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The loud noise of the crowd is sounded out by the varying hits of pyro on the stage, causing the crowd to become louder as it finishes, amazed by the pyro. The camera pans into the commentary desk where commentators Dan and Larry discuss the upcoming show.

Larry: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EPW Retaliation! Tonight we have many matches to intrigue you all sitting at home.”

Dan: “That’s right, Larry. Tonight, all championships will be contested. Including the rise of Generation Now where we see new recruits Jesus Valentine and Jake Poueff contest for the EPW Tag Titles against JM Hardy and stand-in Izumi!”

Larry: “We will also see action from defending Primetime Champion Dren Yoshimi against Colton Howe, the man who got his shot last month in a do-or-die match for him which saw his career in the balance against Joe Tresda. Howe won the right to be number one contender seemingly after defeating Tresda, signing the contract which made him number one contender.”

Dan: “EPW’s first ever Ultimate-X match is going to be contested by reigning Deathmatch Champion defending his title against Deacon Cage and Dragon Oscuro. That’ll be a sure fire match and will be very interesting.”

Larry: “Unknown, the Ultimate Edge champion will be defending his belt against Brad Payne. That surely will be hotly contested with the amount of tension prior to the match.”

Dan: “And finally, EPW World Champion Lucy Campbell defends her belt against “The Limelight” Willie Williams which will be very, very interesting to watch. The match itself has been built up since Date with Destiny.”

Larry: “Damn right Dan, up next we have Tim Feeley take on Stevie Wicked and Owen James in a three way dance.”

Alive by P.O.D. hits and Stevie Wicked enters the arena and walks to the ring with a deathly gaze. He ignores the fans and rolls into the ring, awaiting for his two opponents to arrive.

Lights slowly fade and the arena becomes completely silent. Fans rise on their feet and anticipate the entrance of Tim Feeley with boos. The lights flicker on and off and the camera focuses on the stage. The screen is black and a light shines down where Tim will be walking out. Suddenly....

"Fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by...."

Two pyro's blast off from the stage and shoot toward the ceiling. The music goes off and the pyro's keep shooting off. The only light in the arena is from the pyro's. The boo's quickly come from the crowd again and the music goes off again as the fireworks continue to shoot.

"Hoping that he's meant for more than argument's and failed attempts to fly...."

Suddenly, the pyro's go off as fireworks come down from the ceiling to the stage. "Sparkler-like" fireworks come from the floor on the stage. Tim walks out from the curtain with a pissed off look on his face. The flying fireworks stop and Tim walks through the fireworks looking like sparklers. He stands on the ramp going down to the ring and embraces the boos he is receiving. Tim, wearing a black underarmor workout shirt and blue shorts, starts walking down the ramp. He starts sprinting and jogs into the ring. Tim bursts up from the mat and stares at the fans. He flicks them all off and throws his shirt near the announcers table.

Larry: And we start off this PPV with a three way between two guys that have just been overall unlucky when regarding the staff decisions and a newcomer who wants to take that to his advantage.

Dan: Well, you know Vogel will pull some strings so Feeley gets out of the lower card. Owen James has been getting better in the last few weeks, and never forget. This is a three way, he doesn't need to pin Feeley to win.

Larry: Don't disregard the new guy either, he looks fit to fight.

Feeley and Stevie have a small interaction in the ring as Steve stars badmouthing him. Feeley laughs at him but before he can respond, End of Days by Shaman's Harvest hits and cuts them off.

After the first line of End of Days is sounded, a huge pyro explodes on the stage leaving a cloud of smoke which completely covers the stage, when it settles the camera focuses on Owen who was stood behind it, wearing his pattented matching tracksuit bottoms and jacket. He wears his jacket un-zipped but with the hood up. He walks speedily, looking very focused toward the ring, occasionally patting his chest and pointing at the fans as he does so. When he reaches the ring he walks over to the steps, jogs up and continues jogging along the apron as he enters the ring. He walks to the centre of the ring and faces the main camera. He raises his arms, as he does so there is a series of pyros from each post, the first 4 go off while the camera is facing Owen from the left, the second set when camera is facing him from the right and the final when the camera is looking straight at him. He then takes his arms down and as he stares down his opponents he removes his jacket and throws it into the crowd.

Larry: Owen looks focused, this is going to be a brutal opening match.

The bell rings.

The three of them circle the ring, waiting for a move to be made. The match is started off with a clothesline by Stevie Wicked. He goes for Owen James who ducks under it and pushes him against the corner. Feeley follows up and hits a flying forearm to the face of a corner Stevie, but a aware Owen James rapidly hits a high kick on the back of Tim's head, knocking him forward onto the corner. He runs back to the other corner and sprints towards the stacked opponents, but Feeley escapes and pulls Wicked with him, irish whiping him to the outside as James goes shoulder first against the ring post.

But Wicked hangs on on the apron! He walks back into the ring to a brawl between a raging Owen James and Tim Feeley, who thought he had it easy on him. Owen ducks to one of Feeley's punches and hits one of his own. Feeley walks back and runs off the ropes, and a fast Stevie Wicked flapjacks him to the air, and taking advantage of that, Owen James double teams with him and hits a jumping cutter!

Larry: WOW! Feeley being double teamed by his opponents! Looks like he lost his focus a bit-

Dan: Calm down Larry, he's just warming up, he can beat both of these guys with a midget on his back.

Larry: What...?

Now it's Owen and Stevie who are brawling, and the slightly taller Owen James gets overpowered and sent rushing into the corner. Stevie delivers multiple shoulder hits and then pushes Owen onto the top rope. He goes up himself and tries to go for the superplex, but Owen blocks him! He tries again but Tim Feeley sends them both flying to the outside!

Larry: Holy crap! Stevie Wicked just hit his head hard on the concrete!

Dan: That kid is out, and Owen isn't any better than him.

Feeley taunts the crowd in the ring, laughing at what he just did. Still amused, he rolls to the outside and as both his opponents start getting up, he sets up the You're Outta Here on Owen, who has his back to him.

Dan: Ooh damn, this one will be over quick.

As Owen slowly turns around, Tim runs and hits the You're Outta Here on STEVIE! Owen ducks below it and rolls to Tim's back, and as he turns around Owen hits THE FACE CHANGER!!!

Larry: OH MY GOD! Owen might have this one!! Come on kid!!

Dan: On the other side, Wicked won't get up without the paramedics sticking him off that barrier.

Owen, still hurt from all the damage he got from the fight, picks up Feeley and sends him into the ring. He slides into the ring and drags Feeley off the ropes to the middle of the ring for the 3 count.




Dan: Feeley's got this.

Larry: I can't believe he kicked out of that!!

Feeley rolls on his back and a surprised Owen James immediatly goes to pick him up, but Tim reverses it and hits the YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! But Owen doesn't fall back! Seeing this, Tim grabs his neck and finishes him off with a Bat Breaker!




Luke: And the winner of the match, Tim Feeley!

Larry: Another win for Tim Feeley whose slowly but surely getting back on track!

Dan: Owen James & Stevie Wicked put up a good fight but it's my boy Tim that gets the W!

We cut backstage where Jerry Armstrong is former Deathmatch Champion Deacon Cage

Jerry- Deacon, I gotta ask. Are you READY? After everything you have been trhough do you think it is wise to compete in such a dangerous match?

Deacon- Well Jerry here's the deal. I feel better than I have in year and I feel like it's my time tonight to go out there and show the fans and the boys in the back just who Deacon Cage really is.

?-Or that Deacon Cage is nothing more than a reprenting sinner all thanks to Jackson Williams.

Jackson Williams and Father Ryan walk into view
Father- Deacon, my son I am glad that you have reprented your sins but do you really think its best to come up against your greatest fears so quickly. Mr. Cage obviously you have not yet learned your lesson and at the end of the night you will be reminded who your savior is
Dragon Oscuro walks into scene.

