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Evan Bourne comments on his return

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When Evan Bourne made his incredible return to Monday Night Raw on Feb. 28, the WWE Universe didn’t see it coming – and neither did King Sheamus.

Immediately after being driven through the Raw announce table by his longtime rival Triple H, The Celtic Warrior received word from Raw’s anonymous General Manager that, in spite of his battered state, he was scheduled to compete that night in Buffalo, N.Y. The 2010 King of the Ring glared in bleary-eyed bewilderment at the GM’s laptop, wondering who his mystery opponent might be.

Then Bourne’s theme music began to play, and the WWE Universe in Buffalo’s HSBC Arena erupted. After dominating The High King of WWE with a rapid-fire flurry of strikes, “Air” Bourne fearlessly ascended the turnbuckle to finish off The Celtic Warrior with his signature Shooting Star Press. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

“The only doubt I had when I started to stand on those top two ropes was, ‘Can I still balance like I used to?’” Bourne admitted to WWE.com just moments after his victorious return bout with the ginger-headed juggernaut – his first match in four-and-a-half months. "But when I stand up there, it’s just pure adrenaline.”

The high-flying young Superstar was taken out of action by CM Punk last October and required rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder.

“I had five anchors put in, four months of physical therapy and a couple of weeks rolling around in the ring,” Bourne said. “Now I’m ready to go.”

Although Bourne is accustomed to rigorous training regimens, his post-surgery physical therapy was hardly easy. Thankfully, Bourne’s eternally positive attitude and will to overcome adversity carried him through his grueling recovery.

“It was really intensive,” Bourne explained. “It was at least a twice-a-day type of thing. I would meet in the morning with my physical therapist, and then in the afternoon or evening I would be going to the gym on my own, doing my Thera-Band [an elastic resistance training device] work, light weights, keeping my cardio up, stretching and everything else.”

He continued, “It’s easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to exercising, but I managed to stay on. I only had one wing injured, so the rest of me was feeling pretty good and I managed to stay fit.”

Cleared to compete just hours before clashing with Sheamus, Bourne was nevertheless ready to fly during his return match, in large part thanks to the encouraging energy of the WWE Universe.

“The fans are screaming, and I know I’ve got to do what I came here to do,” Bourne said. ”Hitting Air Bourne [the Shooting Star Press] is why I showed up to Monday Night Raw, and there was no way I was leaving without doing it.”

After being away from the WWE Universe for so long, Bourne admits that he was taken aback by the crowd’s uproarious response to his return.

“I think the volume was turned up an extra few notches from what I remembered,” Bourne said. “It felt different. Even talking about it now, I’m getting chills.”

As for New Nexus leader CM Punk – the man that put Bourne on the shelf for more than four months – Bourne had this to say.

“Well, it’s nice that he found another group of hooligans to boss around. I imagine they all have an issue with me because I don’t like to be told what to do.”

Bourne continued, “As far as Punk goes, maybe he has other plans, but I definitely feel I’m owed a debt of revenge. And when the time is right, I’ll exact it.”