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The pyro went off in the Hammerstein Ballroom as the camera circled around the rabid EPW fans waving signs of bearing the names of their favorite competitors, we then cut to Larry Johnson and Dan “The Man” Borowski.

Larry: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to EPW Eclipse!, I am Larry Johnson with Dan Borowski

Dan: That’s Dan The Man Borowski to you! Just got that trademarked yesterday.

Larry: ….Right, either way we have a HUGE main event tonight! The Righteous One William Haze taking on The Estonian Dream Andres Terehov and for EPW’s sake we hope Haze pulls off the win!.

Dan: Brendan Black goes up against Lost Soul!, two legends of the business! Will it be Soul’s size or Black’s technical ability that wins?

Larry: Izrah goes one on one against our world champion JM Hardy! And a lot more let’s kick things off with some Ultimate Edge Action!.

Luke: The following is an Ultimate Edge match! Introducing first from Seattle at 6’0 and 213 pounds…THE ORACLE!

The lights go out and "Wait" starts playing. After a fifteen second delay, the Oracle slithers out to a shower of white pyro. The ring announcer then introduces the Oracle in a rather disturbed manner. The Oracle crawls into the ring and proceeds to sit on the top turnbuckle, coldly staring down the members of the audience.
“Despicable” by Eminem hits and out steps Lohm Cassidy.

Luke: At 6’4 and 245 pounds…LOHM CASSIDY!

Larry: Both these men have impressed recently in EPW, The Oracle put up a good fight against Unknown and Cassidy has looked pretty ruthless himself. Something’s got to give here!.

Dan: Don’t worry I am sure even this far out your mom’s going to find a way to put out.

Larry: …What the hell did I ever do to you?

Dan: Just call the match!

Ultimate Edge: Lohm Cassidy vs The Oracle

As soon as the bell rings, Oracle shoots a double leg takedown on Cassidy. Oracle spends several minutes working the neck of Cassidy with a hit and run style. Cassidy catches him and begins to lay strikes against the cage. Oracle is bloodied and looks beaten in the corner as Cassidy winds up for a huge shoulder tackle that could end the match very early!, Lohm charges but eats a knee to the face!. Cassidy however quickly shakes it off and goes for it again but The Oracle slips out of the way!.

Oracle begins to pull every choke out of the book, finally locking in a triangle choke. Cassidy gasps for air but then suddenly manages to lift The Oracle up and runs into the cage loosening his grip before lifting him again into an overhead press and bringing him down forcefully with what seems like a spinebuster! A strange choice of move in the Ultimate Edge match and the fans certainly take notice! What they don’t realize is that it’s The Oracle that’s locked in a guiollotine choke. Cassidy fight valiantly before passing out leaving a bloody Oracle victorious.

Winner: The Oracle via round 1 submission

Larry: A big win for The Oracle who continues to rise up the ranks!

Dan: Kid’s looking very good recently…wait a second I think Luke’s got something to say.

EPW Announcer Luke Armstrong is in the ring and he raises the microphone as The Oracle heads for the back and the referee helps Lohm Cassidy out.

Ladies and Gentlemen I have just received word from the back that JM Hardy has not managed to recover from his assault at the hands of Andres Terehov and thus his scheduled match with Izrah will not go ahead as planned!. We apologize for the inconvenience

Luke’s announcement is greeted with boo’s from the crowd as we cut back to the disappointed commentators.

Dan: Man I had good money riding on Izrah sending him back to the retirement home!

Larry: Well there were always doubts about JM’s fitness after the shoulder injury he sustained last week but what does this mean for Izrah’s audition?

We go backstage where Jerry Armstrong is backstage with Shawn Grendrill, the PTV champion gets a huge ovation from the crowd as the interview begins.

Shawn last week on Eclipse we saw EPW undivided to brutal consequences, Andres Terehov singled out your friend JM Hardy and the rest of you were too busy fighting amongst yourselves to help him out. Tonight William Haze takes on Andres Terehov and it was just announced that JM won’t be here tonight, Shawn everytime Andres Terehov steps into an EPW ring chaos usually unfolds right afterwards…he’s already put Hardy out of commission if he goes to do the same to Haze will you intervene?

