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Bischoff is just a TV personality. That's all. He has no involvement anywhere else.

Good questions, as usual.
If you watch that Hogan documentary on A&E , he's involved in the creative meatings so if he says he's not part of anything involving TNA ,then I don't believe him.It woudln't make sense in having him in TNA and just be some sort of on air personality, it makes no sense

I guarentee if TNA was doing EXTREMELY well,he'd be taking credit , maybe not all but he would be taking credit for it.

As for Russo , of course he's going to make him out to be a good guy or something they work together. If he talks badly he'll lose his job. Its simple as that

As for him making some good things well sure anyone can come up with a good idea but those good ideas are over shadowed by many bad ideas.Some wrestlers don't like him and say he sucks. I haven't heard many that say he's good without being under the same umbrella as he is
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