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The familiar chords of For Whom The Bell Tolls opens Eclipse as the crowd erupt, Hall Of Famer and General Manager Skye Silverhawk makes her way out with a microphone, warmly greeting the cheering crowd.

She enters the ring as the “Silverhawk” chants die down.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to EPW Eclipse! We have a great show in store for you tonight on our last stop before Retaliation but before the action begins I have some pressing matters to deal with!

Larry: Oh boy!

Dan: Shit is about to go down!

The first situation that needs to be dealt with is the Deathmatch Title, now you will be hearing from Deacon Cage later about his condition but Jackson Williams will defend his Deathmatch Title against Dragon Oscuro and the winner of tonight’s battle royal in EPW’s first ever…Ultimate X match!

Larry: Ultimate X! That’s going to be incredible!

Dan: Williams is in for a fight!

Moving on, over the past few weeks the number of wild unsanctioned brawls and sneak attacks has been unacceptable that’s not how we did things in my day- Brad Payne & Unknown if you two want a fight so bad, we’ll do it right at Retaliation it’ll be the Ultimate Edge Champion defending against The Unholy Dragon, Brad Payne!.

Larry: Whoa! What a match!

Dan: This ones going to be one for the history books! Payne vs Unknown!

And finally, last week we saw the formation of Generation Now- this one goes out to those unfairly attacked and those that may be thinking of taking matters into their own hands- you WILL get your chance at revenge but in time, whoever sparks an unsanctioned fight tonight will be suspended from Retaliation and this goes out to everybody..including our Tag Team Champions.

The cheers that usually follow Silverhawks every word turn into boo’s as For Whom The Bell Tolls kicks in and she departs.

Larry: Skye Silverhawk laying down the law!, any sort of chaos tonight and the superstars involved will miss Retaliation!

Dan: It’s a tough order keeping the nutjobs here under control, I am not sure if she’s brave or stupid!.

Larry: None the less, it’s time for our first match of the night!

Larry: Well to open the night we have a battle royal and as we just learned the winner gets a shot at the Deathmatch Title at Retaliation!

Dan: I wonder if Tyler & James are going to get an alliance going for this one!

Larry: Certainly something to watch out for battle royals are all about strategy and if Tyler & James work together like they did in the tag tournament they could well be our final two!.

Tyler & James stick to the same corner and start to strategies both pointing out the experienced Lohm Cassidy as “Meant To Live” kicks in inciting a flurry of boo’s from the crowd.

Dan: Here comes my man! Team Feeley representing!

Larry: Those meetings must get cozy with just the two of you present

Dan: Don’t be hating.

The bell rings and there’s a casualty right off the bat as JC Epick who charges at the pairing of Austin Tyler & Owen James, he swings wildly but Jones drops under his flailing punches and connects with a shot to the mid-section before Tyler charges and connects with the Fatal Shot sending JC Epick over the top rope!.

Larry: Tyler & James already working together to great effect!.

Tim Feeley makes a bee-line for the debuting Ender and works over him in the corer while Jonathan Cole and Dylan Paul trade lefts and rights, Cole knees Paul in the gut and goes for a Vertical Suplex but Paul drops down and hits his trademark Stunner!.

Cole staggers and Austin Tyler keeps a look-out while Owen James charges and clotheslines Cole out of the ring!.

Dan: Another elimination for James & Tyler!

Larry: Dylan Paul trying to take them on by himself!

Paul rocks Tyler with a shoulder block before elbowing James, Stevie Wicked enters the fray battering Tyler with a series of stiff kicks to the back. James is then hit with a forearm before Wicked & Paul toss him over the top rope but James hangs on and starts to skin the cat!.

Larry: Owen James trying desperately to stay in!

Paul spots James and tries to throw him out but his shortlived alliance with Wicked is over as Stevie grabs him from behind, he drags Paul to the corner and tries to German Suplex him out of the ring but Paul lands on the apron before bouncing Wicked’s head off the turnbuckle, he tries to re-enter the ring but Tim Feeley charges- SAFE IN YOUR FACE! Paul goes flying off the apron to the outside!.

Dan: Yes! Tim Feeley with a beautiful baseball slide!

The duo of Tyler & James are taking turns stomping a mudhole into Lohm Cassidy in the corner as whilst nearby Ender gingerly rises to his feet after having taken quite a beating from Tim Feeley.

Larry: Lohm Cassidy is in some deep trouble here!

James & Tyler lift Cassidy up and try to dump him out but he’s holding on for dear life, Ender swings at Tim Feeley who ducks and connects with the You’re Outta Here Punch!, Ender crashes against the ropes and Feeley lifts Ender’s legs up and out of the ring!.

Larry: And out goes Ender! Tim Feeley with his second elimination of the night!

Cassidy starts to claw away at Tyler & James but Stevie Wicked boots Cassidy down to the apron, he tries to fight back yet again but Tyler & James both knee him simultaneously sending him out of the ring!.