Armstrong and the audience await patiently for Grendrill’s answer but he simply walks away leaving a perplexed Jerry Armstrong. Armstrong doesn’t let up though as he follows Shawn

Shawn last week he made sure our general manager left on a gurney and he nearly tore Hardy’s arm off are you going to do nothing? These people are counting on you!

Grendrill still doesn’t respond as he goes into his locker room and shuts the door behind a fuming Jerry Armstrong.

Larry: The EPW roster still failing to show the unity that they are going to need to stop the Apex!

Dan: Well Jerry Armstrong like us he’s been with EPW from the very beginning he doesn’t want to see it fall into the hands of such a sinister organization!.

Luke: The following is an Ultimate Edge match introducing first from Buffalo NY, USA…at 6’3 and 225 pounds “Tactical” Tom Leach!

"Stabbing the Drama" begins playing, and a highlight package of Leach's abilities begins playing. When the drums come in, Leach appears at the stage, walking back and forth, glaring into the crowd. When the song finally picks up in tempo, Leach begins walking down the ramp. He gets to the ring, slides in under the bottom rope, and goes to the corner immediately to his right. He steps onto the 2nd rope and stands there until his music fades out and he waits for his opponent or for the match to begin.

Dan: This match is going to be a heated one for sure! Nate Cook stealing a win from Tom Leach last week!

Larry: How on earth was it stealing? It was every man for himself!

The lights dim as the first verse of "Lazarus" plays to mixed cheers and apathy.

It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being you
It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead

Nate Cook steps from the back in his plain black trunks and white kickpads with his right index and middle finger pointed at his temple. He heads towards the cage and through the open door as the second match of the night kicks off!.

Ultimate Edge: Nate Cook vs “Tactical” Tom Leach
“Tactical” Tom Leach tried to work on Cook with several takedowns and submission holds and continued to frustrate the brawler, whilst Cook spent most of the early period of the match swinging at Leach he rarely connected and Tom shoved him into the corner as he continued to work on Cook with a waist lock he tried to force Cook down to the mat before getting an elbow to the face!. Cook finally hit his stride with a flurry of straight right jabs followed up by a double leg take down before mounting Leach and unloading with a series of forearms!. He doesn’t let up and after 7 blows to the face the referee has seen enough and calls for the bell, Cook stands up and Tom Cook is barely recognizable under his bloody and battered face.
Winner in round 1 via ref stoppage: Nate Cook

We cut backstage where Pizza Delivery Guy is surrounded by his cult of followers, ordinary citizens who aim to emulate him and make it big.

As I was saying, never settle for whatever horrible job it is that you do…I didn’t and now look at me!

A snide voice interrupts.

What the hell are we supposed to be looking at? All I see is an out of shape TRAITOR! I’ll see you out in the ring and after that I promise you all this band of yours will be marching to a new tune one sang by The Bartender!

Suddenly PDG’s cult rise up and form a protective barrier in front of PDG, The Bartender backs up vowing to take care of business in the ring.

Larry: Where the hell do we get these guys?

Dan: Same place you found your wife I assume…deathmatch time baby!

Luke: The following is a tag team Deathmatch! Introducing first from Chicago,IL at 6’3 and 205 pounds he is the EPW Deathmatch Champion Tim Feeley! And his tag team partner Pizza Delivery Guy!

Lights slowly fade and the arena becomes completely silent. Fans rise on their feet and anticipate the entrance of Tim Feeley with boos. The lights flicker on and off and the camera focuses on the stage. The screen is black and a light shines down where Tim will be walking out. Suddenly....

"Fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by...."

Two pyro's blast off from the stage and shoot toward the ceiling. The music goes off and the pyro's keep shooting off. The only light in the arena is from the pyro's. The boo's quickly come from the crowd again and the music goes off again as the fireworks continue to shoot.

"Hoping that he's meant for more than argument's and failed attempts to fly...."

Suddenly, the pyro's go off as fireworks come down from the ceiling to the stage. "Sparkler-like" fireworks come from the floor on the stage. Tim walks out from the curtain with a pissed off look on his face. The flying fireworks stop and Tim walks through the fireworks looking like sparklers. He stands on the ramp going down to the ring and embraces the boos he is receiving. Tim, wearing a black underarmor workout shirt and blue shorts, starts walking down the ramp. He starts sprinting and jogs into the ring. Tim bursts up from the mat and stares at the fans. He flicks them all off and throws his shirt near the announcers table. Pizza Delivery Guy is trailing behind him and makes it to the ring he goes to shake Feeley’s hand but Feeley’s having none of it.

