bottom) and pins him for the win.

Tazz- What a win for the returning Kanyon maybe this time when he asks “Who Betta?” I will be able to say no one.

Cole- That was an impressive win for Kanyon but we have to take our first commercial break when we come back we will see a #1 contenders match at Undertow this month for the US title against Raven.

Commercial 1- Check out the LoW thread and join up today. Check out the NGW and see how exactly a show is written.

Match 2- Mordicai vs. Rhyno- #1 contenders match for the US title

8:34 into the match

[U[The lights go out and when they come back on The Undertaker, Mideon, Viscera and Gangrel are standing at ringside and Rhyno is knocked out in the ring. Mordicai pins him to win the match.[/U]

After the match The four men that are on the outside get into the ring and start to beat down Rhyno. Scotty 2 Hotty comes form the back with a sledge hammer and clears the ring of the 5 men beating Rhyno down. Undertaker grabs a mic. So does Scotty.

Undertaker- Scotty what the hell do you think your doing getting into The Ministry’s way? This is going to be the biggest mistake you have ever committed punk. Do you know who you are dealing with? We are the most evil group that a wrestling company has ever had and you will not live to tell your grandkids about your wrestling career if you ever get into our way again. Consider this a warning. Next time we will not be so nice.

Scotty- Undertaker you think you can scare me with your little group? Well think again! Cause I back down from no man and if you were a man next week you will face me one on one in this ring without those guys. What do you say ’Taker? Or do you need your little girlfriends there to help you win like they helped Mordicai win?

Undertaker- You want me in that ring next week? Scotty I hope you know what your getting yourself into. I will stop at nothing to finish you off. And after I finish you off and the blood bath follows then you will be no more. Prepare for next week Scotty this is the end of your career.

Cole- That was not a wise choice by Scotty to challenge the Undertaker. Undertaker is a mad man. I don’t know what has gotten over him. Bringing back The Ministry. This is crazy.

Tazz- I kinda like it Cole. But I do agree with you that Scotty did make the biggest mistake of his life challenging Undertaker to a one on one match. You get very lucky to beat a man like ‘Taker and Scotty just isn’t big enough to pull off that sorta upset.

Cole- When we come back we will talk with The Rock in the back and he’ll tell us all his thoughts.

Commercial 2- Visit the WWE- Version 1.0 to see how an up and coming booker books.

When we come back Todd Grisham is in the back with The Rock.

Grisham- Rock you’ve asked for this interview time to get a few things off your chest. What is it that you would like to say?

Rock- First off you piece of monkey crap, no one, AND THE ROCK MEANS no one, talks like that to The Rock. You simply just pointed out the obvious. Why else would I want to talk with these pieces of trailer park trash? The Rock has been out filming his new movie and it seems like the fans… excuse the Rock for a minute he forgot to say something. Finally… The Rock has come back to…. Where are we again, Todd?

Grisham- we are in New…

Rock- It doesn’t matter where we are. All that matters is that The Rock is back and badder then ever. These fans never even wrote to The Rock while I was away from the ring. Now I come back and they expect everything to by fine between us? Well it ain’t gonna happen that way people. This goes 2 ways. The fans cheer The Rock when he comes back and they write him letters to tell The Rock that they want him to come back. The Rock on the other hand tells his fans he will be back soon and not to worry. Not The fans cheer The Rock when he comes back and don’t write him letters. When The Rock comes back he is cheered but The Rock knows what you people think about. “Oh The Rock thinks he is too good for wrestling. He’s a big movie star now he don’t need us.” well to a certain degree that is true. I am a big movie star and I don’t need people that don’t want me. Well listen up cause The Rock is back for a very long time and he doesn’t want too hear one person in that audience use the Rocks catchphrases. You don’t write to The Rock, The Rock doesn’t want to hear you guys anymore. I don’t care anymore for the millions….(Fans: And thousands) what the hell did you all just say? The Rock doesn’t need to show up for you guys and he sure as hell doesn’t need you guys mocking me so screw all of you The Rock is out. No if ya smell what The Rock is cookin’. No nothing. This is how it will be from now on and if ya don’t like it try and do something about it.

