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Vince McMahon and Triple H had a deal. Triple H would shock the WWE Universe when his team defeated Vince McMahon's at Survivor Series 2012, and he'd be named the new Chairman of the WWE. Vince had other plans though. He loved the business and wasn't done yet. He changed the plan, and his team would be victorious at Survivor Series. They were, he never made it to the match though. Vince suffered a fatal heart attack at the show, and no one knew if he would make it. Helmsley made the decision to have the show go on. The PPV was an immense success, and all in all, a great night for the WWE. Vince McMahon didn't have such a great night, however. He didn't even make it through to the next morning, and was announced dead. Fans were in shock, and thought it was all just a work. It spread through the media though, and fans soon learned, Vinny Mac had actually passed away.

Triple H held a memorial show in Vince McMahon's honour. He'd arranged it out of respect, and for money. A drunken "Stone Cold" Steve Austin drove himself to that show, he crashed into a bin while parking, but something caught his eye when he hopped out of his car however. It was a massive stack of pieces of paper, all he noticed was the title though, "EWA: A Revolution in Professional Wrestling, Vince McMahon." He decided to take it home with him, as he couldn't see the small text. The next day, he read it through thoroughly, and had a plan. The company, named "Everything Wrestling Association". Their slogan was, "We have everything." Steve Austin was intrigued. It turned out, Vince had already organised for half of the WWE roster to sign with EWA and to have them take The World Heavyweight Championship, the Tag Team Title (No not the World Tag Team Titles), The Women's Championship, The United States Championship and The Cruiserweight Championship. Stone Cold decided to buy the rights to this company, which already had people waiting to see what this company would offer. He signed some more wrestlers before putting on the first show.

Roster: Superstars
Steve Austin - Owner
Dave Batista
Christian - World Heavyweight Champion
R Truth
Mason Ryan
Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy
Shannon Moore
Brodus Clay
Nigel McGuinness
Gregory Helms
Seth Rollins
Evan Bourne

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler - Tag Champion
Jack Swagger - Tag Champion
Charlie Haas
Russ Haas
Ken Shamrock
Lord Tensai - United States Champion
Jamie Dundee
Chris Mordetzky
Davey Richards
Kevin Steen

Roster: Divas
Layla El
Maria Kenellis
Tamina Snuka - Women's Champion

Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Mila Yim

And for those who were wondering. This was the Survivor Series 2012 Card:
Team Vince (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Lord Tensai, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger) def. Team HHH (John Cena, Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, The Miz and Kofi Kingston)
Christian def. Sheamus - World Heavyweight Title
Wade Barret def. Cody Rhodes - WWE Title
Chris Hero and Antonio Cesaro def. Curt Hawkins and Titus O'Neill - World Tag Titles
AJ Lee def. Layla El - Diva's Championship
Kane def. Ryback

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Neat, I like the idea. Will definitely read.

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Steve Austin is at Syfy's Television studio, trying to get EWA a time slot.

Worker: Sorry, we haven't SEEN any promo tapes, so we can't give you a time slot.

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

Worker: That isn't helping your chances.

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

Worker: I'll get security up here!

Eugene is distracting security, showing them he can count to ten.

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!


Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

Worker: ........

Steve Austin: WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?!

Worker: FINE! You can have one hour on a Wednesday.

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EWA SHOW 1, December 5, 2012:

CM Punk is backstage in Steve Austin's office.

CM Punk: That stuff is disgusting. You're filling your body with poison!

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

CM Punk: Stop drinking that alcohol is what I'm saying. Now, listen.. you know that I deser....

Steve Austin: First, while I'm in charge, you NEVER tell me to stop drinking. Second, I know where this is going. You want a title show. Well you'll have to wait until out first PPV, "Armageddon." You'll have to earn it too, tonight you'll be in a Number One Contender's Match against an opponent of my choice.

CM Punk: Armageddon? Didn't that WWF company have a PPV named that a few years ago?

Steve Austin: Vince McMahon took most of the PPV names. We have WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. Now get out of my office, I got some drinking to do.

