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In 2004 I was once a loyal member of this section on the forum, creating shows and having fun. My shows were not always the best but I did give it a good go. For one reason or another I stopped posting but kept writing my shows in my spare time.

I still write them and I have my brand going from 2004 to 2019. After a while they become sort of recap shows and not full in depth shows like Wolf Beast does. I have started to go back and edit the shows slightly and thought I’d repost them on here like the old days.

Links to my old threads are here

These are the two threads I had before but I will repost here the edited versions. As a early teen my spelling was atrocious.

Hope you enjoy my shows, happy to hear feedback of any sort.

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Staples Center, Los Angels 21st April 2004

The show opens with Vince McMahon standing in WWE headquarters.

Vince “Tonight begins a new era in sports entertainment as our new brand, our new show Evolution begins. This is an evolution of what our product is today as we blend in the new, exciting superstars with our existing talent. We will see new pairings never seen before building up to Evolution first pay per view Evolve in 5 weeks time. On Evolution the WWE Evolution Championship will be defended, This is currently held by Triple H who is our first champion. The North American Championship will be defended exclusively on Evolution which is held by Randy Orton. Their are tag team championships plus Rey Mysterio WWE Cruiserweight championship will be defended. From myself and the whole of WWE we hope you enjoy this new exiting product.”

The screen fades to black and then we see the arena and pyros go off as the new WWE brand kicks of as first show is live from the Staples Center. The Arena is sold out as we will see expect the number one conteder for the WWE Evolution Championship to be announced for Evolve which is only 5 weeks away.

JR “We Welcome you to the staples Center in Los Angels for the very first WWE Evolution and what a show it’s going to be”

The King “Yes JR this is going to be a night to remember”

‘Im Back’ Plays accros the arena as Eric Bischoff starts to walk down the ramp and into the ring as the General Manager of Evoultion comes down to the ring on his very first night on the job

Eric “Welcome to Evoulution”

Crowd goes wild

Eric “To Night you are going to see the very best in what WWE holds and we’ve got a locker room jam packed with greatness”

The Rocks Music plays across the arena and the crowd goes wild for him as he starts to walk down the ramp, he jumps in the ring and grabs a mic and looks at Eric

Rock “Finally the Rock has come back……. Who gives a crap”

Crowd boo

Rock “Ahh shut up you losers you don’t deserve to watch the Rock in all his prime i am the man, the greatest ever wrestler to walk gods green earth and Eric it’s a pleasure too stand in this ring with you”

Rock reaches out his hand and Eric and The Rock shake Hands

Rock “Eric I came out here to look at you and ask you for a favour, a favour that you will never regret and that favour is to put me in the Main Event of Evolve so i can kick HHH is ass and win the WWE Evolution Championship and even more establish myself as the greatest of all time”

‘Word Life’ Plays accros the arena and John Cena steps on the stage looking at Eric and the Rock.

Cena “Naw Naw Eric you dont wanna be putting the rock in there! You want to put him over there! So there is a big gap in the Evolve Main Event and you can put my in there so Triple H can give up his title. Ill be there with my newly crownd belt and The Rock and Triple H will be on the shelf. Eric the matter of the fact is that you want John Cena against Triple H and not the Crock against the Game”

Eric looks at both and goes to speak but then Brock Lesnars music starts to play and he comes on the stage as the Rock and Eric are in the ring and Cena is on the outside.

Brock “Eric you want me in the Main Event not these two! Think of the money and popularity you will have if you put the Evolve Champion the Game Triple H vs the Greatest up and coming superstar in WWE today Brock Lesnar!!! Eric the ratings are going up just thinking about it”

Eric “You now what you all have a point to be in the Main Event but there can only be one so tonight, in this very ring were going to have a Triple Threat match The Rock vs John Cena vs Brock Lesnar for the right to go to Evolve”

all 3 smile and Eric starts toLeave the ring

Rock “Cena… John Cena why dont we kick off a little early? Why don’t you jump in this ring right now”

Cena jumps on the apron and Brock Lesnar runs down and jumps Cena from behind and throws him into the Steel Steps and then Brock jumps in the ring and The Rock and Brock stare each other down and officals come down to stop anything from happening.