Dragon- And that man isn Dragon Oscuro who will be come the next EPW Deathmatch champion. Tonight the face of Deathmatch becomes Pure.

All three men keep one eye on each other slowly backing away.

Jerry- Well there you have it folks, all three men invovled in the Ultimate Edge Death Match Championship match are confident in a win and we find out next who will walk away with the title.

Larry: A young champion determined to prove he's the real deal will go up against a seasoned veteran and the impressive luchadore Dragon Oscuro. All three men have made it clear how much the title means to them and EPW's first ever Ultimate X match seems set to be one to remember!

Dan: As the great Bart Scott would say, “Can’t wait!”

The tron sparks as if a lightning storm or power surge then suddenly the arena goes completly dark. For second there is nothing heard until the sound of "Death Whispered a Lullaby" seduces your ear drums. Through the darkness footsteps can be heard tapping against the metal gates of the steel ramp.

Out on the road there are fireflies circling
Deep in the woods, where the lost souls hide
Over the hill there are men returning
Trying to find some peace of mind

Sleep my child

Larry: I never really understood why so many people have creepy lyrics to their intro songs.

Dan: Would you shut up and just let his entrance play through

Larry: Oh come on Dan, lighten up. No one listens/reads this part anyways. Consider it an Easter egg!

Dan: How did I get stuck with you?

Finally three purple light's strobe around the arena centering on one figure kneeled on the ramp in a praying position wearing a dark robe with his face covered by the hood. In audiable words are spoken before this man comes to a standing stature.

Under the fog there are shadows moving
Don't be afraid, hold my hand
Into the dark there are eyelids closing
Buried alive in the shifting sands

Sleep my child

Dan: I don’t know about you but I’m feeling really sleepy.
Larry sighs.

Prematch ritual completed he makes his way way slowly down the ramp. Deacon Cage better known as the Dream Reaper slides under the ring ropes and into the ring coming to his feet quickly. He then walks to the far corner and slump's down into it awaiting his opponent.

Speak to me now and the world will crumble
Open a door and the moon will fall
All of your life, all your memories
Go to your dreams, forget it all

Sleep my child

You've got the touch, you've got the power.

he lights go out and a slim spotlight appears at the top of the ramp, with Dragón Oscuro in the middle of it. He then proceeds to walk at both sides of the top of the ramp, as he taunts the crowd.

After all is said and done, you never walk,
you never run, you're a winner.
You got the moves, you know the streets,
break the rules, take the heat, you're nobody's fool.
You're at your best when the going gets rough,
You've been put to the test but it's never enough.

He then starts to walk towards the ring, slowly, as he looks around at the fans at attendance. He then stops at some signs insulting Pedro Rodriguez and continues to walk as he laughs loudly.

You got the the touch, you got the power.
When all hell's breaking loose,
you'll be right in the eye of the storm.
You got the heart, you got the motion.
You know that when things get too tough,
you got the touch.

At ringside, he ignores a couple of fans wanting to high-five with him but says hello to some girls, jumps on the ring apron and smiles as he looks up in the sky.

You never bend, you never break, you seem to know
just what it takes. You're a fighter
It's in the blood, it's in the will, it's in the mighty
hands of steel. When you're standin your ground.
And you never give in when you're back's to the wall
gonna fight till the end and you're taking it all.

He then jumps on the second rope and raises both his arm, as the thousands in attendance take photos of Dragón Oscuro as he yells "This is my place!".

You got the touch, you got the power,
when all hell's breaking loose,
you'll be right in the eye of the storm.
You got the heart, you got the motion.
You know that when things get too tough, you got the touch.

He steps in the ring, takes off his t-shirt and throws it to the crowd.

You're fighting fire with fire.
You know you got the touch.

Dragón Oscuro then sits on the floor, awaiting for the bell to ring and the match to start.

You're at your best when the going gets rough,
you've been put to the test but it's never enough.
You got the touch, you got the power.

Lights go out completely, pyro flashes on the stage and above the ring, prompting the entrance music to start, green hue being cast over the arena. Father walks out followed closely by The Answer, draped in long ceremonial black robe. Smoke rises through the arena as he closes in on the ring, slowly walking up the steps and through the ropes into the ring. The lights return to normal as he stands in the middle of the ring, taking orders for the upcoming match from Father Ryan.

The bell rings as all three wrestling contestants stare each other in the middle of the ring. Jackson Williams, not taking his eyes off his opponents slowly points up to the title dangling from above and then motioned to his waist.

Dan: Jackson is against the odds in this one. He’s not only defending his title against one person but two people!

Larry: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Dan: Look I’m just trying to do my job.

Dragon pushes Jackson away and motions that the title will be around his waist and not Jackson Williams.

Both Dragon and Jackson butt foreheads together and stare each other down.

Dan: I would call this the epic stare down of the century only if Dragon wasn’t wearing a mask.

Larry: Well then I guess we will have to consider it the slightly epic stare down of the century!

Dan: That would work!

In the meantime Deacon Cage uses this distraction to his advantage and climbs up on the ropes via the turnbuckle.

Dragon and Jackson continue to argue as Deacon Cage climbs the rope getting closer and closer to the title.

“You think you’re the only one that can separate what’s good and what’s bad? Well your wrong – I know what’s right and isn’t these hardcore styled matches!” yells Dragon

Father Ryan yells back from ringside at Jackson, “He doesn’t see the light! Beware of false prophets! Right his wrongs and send him back to the path of light!”

Realizing their lapse of judgment Jackson and Dragon look up in unison to realize that Deacon is just inches away from the title.

Dan: Deacon almost had it!

Larry So close!

Together they pull each one of his legs to send him stumbling down to the canvas. Continuing to work together, Dragon and Jackson double clotheslines Deacon but Deacon ducks it, runs off the ropes and hits the makeshift tag team of Dragon and Jackson with a double clothesline of his own!

Dan: Looks like the numbers game wasn’t enough to stop Deacon.

The Dream Reaper cleans house early as the other two wrestlers go down. He walks over to Dragon and looks up to the sky before trying to execute his cloverleaf powerbomb.

Dragon goes up to be slammed but right before the impact Jackson hits a running Big Boot to the side of the skull of Deacon sending him tumbling down to the mat like a sack of bricks.

Dan: You know Larry, that cloverleaf powerbomb thingy is actually a tribute to one of his past wrestling partners.

Larry: And you know this how?

Dan: Oh you didn’t know?

Larry: No I didn’t know

Dan: You must not be in the clique then… figures.

Larry: What clique?

Dan: Nevermind – I’ve already said too much.

He stares him down just a few moments before turning his attention to the ever mysterious Dragon.

Dragon hits the ropes and executes a pitch perfect Yakuza kick that barely stuns Jackson. Jackson continues to stare him down and simply points to the ropes for Dragon to try again. Dragon complies and hits Jackson with another Yakuza kick but to no avail.

Jackson shakes his head unfazed and points to the ropes again motioning for Dragon to try one more time.

Dragon pretends to run towards the rope before immediately turning around and low blowing Jackson sending “The Answer” to his knees.

Dragon hits one more Yakuza kick sending the kneeling Jackson crashing down into the canvas.

Larry: Down goes Jackson!

Dan: I don’t think he’s going to be getting up for quite awhile.

Dragon swiftly makes his way to the ropes , measures Jackson up and flies through the air delivering a flying elbow



Deacon Cage makes his way over to the other side of the ropes to see a wounded Jackson Williams laying there before executing a picture perfect twisting 450 moonsault on the already damaged champion.



Dragon makes his way to the turnbuckle and jumps up on the rope to dangle his way the title.

The Dream Reaper swiftly follows suit on the other end of the ropes.

Dan: Like monkey’s they both hang and dangle towards the title as if it were a cluster of tasty Jaquita banana’s.

Larry: Quite the imagination you have there. Eat a lot of banana’s in your day?

Dragon and Dream Reaper both grab on to the title yanking on the strap for possession.

Dragon screams at Deacon, “look over there…drugs!”