Feeley gets on the microphone as he waits for his music to die down

Larry: The champ is here!

Dan: If he’s the champ where’s his belt?

Larry: Don’t be so immature you saw what happened last week!

Last week, Matt Jones being the cowardly son of a bitch that he is assaulted me and took my Deathmatch Title! I don’t get you Jones ever since I started in EPW they have thrown me into the deep end. I had to take on the biggest stars in this place to get my belt and you…all you have done is curtain jerked a few times and you think that makes you a champion? Get your ass out here so I can beat some sense into you and take what’s mine! I’ll show you what a champion is all about even if I do have this guy as my partner!

Luke: And their opponents the team of Matt Jones and The Bartender!

The pyro goes off and Matt comes out wearing a leather jacket with jean shorts. He extends both arms out and looks down as his hair falls to his face. After about three seconds he flips his head back and his hair goes flying back, the Deathmatch Title is secured around Jone’s waist. The Bartender appears behind as the duo head for the ring.

Larry: This one’s going to be brutal! Feeley wants his title back!

Tag Team Deathmatch
Feeley doesn’t waste time as he flies out of the ring and towards Matt Jones the duo start trading lefts and rights as in the ring The Bartender and Pizza Delivery Guy collide!. The bloodthirsty crowd certainly got what they wanted as the weapons soon came into play, Matt Jones blasting Tim Feeley with his own title before going to town on Feeley’s back with a Singapore Cane. In the ring PDG had the crowd fired up as he unloaded a series of rights and lefts on Bartender before pressing him into the corner before going for a running avalanche but the Bartender greeted him with a beer can to the face! He reached into his kneepad and pulled out a small bottle before smashing it over PDG’s head!. Outside Jones sized up Feeley before charging with the cane but Feeley ducked and smashed his head off the apron before rolling him into the ring. Bartender charged for Feeley only to get hit with The Bat Breaker!. The fight raged on as later in on the match Matt Jones locked Feeley in a full nelson and urged Bartender to help him out. The Bartender picked up a baseball bat but PDG recovered and drove a pizza into Bartender’s face!, Jones dumped Feeley and went for PDG striking him with the baseball bat over the head!. PDG collapsed in a bloody heap as The Bartender wiping pepperoni off his face tried to finish Feeley off with a beer bottle shot but the Deathmatch Champion ducked and shattered the bottle over Bartender’s head for the pin!.
Winners: Tim Feeley and Pizza Delivery Guy

A furious Matt Jones swiftly pulled out a…Golf Club? From under the ring and charged at Tim who ducked and speared Jones to the ground, the duo continued to fight as Feeley demanded his title back. Suddenly out from the back stepped Drew Maverick!.

Instead of rolling into the ring, Maverick bypasses the action and grabs the Deathmatch Title from Luke’s hands before draping it over his shoulder and departing. In the ring Jones has Feeley down in the corner and stomps a mudhole into him he turns and notices

Maverick walking away and screams in fury but before he can go after him Feeley stuns him and the duo start brawling again, officials run down to break up the fight as Maverick looks on with a broad grin.

Larry: The Deathmatch Title changing hands once again! This time a signal of intent from Drew Maverick!.

Dan: Finally a champion I can get behind!

EPW comes back from commercial and we go straight to the ring for Saracen Matthews vs “The Anarchist” DG Novack!.

Saracen Matthews vs “The Anarchist” DG Novack
The two circle the ring before locking up when suddenly “Victory” kicks in!, the crowd erupts as Lockness makes his way down to the ring. The Diamond Dawg’s arm is in a sling after Novack and Haze jumped him weeks ago, Novack shoves Saracen Matthews and Lockness with his free hand smashes the youngster with the Heart Punch! Novack is quick to move in as he goes after the injured arm with a few quick kicks but Lockness shoves him away before grinning and throwing the sling away, Lockness is fit for date with destiny after all!. Novack looks like he’s seen a ghost and tries to hightail it but Lockness spears him to the ground before smashing him in with punch after punch!. The former Ultimate Edge Champion stands up and stalks Novack before lifting him up with the Locked in!, Novack gasps for air as Lockness drops him and shows just how fit he is as he catches him and nails the Day of the Dawg!
Winner: No contest

Lockness stands over Novack’s fallen body with his arms raised as the crowd continues to cheer.