Commercial 3- Rob MacDonald tells everyone that the EWF is the future of all of wrestling and that the WWE and NWA are dead.

Match 3- JBL vs. The Hurricane.

3:08 into the match

JBL hit’s the Close line from Hell on Hurricane and pins him for the win.

Cole- What the hell is up with The Rock, Tazz?

Tazz- I don’t know Cole but whatever it is you can thank these fans. They did this to him not Rock.

Cole- How can you say that Tazz these fans are what put us on the top. Without them we wouldn’t even have jobs.

Tazz- Yeah your right Cole…up to a point. The Rock wanted to come back to be with all his fans but then they never even wrote to him. He has every right in the world to do that to the fans.

Cole- whatever Tazz there is no point in arguing with you. Speaking of the world Tazz though when we return we will hear from the World Champ, Shawn Michaels.

Commercial 4- commercials for Gatorade, McDonald’s, and the new wrestling action figures.

Todd Grisham is standing in the back with Shawn Michaels.

Grisham- I am standing here with the World Champ Shawn Michaels. It’s good to see you Shawn. But I have to congratulate you on being given the Heavy Weight belt. the owner must have a lot of confidence in you to give you that belt.

Michaels- You know something Todd, I’m glad that Mr. MacDonald put all his trust into me but I much would’ve loved to win the belt. It just doesn’t feel right being handed the belt. But I’m not complaining. You see that means a lot to me that I am the best on this show that I am the one who will sell tickets. There is not one man that in this building that is better then me at the moment.

Rock- Well, if it isn’t Shawn Michaels, the Heart Break Kid. How’s it going man. It doesn’t how it’s going. You run your mouth about how you where handed the belt and how you are the best in the locker room. Well I got news for you kid. Your not the best, I am. You don’t even deserve that belt. I should’ve been given the belt not you. I should’ve been welcomed back with open arms by these piece of crap fans and the monkey of an owner Rob MacDonald. But no way that is way to much to ask, isn’t it. Michaels cherish that belt for now cause at Undertow when we fan off…

Michaels- What do you mean when “we” face off? You aren’t even a contender at the moment for the belt. you have to earn it.

MacDonald- Hi guys. You know Michaels I do agree with you. The Rock should have to earn his shot and I know someone else that would love to get his hands on that belt. So next week in that very ring it will be The rock going one on one with… Monty Brown! And the winner will get Michaels at Undertow for that Heavy Weight belt.

Rock- Now that is what I wanted to hear. Monkey Brown stands no chance against me.

Tazz- Wow we already have one match decided for Undertow as the US title will be defended by Raven as he takes on Mordicai.

Cole- That’s right but up next we will see the debut of Lyle McMichaels as he takes on the EWF Cruiserweight Title.

Commercial 5- WWE Version 1.0, NGW and Gatorade ads.

Match 4- Lyle McMichaels vs. Tajiri- Cruiserweight title.

7:46 into the match

Lyle McMichaels hit’s a 640 splash on Tajiri to win the belt.

Tazz- Impressive win by the Rookie Lyle McMichaels as he has won the EWF Cruiserweight Title over Tajiri. This could mean big things for this kid.

Cole- yeah but it still doesn’t take away from the fact The Rock and he both disrespected these fans. But tonight’s main event will be a tag team match as Edge & Christian face off against an up and coming team that if they win would be right in line for the tag teams titles against their opponents. I’m talking about Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns. We’ll be back for the main event tonight.

Commercial 6- The new GTA video game, LoW, and McDonald’s

Match 5- Edge and Christian vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

13:58 into the match

Luther Reigns gets a tag as does Edge but Jindrak gets in the way and delivers a punishing close line and Luther picks him up and gives him the “Dice Roller”(?) for the win.

Jindrak- Rob look what we just did to your tag team champions. They ain’t no tag champ we left them like we are going to leave every other team on Mayhem. OUT COLD!!!

Jindrak- Now after that win we must be in line for the tag team titles does it not? It doesn’t matter we are officially announcing that in 3 weeks time at the Mayhem only PPV it will be the 2 of us verses the champions. They don’t look much like champions right now.

The show goes off air as Jindrak and Reigns start to beat up Edge and Christian again.

