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Brock Lesnar is the future. I think that Brock is a great athlete and the corner-stone of WWE right now but really we all can see he was at his best as a heel. I think that heis character was not rushed to the title as some of you may say, but rushed into being a face. To me he was not ready. And that is proven by his action in the ring as of late. He over-sells punches, makes rookie mistakes, and is often made to look like an all power guy when he can match moves with Angle or Benoit.

To save is character I think as a champ he and Mr. America should continue their friendship over the weeks without angle. Soon Vince McMahon should ask Brock to help take out Mr. America and unmask him. Brock should say hell no at first but then as Mr. America asserts himself as a threat to the title in a No. 1 contenders match. Brock should turn on him to protect his belt and attack. Then deliever more enternal injuries like the ones last year. Brock should then apparently re-join Paul Heyman to complete the heel effect. Because it is the mean streak that Brock needs to show.
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