Larry: Lockness taking full advantage of Henville’s absence and taking care of his henchman!

Dan: What does this mean for their Date With Destiny match though?

Larry: Look at Novack! Lockness made him fold like an accordion I doubt he’s making it to Date With Destiny!

As Lockness departs the music of debutant OneWhite hits as he pumps himself up before heading towards the ring.

A modified version of Animal I Have Become begins to play. The camera moves around looking for Mac. The song jumps straight into the chrous.

So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal!

Mac is spotted in the crowd and he runs to the ring full speed and hopes the barracade. He takes this time to look around at the audience cheering. He walks up the ring steps and jumps to the second rope. (Like CM Punk ), He hops into the ing, and crosses to the other turnbuckle. He climbs to the very top level, and does a backflip and lands in the center of the ring.

“Careful what you wish for” hits as the energetic rapper Joey Johnson makes his way to the ring.

Joey Johnson vs OneWhite vs Mac “ The Accelerator” Davis”
The bell rings and Joey and Mac immediately go for OneWhite bringing the Dane to the floor with a barrage of tandem punches and kicks when suddenly Izrah rolls into the ring he floors the referee and the match is ruled a no contest.

Result: No Contest


Larry: Can we not have a single match without a run in?

Izrah turns Mac around and the rookie punches Izrah a few times before bouncing off the ropes and going for a Hurracanrana but he gets powerbombed straight down to the mat!, Izrah hoist him up before flooring him with the Maladroit Bolt he grabs Davis and thrusts him shoulder first into the ring post, Davis crumples to the outside as Izrah turns to Joey Johnson, the rapper doesn’t back down and charges at Izrah but gets a knee to the sternum for his troubles as Izrah lifts him up and drops him with a Double Underhook Driver, he lifts up Johnson and tosses him out of the ring as well. OneWhite rolls out of the ring and arms himself with a chair he goes for Izrah who dropkicks the chair into his face before smashing him across the back!, Joey Johnson groggily re-enters the ring and Izrah drives the chair into his gut!.

Larry: Izrah has gone nuts! Neither of these men have done anything to him in the past!

Dan: It’s called making an impact Larry!.

Izrah positions the chair around Johnson’s ankle before grabbing a microphone and heading to the top rope.

Brendan Black! You think you can run away that easily? That you and Hardy can work up some stupid plan, some stupid audition to screw me out of my Date With Destiny moment? I have always seen you for what you are Brendan. A jealous prick desperate to hold onto the spotlight, your time is up pal! I am not going to applaud your little retirement tour, I am not like these idiots!

Larry: What a disrespectful brat! Brendan Black has done so much for EPW!.

You don’t care about this company Brendan, you don’t care what happens to your “friends” you only care about yourself. So why don’t you just stop with the charades and face the facts; you are past it Brendan! And I am going to prove it to you at Date With Destiny, let’s see how brave…let’s see how caring you are Black. If you don’t make your way out here within the count of five I am going to end Joey Johnson’s EPW career before it even begins!.

Larry: Oh dear god, Izrah has crossed his limits.

1!...2!, where are you Brendan?

Joey Johnson is out cold, the earlier chairshot effective in keeping him down.

3!, 4!

Izrah shakes his head in disgust as he positions himself and begins to jump down.

Dan: Face it Larry, your hero Black is a phony. He isn’t coming!

Waiting and fading floating away!

Larry: YES!

Panic Switch kicks in and the crowd rise to their feet as Brendan Black hits the ring he dashes and crotches Izrah on the top rope!, Black starts his Mr.Punch combination as Izrah dangles awkwardly from the top rope, he lands on the apron as Black frees Joey Johnson before swinging the chair at Izrah who hops down to avoid the shot

Larry: Brendan Black just saved Joey Johnson’s career!

Whose running now?

The crowd erupts in cheers and laughter as a breathless Izrah stumbles whilst staggering up the ramp

I have had enough of you running your mouth, you know what Izrah? I am a lot of things but I am no coward!. I’ll see you at Date With Destiny!