Dan: 3 on 1! Cassidy never stood a chance!

Larry: Now we’re down to Tim Feeley,Stevie Wicked,Austin Tyler & Owen James.

The three circle Feeley like a pack of wolves as Feeley braces himself.

Dan: Big target on Tim Feeley’s back! The former Primetime & Deathmatch Champion needs to play this smart.

Larry: He can play it whatever way he wants, but 3 on 1…the odds aren’t looking good!.

Tyler & James take an aggressive step but then retreat immediately but Stevie Wicked isn’t quite on the same wave length and takes an elbow to the face, Wicked kicks Feeley in the gut and goes for a DDT but Feeley twists his way out of it and grabs him by the throat!.

Dan: Bat Breaker!?

Larry: No!

Wicked hammers away at Feeley and tries to tip him over and out of the ring but Feeley uses a head scissors takedown to eliminate Stevie Wicked instead!.

Dan: There goes Stevie Wicked!

Feeley picks himself up as security drag Stevie Wicked away.

James & Tyler pounce from behind beating Feeley down to the mat, Tyler picks him up and irish whips him towards James who connects with a Samoan Drop!.

Larry: Feeley is down! Owen James & Austin Tyler in pole position here!

Tyler shoves James out of the way looking to eliminate Feeley himself and grab the headlines but Owen James doesn’t take kindly to being bullied and stuns Austin Tyler by throwing him out of the ring!.

Dan: Austin Tyler! Just got eliminated by his partner!

Tyler can’t believe it as James shrugs, he turns and Tim Feeley is slowly standing up…Owen James is feeling it as he signals for the Jumping Pedigree, he hooks Feeley by the arms but Feeley connects with an uppercut but Owen James comes right back lifting him up for a Spinebuster and charging towards the ropes but Feeley again acrobatically applies the leg scissors- Hurracanrana!- Owen James hangs on!.

Larry: Feeley needs to turn and finish James off!

Dan: James has the size advantage! Feeley can’t pick him off just like that!

Feeley kicks away at Owen James who uses his strength to try and absorb the damage and manages to re-enter the ring, a frustrated Feeley grabs him by the throat but can’t get him up for The Bat Breaker as James headbutts him and then lifts him up in a Military Press!.

Larry: What strength from Owen James!

James tries to press Feeley out of the ring but Tim drops down behind him, James turns and gets a knee to the face as Feeley braces himself before grabbing James…he’s got him up! What a feat of strength from Tim Feeley!.

Larry: Superhuman!

Feeley lets out a primal roar as he charges and dumps James to the outside with a body slam!.

Dan: Wow!

Luke: Your winner…Tim Feeley!

Larry: The most number of eliminations and now Tim Feeley gets a shot at..the wait I think he’s calling you?

Dan: Of course he is! I get the exclusive winning interview!

Dan grabs a microphone as he heads into the ring.

Congratulations on the win, as a member of Team Feeley I’d like to take this opport-

Feeley cuts off Dan Borowski to a huge roar.

Shut up

A few months back I was on a winning streak that the chumps I just threw out can only dream of, everyone from Pizza Delivery Guy to World Champions fell when they faced me, it was only a matter of time before I got a shot at Lost Soul and his World Title but that shot didn’t go to me- it went to a clown who fluked his way past me and now he’s too weak to recover from the beating he received.

Me? I am STILL standing.

I didn’t take my opportunity and now here I am…opening the show, now I know that I can’t just sit there and wait to be handed big matches simply cause I stuck around- I have to go out to the ring and get it done and that’s what I have done and now here I am about to be rewarded with a shot at the Deathmatch Title?

Been there.

Done that.

Skye Silverhawk you can keep your title shot, I am going after what I KNOW I deserve and this time around I am not waiting for you to give it to me, Willie Williams? Lucy Campbell? It doesn’t matter all I know is that it’s only a matter of time before I stop being Tim Feeley, the kid with potential and I become Tim Feeley, your EPW World Champion.

Feeley tosses the mic back at Dan and heads to the back as “Meant To Live” kicks in.

Larry: Wow! Tim Feeley turning down a Deathmatch Title shot…he’s heading for the top and by the look of things; this time around there will be no stopping!.

We go backstage where Frank Vogel is flanked by Jesus Valentine and Tim Feeley.

Ladies and Gentlemen, last week JM Hardy & William Haze watched in stunned silence along the rest of the world as Generation Now grew stronger than ever. You all just witnessed Tim Feeley signifying what we are all about, eliminating the competition and clearing a path to the World Title- Joe Tresda is having surgery on an injured arm but he'll be back with us soon in the meanwhile, you all will be lucky enough to witness the rise of the greatest young stars out there today, Howe-Hardy-Haze it doesn't matter...your time is over and our time begins now!.

Now your nightmare comes to life.

The lights start to flicker to the beat of the music as smoke fills the arena. Suddenly there is a loud explosion as a man steps out onto the stage.

