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Even though it's PG why cant they.......

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have blood, curse a little, ect?

PG means parental guidance. why cant they use a little blood? as long as though dont use a lot it shouldnt be a problem. children fall and get cuts all the time and bleed. as long as they dont say fuck and n***er i dont see the problem. pg dosnt mean children show. it means that their is some things that some parents might not want their kids exposed to. as long as they keep it small it should be fine. for example, " This is crap" or "You are an asshole" are fine. "Go fuck yourself" and "You piece of shit nigg** bastard" arn't. if they keep it too a minimum, i feel that WWE can add some blood, curseing, ect. They have too relize that there is blood in some kid movies, shows. WWE dosnt understand this. Do you guys feel that they can keep it PG but have some blood, cursing, ect?
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Because they're aiming for the more child friendly product and just don't want to include that stuff anymore, I guess.
Yeah they want to aim for all the children to watch, just like you guys. I guess you're all little kids. HA!
yeah but they can have that stuff but still keep it kid friendly by making it just a little bit

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PG itself isn't the reason, you can still have an edgier product and be within the rating.
WWE product is marketed towards children, that should be apparent anytime Cena is on the mic.
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