The crowd cheers the announcement as a Brendan Black chant starts up.

Larry: Another huge match added to the Date With Destiny card, it’s shaping up like always to be a show you can’t miss!

Black helps up Joey Johnson to more applause as EPW cuts to commercial.

We come back and the epic driving sounds of Nightwish’s Ghost Love Score plays as we are shown a black and white image of Unknown tearing through the likes of William Haze, Kieran O’Shea and Brendan Black.

EPW’s most dominant champion

A shot of Unknown crushing Matt Ford within 10 seconds at last year’s Date With Destiny, rapid images of Unknown’s signature moves ranging from the Calamity from the sky to the Clanging Discord.

Take me
Cure me
Kill me
Bring me home
Every way
Every day
Just another loop in the hangman's noose

The scenes change and the imagery turns dark and it’s replaced by some haunting chimes, scenes of a victorious Unknown are replaced by Lost Soul leaving the ring, a broken Danny English left behind. The brutal hell in a cell match with Brad Payne and finally Soul standing atop of a steel cage, Sinc Mercier lay in the ring…another career ended at the hands of Lost Soul.

The Unstoppable force meets the immovable object

EPW Date With Destiny

Larry: Date With Destiny draws closer and closer!

Dan: I can’t wait for Unknown and Lost Soul can you imagine those two slugging it out? I have been dreaming of a match between them for years!.

Larry: I never thought I’d see it in an EPW ring, speaking of dream matches we have one coming up right now…Brendan Black already in the ring against the legend that is Lost Soul.

The lights dim and one large crimson red spotlight flashes on and off, while being focused at the entrance. "Haunted" by Evanescence begins to play...

"Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there..."

Pyros start to go off at each beep sound, in the song, starting at opposite ends and meeting at the sides of the entrance. When the guitar hits, the final pyros go off, forming an X over the entrance as Lost Soul comes out with a black trench coat on, wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, carrying his black bat. He pauses for a second as the song continues...

"Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down..."

He surveys the crowd, as they try to boo him over the blaring music, before walking to the ring and stepping over the top rope. He stands in the middle of the ring for a few more seconds, head down, then raises the bat in his hand and more pyros go off. When they finish, the lights turn back on and he throws the bat and trench coat out of the ring.

Luke: And his opponent at 7’3 and 475 pounds…LOST SOUL!

Larry: No question on who has the size advantage but if anyones going to bring Lost Soul down it’s this man!.

Brendan Black vs Lost Soul

The crowd are on their feet as the bell rings, “BRENDAN” chants ringing through the Hammerstein as Black charges and crawls through Soul’s legs. He uses his speed advantage hopping up before Soul can react and delivering blow after blow to the behemoth’s back, he bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Lost Soul who falls into the ropes. With Soul tied up Black starts unloading with his Mr.Punch combo much like he did on Izrah he pauses as the crowd roars before bouncing off the ropes and charging at Soul again but with surprising agility Soul released himself from the ropes and rolled under a diving Black who flew straight out of the ring!. Soul eager to inflict punishment followed and punted Black across the floor, it was a cringeworthy moment as Black skidded across the floor. Brendan slowly got to his feet and desperately tried to fend off Soul with a series of stiff kicks, each louder then the other, with the momentum on his side Brendan backed up and charged at Soul again only to get hit with a Power Clothesline which sent him flipping!.

Soul hurled Black against the steel steps to a chorus of boo’s before a devastating big boot sent Black’s head ricocheting off the steel yet again, Lost Soul rolled Black into the ring and climbed onto the apron himself. Black slowly tried to rise to his feet but Soul quickly clamped down on him with a boot to the back.

Lost Soul dominated for a lengthy period as he unleashed his arsenal of power moves, a Gorilla Press onto the ring ropes was followed by kicking a dangling Black right in the sternum!.Soul then lifted Brendan up and dropped him with a Sidewalk Slam. He had no intentions of stopping pulling Brendan up and thrusting him into the corner he charged again with his foot raised but Black moved out of the way sending Soul crashing into the corner.