Deacon doesn’t fall for Dragon’s trick but instead kicks him in the gut. Dragon loses his grip on the ropes but clinches onto Deacon’s leg sending them both crashing down.
Jackson William who took a breather off to the side steps in and grabs Dragon by the mask.

“Break him in half! Cleanse him!” Father Ryan shouts from his fixed position just outside the ring.

Jackson wraps his arms around Dragon’s waist and bear hugs the life out of him before delivering a belly to belly suplex.

Deacon climbs back up onto the ropes without Jackson realizing it.

Jackson picks up Dragon again, lifts him up by his chest and waist and picks him to deliver a Military Press.

“Behind you!” “Behind you!” Father Ryan jumps up and down pointing towards the title.

Jackson turns around with Dragon still lifted in the air to see Deacon reaching out for the title.

Jackson with his hands already full decides to kill two birds with one stone by military pressing Dragon straight into Deacon.

Dan: Oye! What an impact! Jackson has flat lined everyone!
Jackson picks up Deacon, points up to the title and shakes his head no.

After the taunting he lifts him up and plants him down with a move he refers to as The Cleansing.

Larry: We need a priest, a shovel and a reef of flowers!

Dan: What why?

Larry: Because Deacon just died in the middle of the ring.

Jackson looks down at Deacon’s lifeless corpse with an emotionless expression gracing his face. He notices Deacon’s left arm twitching a bit as Deacon makes an attempt to recuperate. He looks down at Deacon and shakes his head no before picking him and attempting to deliver another Tombstone Piledriver.

In mid move of the tombstone – Dragon leapfrogs onto Jackson’s back and propels himself up onto the ropes that hold the Deathmatch title. Almost slipping, he climbs up on top of the rope formed X out of reach of Jackson’s monstrous 6’8 frame.

Dragon looks down at the enraged Jackson intently before grabbing on to the belt.

“Hey Jackson, you WILL embrace change.”

Dragon yanks the belt off the rope and hops down before quickly rolling out and backing up the ramp holding the title aloft.

Luke: Your winner and NEW Deathmatch Champion...DRAGON OSCURO!

Larry: Dragon Oscuro wins the first ever Ultimate X match!

Dan: He promised some big changes for the title!

Larry: I don't think it's over between these men by a long shot!

We go backstage where Frank Vogel is with the entire squad of Generation Now.

Gentlemen, tonight the show started with a Generation Now victory

Vogel pauses as Tresda,Valentine & Poueff clap Feeley in the back congratulating him on his win.

But our mission has just begun, you 4 have lurked in the shadows waiting for opportunities long enough. It's time we TAKE what's rightfully ours- EPW's poster boy and girl are there for the taking. Decimate them like I know you can and we move one step closer to a brand new EPW.


Cheers greet Vogel's speech as Valentine & Poueff exchange high fives with their team-mates one last time before heading out

The crowd are restless after witnessing what they’ve seen so far at the PPV. The camera pans in to the commentary desk where we see Dan and Larry discussing the show.

Larry: “If you think what you’ve seen so far is good; you ain’t seen nothing yet! We still have four title matches on the way! Tag Titles, Primetime, Ultimate Edge and the EPW World Title all on the line tonight!”

Dan: “Yeah, could wrestlers lose their belts? Stay tuned.”

Before they can say anything else, the camera suddenly cuts into a dressing room to loud cheers from the crowd. It’s Izumi and JM Hardy! The two are silently getting prepared for their match with Hardy wrapping white tape around his wrists and Izumi doing a few stretches. A few moments later, the EPW trainer walks into the room with a concerned look on his face. Hardy is the first to dress him.

Hardy: “Hey man, you’ve already checked me today. Is everything alright?”

Trainer: “I’m not actually here to see you, Hardy, it’s Izumi I’d like to see.”

Izumi, who was now onto press-ups stops what she is doing and hops onto her feet, perplexed as to why the trainer is here.

Izumi: “What?”

Trainer: “Look Izumi you have been through a hell and back over the last few months without a break, it's my job to keep you safe let me just check you out before the match I won't live it down if your body gives up on you cause I haven't taken the right steps

The trainer takes a step forward but Izumi sidesteps him and heads out and towards the ring.

Trainer: “This could be detrimental to your health Izumi.”

There's no reply as JM smirks and comforts the trainer before heading out himself

Larry: Tables! Ladders! Chairs!

Dan: NEXT!

Luke: The following is a ladder match for the Tag Team Titles, introducing first…the champions Izumi Matsushita & JM Hardy!

The lights in the arena completely darken, the scene on the Titantron darkening as well into a visual of a rainstorm as the beginning of ‘Siren’ plays. A light rain seems to pour over the stage.

A dark, lithe, feminine figure emerges, standing on the stage, black hair covering her face, with a lone, dim spotlight illuminating her. She remains motionless for several seconds until the main guitar kicks in and a lightning bolt strikes behind her, bringing up the lights slightly. She brings her gloved hands up and slowly pulls her hair back with them before slowly striding down the ramp, a thin chain whip over her right shoulder.

Haste not thine wisdom, for the hollow is ta'en -
By whom, know I not; 'lack! am I of twain -
And as a crux - cede I my words -

Izumi continues to walk down the ramp, her cold, curious, violet eyes searching the arena, scanning the crowd, and the ring. She pauses for a few moments, before she begins to slowly circle to the side of the ring as the song continues.

Fro my heart wilt thou ne'er
Have I been 'sooth sinsyne.
Be left without - come!

At the very moment of the chorus, Izumi leaps onto the ring apron fluidly, the lights brightening significantly. She slips between the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, her eyes sweeping the crowd again before she dismounts.

Thine voice is oh so sweet, I speer thine pine,
Ryking for me:
Ryking for thee;
"List and heed", thou say'st

Izumi slowly circles the ring, looking to be in deep thought, or perhaps a muted excitement for the coming battle.

Wistful, whistful -
Chancing to lure.
Chancing to lure,
Skirl and skreigh, but for thine ears, aye, lown 'tis -
Dodge na 'way herefro, do come here in eath!

Oh, written in the stars
A million miles away
A message to the main
Seasons come and go
But I will never change
And I'm on my way

They say they aint heard nothing like this in a while
Thats why they play my song on so many different dials
Cause I got more f****** hits than a disciplined child
So when they see me everybody brrrrrap's, brrrrrraps
Man I'm like a young gun fully black Barrack
I cried tear drops over the massive attack
I only make hits like I work with the racket and bat

I needed a change
When we ate we never took cause we needed a change
I needed a break
For a sec I even gave up believing and praying
I even done the legal stuff and was leaded astray
They say the money is the route to the evilist ways
But have you ever been so hungry that it keeps you awake
Mate, now my hunger would leave them amazed
Great, it feels like a long time coming, fam
Since the day I thought of that cunning, plan
One day I had a dream I tried to chase it
But I wasn't going nowhere, running man!
I knew that maybe someday I would understand
Trying to change a tenner to a hundred grand
Everyones a kid that no-one cares about
You just gotta keep screaming until they hear you out

The crowd erupts as JM Hardy appears from behind the curtains, the veteran halts at the top of the ramp and salutes the crowd before dashing to the ring and setting off pyro all along the way. He leaps onto the top rope and acknowledges the fans once again before backflipping down to the mat, preparing for action.

Larry: Great ovation for JM Hardy & Izumi Matsushita but will their lack of chemistry cost them tonight?

Dan: What they lack in chemistry they make up in skill! JM Hardy has won everything there is to win and Izumi Matsushita has gone up and held her own against some of the best in the world.

Larry: They won’t have it easy, here come the challengers!

The song "Until The End" by Breaking Benjamin begins, guitar riffs echoing throughout the arena;

The crowd wait in anticipation for "The Saviour" to enter the arena. A man's voice begins to sing

So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavors
Alone I'll walk the winding way (here I stay)
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger
I live to die another day, until I fade away!

