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EWE Extreme Wrestling Entertainment

Manager : Eric Bischoff

Shows: Meltdown (9 matches per show )
Wipeout (9 matches per show )
Velocity ( 5 matches per show ) show for mid-card & lowerstars

PPV's : Jan = Royal Rumble
Feb = Burnout
Mar = Wrestlemania
Apr = Revenge
May = Mayhem Madness
Jun = Bad Blood
Jul = Attitude
Aug = Vengeance
Sep = Brawl for All
Oct = Revoulotion
Nov = Survivor Series
Dec = Heatwave

EWE World Championship = Vacant
EWE National Championship = Vacant
EWE Hardcore Championship = Vacant
EWE Television Championship = Vacant
EWE World Tag Team Championship = Vacant
EWE Light-Weight Championship = Vacant
EWE Womens Championship = Vacant

Starting month is April heading up to the Revenge PPV

Brock Lesnar
Stone Cold
The Rock
Triple H
Kurt Angle
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
Nathan Joness
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels
Razor Ramon
Hulk Hogan
Scott Steiner
Rick Steiner
Jeff Hardy
Randy Orton
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
John Cena
Rey Mysterio
Mike Awesome
Big Show
Sean O'Haire
Ric Flair
Bubba Ray Dudley
D'von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
Juventud Guerrero
William Regal
Lance Storm
Steven Richards
Jamie Noble
Tommy Dreamer
Matt Hardy
Shannon Moore
Hardcore Holly
Jerry Lynn
Jeff Jarrett
Al Snow
D'lo Brown
Rodney Mack
Mark Henry
Chris Nowinski
Perry Saturn
Billy Gunn
Justin Credible
Sean Morley
Steve Blackman
Shane Douglas
Buff Bagwell
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus

Tag Teams
Los Guerreros Chavo & Eddie
Chris Beniot & Rhyno
Team Angle Haas & Benjamin
Version 1 Matt and Shannon
Dudley Boyz Bubba & D'von
Swanton Bomb Jeff Hardy & Sean O'Haire
APA Farrooq & Bradshaw
FBI Chuck Stamboli & Nunzio
Al Snow & Maven
Rey Mysterio & Edge
William Regal & Lance Storm
Chris Jericho & Christian
Juventud & Pshycosis
Kliq : Michaels, Triple H,Diesel,Razor Ramon
Batista & Ric Flair

Here is my first show

EWE Meltdown

Pyro goes off

JR : Welcome to EWE Meltdown what packed show we have for you tonight.

King : Yeah thats right JR I can't wait

I'm Back blares through the arena out comes Manager Eric Bishcoff to the ring.

Bischoff : Well Tonight is a first all titles are vacant and lucky you getting to see all the tournoments for the belts. Except for one

Time to play the Game plays and triple H comes out.

Triple H : Games up Bischoff hurry up and award me the belt

Eric : Why would I award you the belt

Triple H : I'll tell you why because I am the best in the buisness. I am the Game. I am that damn good. Nobody can beat me.

RVD's music plays through the arena and out comes RVD to the ramp.

RVD : I wouldn't be so sure of that Im the Whole Damn Show Rob Van Dam.

Eric : This is belt is not going to be in the tournoment it is going to be decided tonight between the both of you.

Im Back Plays and Bischoff leaves followed by RVD then Triple H

Jeff Hardy walks up to sean o'haire in the back.