The former World Champion went after Soul bouncing his head off the turnbuckle and kneeing him several times in the back, Soul swings an elbow but Black ducks and goes back to punching away at Soul’s back he hits a Lungblower to huge applause before bouncing off the ropes again but this time Soul drops him with a Double Arm DDT for a near fall.
Upon killing Black’s momentum for the second time, Lost Soul started to dominate again as he locked in his patented Camel Clutch but Brendan Black willed on by the EPW crowd refused to tap, A furious Soul lifted him up and locked in a Torture Rack but once again Black refused to give in.

Soul dropped him to the ground before uncharacteristically heading for the top rope it took him a while to position himself and the crowd couldn’t believe it as the 475 pounder soared through the sky but Brendan Black rolled out of the way!. Soul crashed horribly against the mat as Black draped an arm over for a two count.

Brendan slowly got to his feet before reaching for Soul’s legs and locking in a British Figure 4, Lost Soul began to scream in pain as Black cranked up the pressure. Soul refused to give in and in desperation Brendan pulled him into a facelock and DDT’ed him! Surely? 1-2 kick out!.

Black had the momentum on his side once again, as he unloaded a flurry of kicks followed by a double stomp on Soul, he stalked Lost Soul before charging and going for a Shining Wizard which Soul ducked under before grabbing Brendan by the throat, he lifted him up for the chokeslam but Brendan wriggled out and landed on the apron. He attempted to springboard back into the ring but a big boot from Lost Soul knocked him right off the ropes!

Lost Soul used his strength to simply lift Black back into the ring before hurling him towards the corner. Brendan flew like a rag doll as he crashed against the turnbuckles and Lost Soul made the pin



Shoulder up!

The crowd continued to chant for Black as Soul roared at them to shut up before clasping Black by the throat he lifted him up for a Chokeslam once again but AGAIN Black slipped out and this time he has an armbar locked in!. Soul crumples to the ground as Black tightens the grip but with his free hand he shoves Black and it’s enough power to break the hold. Brendan comes off the ropes and clotheslines Lost Soul who doesn’t go down but instead forearms Brendan before lifting him up for the Paradise Lost but Black slips out the back and unleashes an unorthodox kick right to the arm he was working on, Soul goes down clutching it as Black finally hits the Shining Wizard and makes the pin.



Kick out!.

Brendan shakes his head before going for a knee drop but Soul moves out of the way and before Brendan can stand up he grabs him by the throat and goes for the Chokeslam again but Black wriggles out and tries to apply the Broken Mirror!!, the submission move no one has escaped from!. Soul isn’t going down but Black desperately tries to get it locked in before eventually adjusting his grip to hit a Lungblower instead!. Soul staggers holding his back as Brendan tries to go for the Broken Mirror again but Soul knees him in the gut before lifting him up and bringing him down with a Powerbomb!, he hooks the leg.



A miraculous kick out!.

Lost Soul rests in the corner briefly before moving towards Black again, astoundingly Brendan is hoisting himself to his feet using the ropes for support. He sees the giant charging and drop toe holds him into the corner before just losing it and continuously unloading kick after kick sending Soul’s face into the ring post multiple times, Lost Soul is busted open as Brendan makes the pin



Soul kicks out again!.

Black can’t believe it as he does the unthinkable and starts to lift Lost Soul, with a scream of agony he pulls it off! Brendan Black has Lost Soul on his shoulders set for the Go2Sleep but the weight is too much and Soul collapses on top of Black for a pin!


Black elbows his way out of the awkward position before going for a Hurracanrana but Lost Soul simply powerbombs him right down again!






An annoyed Soul lifts him up yet again this time preparing for The Last Night Out but Black lands on his feet and tries to bring Soul down with a backslide but Lost Soul is having none of it and pushes Brendan into the corner but Black springs off the second rope and catches him with a knee to the face!



Kick out!.

Soul is up swiftly much to Black’s disbelief and Brendan again dashes for the corner, he leaps onto the top rope before going for a desperate moonsault but Lost Soul brings him right down with a SICKENING Tombstone!






Winner: Lost Soul via pinfall

Soul stands up and raises his arms in victory as a broken Brendan Black is attended to by the referee.

Larry: What a match!, Brendan Black giving it his all and kicking out of so many of Lost Soul’s signature moves but that last tombstone was hard to watch!.

Dan: That was straight up epic Larry oh oh here comes the champion!.

The crowd cheers as Unknown appears on top of the ramp, immediately a wall of security guards block his path to the ring.