CM Punk: Ugh.

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

CM Punk leaves Austin's office.


MATCH: Evan Bourne vs. Chris Modetzky
The bell rings, and Evan Bourne runs straight into a Lariat from Chris Modetzky. Modetzky gains some early momentum, and throws Bourne to the outside, he then starts flexing in the ring. Evan looks as if he's in a bit of trouble on the outside. He's injured his leg, Steve Austin is showed on the titantron.

Steve Austin: What? Ahh.. I'm trying to have a drink, it seems as if I never get to these days... send Mannon Shoore out there!

Someone whispers something to Austin.

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

MATCH: Shannon Moore vs. Chris Modetzky
Shannon Moore makes his way to the ring, while Evan Bourne is carted out of the arena. Shannon Moore quickly jumps onto the top rope and hits a Dropkick on Modetzky. Quick cover: 1...2. No, kick out. Shannon Moore hits a quick DDT, and then a Rolling Dropkick. Modetzky then hits a Body Drop on him though. He goes to lock in his, "Master Lock" but Moore hits a Small Package... 1...2...3!
Winner: Shannon Moore

Charlie Haas walks up to Shelton Benjamin backstage.

Charlie Haas: Shelton, Shelton. You want to recreate WGTT and go for the Tag Titles?

Shelton Benjamin: World's Greatest Tag Team? We did win a lot of titles under that name, didn't we?

Charlie Haas: We did!

Shelton Benjamin: There's just one little problem with us teaming up.

Charlie Haas: And what is that?

Shelton Benjamin: I have no respect for you at all. None. I carried the team when we teamed up. I will team-up with you to do one thing though. Take the Tag Titles off ZigSwag. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are all talk.

Charlie Haas: Great. We have a No. 1 Contender's Match against Kamala and Mable next week.


Ken Shamrock is seen in the ring, he has a microphone in his hand.


Brodus Clay's music hits, and he starts dancing his way to the ring.

Ken Shamrock: Grrr.. cough, cough. That's better.

Brodus Clay: Please continue screaming, it makes some good background music.


While Brodus Clay back is turned, Shamrock attacks him, and applies his Ankle Lock. Brodus taps out, but Ken Shamrock continues to hold it. Brodus is screaming in pain, and Ken finally lets go and leaves the ring. He's just sent a message to the rest of the locker room.


MATCH: Lord Tensai vs. Gregory Helms
Gregory Helms hits a few quick kicks before Tensai can squash him. He dodges a few of Tensai's punch attempts, and slides to the outside to get a second wind. Lord Tensai is hardly even hurt, and Helms is already exhausted. Lord Tensai grabs Gregory Helms by the head from the outside, and drags him back into the ring. Helms quickly pushes him away, and hits a Low Dropkick. He then hits a Running Crossbody, but is caught. Tensai Belly to Back Suplex and then looks to hit a Bansai Drop. Helms rolls out of the way, and goes for the cover.. 1... Tensai throws him across the ring.

The two of them both get up, and run in to each other. Gregory Helms goes down, and Tensai picks him up and looks to hit a Two Hand Chokeslam. Helms manages to slide his way out it and hit a DDT. When Tensai gets up, Helms hits some Chops. They don't do enough impact though, and Tensai angrily destroys Helms with the Big Boot. Gregory rolls to the outside, and the ref starts the count. 1...2...3...4...5...6... BACKSTABBER! Carlito ran to ringside and hit a Backstabber on Tensai from out of nowhere. Kevin Steen runs out, but instead focuses on Gregory Helms and attacks him on the outside. Kevin Steen rolls into the ring, and he and Carlito are staring at each other, and they're both attacked from behind by R Truth. R Truth hits a Lie Detector on both men, but he's attacked by Finlay! Finlay poses in the middle of the ring, but is floored by Lord Tensai. Tensai then picks him up and hits a Chokebomb pin. He stands over all the other men, holding up his United States Champioinship.

Winner: No Contest.


Dean Ambrose is in Steve Austin's office, they're in the middle of a conversation.

