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The lights go out and the crowd go quite with anticipation for the start of a new era in profesional wrestling.

Bang The fire works go off and rage against the machines calm like a bomb blurts around the whole arena erena so loud it shakes the arena to its entire foundations. As the lights come back the crowd goes absoloutly frantic as they chant holy shit! holy shit! but the fans are cut off by lounge act at this time you could here a pin drop as everyone in the building are waiting to see who has started the promotion the curtain twitches while the the nervous energy grows. Suddenly the curtain comes back and a masked figure comes out but the crowd are confused and aren't sure what to do the masked man walks down to the ring and rolls under the bottom and get a microphone from the official standing waiting for him.

Joel gertner wow did you see this has to be one of the intense moments of my life its Not just the response from the crowd but now we have this masked figure comin down to the ring do you thinks he's the new owner ewcw i can't wait to see who is our new boss i just hope it aint vince.

Tazz i can't be vince can it i hope not since he fired my ass for choking him out for pushing the a train anyway were gonna find out right now shush he's gonna speak.

The masked man walks around the ring looking at all the fans before stalling he then starts teasing the crowd inching the mask up slowly till he gets to the top of his mouth and stops a big smile comes across his face and just yanks the mask off completely to reveal our new boss as not only the best their is the best their was and their ever will be BRET HART.

Joel gertner Oh my god can u beleive it it's really him the greatest of all time bret hart wots he doing here surely he can't be the boss it's to good to be true tell me tazz am i haloucinating.

Tazz no it's really him im sure hes gonna tell us whats gonna go down tonite and im sure its gonna a rocket buster i can't wait.

The crowd goes absoloutly mental for about 5 minutes straight with bret just waiting with a smile on his face waiting for the baying crowd to give him a chance to speakwhile the chanting goes on he gets himself a seat and waits which makes the fans even more beserk.
the crowd dies down slowly and bret gets to his feet and greets the fans "hi there if your wondering wot im doing inside this ewcw ring right now well i'll tell you im your comissioner thats right i have 100% control of wot goes on in this arena each and every week so tonite im gonna anounce all title matches tonite right now in new york city" The crowd pops the biggest time for the nite.

Joel gertner. did u here that this is really happening and you at home have the best seat at for £9.99 on pay per view.

tazz really arh i forgot to order the first ewcw ppv dammit.

joel gertner but your already here you idiot.

"the first match of the the the nite is gonna be amazing red vs billy kidman for the super lucha title. next for match two were gonna have the tag titles on the line with elix skipper and the fallen angel christopher daniels taking on los guerrorous. "if you think i can't top that then your crazy for match were gonna go a little hardcore with the extremely hardcore on with the sandman vs raven. "next this is a bit of tradition for you great fans it the international title it's gonna be sonny siaki vs shane douglas goin one on one. But moving on to the big one ewcw world title your gonna see the bright and shining future of our sport aj styles will take on Rhino for the biggest prize in our sport today!

Joel gertner after hearing all of brets announcements im sure were in for a hellacous nite of great wrestling when we come back after this break

Tazz yeah wot he said its gonna be a super duper rocket buster of a shows

Lites fade down as we go to the first commercial break of the nite

wot do think so far ive gotta go to bed cause iv'e got work in the morning so i'll finish it tomorrow
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