Jeff : are you ready for our tournoment match
Sean : Yeah lets go

First Match : Swanton Bomb V Los Guerreros Tag Tournoment
Sean and Chavo start off. Sean o'haire attacks chavo giving fierce right hands in the corner then knees to the gut. Sean stomps away then picks him up and delivers a huge powerslam but only gets two. Jeff gets the tag in and they both do poetry emotion to chavo. Snap suplex by Jeff he then goes up top and eddie shakes the ropes. Chavo crawls over and tries to get the tag but sean o'haire runs over and knocks eddie off the apron. Jeff and sean make a quick exchange. Sean tries to powerbomb chavo but gets hurricanranad then gets dropkicked. Chavo tags eddie who comes in they do a dropkick German Suplex Double team move. Eddie chops away at o'haire.Sean hits a low blow on eddie followed by a superkick he tags jeff who hits the 450 splash. 1-2-kickout by eddie. Jeff goes up top for the swanton bomb. but eddie jumps up and hurricanranas jeff from the top rope. Eddie tags chavo who gives jeff a couple of clothes lines then gives O'Haire a right hand. Chavo hits the Brainbuster on jeff 1-2sean o'haire breaks it up. Chavo goes for O'Haire but jeff sneaks up and hits a low blow he rolls him up and pulls the tights but only gets two. Jeff hits a twist of fate on chavo and covers him 1-2-kickout. The crowd start willing chavo to get the tag to eddie. Jeff punches eddie who tries to get in but the ref stops him but while the ref is distracted Jeff and O'Haire kick away at chavo. O 'Haire goes back out. Jeff lifts chavo onto the top turnbuckle jeff goes up with him but chavo fights him off he then hits a missile dropkick 1-2-kickout by jeff. Chavo crawls over and gets the tag to eddie jeff gets dropkicked then gets beat up in the corner. Eddie takes down sean o'haire and chavo takes him out side. Eddie goes up top with jeff and delivers a superplex but no cover. O'Haire hits chavo's head off the ring pole. Eddie goes up top for the frog splash and hits it. 1-2-Swanton Bomb by O'haire onto eddie jeff covers eddie and gets the 1-2-3.
Winners = Jeff Hardy and Sean O'Haire

JR : Well Team Swanton Bomb advance and Los Guerreros are out

King : Yes I picked Swanton Bomb to go through Yes

JR : Coming up next in the TAG Tournoment the FBI against the Dudley Boyz.

Second Match : Chuck & Stamboli w ( nunzio ) V Dudley Boyz
Chuck and D'von start off. Chuck attacks d'von and delivers a powerslam . Chuck Chokes D'von in the corner with his foot. Chuck distracts the ref and nunzio chokes d'von in the ropes. Chuck tags stamboli and they double suplex d'von.Stsmboli picks up d'von and throws him shoulder first into the ring pole. Stamboli ddt's d'von and knocks bubba off the apron. Stamboli tags Chuck they kick away at d'von in the corner. bubba tries to get in but the ref blocks him which allows nunzio to get more right hands in on d'von. Chuck takes off the turnbuckle pad. He rams d'von into the steel bolt 1-2-bubba brakes it up.Quick elbow drops by chuck then a tag to Stamboli. Stamboli delivers the tiger bomb to d'von 1-2-kickout. Stamboli hits another tigerbomb and tags chuck again. Chuck applies the torture rack to d'von. Bubba runs in and breaks it up knocking d'von out of the ring. The ref sends bubba out while nunzio and stamboli double team d'von then toss him into the ring. Chuck belly to belly suplexes d'von.Then tags Stamboli. Johnny Stamboli goes up top for the diving elbow drop but misses. D'von tags bubba. Bubba Ray comes in and cleans house Bubba Bomb to Stamboli. Bubba bomb to Chuck. Nunzio runs in scoop slam by bubba to nunzio tag to d'von WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZA. Dvon hits it then they set stamboli for the 3D. 3D to Stamboli. Superkick by Chuck to D'von. Bubba Cutter to Chuck but the ref sends them both out. Nunzio whips bubba into the barracade while stamboli tags chuck who distracts the ref. Chuck sets D'von and hits the superkick followed by Stamboli's Diving Elbow from the top Turnbuckle. Chuck covers D'von 1-2-3.
Winners : Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli

JR : Well two veteran teams out of the tournoment know thats a shock.
King : Yeah I will admit I expected those Damn Dudleyz to go through but it didn't happen.

JR : Next up is Test V A-Train


In the Back the FBI are celebrating the victory

Nunzio: You two are going to be the tag team champs I can't wait

Swanton Bomb walk in
Jeff : No you aren't we are winning the tag titles

Sean : Yeah your Semi-Final is against us.

JR: Swanton Bomb V FBI next week

King : oh no JR who will i pick

Third Match : Test w(Stacy Keibler) V A-Train
A-Train attacks test but test fires back. Both men have a fist fight but A-Train ends it with a clothesline. A-train goes for the Baldo Bomb but test gets out of it. A-Train powerslams Test. A-Train then hits a big splash for the 2count. A-Train whips test into the ropes the delivers a back body drop which takes Test out of the ring. A-Train whips test into the steel stairs then slams him into the barricade. A-Train throws test back in the ring. A-train tries a scissors kick but misses and test hits the full nelson slam 1-2-kickout.Test whips A-train into the corner and delivers quick right hands to A-Train. Then stomps away at him in the corner. Test picks up A-train and delivers the pumphandle slam. 1-2-kickout. A-Train gives Test some right hands then a huge scissors kick. 1-2-kickout by Test. A-train then picks Test up and hits the Baldo Bomb 1-2-kickout again. Then the big show comes running down out of now where and chokeslams Test the ref calls for the bell and DQ's A-train.
Winner = by DQ Test

JR : What was Big Show doing he had no buisness ruining that match
King : He can do what he wants the is 7 foot 2 500 pounds

JR : Yeah right. Up next Raven takes on the Dark Angel Vampiro to decide the EWE Hardcore Championship.