Steve Austin: I dislike you, because you remind me of CM Punk.

Dean Ambrose: Well, that doesn't even matter to me. I bet you dislike everyone on this roster, anyway. It's a disgrace.

Steve Austin: I don't mind Seth Rollins. The kid worked pretty hard in FCW.

Seth Rollins walks into the room.

Seth Rollins: Thanks, Steve. I tried to work hard. It feels good to have a company finally give me a chance on the main roster. I bet I could've beaten everyone in the last company I was in.

Steve Austin: Those wrestlers did look pretty weak.

Both of them look at Dean Ambrose who debuted at SummerSlam.

Daen Ambrose: Oh, for god sakes.

Dean attacks Seth Rollins. Steve Austin demands he stops after having a quick drink.

Steve Austin: Settle down, you can have a match against him next week.

Ambrose looks pretty happy with himself.


CM Punk is standing in the ring, microphone in hand. He looks ready for his match.

CM Punk: I know you're gonna give me someone like Mable, or Daniel Bryan, Austin. DO YOUR WORST, I'm ready for them.

Eugene's music hits, and CM Punk doesn't look very amused.

MAIN EVENT: CM Punk vs. Eugene
Eugene starts running around the ring like an aeroplane. He then stops looks at Punk, and moves his hands around his waist, saying he was gonna win the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk laughs, but while he's laughing, Eugene hits a Clothesline, runs to the rope and hits a Leg Drop. He goes for the cover.. 1...2...NO! Punk kicks out. CM Punk uses the ropes to pull himself up, Eugene runs at him, trying to send him to the outside, Punk ducks and grabs the rope though, and Eugene falls to the outside. Punk starts taunting the titantron, saying he's gonna take Christian title at Armageddon. Eugene rolls Punk up! 1...2...3 NO! Punk just kicks out again.

Punk manages to hit a kick on Eugene. He then pulls him up and hits looks to hit the GTS. Eugene manages to get out of it and hit a Neckbreaker though. Eugene starts taunting CM Punk and hits a Pointed Elbow Drop. Eugene then goes to hit a Stunner but Punk pushes him away, then runs up and hits an Anaconda Vice. Eugene grabs the rope after a few moments of it being locked in and CM Punk is forced to let go. CM Punk heads to the top and looks to hit a Macho Elbow Drop, Eugene rolls out of the way though. Eugene pulls Punk up and hits an Irish Whip into the corner. He hits a Clothesline and hit some Mudhole Stomps, CM Punk dives out of the way though and their positions are reversed. CM Punk quickly has a breather, and gets ready to go back to attack Eugene. He wants to end this match before Eugene has a chance to comeback.

CM Punk runs up to Eugene and hits a knee to the skull and then a Running Bulldog. CM Punk sets Eugene up for the GTS, but Eugene is squirming while on Punk's shoulders though, and CM Punk falls over. Punk smashes into the referee who falls to the outside. He can't believe it. He had this match won. CM Punk angrily gets up, but walks into a Stunner! Eugene hits a Stunner, but the ref isn't there to count it, Eugene has his head in his hands, he had this match won. Eugene brings the ref into the ring, and goes to cover Punk, but CM Punk hits a Small Package from out of nowhere! 1...2.. Eugene kicks out. CM Punk hits a GTS on Eugene and goes for the cover. 1...2..3... Punk has finally won it, he will take on Christian at Armageddon!



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Preview For This Week's Show:
- Kamala sadly passed away this week, this will be a memorial show.
- Mabel's new partner is yet to be announced.
- Jim Duggan will be at next week's show, due to his friends passing.
- Christian will team up with Jim for the main event.
- The card right now is, Jim Duggan and Christian vs. ZigSwag, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Mabel and ????? vs. World's Greatest Tag Team
- Another match for Armageddon will be announced.

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The show starts with everyone standing on the stage.