Jesus Valentine sweeps the curtain aside as he strides out to the entrance ramp. He strikes his signature "Saviour" pose at the top of the entrance ramp with confidence and conviction.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end!

Jesus Valentine strolls down the ramp, slowly and confidently, he plays to the crowd arrogantly, resulting in a mixed reaction from the fans in the arena.

Surround me, it's easy, to fall apart completely
I feel you creeping up again (In my Head)
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing colder
I knew this day would come to end, so let this life begin

Jesus Valentine slides into the ring, laying on his front for several seconds, before springing to his feet and climbing up to the turnuckle.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end

Jesus Valentine strikes his "Saviour" pose once again, and slowly surveys the surrounding fans. He holds the pose as he stands elegantly atop the turnbuckle.

I've lost my way
I've lost my way

Valentine climbs down from the turnbuckle, and stares across the ring to his opponent, looking them straight in the eyes, and prepares to start the match.

Critical Acclaim hits as Jake Poueff joins Jesus Valentine, Frank Vogel stands between the two and raises their arms into the air before they head towards Hardy & Izumi.

Luke: And the challengers….Jake Poueff & Jesus Valentine, GENERATION NOW

Poueff and Valentine are greeted by stereo suicide dives from Hardy & Izumi as the crowd erupts!.

Larry: What a start!

Hardy & Izumi keep up the offense, Izumi punching away at Poueff while Hardy knees Valentine.

Izumi whips Poueff towards a standing ladder and the Canadian falls to the ground clutching his nose in agony on the other side, Valentine fights back against Hardy kneeing him in the mid-section before whipping him into the ring post.

Izumi grabs one of the ladders and slides into the ring, she enters the ring and sets it up but is jumped from behind by Valentine who whips her off the ropes then brings her down with a big boot!.

Dan: What a hit from Valentine! He could win this now for his team!

Frank Vogel looks on in glee as Valentine starts to climb up the ladder but JM Hardy’s recoverd and climbs onto the top rope, he leaps at Valentine connecting with a beautiful missile dropkick sending Valentine flying off the ladder!.

Larry: Beautiful dropkick from JM Hardy! Saving the match for his team!

Vogel rushes over to Jake Poueff screaming at him to get up and Poueff whose face is already scarred badly enters the ring and starts climbing.

Dan: Free climb for Poueff!

Larry: No! here comes Izumi!

Izumi grabs Poueff by the leg and yanks him down, she goes for a kick but Poueff grabs her by the foot and then ducks under the enziguri attempt he lifts her up, Wheelbarrow Facebuster!.

Larry: Great innovation from Poueff!

Poueff turns right into a stiff right hand from JM Hardy who uses the ropes for elevation and tries to land a Tornado DDT but Valentine is up and cuts Hardy off with a lariat!.

Dan: JM Hardy just got turned inside out!

Poueff and Valentine high five as Frank Vogel applauds his protégés, the two members of Generation Now set up the ladder but before they climb Vogel urges them to finish off Izumi whose starting to stir.

Larry: Izumi in trouble!

Valentine and Poueff approach Izumi but she springs into life and swings for the fences clawing and punching at both, Poueff gets hit with a knife edge chop as does Valentine as the “WOOO” chants ring around the arena.

JM slowly picks himself up and clubs Poueff over the back, Izumi has Valentine in the corner whilst Hardy shoves Poueff into another. The two strike up a good understanding connecting with Stereo Running Avalanches.

Poueff & Valentine stagger out of the corners and JM drops Poueff with a backfist whilst Izumi does the same to Valentine.

Larry: The reigning champion and his substitute partner looking good!

Dan: This isn’t fair on Valentine & Poueff, Izumi has no right being in that ring!.

The crowd applaud as Izumi picks up the ladder whilst Hardy goes out and picks up another ladder, however Generation Now have clearly watched their share of ladder matches and the duo lunge kicking the ladders into Hardy & Izumi knocking them out!.

Dan: Down go the champions! Generation Now in pole position!

Valentine & Poueff play to the crowd and get a mixed reaction as they prop a ladder in the corner and toss Hardy backfirst against it!.

Larry: Manhandling the former World Champion!

Valentine lays a ladder across Izumi as Poueff runs and breaks into a Rolling Senton crushing Izumi against the ladder and sacrificing his body to inflict pain!.

Valentine keeps watch as Poueff starts climbing the ladder, he makes it all the way to the top and the crowd are on their feet!.

Larry: Jake Poueff is about to win some gold!

Dan: Izumi is up!

A battered Izumi tries to crawl towards Poueff but the larger Valentine catches her and picks her up for a Powerbomb as Poueff claws at the titles with his finger tip but JM Hardy comes charging out, he kicks out at Valentine allowing Izumi to twist into a Hurracanrana and Valentine knocks Poueff off the ladder and onto the ropes groin first!.

Larry: Yikes!

Dan: Not much money left in the bank now is there?

Poueff screams in agony as Izumi measures Valentine and goes for the Konsui but Valentine grabs her with a two handed chokehold and flings her across the ring.

Hardy is up the ladder and Valentine grabs him before bringing him down with an Electric Chair Drop!.

Larry: The power of Jesus Valentine being used to great effect! He’s absolutely manhandling everyone including his own team-mate!

Dan: This guys a hell of a competitor!

Valentine starts to climb the ladder, Poueff crawls towards the ladder and starts to climb up as well, JM Hardy and Izumi crawl and pick up one of the ladders and desperately toss it towards Poueff & Valentine knocking both off the ladder and down to the mat!.

Larry: Ouch!

Dan: God dammn it Frank sort your boys out!

A furious Vogel is up on the apron spurring his men on, Hardy squares up to him as Vogel screams at him yelling that Hardy’s killing EPW.

An incensed Hardy refrains from knocking Vogel out but turns right into a spear from Jake Poueff!.

Larry: Whoa! Poueff just broke Hardy in half!

Poueff is busted open himself after the ladder shot and is out, as Valentine picks himself up he gets a hard kick to the mid-section from Izumi who knees him repeatedly before slamming a ladder against him!.

Izumi starts to climb up the ladder as the crowd erupt, Valentine is on his knees still in pain after getting hit with the ladder and it’s Jake Poueff who gingerly gets up, Valentine and Poueff hobble towards Izumi who looks at the screaming crowd and the two men moving towards her.

Izumi steadies herself then flies off the ladder with a crossbody press taking out both men!.


Larry: Izumi risking it all! What a move!

Dan: Insane! Absolutely insane!

JM Hardy starts to climb up the ladder to a huge cheer, everyone else is down as Hardy moves up rung by rung.

Larry: Wait! Vogel’s entering the ring!

Vogel tips over the ladder and Hardy is left hanging from the belt!.

Dan: Bravo!

Larry: Vogel has no business being in that ring!

A frantic Vogel swings with his cane and connects with Hardy’s legs, JM howls in pain but doesn’t let go as Vogel swings again!

Larry: Somebody needs to stop this man!

Hardy refuses to let go and a frustrated Vogel grabs JM by the leg and pulls him down!, Hardy collapses to the floor clutching his leg as two more referees come running out and eject Frank Vogel from ringside!.

Larry: Justice!

Dan: Disgusting behavior from these inept officials! Frank Vogel was just helping his team!

A furious Vogel is led away from the ring, as Jesus Valentine positions the ladder and starts to climb, but Izumi is up as well! She uses her agility to leap directly onto a higher rung and reaches for the belts but Valentine decks her!.

Larry: Power vs Speed…on top of a ladder!

Izumi responds with a series of rapid punches and reaches for the belts but Valentine grabs her by the throat, Chokeslam!? NO! Izumi slams Valentine against the ladder.

Dan: Whose going to give up?

Izumi elbows away at Valentine, JM Hardy hobbles to his feet and sets up the other ladder and starts to climb.

Larry: Hardy’s going for the belts! Izumi just needs to keep Valentine busy!

Dan: Keep him busy? She’s going to get the win herself!

