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I just read this interview with Eva Marie that she did for Rolling Stones and man, is she delusional... Some excerpts from the interview.

Interviewer: In terms of timing, has it been about waiting until your character generated enough heat in NXT before being called up?
Eva Marie: Yeah, the fact that I'm able to be on the road and be performing in front of crowds and building my heel character, as well as on NXT TV, is huge, because you take what we're doing there and put it up on the main roster. So far, so good."

Building my heel character? Building? When the fuck has she ever done anything to get heat on her own?Like steal a headband from Izzy or done anything a heel would do? Eva has literally only gotten boo's since day one for just being in NXT, she never earned the boo's, people just don't like her being there. Amazing.

Interviewer:Was the biggest obstacle not appearing rattled when fans antagonize you or chant, "Eva can't wrestle"?
Eva Marie: A hundred-and-ten percent. The Eva Marie two years ago? Sure, mentally, it would get to me, but that was before I had the skillset I do now. For me, it's all about being the character, so those boos and the craziness are super-inviting – I want it and I want them to continue bringing it. If they were quiet, I'm not doing too much. It's awesome for storytelling, and at the end of the day, that's what WWE's all about: telling a great story within the match.

Lol. Don't worry Eva you don't have to do anything and you'd still get a reaction from NXT crowd's. I love that she thinks the crowd boo's her because she's doing a good job playing a heel. I can't wait until Eva goes to the main roster and gets a rude awakening.

For anyone that wants to read the whole interview, here it is: http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/features/red-dawn-eva-marie-on-total-divas-nxt-crowds-and-her-wwe-return-20160119
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