Steve Austin: Tonight, we remember one of our most respected wrestlers. This man has achieved exceptional success in the world of wrestling, and is well respected in the locker room. In our main event tonight, our World Heavyweight Champuon Christian will team up with one of the many friends this man has made in this business, Jim Duggan. The two will take on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Kamala, we thank you for your huge contributions to this industry, and tonight we will be celebrating some of your greatest moments and matches.


MATCH: The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Mabel and Jamie Dundee
We find out that Jamie Dundee was meant to be Mabel's partner for tonight, he doesn't show up to the match though and this becomes a Handicap Match. Charlie Haas starts things off. Charlie Haas is enthusiastic, but Mabel eventually decimates him with a Lariat and a Big Splash. Charlie Haas manages to get the hot tag to Shelton Benjamin though and he hits a few quick Dropkicks, a move from the top and looks to hit the T Bone Suplex. He can't quite lift Mable up, however and Mabel takes back momentum. Mable tries to get things going, but Haas gets involved again, and jumps onto Mable's shoulders. Mable shakes him off, but walks into a Superkick. This time Shelton manages to hit the T Bone Suplex, and he gets the 3 count. World's Greatest Tag Team were just too much for Mabel.

WINNERS: World's Greatest Tag Team


Steve Austin is sitting in his GM Room.

Steve Austin: Oh, uh, at Armageddon Lord Tensai will put his title on the line against Kevin Steen, Mason Ryan, Finlay, Gregory Helms and Carlito. Now, I'm gonna have a drink.

Steve Austin goes back to drinking.


MATCH: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring first and gets a mixed reaction. Seth Rollins follows and gets a small pop. When Seth gets to the ring, he hits a Spear on Ambrose. Seth Rollins throws Dean to the outside and the two brawl around the ring for about a minute. Dean Ambrose finally gets some momentum after throwing Seth Rollins through steel steps. He rolls Seth into the ring and then follows. He stomps down on Seth for quite a little while. Seth grabs Dean's leg eventually, tripping him then hits a Clothesline and also starts stomping down on Dean Ambrose, doing the same as his opponent. Seth Rollins uses the ring ropes to pull himself up. Dean runs at Rollins and gets Suplexed to the floor and Seth follows the Suplex up with a Suicide Dive. Seth Rollins picks up a Chair and looks to use it on Ambrose. Both men have the same idea and go down. The two brawl around ringside and the ref calls for the No Contest. It doesn't stop Dean and Seth though and they continue to go at it. Steve Austin's music hits and finally, the two stop brawling.

Steve Austin: That's it, you two will have a match at Armageddon, *drink* and I'll be the referee!
Austin goes back to drinking, and the crowd explodes!

WINNER: No Contest.

CM Punk is backstage talking to Jamie Dundee backstage.
CM Punk: Christian is useless. I don't mind you because you have an extreme style of wrestling, take no crap and don't talk up to anyone. Except me.
Jamie Dundee: I would never talk up to anyone, especially you.
CM Punk: Well, anyway. I've never seen anyone with their head so far up a bosses ass, and this company has only been around for two weeks! Oh, uh, watch out.
Mable sneak attacks Jamie Dundee from out of nowhere. He destroys Dundee while CM Punk walks away, he really couldn't care less. Dundee is lying on the ground in an immense amount of pain.
Brodus Clay is backstage, ready to be interviewed. He had crutches due to Ken Shamrock's attack from last week.
Todd Grisham: Hey folks, I'm here wit "The Funkasauraus" Brodus Clay, who was brutally assaulted last week. Do you have anything to say to Ken Shamrock, Brodus?
Brodus Clay: Yes, I have Todd. Shamrock, I'd tell you to watch your back, but I'm not into sneak attacks like you. I'd rather just meet you in the ring, and I will at Armageddon. I would tonight, the doctor wouldn't allow me too, so at Armageddon, I'll make sure you miss at least as much time as I'm going too.
Todd Grisham: Are you able to show us any dance moves?
Brodus Clay: No, I can't. I do have the Funkettes, however. Cameron, Naomi, you know what to do.
Cameron and Naomi start dancing, they and the audience aren't used to it just being them dancing.