Drag you down below.
Down to the devil’s show.
To be his guest forever.

He slowly walks down to the ring, stopping midway and throwing his hood off his head.

Peace of mind is less than never.
Hate to twist your mind.
But God ain’t on your side.

Colton throws one fist up in the air and starts to walk closer to the ring.

An old acquaintance severed.
Burn the world your last endeavor.
Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air.
Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal, steal

Colton bolts to the ring and slides in. He quickly jumps up and walks towards a turnbuckle.

So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head.
You’re now a slave until the end of time here

He jumps up on the turnbuckle and slaps his chest and points out to the crowd.

Nothing stops the madness turning, haunting, yearning, pull the trigger
You should of known
The price of evil

Colton shows his famous evil grin before motioning the crowd to bring it.

And it hurts to know that you belong here
Yeah, Ohhhhhh

Suddenly the entire crowd rings out:

It’s your fucking nightmare!

Colton jumps down and flashes his evil grin and winks.

Luke: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is “God’s Forgotten Son, Colton Howe!”

(Shh be quiet, you might piss somebody off)

Critical Acclaim starts playing while the vicious music runs through the arena and green lazers come of the stage.

The lazers stop with a flash of light and Poueff enters the stage with a sick smile, knowing what he's going to do and how he can do it,

The pyro starts flashing aroung him (like Batista's ramp pyro) and he raises his head entering the ramp. The music goes louder and the lights go green.

Like me motherfucker, you've been at it for too long
While you feed off others insecurities
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds

(Self-righteousness is wearing thin)
Lies inside your head your best friend
(Heart bleeds but not for fellow man)
Broken glass, your fake reflection

He starts walking down the ramp with his Money in the Bank briefcase in his hand and with a smile on his face as some fans in the crowd cheer on.

Telling them it's all for something real
Don't respect the words you're speaking
Gone too far, a clone!

Jake goes close to the ring and gives his shades to a little kid in the audience with an NBK sign, one of the few in the arena. He then slides into the ring,jumping to the turnbuckle and raising his arms in the air as some fans turn up the volume.
So how does it feel to know that someone's kid in the heart of the world
Has blood on their hands, fighting to defend your rights
So you can maintain the lifestyle that insults his family's existence
Well, where I'm from we have a special salute we aim high in the air
Towards all those pompous asses who spend their days pointing fingers

Luke: From Toronto,Canada,weighing in at 208 pounds,the Natural Born Killer,JAKE POUEFF!

He does it again in the oposite turnbucle getting some cheers from the crowd, that knows that action will start.

He then goes in the center of the ring looking at Colton.

Larry: The bell rings and here comes our match!

Poueff and Howe circle each other in the ring before they lock up in the middle. A brief tug of war results in Howe giving Poueff a boot in the stomach before pushing him into the ropes and throwing him back on the rebound into an Irish Whip. Poueff ducks a clothesline attempt, rebounds and attempts to follow up with his own, Howe also ducking that before catching Poueff on his second rebound and lifting him up. Poueff elbows out of the grip though and slips behind him, grabbing him by the waist and attempting a German. Howe plants his weight, and delivers two successive elbows, knocking Poueff away. Eventually, Howe turns around and does a quick Enzuigiri, finally ending that chain of moves. He shoves Poueff’s shoulders to the mat…




The two fresh wrestlers rise to a stand again. Howe is faster this time and delivers a quick standing dropkick to Poueff, which floors him. Howe drops an elbow on top of Poueff and begins to punch him on the ground a few times before locking him up in a ground headlock. After a few seconds of struggling, Poueff reverses out of it with some elbows, then as Howe stands, he moves in and pulls off a quick fireman’s carry and goes for a fast pin.



The two of them jump up and face off against each other for several brief seconds before Howe moves first, kicking Poueff in the gut and setting him up…

Larry: It could be time for an early Nightmare!

Poueff counters and flips Howe onto his back, before bringing over him…




Howe stands, but runs into a clothesline by Poueff, followed by a harsh kick to the face that earns some boos. He quickly tries to put Howe in one of his signature holds…

Dan: Poueff is trying to lock in the Afterlife crossface on the ground!

Howe struggles madly, trying to evade the hold, but can’t get out and it’s latched on.

Dan: He could end the match right now!

Stuck with the rope 2 feet away, it’s the longest distance in his life as Howe fights against the hold, the pressure tight and incredible. Slowly, he crawls, his fingers inching ever closer, but that very hand may also tap…

Larry: Is it all over?

Howe’s fingers brush the ropes…

He grabs it!

Poueff releases the hold immediately and reaches back to drag him by the leg, but Howe resists it and rolls to his back, booting him in the face. He stands and measures the stunned Poueff, only to deliver a spear! A cover…




Larry: And just like that the momentum shifted. It’s anybody’s ballgame at this point.

