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Eric Bischoff joined Monday Night Mayhem again this past week and here are the highlights:

-He said fans are so passionate about the business that they get so caught up in the flaws and it detracts from their enjoyment of the show.

-Eric Bischoff mentions a press release coming out tomorrow discussing the implementation of more reality tv like what Bischoff-Hervey entertainment did. Reality was lost in the nWo and that is part of the reason it went downhill.

-A caller complains about HardCORE Justice and it taking money out of Jay Lethal's and Kaz's "mouths". Bischoff owns him and questions how he would know about their financial situations.

-He talks about ECW on TNN and says that ECW found a niche and most companies can't do that because of the level of violence. They aren't trying to recreate ECW, this is about giving the guys one last time. One last stand for these guys, no more and no less.

-Someone asks about the comparison of MMA and UFC. Bischoff said the guy ripped the editorial off from someone else. He said every sport has animosity but that is where the similarities end. He tells a story of a few years ago when Shane McMahon wanted to get involved in PRIDE fighting. He said he told Shane that WWE needed to be involved in MMA because MMA competes for the PPV landscape. He said the amount of promotion is compared to how much money that topic will generate. He said its apples and bricks between wrestling and MMA.

-Bischoff said he doesn't think Vince McMahon would put him into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said he doesn't think Vince would give that opportunity to him.

-A caller asks about WWE loyalty hurting TNA's growth. Bischoff said he admired McMahon's ability to create brand loyalty. He said that is TNA's biggest challenge. Another challenge is getting the product out there. He said TNA's biggest problem is overcoming the perception about being in Orlando, Florida.

-Eric was flattered that people enjoyed his heel character but he is much older now and he has changed and doesn't know if he has that character in him.

-Bischoff talks about having a 2 hour show and having to promote and develop storylines which is incredibly difficult which is why the matches are shorter and there are more commercials. Bischoff thinks the days of old school managers are gone.

-Eric said being in the Hammerstein Ballroom was fun for One Night Stand and he would screw with the fans while he was there. He said he knows when someone wants to fight or not.

-He doesn't know the morale in TNA since he hasn't talked to anyone since the rating came out. He again mentions the announcement tomorrow (he referenced Spike TV)

-Bischoff puts over the Motor City Machine Guns. He said the Machine Guns and Beer Money had a great best of 5 series which blew the ball out of the park.

-Eric said he wants to try and create a similar feeling between the Whole F'N Show and Clash of the Champions. He is hoping they can get a quarterly special which are light on commercials but that is depending on how good the show performs.
Interesting that we will see more Reaction-like segments, shame that he wont likely be heel again. lol at the caller getting owned by Bischoff

Tommy Dreamer was also on Monday Night Mayhem this week. Here are the highlights of what he had to say:

-Dreamer said he was planning this for awhile but didn't know how to go about it. He had closure in 2005 but they brought it back. He had a great sendoff from WWE, and when he went to TNA he wanted to give the guys a proper sendoff. He said after Sunday, you won't see them together again. He is doing it for TNA and the ratings. This was never about bashing WWE but instead offer an alternative with TNA.

-Tommy confirmed that he tore his MCL and while his doctor told him not to wrestle for two months. He will continue to wrestle until he can't anymore.

-Tommy said he believes this is the final showdown and this will be the last time he will do any sort of ECW reunion (no matter how successful it is).

-He talks about how his mother in law dies and he sees similarities in the reunion show. He said it is a celebration of it.

-Dreamer puts over Hulk Hogan and to be in the ring with him in the ring was great. Dixie Carter has 100% given them a blessing. He said if Hogan didn't like it, he wouldn't have been out there. Tommy defends Eric Bischoff saying what he did was for business. Dreamer said he did it for TNA and it is good for business.

-He said he invited Paul Heyman but he understand if he doesn't show up. If he comes in he could help and if not the business moves on. He said if it does come to terms it will likely be good for both parties.

-He said there are some really good surprises at the PPV and he wants everyone watching to say that it was one hell of a show. It will address everything!

-Dreamer said the detail is very important part of the show. Dreamer said when ECW used music, they do so illegally. He said Dixie has been unbelievable and she has supported them and let them do it. He said they will party in TNA's house but they will respect it.

-He compares Christmas to spoilers. He enjoys Christmas because of his kids and them believing in the mythology of the show. He said he was never trying to recapture anything.

-He said there are only a few matches you can have and he doesn't support throwing everyone in a battle royal. He said Lance Storm had his closure in 2005, Mikey Whipwreck has health issues and can't be the guy he wants to be. He said Amish Roadkill doesn't want to perform so therefore Danny Doring can't be part of the show.

-He has been congratulated by so many people in WWE. He said its not about bashing WWE but creating a buzz for TNA. He said after HardCore Justice, he wants to continue helping TNA. If this is the success he thinks it will be, they will be on the right path. If you don't like it, you don't have to watch it. He said he watched alot of shows even after they lost their luster. He said this is all about TNA and the future of the business.

-He wished he could have Joey Styles call the PPV but he can't. He wished he could have Chris Jericho or Rey Mysterio but he can't.

-His goal is to contribute to TNA in any way possible. He has a list of indy stars that are TV ready and if he had the opportunity to introduce them to the world, he would love to do that. Whether its wrestling, or helping with promos or on creative, he wants to do that. He just wants to contribute to TNA's product
For those who dislike the ECW angle, it ends at HJ, Dreamer will join creative team if HJ is a good show **crosses fingers**

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Eric was flattered that people enjoyed his heel character but he is much older now and he has changed and doesn't know if he has that character in him.
What other kind of character can he play? He's been playing the smarmy heel character that acts nice around Hulk since he joined TNA.

And if Tommy genuinely thinks "this was never about bashing WWE", why cut the promo he did?

If those were his own words then hold your hand up for saying things like he had to watch his friends get their careers wrecked and getting fired. If those weren't his own words, then hold his hand up and at least admit he's just parrotting words for the paycheque.

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'Fans get too caught up in the flaws and it detracts from their enjoyment'.

No Eric, stop force feeding the fans shit and then they won't enjoy other companies' products more.

I'm a heavy critic of TNA but I absolutely love watching wrestling in general.
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