Commerical break

1st Match
Non Title Match
Randy Orton vs Matt Hardy

Randy Orton comes out first and Matt Hardy comes out and they kick off. Randy gets the upperhand early on and starts to pummle Hardy in the corner. Orton whips Hardy into the ropes, Hits a knee to the gut and starts stomping away. Orton goes to hit a suplex on Hardy but hardy slips out and rolls orton up 1…2…kickout Orton only just manges to kick out. Hardy hits the Sidekick, then goes to the top rope for the leg drop but as he is in mid air Orton moves and Hardy hits the mat hard. Orton gets up and waits for Hardy to get up, When Hardy does Orton tries for the RKO but Hardy reverses it and goes for the Twist Of Fate but Orton pushes Hardy into the corner and Hardy bounces out and Orton hits the RKO 1…2…3

Winner Randy Orton

Kurt Angle is in the back and he walks into Erics Office and he looks at Eric and Kurt aint happy

Kurt “Eric what the hell type of brand are you running here? You got a triple threat match tonight with out me in it! Thats not a good business decision is it now? I think you should put me in that match and make it a 4 way”

Eric “Kurt i would love to do that but it’s out of my hands now the match has been signed”

Kurt “Well unsign it”

Eric “I tell you what ill give you any match you want right here tonight”

Kurt smiles as he thinks of his match

Kurt “Well since I cant be the contender i. the main event of Evolve, i think ill have to go in as Champion! So Eric tonight i will be going one on one with Triple H and you are looking at the next WWE Evolve Champion and that my friend is true”

Comerical Break

2nd Match
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Nobal

Rey Mysterio comes out first and he’s got the Cruiserweight title around his waist and Jamie Nobal comes running down and jumps in the ring and he hits a hard clothline on Mysterio. Mysterio then jumps up and goes straight back at Nobal hitting hard right hands and whips him against the ropes and hitting a drop kick to knock Nobal down. Mysterio then jumps to the top rope and as Nobal gets up Mysterio jumps off looking for the cross body but Nobal ducks and mysterio goes crashing to the floor. Nobal then picks Mysterio up and hits a german suplex and then pins him 1…2…kickout Mysterio only just kicked out. Mysterio gets up and Nobal kicks him in the mid section and signals for the Tiger Bomb as he puts him between his legs Pyros blast off. Kanes music starts to play and he starts to walk down the ramp and Jamie Nobal bails out. Rey Mysterio is on his knees and Kane climbs in the ring, he grabs Mysterio and gives him a Chockslam. The ref then calls for the bell

Winner due to DQ Rey Mysterio


Kane then picks him up again and hits another Chockslam and then the Undertaker runs down to the ring and Kane leaves the ring smiling. Undertaker then checks that Mysterio is OK but Kane comes in from behind and clothlines Taker down and then starts stomping away on him and then Kane whips Taker into the ropes and hits a big boot and then signals for the Chockslam and Kane hits it. Undertaker is down as Kane sets of his Pyros and leaves the ring with two men down

JR “Look at the carnage Kane has left in the ring”

The King “He has taken out the Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and his brother The Undertaker

JR “I wouldn’t like to be Kane right now his brother will be out for revenge”

In the back we see John Cena strapping up his boots and Randy Orton walks past with his North American Title and he stops and looks at John Cena. Cena Jumps up and both men go face to face.

Orton “Good luck tonight Cena”

Cena “Luck? I wont need it”

Orton steps aside and Cena walks away and Orton watches him walk away and smiles

3rd Match
WWE Evolve Championship
Triple H vs Kurt Angle

‘time to play the game’ plays across the arena and Triple H comes out with the WWE Evolve Championship on his shoulder. He setps in the ring and taunts to the crowd who boo him. Kurt Angle comes out and runs down. He slides in the ring and he and Triple H go toe to toe. Triple H whips him against the ropes and he tries a clothline but Angle ducks and grabs him in a whist lock and hits a german suplex. Angle jumps him as looks pummed.