Leave comments on this show and the ones to follow soon.

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ya i no i wanted to get some of the lower leveled wrestlers exposed first before I figure out what to do with them. Give them some tv time so to speak.

Matches for Undertow so far:
Mordicai vs Raven(US) title.

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I was wondering if anyone would like to write the War Zone for me? I'm a little busy and a little help would be nice. I cracked under pressure yes but I still think that this thread if done right could be a great one. I will give you the details on what to do after I get someoine to do it. And yes you will have full control over what happens and the PPV schedual is already made.

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A minor trade was made today to help both mens careers. It was thought that with trading Eugene to War Zone he could help out with the TV division. As for Petey Williams it is thought that with his trade to Mayhem would really stregthen the Cruiserweight didvision.

EWF trade:
To War Zone: Eugene
To Mayhem: Petey Williams

EWF Mayhem release:
the EWF has released Akio from his contract. With the 40-man roster split and reports saying that Mayhem has signed a Cruiserweight to a legthly contract they needed to get rid of someone. Best of luck with your career.

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sorry for the delay i will have the War Zone Show up tomorrow and i still need someone to write War Zone for me

i was just wondering why people don't replay to the thread? do u just read the show and say to yourself i liked it or i didn't like it? well i mean almost 100 views in about 2 days is good but only one person replies. a little help with this would be greatly appercianted. I'm not mad just curious.

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Amajor trade has just gone down as 8 wrestlers will be going to diferent shows.

To War Zone: Big Show
John Cena
The Hurricane

To Mayhem: Randy Orton
Steven Richards
Rob Conway
Sylvain Grenier

This is major news and the trades will be in effect after ther first War Zone is aired.

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I have an idea with Richards but I'm not sure I wanna do it yet. bUt in about 2 hours or so War Zone will be up.

don't worry War Zone will be longer and alot better then the Mayhem show.

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War Zone Preview:

In the show that will be like a PPV you will se five exremely entertaining matches as the Nwo returns to action to take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho an d a partner of there choice. Who will it be? You will have to tune in to find out. Aso there will be a battle of Ledgend vs new guy as Ric Flair takes on Paul London. Who will win. Will the younger more agial London be able to over take the Ledgend who has more experience? Only time will tell. Also there will be a gauntlet match with all the TV title contenders and Batista for the TV title. Can Val Venus overcome the odds or will he become the second man in a week to lose the title that was handed to him? Eddie Gurerreuo puts him International title on the line against Billy Gunn this week. Can Billy pull out an upset or will he go backdown and have to work his way up? And finally the Hardyz and the Dudleyz will clash to see who the better team is. Will another team be jelous of the fact that they aren't consitered a great team yet and want to make themselves one by taking out one team? Only time will tell. All this and much more this week only on War Zone!

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War Zone opens for the first time with the GM sitting in his office ready to address the fans.

Bischoff- Ladies and gentlemen I have some every sad news. At this weekends house show in Hamilton Ontario Canada HHH completely tore his ACL in a match against the new comer PowerHouse and is going to be out at least a good 8-10 months. Best of luck goes out to him and his family. In other news everyone had better prepare for one hell of a show tonight and every week for that matter. Tonight the start of a generation will begin. Tonight you will all bare witness the beginning of EWF’s War Zone. And it will be a War tonight of there, that is guaranteed. Tonight not only will the International belt be on the line as Eddie Guerreuo takes on Billy Gunn but also in the main event we will see The 3 member of the NwO takes on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and a mystery partner. This and much more and the only place to see it is right here. Enjoys.

War Zone opens with the music video and pyro.

JR- Welcome everyone to the premier of War Zone I’m your host JR along side Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler . And what a night we are in for.

Lawler- On top of the matches just announced we will also see The Hardyz take on The Dudleyz in a match that has been anticipated for a few years now and we’ll see what team is better right here tonight. Also can you see it JR 16 time World Champ takes on Paul London. Also the TV title will be decided in a gauntlet match as Val Venus puts the title on the line against A-Train, Gene Snitsky, Steven Richards, Billy Kidman, Funaki and Batista. This is going to be some night tonight JR.