Hardy reaches for one of the belts as Izumi reaches for the other, Jake Poueff slowly gets up and signals frantically towards Valentine before charging and tipping the ladder over, Valentine leaps onto Hardy’s ladder and Izumi goes flying ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE!.

Larry: Dear god! What a drop!

Dan: Izumi is out!

Replays show Izumi crashing horrifically against the barricade as in the ring, Poueff-Valentine and Hardy are on the same ladder!.

Poueff is right behind Hardy and eats some stiff elbows but he’s still hanging on Hardy punches Valentine before elbowing Poueff again.

Larry: JM Hardy battling against the odds!

Dan: Not anymore!

Hardy’s attempted suplex on Valentine is broken up by Poueff and the two members of Generation Now combine to toss Hardy off the ladder!, JM crashes against the turnbuckles and folds like an accordion as Poueff and Valentine pull the belts down!.



Luke: Your winners and NEW Tag Team Champions…GENERATION NOW!

Larry: What a match! These 4 gave it their all and as underhanded as Vogel’s tactics were you cannot deny the talent of Valentine & Poueff!

Dan: Change is here Larry and it feels great!

Larry: We need some help out here for Hardy & Izumi

Valentine & Poueff raise the belts into the air as Feeley & Tresda along with Vogel come out, the group celebrate in the ramp with their newfound gold as medics help up Izumi who gets a standing ovation.

Izumi shrugs off the medics and tries to walk off on her own before quickly crumpling to the floor again.

Larry: All these hellacious matches have taken their toll on Izumi and we can only hope she recovers quickly.

More medics pull JM Hardy out of the ring whose clutching his neck in pain after his devastating fall.

Dan: These 4 put on a show and you can bet all of them are hurting but it’s Valentine & Poueff who go home with the gold!.

Larry: Incredible stuff!

Now your nightmare comes to life.

The lights start to flicker to the beat of the music as smoke fills the arena. Suddenly there is a loud explosion as a man steps out onto the stage.

Drag you down below.
Down to the devil’s show.
To be his guest forever.

He slowly walks down to the ring, stopping midway and throwing his hood off his head.

Peace of mind is less than never.
Hate to twist your mind.
But God ain’t on your side.

Colton throws one fist up in the air and starts to walk closer to the ring.

An old acquaintance severed.
Burn the world your last endeavor.
Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air.
Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal, steal

Colton bolts to the ring and slides in. He quickly jumps up and walks towards a turnbuckle.

So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head.
You’re now a slave until the end of time here

He jumps up on the turnbuckle and slaps his chest and points out to the crowd.

Nothing stops the madness turning, haunting, yearning, pull the trigger
You should of known
The price of evil

Colton shows his famous evil grin before motioning the crowd to bring it.

And it hurts to know that you belong here
Yeah, Ohhhhhh

Suddenly the entire crowd rings out:

It’s your fucking nightmare!

Colton jumps down and flashes his evil grin and winks.

Dan: Ahh here it goes, the PrimeTime Title Match. A guy with an epic music and an ever better swag against a ninja who can flip your shit backwards. Oh the wonders of EPW, this is awesome.

Larry: Well, the champion surely is ready for this match with God's Forgotten Son. It was just last December Colton Howe started off here in EPW and we can see how far the guy has come, and it's fair to say we can also tell both of them will go far, especially our PT champion, whoever he'll be when this match is over.

"How can Dren Yoshimi be a ninja?"

"He lived in Japan...
He trained kogaru style ninjitsu from Master Shinya."

"We've got to stop him. I'll call Lt. Dime"

"This is no job for the police.
It's something i'll have to do.
Only a ninja can stop a ninja!"

The fans sing along as "Hoodie Ninja" by MC Chris beings playing throughout the arena as Dren makes his way out from behind the curtain in a hoodie.

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a hoodie ninja


A green and silver spotlight focuses in on Dren as the lighting rig above sporadically flashes similar colors. Enthralled by the response of the crowd he takes a moment to glance around the arena before kneeling down. Upon kneeling he takes his and gently brushes against the metallic ramp like a farmer would do to newly discovered and decadent soil.

Dren stands and performs his signature puff-puff-peace taunt before rushing down the aisle high fiving the Little Jimmy's lucky enough to be in the first row. After lapping half of the ring Dren jumps up and does a modified baseball slide along the apron. Yoshimi looks off into the crowd repeating his taunt to the masses. Nearly in unison, a green pyro explodes in a V shape from the opposite end of the ring in the instance Yoshimi's hands make a peace sign. The people in attendance stomp their feet and bang on the railing as a Dren Yoshimi chant starts to echo around the arena. The Eva 01 Neon Genesis Evangelion mask stands out as the music dies down slowly leaving just the thunderous chanting and an electrified atmosphere that even Thor would be proud of.[/I][/COLOR]

Larry: Hell yeah, now let's get this rolling shall we?

The bell rings and they immediatly lock up. Colton pushes Dren and has him tight in a headlock. Dren grabs Colton's right hand and rolls back, resulting in a hammer lock. Yoshimi jumps and tries to go for a reversed armbar, but Colton brutally wacks him into the mat. He drags him to the middle of the ring and goes for the quick pin.

1- Kickout!

Dren kicks Colton in the head and gets his legs around his head. Yoshimi pushes Colton's back and rolls sideways, draggin him along. Colton grabs the ropes and slides to the outside, still locked in the headlock, which is no issue now as he pulls Dren to the corner and pulls him knee first onto it, as the referee starts counting him out.



Colton gives the finger to the ref and the fans cheer, but they immediatly cool back down as he again gets Dren's legs around the ring post and drives his knee against it repeatedly, to loud screams of pain by the PrimeTime Champion. He struggles and grabs the middle rope, and using that momentum, he pushes himself to the middle of the ring, making Colton go head first onto the steel post.

Larry: Christ! This match is heating up!

Dren runs the ropes and jumps off of them to the outside, as the crowd explodes seeing him land a picture perfect dragonrana on the outside, sending Colton flying against the edge of the ring!!
But the cheers again cool down quickly as Dren lands awkwardly on the side of his damaged right knee, to a roar of pain.



Dan: Wow, Dren going really high risk and seemingly paying the price. An amazing maneuver with results that may decide the match right there, be it for either one of them.

Dren is up on his left knee and Colton is crawling, using the ring apron to lift himself up.

Larry: This just shows how high the stakes are for this match. This title means a lot to either of them, and a win here is a win to the war they have had since Date with Destiny.




Colton is now completely up and runs, using the ring as aid to hit a still kneeling Dren Yoshimi with a stunning Shining Wizard! He rolls on his back and gets up again after a few seconds, and picks Dren up. He quickly rolls Dren into the ring and climbs to the apron once again, kicking Dren and shoving him into the ring with his feet.



Knowing the count is ending, Colton springboards off the ropes and hits a leg drop on his right knee, to another loud reaction. He gets up and pulls a hurt Dren back to the corner, but he kicks him in the chest and rolls back on his feet, or foot, and reverses an exploding clothesline from the corner with a loud enziguri to the size of Colton's head, knocking him back to his knees. Dren, now in control, even though limping, starts delivering stiff blows to the head and body of his opponent.
Colton, sensing how the combo would end, ducks under one of the kicks but his met with an even harder roundhouse kick to the head, knocking him down to the mat to another loud thud!

Larry: Sick kick combo by Dren who is back leading this match!

Dan: But that leg can't resist the whole thing, he's in pain inside and eventually that will crash down. If it's not tonight, maybe on next Eclipse, maybe even on Hell on Earth, but the damage has been done and it will be hard for the Jamaican Ninja to be confident about the high-flying part of his moveset, at least on the short term.

Dren stomps Colton hard and delivers soccer kicks to his head and body. He awaits for Colton to get back up, and starts doing a "powering up" taunt.

Larry: Oh boy, here it comes, Dren's going for the Insert Coin!!