Dan: Oh come on let them fight!

Larry: Fight they will come Date With Destiny!, Lost Soul wants to rip EPW’s heart out well he’s going to be taking on the best wrestler in this company at Date With Destiny…it’s going to be one hell of a show in London folks!.

Unknown and Soul lock eyes, no words are needed. The fans know all hell is going to break loose when these two collide at Wembley.

Larry: Well folks up next we have EPW’s only fighter tonight…William Haze taking on the monster that is Andres Terehov

Dan: He broke JM Hardy last week, Kalada and Steel aren’t on the same page and Shawn Grendrill seems to have no interest

We go backstage where William Haze is headed for the ring, he’s stopped by Jerry Armstrong .

It’s his girlfriend Naima who speaks up.

Not now Jerry we have a match right no-

I am not here for an interview

Haze takes off his shades as he looks at the veteran interviewer in the eye.

7 years. 7 years I have chased down the best wrestlers in the business and let them humiliate me on live television…but you know what? I love doing it. I was there when Danny English and Dynamo were playing with blow up dolls, I was there making hilariously green rookies look like a million bucks after the EWF incident. I have seen them all come and go…and I have never seen someone as intimidating as Andres Terehov.

Haze begins to speak but Armstrong holds his hand up.

For once…I am gonna do the talking, I love this place. I love this business and I’ll be dammned if I let some mercenaries take over. I can’t fight him William…you are the only one left tonight. JM Hardy is at home, Jake Steel and Kalada…god knows what they’re doing and Shawn Grendrill is nowhere to be seen. You are an incredible athlete kid but tonight you’re not fighting for yourself…tonight it’s bigger then you getting a title shot. You’re fighting for the 3 letters that keeps me going every day, you go out there and you give em hell kid!

The crowd erupts into a loud EPW chant as a pumped up Haze heads for the ring.

Purple haze all in my eyes
don't know if it's day or night
you've got me blowin', blowin' my mind
is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Haze and Naima make their way out, the EPW chants still going on.

Luke: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is your main event! Introducing first from Fresno,California he is The Righteous One…William Haze!

Now in the ring, Naima walks over to the far end of the ring and sits on the top turnbuckle with her legs crossed. Haze walks over to the middle of the ring ropes and climbs it (one foot on the center rope, one on the bottom ala Edge). He then opens his arms outward as if to embrace the crowd, swaying back and forth while doing so, eyes closed. Naima can be seen clapping in the background. Haze does the same pose for the opposing side of the ring. He then backs away to the same corner as Naima and awaits for the match to begin.

The lights dim and the crowd is buzzing before erupting into boo’s, Cold takes over the arena as “Come With Me” kicks in.

Hear my cries, hear my call
Lend me your ears, see my fall
See my errors, know my faults
Time halts, see my loss[/color][/i]

Know I'm lacking, backtracking
Where I met you, pistol packing
Itchy finger, trigger happy
Try to trap me, bad rap

Wiretap me, backstab me
Break the faith, fall from grace
Tell me lies, time flies
Close your eyes, come with me

Andres steps into the haze, wearing a long fur coat. He pauses for a moment, almost as if relishing in the familiarity of the frigid site. After the short delay, he begins his walk to the ring, his gait purposeful.

You said to trust you, you'd never hurt me
Now, I'm disgusted, since then adjusted
Certainly, you fooled me, ridiculed me
Left me hangin', now shit's boomerangin'

Right back at ya, think long-ranged
Narrow minded, left me blinded
I co-signed it, shit backfired
Now I'm bouncin' back, I grinded

Not many would bear the pressure
You comprehend me, you musn't end me
You offend me, it's trauma
Feel the drama, come with me

Walking straight to the ring apron, Andres gets up on it, before ducking in between the middle and top rope and entering the ring.

I close my eyes
And I see
You, standing there
I cry
Tears of sorrow
I die

He walks over and climbs up to the second of a set of turnbuckles. His hands down by his side and his face stolid, Andres simply looks over the arena before getting back down onto the apron. Handing his coat to the ref, he hops in place three times, ready for war.
Larry: This is it! William Haze is fighting for our lives! If he takes Haze out, he’s taken out perhaps the two key members of Team EPW and Kalada and Steel will be too busy taking themselves out!.
Dan: How the hell is this gonna work Haze loses and we simply bow to his will?