MAIN EVENT: Jim Duggan and Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger enter first. There are some cheers for Dolph Ziggler, but still a lot of boos. Christian enters next and gets a huge response, Jim Duggan enters next, but the response for him is fairly weak.

Jim Duggan and Dolph Ziggler start things off. Duggan gets some early momentum, throwing Ziggler into the corner and hitting some chops. "WOOO!" Shout the audience. He hits an Irish Whip and Dolph Ziggler goes running towards the rope, then back to Duggan and he gets thrown for a Back Body Drop. "Hoooo!" Shours Duggan. Dolph Ziggler gets back up and walks into a few more Chops that send him to the ground, and eventually one sends him to the outside. Vickie walks up to Dolph Ziggler and tells him to get it together and stop screwing around. Dolph grabs Jim Duggan's leg from the outside, tripping him. Dolph hits an Elbow and tries a cover. 1...2... No, Duggan kicks out. Doplh Ziggler tags in Jack Swagger who hits a Jumping Knee Drop onto Jim Duggan. He goes for the cover: 1... No. Jack Swagger pulls Jim Duggan up and lifts him up for a Suplex and after holding him up for a few seconds, drops him, getting good impact. He then throws Jim Duggan to the outside then flexes. Vickie is screaming on the outside, pleased with how her team is going. "Duggan! Duggan! Duggan!" Christian starts chanting, trying to get the crowd on Duggan's side. Jim Duggan gets up and feels the momentum running through his body. He smashes the ring and gets ready to go back into the ring when Dolph Ziggler hits a Crossbody on Jim Duggan from the apron. Jack Swagger doesn't seem to mind until Christian hits a Crossbody of his own on him from the top rope. Christian and Dolph Ziggler are left in the ring staring each other down. Things are out of control here!

Punch by Christian, Punch by Dolph Ziggler! "Yeah! Boo! Yeah! Boo!" Shouts the crowd until a Punch by Christian is big enough to make Dolph walk around groggily, falling on to the ropes. Christian hits a Clothesline that sends him and Ziggler to the outside. Jim Duggan roles back into the ring while all this is happening. It's back to it just being him Jack Swagger. The two lock-up and Jack Swagger gets a clear advantage and hits a Body Slam. He then pulls Jim Duggan up for a Gutwrench Suplex, but Duggan manages to fight his way out of it. He runs to the rope and hits a Lariat, knocking Swagger over. He does it a few more times before pointing at Christian. The crowd erupt, and he tags him in. Dropkick to Swagger, a Clothesline that sends Ziggler to the floor and begins taunting Ziggler and Vickie. Christian heads to the top rope, before being pushed off it by Vickie! The referees had enough of this and her complaining, she's been banned from ringside.

Due to Vickie's interruption, ZigSwag have taken back momentum. Jack Swagger throws Christian into the corner and starts pounding down on him. He then tags Ziggler in and they hit a Double DDT on Christin which hits really hard. Cover: 1...2...NO! Chrisitian looks like he's out of it, but he's just managed to kick out. Dolph Ziggler heads to the top rope and tries to hit an Elbow but misses. Both men take until the count of 7 to get up, but when they do, they both look to hit a Clothesline, which results in them both going down. Meanwhile, Jim Duggan walks over to the other side of the ring, pulls Jack Swagger off the apron and hits a Clothesline. Christian uses the corner to get up while Dolph Ziggler uses the ropes and runs towards Christian who's still groggy but hits a Pendulum Overhead kick from out of nowhere! He then sets Ziggler up and hits an Unprettier! Cover: 1...2...3! He did it! Christian won it! Jim Duggan rolls into the ring and the two pay tribute to Kamala.

WINNERS: Christian and Jim Duggan

After the match, CM Punk runs to the ring and goes to attack Christian, but Jim Duggan takes him down with a Clothesline. The two go back to celebrating.


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World Heavyweight Champion: Christian (c) vs. CM Punk
Special Guest Referee - Steve Austin: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
Tag Team Champuonship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. ZigSwag
United States Championship: Lord Tensai (c) vs. Finlay vs. Mason Ryan vs. Carlito vs. Gregory Helms vs. Kevin Steen

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Steve Austin made this announcement a few days ago.