Colton slowly gets back up and Dren screams "AAAAH! as he delivers a super kick to the head of Colton but no!! Colton catches the kick and tries to pick Dren up, but he jumps and slides on his back, falling on his feet behind Howe. The injured leg gives in and Dren stops on his track thanks to hit, giving Colton enough time to kick it and send Dren flying with a release fisherman suplex!


The crowd explodes once again as Dren grabs the top rope and spins around, falling on the ring apron!! Colton runs and tries to hit him, but Dren kicks him in the torso and follows up with another one on the head, making Colton fall back to the center of the ring.

Larry: He's going to fly!

Dren jumps up and goes for a springboard splash, but his right leg fails on him again and he falls face first on the mat, to the shock of the pumped up crowd. Colton and Dren are both fallen nearby each other and Colton grabs Dren's legs, hitting the right one on the mat a couple of more times. Colton doesn't stop there though, adding insult to injury, he rips Dren's EV 01 mask off his face, so he can show the pain on his eyes. He repeats some of the hits on the legs until he finally drags
him to the middle of the ring, locking the PrimeTime Champion tight in his texas cloverleaf!

Dan: Oh no... this can break Dren's leg in two!

Dren's screams are loud and he tries to reach to the ropes, but to no use. He starts crawling, but Colton stops the move and drags him back, delivering his signature double stomp on his right leg to another cry, as he locks the cloverleaf again, tighter in the middle of the ring.

Larry: He's got nowhere to go!! Will Dren tap out?!?!

Dan: It was smart from Colton to work on Dren's leg from the start, killing off half his opponent's moveset with it, and then leaving openings for stuff like this. This is what makes champions Larry! Dren has to tap out! He has no way out!

Dren starts screaming even louder as his right leg bends even more. Colton tries to lock it in tighter, but Dren fights back and starts hitting with stiff punches on his face! He keeps trying, but Colton doesn't let go! He locks it in tight and tries to get Dren in a headlock too, but his ambission is too much and Dren is able to roll and slip free from the painful maneuver. He rolls down to the outside, as Colton kneels in desperation in the middle of the ring. The referee is going to start counting Dren out, who is still in pain on the outside, but Colton shoves him aside before he can start and tests the ropes. He tests them again and goes on the top rope. He slowly but steadily goes to the middle of the top rope. He bounces off of them and jumps to the outside, as the arena explodes and he connects the Ropewalk with a perfect Senton onto the hurt Jamaican Ninja!!!


Everyone is up on their feet, completely ignoring the referee who counts to three, and neither of the wrestlers move. Colton is still on top of Dren who is lying on the arena floor, both knocked out of their senses.

Dan: I still can't believe he was dumb enough to do that!! Colton Howe just put the whole match at risk!

Larry: I believe the complete opposite happened Dan, but Dren still has gas on his tank. This match isn't over Dan.

Oddly, Dren starts to move first - at the count of five - as if Colton has missed the target. He gets on his knees at the same time Colton starts to move - after ref counted 7. He rolls into the ring barely after 8, still gasping for air. He crawls up to the other side of the ring and slowly starts getting up, as Colton enters the ring way too late for comfort.

They both get up, and start trying to punch the other one out in the middle of the ring.








Colton gets the upper hand and shoves Dren back. Howe runs the ropes and goes for one of his high knees, but Dren jumps over. When landing, Dren's leg fails on him again and he lands baddly. He rolls to the other side of the ring and Colton starts taunting him in a corner.

Dan: It was just too much for his leg to handle. And now, Colton Howe will spear him to death.

Yoshimi gets up with the aid of the ring ropes, limping, and as he turns around, Colton Howe sprints towards him at full speed, when Dren jumps again- SUNSET FLIP!.




Dan: WHAT?

Larry: Dren retains! Out of nowhere!

Luke: Your winner and STILL Primetime Champion...Dren Yoshimi!

Dren is handed the title when Colton Howe wrenches it from out of his hands and floors him with the belt busting Dren wide open.

The crowd boo Howe showing their disdain as a furious Howe storms to the back.

Larry: Colton Howe clearly not happy with the outcome of the match

Dan: Well duh! Yoshimi stole the win!

Larry: He won fair and square!

Dan: Winners aren't laid out in the middle of the ring Larry!

Chaotic music begins playing as green flashes pulse through the lighting system. The almost demonic screeching sound which starts Senses Fail's "Bite to Break Skin" echoes through the arena.

Bite to break skin, don't give the secret.
My stoic face, beaten with passion.
The phoenix will die inside the firestorm.
I am the son, so follow my footsteps.

The screen flashes with the words "The Unholy Dragon" as Brad Payne makes his way down the entranceway, a sick grin on his face. As he makes his way to the ring, he rips the hood off of his head. Walking casually into the cage, he proceeds to remove his ceremonial garb as he awaits the beginning of the match.

"The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is The Dose" by Circa Survive hits as Unknown comes out from behind the curtain. Unknown slaps his title belt and walks down to the cage. Unknown stops before the cage and gives it a shake before entering the cage.

Luke: The following is for the EPW Ultimate Edge Championship! Introducing first, the challenger weighing in at 300 pounds and standing at 6’ 8”, he hails from Toronto Ontario, Canada. He is Brad Payne!

Payne steps to the middle of the ring and throws a fist to the air as the crowd boos him.

Luke: And the champion, weighing in at 210 pounds and standing at 5’11. The Ultimate Edge Champion, Unknown!

Unknown walks to the middle of the ring and holds up the title as the crowd cheers. He hand the belt off to the ref. The ref shows the belt to Payne, hands it off to the ref’s assistant and shuts the cage door.

Both Unknown and Brad Payne are inside the cage, staring each other down as they wait for the official word from the referee to begin the battle for Unknown’s Ultimate Edge Championship. The official brought in for this match looks at both men. He turns to Unknown. “CHAMPION, YOU READY?” He turns to Payne. “YOU READY? LET’S GET IT ON!!”

Dan: The match I have been waiting for the most tonight and it is finally here!

Larry: This match should be epic. I predict it goes the distance.

The crowd is on its feet as Payne and Unknown start by circling each other, both looking for that opening that will give them the advantage they’re looking for. Payne delivers a couple of quick kicks to Unknown’s leg, but the champ just seems to shrug it off as he waits for Payne to drop his hands for that split second he’s going to need to land one of his trademark haymakers and put an end to this. Payne suddenly charges, pinning Unknown against the side of the cage, trying to capture the leg and get a takedown, but Unknown is managing to keep his vertical base. He’s landing a few shots to the back of Payne’s head, trying to wear the challenger down. Suddenly Payne manages to get his arms around Unknown and he pops his hips and takes the champ over with a suplex!

The crowd is going crazy now as the fight’s finally managed to make it to the ground. Payne is mounting Unknown, trying to land that one punch that will secure the victory, but Unknown is getting his hands up and blocking everything Payne can throw at him! Payne misses with a haymaker and he leaves himself wide open to a stunning left hook from Unknown! Payne is staggered enough for Unknown to escape the clinch and get back to his feet! Payne is shaking off the cobwebs from that wicked shot as he measures Unknown for another shot, but this time Unknown’s one step ahead, delivering some kicks of his own to Payne’s leg and suddenly shooting him right into the cage and taking him over with a belly-to-belly suplex!

Unknown lays down a series of punches. One missed punch and Payne shoots a right hand up and drills Unknown in the temple. Unknown suddenly backs off, his hand moving quickly to his head, holding it and shaking the stars from his head. He’s staggering back, and Payne gets back to his feet. This could be the opportunity he’s been waiting for! He shoots Unknown’s leg, looking for a fireman’s carry takedown, but Unknown rolls through and captures Payne’s other arm, leaving the challenger exposed in a crucifix position. The crowd is roaring as Unknown begins to unleash a series of devastating, rapid-fire elbows to Payne’s head. Suddenly the bell rings!

Dan: Unknown had the match won!

Larry: Saved by the bell. This match is Brad Payne’s to win.