Colton picks up Poueff and puts him in the corner. Colton starts to slug at Poueff but Poueff ducks under and Colton ends up in the corner. Poueff kicks Colton in the gut and jumps up onto the second rope and starts to deliver punches to the head. Poueff looks out towards the crowd and smiles. Suddenly Colton walks out with Poueff and turns around towards the turnbuckle. Damage Reflex!

Larry: Its over! Its over!

Poueff lands and body slumps out of the ring as Colton can’t believe his luck. Colton slides out of the ring and picks up Poueff and tosses him in. Colton slides in and goes for the cover.




The ref notices Poueff leg under the rope as Colton can’t believe it. Colton picks Poueff up as suddenly Poueff knees Colton to the gut and rushes the ring rope. Springboard Leg Lariat into Colton as both men lay in pain.

Dan: This match is better than I thought it would be.

Larry: What did you think it be?

Dan: Crap. Obviously.

Both men are up in opposite corners as they stare down each other. Poueff runs at Colton as Colton jumps out of the ring onto the apron. Poueff jumps onto the top of the turnbuckle. Colton shoves his legs as Poueff falls onto the top rope. As Poueff sits there in pain, Colton rushes up the rope and kicks Poueff in the head. Poueff falls backwards hanging from the rope. Colton jumps into the ring and runs at Poueff with a hesitation dropkick. Colton covers Poeuff.



Kick out!

Colton looks to the sky and can’t believe it. Colton gets up and picks Poueff up. Poueff kicks Colton in the gut and jumps off the closes rope going for the Pele. Colton ducks and actually catches Poueff on his shoulder. Colton tosses Poueff into the ropes. Poueff bounces off as Colton kicks him in the gut. Nightmare!




Luke: And your winner, Colton Howe!

Colton sits in the corner as the ref checks on Poueff. Colton slides out of the ring and grabs the MITB briefcase and slides into the ring. Colton measures up Poueff and takes him out. Colton places the briefcase in the middle of the ring and grabs Poueff, setting him up for the Nightmare. Suddenly the crowd goes crazy.

Dan: Its Dren!

Colton tosses Poueff aside as Dren slides in. Both men start to throw fists and a brawl breaks out. Security starts to storm the ring as they try to break the fight up. They get between the two men as Colton is taken out of the ring and starts to be carried out. All the security are holding Colton back as Dren stands on the turnbuckle closes to him and holds up the Primetime Championship, taunting Colton to come back to the ring.

Larry: I can’t wait to see these two finally go one on one without security to stop them.

Dan: Its going to be off the hook!

We go backstage where Naima is pouring some coffee from the snacks table, she turns right into Unknown and spills coffee all over him!

Larry: Uh oh!

Naima starts to treat as Unknown walks after her but to a huge ovation William Haze steps in between.

I believe we have some unfinished business

Bring it on!

No! you heard Silverhawk! you'll miss Retaliation!

Haze stops in his tracks as Unknown sneers before shaking his head and letting loose with a right hook, Unknown is sent staggering as Haze goes after him but a group of security guards led by Skye Silverhawk quickly break things up before Unknown can fight back.

God damn it Haze I warned you!

You're gonna make me sit out Retaliation!? I have Tag Titles to defend!

You're not above the law Haze! I don't want to do this but you're out of Retaliation- go home!

Security escort a furious Haze & Naima away as Silverhawk shakes her hand, clearly saddened by the events that just transpired.

Larry: William Haze just got benched for Retaliation!

Dan: What happens now! JM Hardy is left without a partner!

Larry: You can guarantee that Haze is going to make a beeline for Unknown as soon as he's back!

Dan: And Unknown's in action..next!

Luke: The following is an Ultimate Edge match introducing first..Dragon Oscuro!

You've got the touch, you've got the power.

The lights go out and a slim spotlight appears at the top of the ramp, with Dragón Oscuro in the middle of it. He then proceeds to walk at both sides of the top of the ramp, as he taunts the crowd.

After all is said and done, you never walk,
you never run, you're a winner.
You got the moves, you know the streets,
break the rules, take the heat, you're nobody's fool.
You're at your best when the going gets rough,
You've been put to the test but it's never enough.

He then starts to walk towards the ring, slowly, as he looks around at the fans at attendance. He then stops at some signs insulting Pedro Rodriguez and continues to walk as he laughs loudly.

You got the the touch, you got the power.
When all hell's breaking loose,
you'll be right in the eye of the storm.
You got the heart, you got the motion.
You know that when things get too tough,
you got the touch.

At ringside, he ignores a couple of fans wanting to high-five with him but says hello to some girls, jumps on the ring apron and smiles as he looks up in the sky.

You never bend, you never break, you seem to know
just what it takes. You're a fighter
It's in the blood, it's in the will, it's in the mighty
hands of steel. When you're standin your ground.
And you never give in when you're back's to the wall
gonna fight till the end and you're taking it all.

He then jumps on the second rope and raises both his arm, as the thousands in attendance take photos of Dragón Oscuro as he yells "This is my place!".