Steve Austin: Why the **** is no one ****** watching this ****** ****. It's a lot ****** **** better that all that other WW* piece of ****** **** ****. Watch our ****** **** ****** shows or I'll stunner the lotta yer. That being said, Armageddon is this Sunday after our next show.

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EWA show Review:

Outside of the fact that I don't really picture Stone Cold saying something like that, I thought the opening was okay. Nothing amazing, but I liked it for what it was worth. It shows that you are really trying to keep this as realistic as possible, which is cool. I think it's pretty clear that you're pushing Christian hard, well for now at least. Then again, that's a good thing since you really need a face for your company, a big main event star. Pushing Christian that way, now that's cool.

The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Mabel and Jamie Dundee: WGTT! YES! Other than that, I didn't think there was anything special about this match. I suppose it was okay for an opener, but I was just expecting chaos at the end. Just one thing, however. How in the blue hell, does Benjamin manage to hit a T-Bone on Mabel? Anyways, I'm still happy about WGTT being back. Mabel is just a character I can't get excited about. It might have to do with the fact Mabel has had many character changes over the years. Kinda hard to get behind a guy who's entire career has been based on the fact that he's fat. Also, I like WGTT and all, but please don't push them to the moon. They might be a good wrestlers, but their charisma is very lacking. I honestly feel that WGTT is just a midcard thing. Give them the Tag Titles, however, but don't push them up to WHC status. At least not yet.

Stone Cold might be fun at times, but I swear that using him too much is getting more annoying than Michael Cole and Vickie Guerrero put together. Just saying. Keep using him of course, but maybe a bit more moderately.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: I'm not against this match, but you shouldn't have added it to Armageddon. They're both more or less rookies and should be fighting against an established star because, for the moment, they have no name recognition (well at least outside of the IWC). As a result, this feud is rather uninteresting.

I love the way you use Punk. Probably the most interesting character of your show right now. It would also be nice to see a Mabel-Jamie Dundee fued. Maybe a match at Armageddon? Anyways,good ideas. :)

However... Brodus Clay? Seriously man? No offense but this guy, or at least his gimmick, really sucks ass. I can understand the fact a gimmick like that exists in the WWE, but I really don't see the use of it on your show. Just change his gimmick, and all will be fine! :)

I was also asking myself, isn't the Christian vs CM Punk match made a bit early? It hasn't really been built up a lot for a main event feud. You need to develop it more, in my opinion.

Jim Duggan and Christian vs. Jack Swagger and. Dolph Ziggler: This match up wasn't too bad, but I had a hard time getting into the match. Probably because of Jack Swagger, I just find the guy boring.Didn't really like the ending, though, with Punk coming in just to get beat up.

Overall Impression: Compared to your first show, this was a major improvement, but I still feel you're kinda holding back. It was still a good show, though. I really love the Punk and Dundee characters, especially Dundee. I was also fine with the opening of the show and the ending of the show was okay. However, the rest was a bit useless. Your matches could be a little more developped. I also can't get behind the Ambrose-Rollins feud. Both are rookies, they shouldn't be facing each other. To sum up, your show was good, but nothing special. Then again, the goal of it, I think, was to get some hype for Armageddon. Outside of Christian/Punk and Dundee/Mable, there wasn't a ton of build up with the other matches. Try to hype up your PPVs a bit more in your next shows. That's going to do it for the review and I hope you enjoyed it. I am really going to try and review your next shows, if I have time. Good luck, I'll be reading.

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CM Punk will take on R-Truth in the main event.
Mason Ryan, Gregory Helms and Carlito will take on Kevin Steen, Tensai and Finlay.
Layla El will take on Brie Bella in our first divas match ever.

Brodus Clay will call out Ken Shamrock.
Steve Austin will make an announcement about the EWA roster.
And much more!
This BTB will probably die on the 25th of June....
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