JR- Tonight we open up with…

*Chuck Palumbo and Tyson Tomko’s Music*

JR- Well this isn’t scheduled.

The 2 of them approach the ring. Palumbo grabs a mic from the ring announcer. They then get into the ring.

Palumbo- Tonight Tomko and I will be watching one match very closely. That match will be The Hardyz and the Dudleyz. You see you people can say all you want about them that they are the 2 greatest tag teams of all time but what you are looking at is the tag team of the future. No one even matches up to us. And when we have our first match next week as a tag team you will all witness why we are destined to be great.

Tomko- That’s right and Jeff, Matt you guys will find out personally what we mean by that next week. But as for this week we will be watching the match from the announcers table.

They are then interrupted by The Hardyz. As they make their way to the ring Jeff and Matt play with the crowd. They get into the ring and take the mic from Tomko and Palumbo.

Matt- You guys think that you are better then the Hardyz? You guys think that next week you will come out here face us and win? Think again buddies. The Hardyz are Team Extreme and no one beats us so if you think that you will just watch what we do to The Dudleyz tonight.

They are then interrupted by the Dudleyz who quickly make their way to the ring without even looking at the fans.

Bubba- Since we are out here and The Hardlyz, excuse me Hardyz are here to why wait till later tonight to get this match on why not do it right now?

D-Von- Chuck, Tomko go take your seats up there at the announce table and lets get this match on.

JR- Folks we have to take a commercial break when we come back the tag team match will be underway.

Commercial 1.

Match 1- The Hardyz vs. The Dudleyz.

12:45 into the match.
Chuck and Tomko as expected run down to the ring and distract Jeff Hardy as he goes up for the Swanton Bomb on D-Von. This allows Bubba to knock Matt off the apron and for D-Von to call the ref over and Palumbo and Tomko give enough time to perfectly execute “ Glory Power”( Double Flap-jacket gut buster). On the inside Bubba and D-Von give Jeff the 3-D for the win.

After the match Palumbo and Tomko continue to punish Matt on the outside until Bischoff comes down to the ringside.

Bischoff- Enough. ENOUGH stop it you guys.

Tomko and Palumbo stop what they are doing.

Bischoff- I can’t stand you 2 and next week you won’t have your first match on War Zone.( the 2 of them looked confused) Next week you won’t even be in the arena. If you boneheads haven’t figured it out yet you’ve been traded to Mayhem and the people that I traded you for will appear next week in a tag team match against The Hardyz. Have fun on Mayhem boys. Now get the hell outta my building. Security! Come take these guys away.

JR- King in the first week we have already had 3 promising young athletes traded to Mayhem. But who did Palumbo and Tomko get traded for?

King- Only time will tell, JR.

JR- Now lets take you backstage where Lillian Garcia is standing by with the Television Champion Val Venus. Take it away Lillian.

Lillian- Thanks JR. Val how do you feel about having to defend that title against 6 other men in a gantlet match?

Venus- Don’t worry about the match Lillian. I’ll be fine but you know, I might be a little sore after my match and I may need a massage. What do you say?

Lillian- NO! Let’s keep this professional. You pig. How dare you think I’m a slut. Just stay on track.

Venus- Playing hard to get I like that. I guarantee that by the time this interview is over I will have you coming back to my hotel.

Lillian- I guarantee that if you keep harassing me I will have you fired. Just stay on track.

Venus- Fine . Tonight I will face 6 men thanks to Bischoff and in a gauntlet match as well. This is not fair and that is why I need you to make it all better. Come on Lillian.

Kidman walks by at this point.

Kidman-easy there Romeo, the lady doesn’t want you. How’s it going Lillian? Last night in my hotel room that was great. Only kidding don’t worry. Venus get you head into the match and not on Lillian. Because tonight you don’t only have to worry about me but also 5 other men all gunning for you. So get it together and Lillian it has been nice talking with you But you know something Val there is one man that you really need to be worried about…Me! No one else can do what I can. So I think as a little encouragement I will give you a little something.

At this point Kidman slaps Val across the face and runs away. As he runs you can hear him say:

Kidman- How’s that for encouragement!

Val is standing there it an evil glare on his face.

