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Even my casual friends can see the big faults of the WWE.

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I was talking to some of my friends today about wrestling on the way to the gym, keep in mind here my friends are total marks and don't know/care about this side of the business, even they were commenting on the WWE's total lack of interesting character production. My friends are about as casual of fans as you can be, and they were spot on about things like how all of the new guys have the same bland, generic character, and how after Edge is gone, the WWE will have even more of a drought of interesting and exciting talent.
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The day after Wrestlemania there were like 15 of us at a friends house and I'm the only wrestling fan of the bunch but the majority of the rest had seen Wrestlemania and they all had dozens of reasons why the show sucked bug hairy balls...

*They advertised the shit out of the Rock but he didn't even wrestle.
*8 man tag ended too quickly.
*Big Show won his match with a punch...a punch!
*Snooki got the pin, she's not even a wrestler.

Those are some of the things that I remember them saying about the show. If they can't even attract the casual fans with this, there's a real problem. My theory is that WWE has gotten so wrapped up in aiming the show at kids that they aren't scared to alienate the rest of the fans.
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