Fourth Match : Raven V Vampiro Hardcore Championship
Raven comes to the ring with a trolley full of weapons. Vampiro comes to the ring in a mixed reception. Raven attacks vampiro with a trash can lid. Vampiro battles back and hits raven with a stop sign then superkicks a trash can lid into the face of Raven. Vampiro folds a steel chair out. He sits Raven on it.Vampiro runs off the ropes and runs to raven but he stands up and drop toe holds vampiro into the chair. Raven gets the steel stairs and brings them in the ring. He sits the dark angel on the chair. He runs up the stairs and but vampiro moves of the chair and raven goes knee first into the chair. Vampiro goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. 1-2-raven kicks out. Vampiro picks Raven up and tries the nail in the coffin but Raven gets over the back of vampiro and Raven hits the Evenflow DDT 1-2-3. But just as Raven is celebrating Tajiri comes running out and attacks raven. Tajiri gives raven the green mist then nails him with the buzzsaw kick 1-2-3. Tajiri celebrates but Tommy Dreamer hits him with a singapore cane 1-2-3. Tommy Dreamer is hardcore champ but Jerry lynn runs in and tombstones him 1-2-3. Jerry Lynn wins the belt. But Vampiro hits a low blow then the nail in the coffin. 1-2-3 vampiro escapes with the title
Winner = and new EWE Hardcore Champion Vampiro

JR : Hardcore mayhem there but vampiro escaping with the belt

King : I enjoyed that match with all the risks but one match im lookin foward to is later on tonight between edge and rhyno.

JR : Yeah edge v rhyno 2 out of 3 falls later on tonight for the EWE National Championship. But up next fans is a death valley driver challenge. Between John Cena and Rick Steiner in this match the first competitor to apply the Death Valley Driver on there opponent wins.

Fifth Match : John Cena V Rick Steiner Death Valley Driver Match
John Cena attacks steiner as he comes down the ramp hitting him with a chair before the bell rings. Cena shoves Steiner in the ring. Cena mocks steiner by taunting the DFG. Cena opens up with right hands on steiner. Cena Whips Steiner into the ropes but steiner comes back and delivers a huge steiner line. Steiner picks up cena and delivers a t-bone suplex. Steiner german suplexes cena right onto his head.Steiner picks up cena but cena low blows him. Cena delivers the 3 handled credenza. Cena picks up steiner for the death valley driver but the DFG counters. Rick Steiner DDTs Cena then goes up on the middle rope Cena has his back to steiner. Cena staggers up and steiner hits the middle rope bulldog.Rick Steiner elbow drops Cena. The Full Blooded Italians approach ringside. Steiner sees them. Steiner tries to steiner line cena but gets the ref. The FBI then come in the ring and attack rick steiner. Nunzio hitting him with a chair then Chuck superkicking him and Stamboli Giving him the top rope elbow drop. Scott Steiner runs down. He takes out all of The FBI then Takes out John Cena. Cena gets up first and tries to Death Valley Driver steiner but the DFG reverses and hits it. The ref gets up and sees steiner hit the move.
Winner = Rick Steiner

JR : Well what were the FBI doing attacking Rick Steiner
King : I don't know JR but Scott Steiner chased them off anyway
JR : Scott Steiner Better hurry up his match with Booker is next.

Kurt Angle is in the locker room with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Angle : Hey I've just heard the draw for the rest of the tag tournoment.

Haas : Yeah who have we got ?

Angle : On wipeout you guys will face Edge & Rey Mysterio

Benjamin : What we'll never win

Angle : Yeah you will and when you get through your semi-final will be against either Version 1 or Beniot & Rhyno.

Haas : How come we get the hardest draw.

Angle : I don't know man but i bet you'll be facing version 1. Do you guys have my back tonight

Benjamin : Yes

Angle : OK and don't worry you two will be the tag team champs.

Rest to come
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