JR “Kurt is really pummed for this match”

Triple H tries a right punch but Kurt blocks it and kicks him in the mid section and hits the Angle Slam 1…2…kickout Triple H kicked out of the Angle Slam Ric Flair comes running down and distracts the ref and Kurt tries to put the ankle lock on but Triple H powers out and pushes Kurt into the ref who knocks Ric of the apron and ref goes down to. Triple H hits a ddt and both men are down. HHH gets up first and gets Flair to pass him the belt HHH goes to hit Angle but Angle ducks and HHH hits the ref and HHH turns around and Kurt hits the Over head belly to belly suplex, Kurt picks up the belt and goes to hit Triple H but Ric Flair comes in, Kurt sees him and Flair tries to beg and Kurt gets ready to hit him but HHH comes in from behind and hits a Low Blow. He then hits him with the belt and Kurt is busted open with that shot. Flair calls for another ref and another comes running down as HHH pins Kurt 1…2…kickout Flair is going crazy on the outside. Triple H cant believe it and he picks Kurt up and hits the Pedagriee on Kurt and pins him 1…2…3

Winner and Still WWE Evolve Champion Triple H


Triple H grabs his belt and he smiles as Kurt is down on the mat and Triple H looks over Kurt saying the belt is his and still will be after Evolve

Commerical Break

Brock Lesnar is in the back and he’s walking down the hallway when he is stopped by Chris Jericho. Jericho has a knee brace on and Jericho smiles at Brock

Jerichio “Brock thank your lucky stars because if i wasn’t out injuerd then you wouldn’t even bother going out there tonight because you and everybody else knows that i would be walking in to the Evolve Main Event”

Brock “You now what Chris your all mouth i bet that if you wasn’t injuerd you wouldn’t be saying all this B/S that your saying. I tell you what after your leg is better how about me and you have a match where we will see who the better man is? Even better how about we do it after Evolve where you can go one on one with the Newly crowned WWE Evolve Champion”

Jericho “Thats fine with me See you after Evolve then”

Triple H is celebrating in the back with Ric Flair when Josh Mathews comes in

Josh “Hey Triple H sorry to disturb you but i’ve been told to come and tell you and ric that next week that there will be a Rematch between Yourself and Kurt Angle”

HHH “What! i just beat him tonight hasn’t that said enough!”

Triple H and Ric look annoyed in the back

Main Event
#1 Contender for the WWE Evolve Championship at Wrestlemania
Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs The Rock

All 3 men come out and they all look at each other, the bell rings and The Rock and Cena go straight at Lesnar and start double teaming him. Both men have him in the corner and start stomping on him, Cena steps back and lets Rock stop away and Cena rolls up the Rock up Quickly 1…2…kickout. Rock only just kicks out and the Rock gets up and looks at Cena, Brock out of now where clothlines Rock from behind. Brock picks the Rock up and runs him into the corner and starts putting the shoulder into the ribs. John Cena just watches and Brock whips Rock across the ring and into the other corner. Cena then comes across the ring and clothlines Brock out of the ring. Cena goes to the Rock and smiles and he starts punching him in the corner. Cena then hits a snap suplex and grabs the legs of Rock, he puts him into a Half Boston crab. The Rock is screaming in pain and he looks like he is about to tap when Lesnar comes in and hits a boot to the face of Cena, he then sets Cena up in the F5 but Rock hits the Low blow and then hits a ddt on lesnar and all 3 men are down.

JR “This match is really even.”

Lesnar gets up and throws the Rock out of the ring and waits for Cena to get up. When Cena does Brock hits a kick to the mid section and picks him up in the F5 but Chris Jericho appears on the Stage. Lesnar drops Cena and challenges Jericho to come down to the ring. Jericho smiles and Lesnar gets out of the ring and starts to walk up the ramp. Jericho starts to walk into the back and Lesnar follows him. Rock gets back in the ring and Cena turns around and Rock hits a Spinbuster and then locks in the sharpshooter and Cena is screaming and as Cena looks like he’s going to tap. Brock comes back through the crowd and jumps in the ring and clothlines the Rock. Brock then picks up Cena and dilevers an F5 and the crowd are going crazy as Brock pins cena 1…2… Rock breaks the count. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Lesnar and Rock goes down and all 3 men are down again. Jericho comes down again and he comes to the ring and jumps on the apron and distracts the ref. Lesnar starts to get up and sees Jericho he walks over. Jericho hits him across the head with the Crutch and Brock falls down and Jericho laughs. Cena and the Rock are up and Cena fits the Rock up for the FU but Rock slips out and tries to hit the Rock Bottom but Cena slips out and hits the FU, but as Cena looks for the pin Lesnars back up with blood rushing down his head and he hits the F5 on Cena and then goes for the pin 1…2…3

Winner and #1 Conterder Brock Lesnar


As Brock is in the ring celebrating Triple H comes on the stage and looks at Brock. He claps his hands and smiles. Brock looks back and laughs at Triple H and signals that the Title is his and the scene fades to black

End of Show
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