You got the touch, you got the power,
when all hell's breaking loose,
you'll be right in the eye of the storm.
You got the heart, you got the motion.
You know that when things get too tough, you got the touch.

He steps in the ring, takes off his t-shirt and throws it to the crowd.

You're fighting fire with fire.
You know you got the touch.

Dragón Oscuro then sits on the floor, awaiting for the bell to ring and the match to start.

The crowd rise to their feet in anticipation as “The Difference” kicks in to huge roars from the crowd, the Ultimate Edge Champion makes his way out- clearly pissed off at what just transpired backstage as he heads for the ring.

Larry: A pissed off Unknown heading for the ring, Oscuro has to be at his very best

Dan: He’s got the size and power advantage at least!

Luke: And his opponent…the Ultimate Edge Champion, UNKNOWN!

Round 1

Oscuro uses his size early on to mow Unknown down with a running avalanche and then continues to impress hitting Unknown with a series of suplexes, Unknown takes another running avalanche in the corner and staggers out to a Oscuro Spinebuster for a 4 count.

Oscuro kept up the onslaught, locking Unknown in a full nelson and swinging him around with ease but Unknown’s familiarity with the Ultimate Edge environment came into play late into the round as after refusing to tap out he used the cage to swing over and behind Oscuro.

Oscuro went for an elbow but Unknown ducked and connected with the Orton Neckbreaker and then quickly used the cage to fly into the air going for the Calamity From The Sky but Oscuro caught him reminding the champion of his strength but Unknown quickly reminded Oscuro just why he’s no ordinary wrestler- acrobatically shifting behind and dropping Oscuro with the Threat Decline, he shifted into the crossface but before a strong grip Oscuro managed to grab onto the ropes.

The round came to an end as Unknown smiled, almost happy that Oscuro has put up a fight.

Larry: Dragon Oscuro throwing Unknown around in the early going but the champion coming back strong!

Dan: He’s shaken Oscuro up! Did you see how frightened he was in that crossface?

Round 2

Oscuro plays it cautiously in the second round staying away and absorbing Unknown’s kicks before gambling and going after Unknown with a clothesline, Unknown is out as a smiling Oscuro goes for a German Suplex but Unknown lands on his feet and goes for a Hurracanrana of his own but Oscuro brings him down and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf!

But before he can crank it up, Unknown wriggles out and kicks away at Oscuro. The big man grabs Unknown by both hands and pulls him up but Unknown hits the Clanging Discord!

Oscuro starts to stumble and it’s lights out as Unknown hits the Relentless Spiral for the knockout win.

Luke: Your winner via knock out…Unknown!

Larry: Just like that! Unknown picks up a win despite Oscuro’s size advantage!

Dan: We are going to see one hell of a fight when Unknown & Payne throw down at Retaliation

Larry: Carnage awaits and as for Dragon Oscuro..he’ll have to pick himself up and try and win the Deathmatch Title!.

Unknown poses with the title as Oscuro is helped up by the referee.

We go backstage where JM Hardy is involved in a shouting match with Skye Silverhawk

Haze didn't give me a choice JM! I am not one of the guys now! I am the boss and I have to make these decisions!

What, did Vogel pay you off? to make things easier for his boys?

How dare you suggest something that ridiculous, I am not here for the money I am here cause of how much I love EPW to get rid of the corruption and anarchy that has plagued the place, look...I think I have a substitute for you.

Send out whoever you want, but I am not giving these titles up- Vogel and his stooges aren't getting a free ride!

Silverhawk rapidly scribbles a note and buzzes her assistant in.

Mark, I need you to deliver this for me right away

The young intern nods as he takes the note from Silverhawk and heads out into the hallway where he's stopped by Frank Vogel

Your nights over kid

Vogel grabs the note and swings his cane threateningly causing Mark to break into a run,

This main event just got interesting

Larry: That fiend!

Dan: Always two steps ahead!

Larry: None the less, at least JM Hardy has found a partner!

Larry: And now Dan we're gonna take a few minutes away from the chaos and talk about something serious.

Dan: Usually folks we're all fun and games and everyone knows I'm more fun than Larry but we have
something tonight that we'll need to take time away from all that for.

Larry: Folks following his last appearance on Eclipse Deacon Cage, better known to some as The Dream Reaper was found submerged in his hotel room bath tub unconscious with a shallow heart beat. Now love him or hate the man folks, we here at EPW want to take a moment and remind everyone of the severity of his actions and by request give him a few moments to speak out himself.

We cut to a split screen where we see Deacon Cage still laid up in a hospital bed as well as Larry and Dan at the desk inside the arena.

Larry: Mr. Cage how are we feeling?

Cage: Deacon will be just fine gentlemen. As for how I am feeling, well my body is hating me right now and but my mind is clearer than it has been in a long time.

Larry: Deacon, why don't you share some of the details of your incident with the fans?