Lillian- Oh my god, Val are you ok? (she rubs the slap mark.)

Venus- Get your hands off me you slut. Don’t touch me. He’s a dead man. I thought I said don’t touch me.

Lillian- Fine, bastard!

JR- Kidman had no right to do that to Val.

King- He was just trying to help him get focused. What is so wrong with that?

JR- King, you just don’t understand. We have to take a break when we come back with the 16 time World Champ and a man that many say will be a legend in the future it will be Ric Flair verses Paul London and it’s next.

Commercial 2.

Match 2- Ric Flair vs. Paul London

12:23 into the match
Paul London reverses the Figure 4 Leg Lock and when Flair gets up he give him the dropsault. Flair gets up again and is hit with a Enziguiri kick. He drags Flair into position and hit’s a “Shooting Star Press”. He covers him for the win.

JR- Did you see how high he got, King? That was a great match.

King- I thought he was going to hit the roof of the building. He is going to be great one day.

JR- No doubt about that. If he can continue to impress people he could be a legend one day. But the night isn’t over yet ladies and gentlemen we still have the gauntlet match for the TV Title as well as Eddie Guerreuo putting the International Title on the line against Billy Gunn.

King- But that’s not all the NwO returns and they will take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and a mystery partner. I can’t wait!

Commercial 3.

When we come back Benoit and Jericho are standing in the locker room.

Benoit- He can’t be our partner he use to be associated with them. He can’t be trusted. Think of someone else.

Jericho- Come on think about it for a minute. Yes he was associated with them but that was a long time ago no anymore. He has told me that he wants to be our partner so he can get back at them for when he was with them and I have no reason to believe that he would double cross us. And neither should you. Think about it with him and the 2 of us there would be no way that the NwO could win. No way at all.

Benoit- I don’t trust him Jericho. And I still think we should find someone else to tag with us I don’t feel comfortable tagging with a former member of now. So forget about it.

Jericho- Fine but you have to go tell him yourself cause I already told him that he could tag with us tonight. So I am leaving it up to you to tell him.

Benoit- YOU ALEADY TOLD HIM HE COULD TAG WITH US? Well I can’t tell him, no, now. He’ll come and cost us the match for sure. But we’ll have to watch our backs. Got it?

Jericho- I got it and you have nothing to worry about he is on our side. I promise you that.

Benoit- if he isn’t then he had better watch out.

They both shake hands and we go back to JR and Jerry Lawler.

JR- Who is the mystery partner. Who where they talking about? He use to be a part of the NwO? It could be anyone.

King- I think someone is coming back tonight. But who? I can’t figure that part out. What is the next match JR?

JR- Up next it will be Eddie Guerreuo and Billy Gunn for the International belt.

Commercial 4.

Match 3- Eddie Guerreuo© vs. Billy Gunn- International Title Match

8:12 into the match
Billy Gunn kicks Guerreuo in the stomach and goes for the “Fameasser” but Guerreuo moves out of the way. He gives Gunn a close-line then goes to the outside and grabs a pair of brass knucks and a chair. He slips the knucks into his tights and takes the chair into the ring. The ref takes the chair but Eddie tries to grab it back but the ref won’t let it go. Billy starts to get up so Eddie moves more towards the ropes and when Billy is right behind the ref Eddie lets go of the chair and it hits Billy right in the face. “look what you did” Eddie says to the ref. He then smiles at the crowd. The ref takes the chair to the outside and Eddie hit’s the Frog-Splash on Billy when the ref comes back in.

King- Eddie used some cheating to win that one but what a win. I never expected to see that. He really stole that win didn’t he JR? the only thing he didn’t do is lie.

JR- Yeah what a match when we come back folks it will be the gauntlet match. You don’t want to miss it.

King- I can’t wait!

Commercial 5.

Match 4- 7 man Gauntlet- Val Venus© vs. A-Train vs. Gene Snitsky vs. Steven Richards vs. Billy Kidman vs. Funaki vs. Batista- Pt.1

3:54 into the match.

A-Train run the “Freight Train” on Funaki and throws him out.