End of Round #1

Both Unknown Burn and Brad Payne are standing across from each other in the 4 sides of steel. Both are staring each other down with a high level of intensity. The crowd is already standing up from their seats. The official for this match steps into the middle of the cage.

Both men rush to the middle of the cage and begin circling each other. Unknown connects with a jab to Payne’s face; however Payne shakes it off with ease. Unknown throws another jab but Payne avoids it. Payne gives Unknown a kick to the leg. Unknown seems unfazed by it. Payne attempts for a left hook, but Unknown ducks and takes Payne down to the mat. Now, Unknown is in Payne’s guard. Unknown connects with a few good body shots. Payne then reaches up and attempts to grab Unknown’s head, but Unknown breaks out of it with another body shot.

Unknown grabs Payne’s right leg and locks in an Achilles tendon hold. Payne begins to writhe in pain. After a few moments, Payne begins to kick Unknown’s stomach with his free leg, thus causing Unknown to break the hold. After a few more kicks, Payne creates enough space to stand up. Payne then begins to taunt Unknown into doing the same. Unknown accepts the challenge and stands up. The two begin to circle each other once again. Unknown and Payne lock up and Unknown powers Payne into the side of the cage. Unknown then begins to stomp on Payne’s toes. Payne connects with a right hand to Unknown’s ribs. Payne then manages to get his arm wrapped around Unknown’s head and squeeze. While still in the standing guillotine, Unknown lifts Payne into the air and then begins to walk towards the middle of the cage. Unknown then slams Payne down right to the mat, causing the crowd to erupt in frenzy.

Unknown jumps down onto Payne and starts to rain down haymakers. Payne puts his arms up to protect himself as Unknown slows down to conserve energy. Suddenly Payne shoots a right hand up and drills Unknown in the side of the head. Unknown rolls off and is on all fours and shakes his head as Payne is quick to jump up and rolls over Unknown and has him in the mount. It all happens to quick as Payne locks in the arm bar. Unknown fights against Payne trying to avoid the tap out. Suddenly the bell rings again.

Larry: Payne had the match won. The ref called the bell too early!

Dan: Just like Round #1, the bell saves one of the fighters.

End of Round #2

The third round starts as both men start to circle each other. Payne starts to corner Unknown as Unknown walks up against the cage. Unknown takes a quick jab at Payne as Payne moves out of the way. Unknown fires back quickly with an elbow to the side of the head. Payne staggers forward as Unknown wraps up Payne and belly to belly suplex him to the mat.

Payne tries to keep Unknown at bay with the guard, but Unknown passes it and mounts Payne. Unknown then begins to rain down punches on Payne, but Payne does his best to block them. Payne, surprisingly, catches Unknown’s left arm and then flips Unknown over onto his back. Now, Payne is in Unknown’s guard. Payne connects with a few blood-curdling body shots. Out of nowhere, Unknown manages to get Payne in prime position for a triangle choke. In a feat of strength and fortitude, Payne, while still in the triangle choke, lifts Unknown up and then power bombs him down to the mat. Unknown has no choice but to break the submission. Now, the crowd is really beginning to get loud. Payne then mounts Unknown and begins to pay him back with some hardcore ground and pound. Unknown appears to be severely winded from the power bomb that he took because now he is barely blocking. Payne sees the opportunity as Unknown rolls over. He gets Unknown in the Crossface II and after a few seconds, Unknown has no choice but to tap out and give EPW a new Ultimate Edge champion.

Dan: It’s all over!

Larry: Brad Payne! New Ultimate Edge Champion!

Brad Payne jumps up and holds his arms up high as the ref walks over and hands him the title. Payne raises it high in the air as the crowd cheers for both men.

Luke: And your winner and new Ultimate Edge Champion Brad Payne!

Larry: Unbelievable! Unknown has been dethroned! Brad Payne keeps up his dominant run of PPV wins!

Dan: And he's now won EVERY title in EPW!

We cut backstage to the locker room of the number one contender to the EPW World title, 'The Limelight' Willie Williams. Perched on a chair as he adjusts his knee brace, he peers up at his two bodyguards standing at the door. Almost simultaneously, a brief knock on the door is heard, and the two massive guards alertly look at their boss.

"Go ahead."

One man swings the door open to reveal an old...friend, of sorts.

Former EPW Champion Matt Ford. With a toothy smirk on his face, he welcomes himself in, walking past the two thugs without stressing over it.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here. Getting ready for that title match?"

Willie stands, his fists clenched, expecting a fight.

"Calm down, Williams. I'm not here to fight you. I just figured I'd swing by and say hello. We haven't spoken since, well, you know."

"You mean when I decided to cheat you out of your title at Date with Destiny?"

"Yeah, then."

The two smirk at one another.

"So if you're not here to pick a fight, then what's up?"

"You know, I'm not really sure. I've been sitting back, watching things unfold in EPW. I've been watching you and Campbell. Kinda pathetic really. Disappointing that you defended her, but I see your reasoning now. It all makes sense. You did the same thing I would have done in hindsight."

"Business is business, Ford. You know that."

"Of course. I get it. Trust me, I was furious at first, but then I came to the realization that business is business and it wasn't anything personal. Although taking me on at Retaliation would have been a bigger draw no doubt, Lucy is definitely the easier challenge. Solid planning. They don't call you the most manipulative wrestler in the business for nothing, I suppose."

The two pause, looking at one another.

"So...are we good?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Good luck tonight. Do me a favor and go out and kill Campbell for me. APEX has been all over me since I originally ruined their plans, and they weren't happy with the fact that I skipped town at Date With Destiny. Just know they're gonna be all over you if you pull this win out."

"Trust me. I'm ready for anything. I've covered the different scenarios, and I've hired some insurance."

Smirking, Willie nods over to his massive bodyguards, both men probably close to seven feet tall.

"Good work. Don't go blowing your knee out or anything, and make sure you go out there and put a stake through the heart of AEQUITAS. There's nothing left of it anymore."

"Will do."

With that, the two hesitantly shake hands.

Larry: And now it's time for the MAIN EVENT!!

Dan: It's a match we've been waiting for for months now...Lucy Campbell and Willie Williams! The two remaining AEQUITAS members go head to head!

Larry: My money is on Campbell, she's a great, spunky wrestler and that's exactly what EPW needs around here.

Dan: Seriously? Willie Williams is an EPW HALL OF FAMER! How can you bet against him?

The crowd is silent as a lone woman steps onto the stage, a microphone in hand. A few fans send out catcalls, but the majority stay silent, mostly out of curiosity. After collecting her surroundings, she brings the microphone to her lips, her beautiful voice ringing out,

"I'm about to lose my mind
You've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time
I need a doctor
Call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
To bring me back to life..."

The piano in the background slowly formed into the ping of a heartrate monitor. As her words finish, the beat increases rapidly before flatlining....

Smoke begins to fill the stage of the arena and the female singer disappears in the cloud of gray. The song picks up as a voice roars from the speakers,

"I told the World one day I would pay it back,
Say it on tape, and lay it, record it,
So that one day I could play it back,
But I don't even know if I believe it when I'm saying that,
Doubt's starting to creep in, everyday its so grey and black,
Hope, I just need a ray of that,
Cause no one see's my vision when I play it for 'em..."

The crowd slowly stands to its feet in anticipation as the music continues to ring through the speakers throughout the arena.

"Demons fightin' you, it's dark.
Let me turn on the lights and brighten me and enlighten you,
I don't think you realize what you mean to me,
Not the slightest clue,
Cause me and you were like a crew,
I was like your sidekick,
You gon either wanna fight me when I get off this fucking mic,
Or you gon hug me,
But I'm out of options, there's nothing else I can do cause... "

Finally, after a few fans are carted out of the arena after fainting, "The Limelight" Willie Williams strolls his way out of the entrance with enough swag to blow your fuckin' mind. Several flashy and unnecessary pyrotechnics shoot in every which direction, rivaling a fourth of July show. The woman appears in the background and begins singing the chorus once more as Willie makes his way down the ramp, his hands outstretched, but neither hand touching any fans.

