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Basically this is an idea I had, if promotions went hybrid in style, so for this BTB I'm making, what's happening, is that what if WWE, TNA and ROH superstars, wrestled in the style of CZW? So what if we have had for example, AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho in a 200 Light-Tube Deathmatch?

I will try to do a show every day, to keep ETW going.


ETW Monday Night Brawl
ETW Tuesday Night Combat
ETW Wednesday Night Fallout
ETW Thursday Night Destruction
ETW Friday Night Heatwave
ETW Saturday Night Beatdown
ETW Sunday Night Voltage

Each show will have a different roster of about 15 wrestlers, and about 5 divas. Thank you!

Combat will be up very shortly, and the first PPV of the year will be held this Sunday (after Voltage) to kick of ETW - ETW Uprising. Thank you!
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ETW Tuesday Night Combat Roster

1. Shawn Michaels
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Edge
4. Kane
5. AJ Styles
6. Christian
7. Rikishi
8. Chris Hero
9. Sheamus
10. Evan Bourne
11. Justin Credible
12. Scott Hall
13. Tommy Dreamer
14. Brian Kendrick
15. Suicide
16. Kelly Kelly
17. Melina
18. Ashley
19. Torrie Wilson
20. Angelina Love

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Your idea is awesome because i love hardcore wrestling and CZW is the best out there but i'm just managing to post 3 shows a week and you wanna do 7.
Just a bit of advice why not cut down the shows that way you'll be able to have a better quality of storyline and character development.
If you do write a show a day i will be reading to see how it goes good luck
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