Match 4- Val Venus© vs. A-Train vs. Gene Snitsky vs. Steven Richards vs. Billy Kidman vs. Batista- Pt. 2.
:10 into the match
Steven Richards tries to eliminate A-Train but Snitsky and Batista eliminate both of them by dumping them both out.

Match 4- Val Venus© vs. Gene Snitsky vs. Billy Kidman vs. Batista- Pt. 3.

4:59 into the match.
Kidman attacks Snitsky from behind and Snitsky turns around but Kidman is on the other side of the ring and Batista comes up behind him and dumps Snitsky out of the ring.

Match 4- Val Venus© vs. Billy Kidman vs. Batista

:20 into the match
Snitsky looks up and sees that Batista knocked him out. They argue for a few second before Venus and Kidman both come up behind him and dump him onto the floor. Once out there Snitsky attacks him but the refs are able to break it up before it gets to serious.[/I]

Match 4- Val Venus© vs. Billy Kidman

6:47 into the match
Kidman hit’s a dropkick on Venus and sets him up for the “Shooting Star Press” as he jumps Venus rolls out of the way and heads for the top to hit the “Money Shot” he connects and pins him to retain his title.

JR- Val did it. He made Billy eat his words.

King- Yeah it seems like Billy’s encouragement really help Val in the match. What next JR?

JR- Well we where supposed to go right to the main event but PowerHouse has requested some time to talk to all the fans.

Commercial 6.

PowerHouse is shown waiting on the Triton Tron™.

PowerHouse- People have been asking me all week how did it feel to put H}{H on the shelf in your first match? How did it feel to be called a clumsy no good piece of crap. Well you see to all of them all I have to say is F*** YOU. YOU DON’T KNOW ME! JUST BECAUSE I INJURED A TOP DRAW I AM LEFT OFF THE CARD? I DON’T CARE, H}{H WAS IN THE RING WITH ME AND HE INJURED HIMSELF. But you wanna know how it felt? How it felt to take the top draw here. To improve my chances of winning that Heavy Weight belt while H}{H is at home recovering, Hi Triple H. It felt pretty damn good. I have established myself as a threat to the locker room. Everyone is afraid of me. That means I can use it to my advantage. I can request a match and I know I will get it. Bischoff is afraid of me. Kane is afraid of me. That whole damn locker room is afraid of me. But you see next week I’m not gonna use my little power. No. Mr. Bischoff has requested that I welcome Eugene to War Zone and that is just what I’m going to do. You all may be calling me sick right now but next week I’m going to become something much worse. Eugene I hope that you enjoyed your career, as short as it may seem, cause next week it will be…all…OVER. They don’t call me the career ender for nothing and next week you will find out why.

JR- That no good son of a bitch. That’s what Eric is. His nephew hasn’t even been here and look what happens. And PowerHouse as well. By the time he is done here he will be the only one left to fight.

King- Calm down JR. he hasn’t even been in the ring yet. It was probably an accident like he said. But next week will be no accident when he gets in that ring with Eugene.

Folks we have to take a commercial break when we come back it will be the main event as the NwO takes on Benoit, Jericho and a mystery partner of there choice. We’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.

Commercial 7.

Match 5- Benoit, Jericho, and ??? vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac.

20:45 into the match

It turned out that the partner was Buff Bagwell. The fans erupt as the 3 of them make their way to the ring.
Bagwell and Jericho are on the outside with X-Pac and Hall while Benoit is on the inside trying to lock in the “Crossface“. on the outside Bagwell accidentally runs into Jericho knocking him down Hall takes advantage of this and he and X-Pac start to beat on Jericho. Bagwell rolls into the ring and by now Benoit has it locked in. Nash starts to tap but Bagwell grabs his hand and won’t allow him to tap. He then kick Benoit in the head causing him to let go of the hold. He picks him up and gives him the “Blockbuster”. He gets Nash up and Nash covers Benoit for the win.

Hall and X-Pac drag Jericho in and the 4 of member of the NwO stomp away at them as the fans throw stuff into the ring.

JR- Bagwell traded on them what a no good son of a bitch! He’s going to pay for this. Him and the rest of the NwO.

War Zone fades off as we get another shot of the ring and all 4 members of the now stand in the middle standing on Benoit and Jericho.

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