Cage: Well Larry anyone who's followed my career knows that I'm a bit off psychologically but couple that with a chemical dependence that has plagued me since my inception into the sport and you have a recipe for disaster. After Last Resort I was riding high, literally, for the first time in a long time my career was finally going in the right direction. I was on a win streak, I had just relieved Izumi of the Deathmatch title, and garnered the biggest win of my EPW career over former World Champion JM Hardy. But all I could hear inside my head was that it wasn't enough and I needed to accomplish so much more. Then I over looked a young up and comer in Jackson Williams and my world spiraled out of control once again. Taking nothing away from Jackson but that match should have been a forgone conclusion. I took my eye off the present and pushed forward to the future without even considering that fact that the obstacle in my way was more than capable of bringing me back to reality. He did just that. But not the reality most people see but a reality that was dark and scary. A reality that only I saw. A reality where I no longer saw where I belonged. So, I swallowed a hand full of pills and slowly let myself slip down into the warm of the water below. Thankfully someone found me before my demons engulfed me completely.

Larry: Wow, thank someone indeed. Deacon you talk about a chemical dependency, do you mind elaborating on that?

Deacon: Again everyone who knows the name knowns what I'm all about. Beginning in XPW, I was always known as a guy who would place his body on the line no matter the consequence to my own well being. Unfortunately doing it night after night takes a dangerous toll on the body and to continue you have to ingest alot of different pain relievers and pills to trick the body into thinking that it is not injured. Every foreign substance taken into the body has its own price and the one's I was taking almost cost me my life.

Larry: Okay Deacon one more question and we'll let you get back to resting and recovery. Your status here with EPW is unknown, mind shedding some light on that situation for the fans?

Deacon: Funny you ask that because I had a very long meeting with EPW officials this after noon and I can assure you while they are not happy about the negative press the company is receiving they have offered me alot of help and will be standing by my side throughout my recovery. They offered me some time off to get my issues straight but that offer was refused. At this point I'm feeling the best I have in years when it comes to not only my mind but my body as well. The doctors tell me I'll only be here a few more days and once I get clearances I will be returning to an EPW ring at Retaliation where I will be competing in the first ever Ultimate X match for the EPW Death Match title and mark my words, I'll be leaving champion.

Larry: That is certainly much sooner than we expected but I can speak for myself as a broadcast journalist as well as a fan and say it will be great to have you back.

Dan: Yeah, baby The Dream Reaper back in action at Retaliation.

Larry: Thank you Mr Cage.

Deacon: Thank you Larry and Dan its good to finally see you excited about something I do...

The split screen disappears as we cut backstage:

to find Willie Williams, clad in a custom tailored suit with the EPW Championship strapped around his waist despite not being the champion. With shades over his eyes and a smirk on his face, he swaggers around the hallways to find his locker room.

Every so often he pauses to speak with a co worker or a backstage hand, but one voice in particular stops him dead in his tracks.

"You know, you've got some real balls for doing this, Willie."

It was Lucy Campbell.

Willie turns around to see her, a deadly scowl on her face and a fire in her eyes.

"I'm glad you're holding my title for me, but I'll be taking that back now and forever."

Campbell outstretches her hands towards The Limelight, expecting him to just take the belt from around his waist and hand it to her. Instead, he simply smirks and removes his sunglasses, his piercing eyes glaring at her.

"That's funny, Lucy. Really, it is. To be fair, I really had no intention of seeing you here, or for that matter, giving you this title back - not tonight, not next week or not ever. If I know I'm going to beat you at Retaliation, why should I bother letting you hold this for the next week or two?"

She shakes her head, chuckling at his cockiness.

"Willie, I'll admit you deceived me big time. It happens to everyone at one point or another in their life, and I'm no exception to the rule - we're all human. But lets cut the act, we know you aren't going to beat me, and we know that your knee isn't going to hold up much longer."

She smiles, pointing down to his pantleg that's puffed out, clearly hiding a knee brace underneath of it.

"Be that as it may sweetheart, I don't intend on expelling much energy at Retaliation. I've been resting up and rehabbing every day, and there's nothing to say my knee won't be one hundred percent when I step into the ring at Retaliation.

But as far as this belt goes, Lucy? There's no way I'm taking this baby off and just handing it to you. If you want it...you'll have to take it."

He smiles, knowing that she won't accept the challenge and risk getting hurt so close to Retaliation.

"I guess you don't know me as well you think you do, Willie..."

Without another word she lunges and launches herself onto Willie, trying to tackle him into the ground! She hits him with a barrage of punches but her weight and momentum doesn't send Willie into the ground, who instead catches her in a straddled position! She continues to hit him but he uses his own weight to slam her against a nearby soda machine, her head snapping back from the pressure.

Relentless, Willie slams her again, but Campbell doesn't stop either, squeezing her way out of the grip and sliding between his legs to sneak up behind him and try to take the belt right off his waist! Willie uses his veteran skill to absolutely clobber the champion with an elbow to the face that sends her reeling!