"I'm about to lose my mind,
You've been gone for so long,
I'm running out of time,
I need a doctor,
Call me a doctor,
I need a doctor, doctor,
To bring me back to life..."

With his head arched in the air, he embraces the cheers and jeers alike as he walks up the steps into the ring. He ascends a turnbuckle and his hands stand in the air and very climatically cross into the formation of an "X" to a huge uproar from the veterans in attendance.

He does this very slowly and charismatically at every single turnbuckle before standing in the center of the ring and removing his sunglasses and his shirt, nonchalantly tossing both of the items into the crowd. He winks at the referee, who seems to detest his long entrance - but Willie couldn't give a shit.

Willie gives one more look into the crowd, his smug smirk and raised eyebrow saying "fuck y'all" without even having to move his lips.

Announcer: Introducting first, the challenger, standing at six foot four inches and weighing in two hundred and twenty pounds...he is THE LIMELIGHT, WILLLLLLIE WILLLLLLIAMSSSSSSSS~!

The lights slightly dim as ‘On A Mission’ blares over the speakers. Silver sparks fall from above and onto the ramp below. With Lucy being new, the fans don’t quite react except with some cat calls and whistles. A shadow first appears, as Lucy then comes out with a grey hoody on covering her whole upper half.

As the silver sparks finish, she slowly zips down the jacket as she slowly walks down the ramp. She takes it off and throws it onto the steps as she climbs upon it. Standing in middle of apron, she sits on middle ropes, raises her upper leg up, then moving it down to get under the middle rope. She finally then gets herself into the ring and does some quick stretches.

Announcer: Introducing, weighing at one hundred and twenty pounds, standing at a height of five feet and seven inches tall, from Salem, Oregon, she is the current EPW WORLD CHAMPION, LUCYYYYY CAMPBELLLLLLL~!

Williams and Campbell both stand in the ring, looking ready to fight. Despite the knee brace that Willie brandishes, he seems to be in good shape as he limbers around the ring, his eyes never leaving Campbell.

Larry: Wow, what a size difference!

Dan: Thinking about changing your mind? There's no way Lucy is besting Williams in a last mand standing match!

The bell rings and the two step to the middle of the ring, the champion wasting no time in taking a quick low kick at Willie's knee, causing him to falter back. Lucy lands another kick, briefly dropping Willie to a knee!

Campbell goes for a third but Willie catches her leg this time, launching her up into the air before hitting some sort of makeshift chokeslam! Leaving her laid out in the center of the ring, Willie turns to the crowd and raises his hands up in an 'X' formation, bringing a rain of boo's down onto him.

Dan: Paying homage to his old school tag team, I see. Kalada and Willie are both Hall of Famers, and I'm sure we know who Kalada is rooting for!

Campbell is slowly back to her feet and catches Willie off guard, hitting the ropes and hitting him with a dropkick from behind! The stocky challenger hits the ropes front first before turning around to another kick to the knee from Campbell.

Really trying to work at his obvious weakness, Lucy baseball slides into the mat and clutches at Willie's knee, trying to bring him down and into a submission. The much larger veteran doesn't fall for it, however, and uses his free leg to stomp on her head! She immediately lets go and Willie begins unloading on her with stomps to the head and midsection before the referee eventually stops him and tells him to back off.

Willie has a ruthless look in his eyes as he grabs Campbell by her long hair and stands her up. Using all of his weight, he irish whips her right into the furthest turnbuckle! The champion bounces off the corner from the impact and tumbles back onto the mat.

Dan: This guy is trying to end things early!

The Limelight takes his time, adjusting his knee brace and stalking Campbell as she recovers and slowly stands. As he looks to pounce on her and go in for the kill, she quickly fires off a flurry of rights and lefts! The sheer quickness of the strikes send the challenger reeling backwards!

Campbell hits the ropes and leaps forward, looking to hit a flying crossbody! The resilient veteran in Willie, though, catches her midmotion and hits a nasty fallaway slam that sends her tumbling under the bottom rope and onto the floor!

Taking his time, Willie uses the stairs to get out of the ring and approaches the recovering Campbell, who fires off with a quick roundkick to the knee! Willie falters before landing a huge right to the smaller opponent, dropping her back to her knees.

Picking her up, Willie uses both arms to irish whip Campbell into the guard rail, but she plants her feet and uses every ounce of her strength to hold steady, stopping Willie in his tracks!

Using the momentum behind her, the champion spears Willie into the railing, his spine arching in pain as he hits the metal! Following up, Lucy immediately begins drilling at his injured knee again, working on the obvious weakness.

Willie eventually pushes her away and the strength of him sends her tumbling to the floor. He can't capitialize however, as he clutches his knee with both hands.

Dan: Seems that Campbell is really working on that braced knee.

Larry: It's probably the smart thing to do, cut Willie down from the bottom. The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

Campbell gets to her feet and Willie recovers. The two briefly look at one another before charging towards eachother! Willie raises his good leg, going for a running knee, but the agile Campbell ducks right under it!

The two immediately turn around and Willie spins on his heels, raising his opposite leg to crack Campbell right in the face with his boot! She immediately crumples onto the floor, but the damage seems to be done on Willie as well, who had to use his injured knee for the impact!

Larry: My God, Campbell just took a Rocket Kick right to the face!

Willie recovers and rolls into the ring, demanding that the referee begin counting.


Campbell opens her eyes, looking like she may not know just where the hell she is at the moment.


She gets to her one knee...


The champion is up before the ten count!

Dan: This last mand standing match ain't over yet!

Lucy rolls into the ring and Willie immediately begins to lay into her with kicks with his good leg, looking to put her down quickly. Campbell gets on all fours and rolls onto the apron, using the ropes to stand up and spear Willie right in the gut!

He doubles over and Lucy grabs his head, dropping his neck right onto the top rope. With the challenger reeling, Lucy launches herself over the ropes and hits Willie with a flying dropkick!

Both opponents hit the mat and Campbell rolls to her feet as the crowd goes wild!

Larry: Things could go huge for the champion now!

She wastes no time in hitting the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up atop of it! As she turns around, however, Willie is already there to greet her with a right hand!

The two recklessly trade hands and Willie begins to climb up the ropes as well, meeting Campbell at the top!

Dan: Oh jesus!

Hitting her with a huge right and left combo, Willie hoists Campbell up over his shoulders! With careful precision because of his knee, Willie sits onto the top rope and slowly stands, now hoisting Campbell into a gorilla press position.

Larry: Oh my god! Is he about to?? We haven't seen this move in years! This is vintage Willie Williams!

Throwing her over his head and towards the mat, Willie jumps as well, planting a nasty dropkick right in Lucy's face! The impact sends her body swirling sideways in a 360 degree motion before she violently hits the mat, looking to be out cold!

Meanwhile, Willie seems to hit the mat hard himself, in a botched, almost Sid Viscious-esque style.

Dan: My god! DERAILED!

The referee begins counting as both opponents are on the ground.


Willie begins making his way to his feet!


Willie is the only one standing as Campbell seems to still be out.


Confetti falls from the rafters as the referee raises Willie's hand in victory and places the EPW title around his waist. Meanwhile, paramedics are in the ring to check on Campbell.​


Cred goes to:
Jake Poueff
Dren Yoshimi
JM Hardy
Willie Williams
Deacon Cage
Colton Howe
Joe Tresda

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Good PPV overall, but it's a shame Hardy didn't RP on our Tag Match >.< I mean, I was really looking forward to it, even though the result would probably change.

Great work by all RPers and match writters, and congrats to the winners - retainers, new champions and Feeley.

Looking forward to the next card =)

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Dang it hurts to lose like this, but one must move on. Congrats, Bren, your reign had better transcend mine on 50,000,000 levels or I'll come back for that title.
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