Before either can continue, security catches wind of the conflict and immediately swarm the two superstars, making sure that neither lay a hand on one another again. Campbell is absolutely livid as she tries to fight her way through the waves of security. With a toothy grin on his face, Willie removes the belt from his waist and raises it into the air just to get a rise out of the champ.

Dan: Things are really coming to a boiling point between the two AEQUITAS members!

Larry: Willie is such a douche for not giving Campbell that title back!

The Edge Pro Wrestling arena fades to black except for the occasional glare of cell phone screens and camera flashes. A voice echoes with the an angelic instrumental beat serenading in the background.

"How can Dren Yoshimi be a ninja?"

"He lived in Japan...
He trained kogaru style ninjitsu from Master Shinya."

"We've got to stop him. I'll call Lt. Dime"

"This is no job for the police.
It's something i'll have to do.
Only a ninja can stop a ninja!"

The fans sing along as "Hoodie Ninja" by MC Chris beings playing throughout the arena as Dren makes his way out from behind the curtain in a hoodie.

I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a ninja I'm a hoodie ninja
I'm a hoodie ninja


A green and silver spotlight focuses in on Dren as the lighting rig above sporadically flashes similar colors. Enthralled by the response of the crowd he takes a moment to glance around the arena before kneeling down. Upon kneeling he takes his and gently brushes against the metallic ramp like a farmer would do to newly discovered and decadent soil.

Dren stands and performs his signature puff-puff-peace taunt before rushing down the aisle high fiving the Little Jimmy's lucky enough to be in the first row. After lapping half of the ring Dren jumps up and does a modified baseball slide along the apron. Yoshimi looks off into the crowd repeating his taunt to the masses. Nearly in unison, a green pyro explodes in a V shape from the opposite end of the ring in the instance Yoshimi's hands make a peace sign. The people in attendance stomp their feet and bang on the railing as a Dren Yoshimi chant starts to echo around the arena. The Eva 01 Neon Genesis Evangelion mask comes off as the music dies down slowly leaving just the thunderous chanting and an electrified atmosphere that even Thor would be proud of.

Larry: Dren here comes first to a match that it probably will be as unortodox of a match as we can imagine.

Dan: Exacly, I mean, a Ninja versus a... ghost fighter, or whatever Izumi is? The ring floor will be the last thing they'll touch.

Larry: If they do at all. But remember Dan, Dren comes off a loss against Izumi in the Monster's Ball last week, and he doesn't look happy about it.

Dan: Yeah, keep planning on revenge against someone who won't fight you for the title and you might just get clubbed in the back of the head by your nº1 contender.

The lights in the arena completely darken, the scene on the Titantron darkening as well into a visual of a rainstorm as the beginning of ‘Siren’ plays. A light rain seems to pour over the stage.

A dark, lithe, feminine figure emerges, standing on the stage, black hair covering her face, with a lone, dim spotlight illuminating her. She remains motionless for several seconds until the main guitar kicks in and a lightning bolt strikes behind her, bringing up the lights slightly. She brings her gloved hands up and slowly pulls her hair back with them before slowly striding down the ramp, a thin chain whip over her right shoulder.

Haste not thine wisdom, for the hollow is ta'en -
By whom, know I not; 'lack! am I of twain -
And as a crux - cede I my words -

Izumi continues to walk down the ramp, her cold, curious, violet eyes searching the arena, scanning the crowd, and the ring. She pauses for a few moments, before she begins to slowly circle to the side of the ring as the song continues.

Fro my heart wilt thou ne'er
Have I been 'sooth sinsyne.
Be left without - come!

At the very moment of the chorus, Izumi leaps onto the ring apron fluidly, the lights brightening significantly. She slips between the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, her eyes sweeping the crowd again before she dismounts.

Thine voice is oh so sweet, I speer thine pine,
Ryking for me:
Ryking for thee;
"List and heed", thou say'st

Izumi slowly circles the ring, looking to be in deep thought, or perhaps a muted excitement for the coming battle.

Wistful, whistful -
Chancing to lure.
Chancing to lure,
Skirl and skreigh, but for thine ears, aye, lown 'tis -
Dodge na 'way herefro, do come here in eath!

Larry: And so it begins...

The bell rings and the both of them look at each other, waiting for a move. Unlike expected, the two high-flyers lock up in the middle of the ring, with advantage by Dren who turns it into a headlock and pushes her against the corner. It doesn't stay that way though, as she pushes him off and as he goes for a clothesline, she slides to the side of the ring and pushes him head first into the corner!
Izumi quickly gives a high kick, stunning Dren for a moment, but long enough for Matsushita to use the ropes again and go for a powerful enziguri! But it's reversed! Dren blocks the kicks and locks her legs, rolling back for a small package!




Izumi kicks out and flies into the ropes, but Dren jumps up and hits her with a huge Pele Kick, sending "The Siren" to the outside, near the announcers table!

Larry: What an explosive start to our Main Event!

Dan: Look Larry, they're coming near us! This sure was money well spent.

Larry: We're getting payed to announce the show, we didn't spend money.

Dan: Exacly.

Izumi rolls on her back and slowly gets up, but the time Izumi is up she's met with a suicide dive! Dren rolls in pain after hitting his target, Izumi, who is trying to get up with the help of the announcers table, clenching her back!!

Larry: Damn, Izumi looks hurt.

Izumi is now up and Dren is on his knees, still trying to get up. She hits him with a low kick in the stomach and drags him to the ringpost, as the ref starts to count.



Izumi picks him up and throws him against the barricade. She stops for a moment to get her breath back and re-enters the ring, breaking the count. She gets back out again and starts working on Dren.

Dan: This looks bad to the both of them. If they already got that wasted on just a small amount of time, this match won't last long until one of them collapses or something. That and if Izumi is hit by one of those again I'll lose my '84 Pontiac Fiero.

Matsushita reaches for Dren but gets a kick in the gut instead. She tries again and hits a chop, rapidly irish whiping him against the ring corner! But Dren jumps to the ring apron, turns back and hits a springboard roundhouse kick to her head! Yoshimiziguri!!!
He lands down and runs, taking her back first against the announcers table once again! He goes a step back and delivers a strong roundhouse kick, making her fall to the ground!




Dren takes his time as he pulls off the cover of the announcers table, along with both the monitors. He picks her up and lays her in the table, quickly rushing into the ring. He jumps to the top rope the only way a ninja can do and measures Izumi up, as the fans cheer, knowing what comes next.

Larry: Yoshimi's going to fly!

Dan: No! Look at Izumi!

To the aww of all in atendance, she jumps off of the announcers table and sprints to the top rope, stoping Dren from smashing her through the table and locks him in what looks like a superplex!
Dren fights back, hitting sharp elbows to her abdomen. He hits again and spins her around, locking in a dragon sleeper, falling back to the ring. She tries to turn it around and maybe reverse the move into one of her own, but to no success.

Larry: Holy sh*t! Dren Yoshimi just did a TOP ROPE SMOK'EM TO THE DOME ON IZUMI MATSUSHITA!! This match ends here. There is no way they can do anything more than just pull their arm over each other.

Dan: No! Come on, she has to get up, this can't end like this!

Both Dren and Izumi are down after that brutal move. The referee checks on both of them, and receiving no reaction, he starts a double count.



Dan: Well, at least this way I don't lose my Fiero...

Larry: Wait, you don't own a Fiero...

Dren shows a sign of life and crawls near the ropes, grabbing the mid and lower ones to try and get up. Izumi is still out on the floor, and the referee checks on her again. He keeps counting.




Dren finally gets up but still holds on to the ropes. Izumi is also slowly crawling up, the same way Yoshimi did, in the opposite side of the ring. She gets to the middle rope and gets on one knee.

Larry: Oh boy, look at Dren... he's going to end this match here.

Dan: Watch out!

Dren, after releasing the ropes, runs towards Izumi for a clothesline but she lowers the top rope and he falls through! And he hangs on!! He gets back up on the ring apron and hits an elbow to her back, but she doesn't let him in and keeps him outside with a chop!

He tries to hit another elbow but she crouches and hits a kick to his torso. She springboards off the side rope and flyes, hitting The Jamaican Ninja with a kick in the head and making him lose his ballance and fall to the outside! She tries to follow up but she decides to just roll out to the outside and keep working on him.

Larry: Why don't they just end this?

Dan: There's pride involved, I doubt that to either of them this is just a match. This is a match and an investiment, '84 Fieros are expensive, you know?




She gets up on the barricade, waiting for him to get up. Without loosing her balance, she sprints through it and dropkicks Dren!, the force sends Dren against the ring and The Jamaican Ninja crawls in as Izumi comes after him.

Izumi moves gingerly but she manages to make the pin




Dan: Dren kicks out!

Izumi stalks Yoshimi as the crowd erupts.

Larry: She's going to go for the Zanmato and end this!

Dan: Wait, there's someone coming!

Jesus Valentine & Jake Poueff leap out of the crowd and circle the ring, a distracted Izumi surveys them ready to fight but behind her Dren's up!

Yoshimi gets up- unaware about the distraction outside of the ring and the crowd erupt as a turning Izumi is hit with the Insert Coins!

Larry: What a hit!

Dan: I think I saw a tooth fly!




Luke: Your winner by pinfall...DREN YOSHIMI!

Larry: Dren wins it! he gets revenge for his loss to Izumi last week!

Dan: What a match!

Larry: A great match indeed by the two favorites soured by the appearance of Generation Now!

Dan: At least we know who JM's partner is at Retaliation!

Larry: Indeed! we are all out of time folks, do not miss Retaliation! Williams vs Campbell, Tag Titles on the line, Unknown vs Payne and much much more! we'll see you there!​


Credit goes to:

The Black Abyss

Retaliation card will be up shortly!

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