Larry: I don’t exactly see you standing up to him

Dan: fair play COME ON HAZE!.

William Haze vs Andres Terehov
The EPW chants ring around the arena as Haze takes a deep breath before charging and taking Terehov by surprise with a flurry of blows, Haze keeps up the assault, Terehov seems rather taken aback by the rage Haze has within him as William starts to kick him in the mid-section repeatedly before gripping Andres with a face lock and trying to bring him down with a Reverse DDT and succeeds in doing so!. The crowd is firmly behind Haze for once as he rips off his shirt and stalks Terehov, The Estonian Dream climbs to his feet as Haze goes for a Jumping Enziguri, Terehov ducks under the kick and slams Haze down to the mat!

Haze stood up but Terehov knocked him right back down with a Jumping Front Knee, Haze wasn’t staying down as he stood up again this time he was on the receiving end of a headbutt before Andres backed him into a corner and hit him with a series of stiff open hand chops, the bruising becoming apparent around Haze’s chest as Terehov grabbed him and irish whipped him before keeling over for a backbody drop but Haze quickly kicked him hard in the face before a Single Knee Facebuster sent Terehov staggering, Haze then ducked under a swing from Terehov before hooking his arms and trying to lift up Terehov but The Estonian Dream had no intention of letting that happen as he knee’d Haze in the gut before pulling him into a clothesline!.

The crowd continued to boo as Terehov stalked Haze who slowly lifted himself up, Andres let out a primal roar and charged at Haze who managed to drop down and pull at the ring ropes sending Terehov to the outside!, he takes advantage using the ropes to fly at Terehov with a crossbody!.
The crowd continues to urge Haze on as he slams Terehov’s head off the announce table before backing up and charging at Terehov he goes for a shining wizard but Terehov smashes him right in the face with one of the TV Monitors thus getting himself disqualified.

Winner via disqualification: William Haze

Larry: Terehov just got himself disqualified but he doesn’t give a dammn! He’s come out here to break William Haze!

Dan: And he’s going to pull it off Larry there’s no one here to help Haze!.

Terehov closes in on Haze when suddenly he spots a figure in the ring, it’s Aaron Fitzgerald who leaps at The Estonian Dream only to get struck down with a Mafia Kick!.

Larry: God dammn it! Young Aaron Fitzgerald trying to help out

Dan: We’re going to need more help then him wait here comes some more!.

Saracen Matthews is the next one to run down and try his luck but Andres simply rams the monitor into his face.

Dan: Here we go! Here comes more!.

Drew Maverick,Mac Davis,Bazza Dusty and Joey Johnson all head for Terehov who charges and turns Johnson inside out with a lariat, Bazza Dusty is tossed into the steel steps and Mac Davis tries to leap at him using the steps for elevation but only manages to get slammed right down. Drew Maverick unloads with a series of lefts and rights but Terehov knees him in the gut and kicks him down before turning again to Haze

Larry: God dammn it! There’s no leadership a small band of superstars isn’t going to be able to pull this off!

Dan: Oh no

Larry: What?

Dan: Naima!

Terehov has a bloodied Haze up when Haze’s girlfriend leaps on top of his neck and claws at him a furious Terehov snapmares her down onto the concrete to a loud chorus of boo’s.

Larry: There was no need for that! Terehov is going too far!

He rolls Haze into the ring and tosses the steel steps in there too, Terehov crawls in as a desperate Haze tees off with some rights and lefts.

Dan: He’s swinging blindly here but it’s all he can do!.

Terehov finally shuts Haze down with a rough knee to the face before lifting him up.

Larry: WAIT!

The crowd bursts into cheers, JM Hardy is charging down the ramp!


His shoulder is bandaged up but Hardy’s bought a steel chair with him, he rolls into the ring and catches an unaware Terehov with a hard shot to the back, the chair is heavily dented as Hardy unloads with a series of kicks, Haze slowly gets up and clubs Terehov from behind. The duo start double teaming Terehov and simultaneously duck under a swing from Terehov and lift him up before bringing him down with a Double Flapjack into the steel steps!.

Larry: YES!

Dan: Did we just see JM friggin Hardy and William Haze work together?

Larry: It’s not about individuals tonight Dan, these two have kept up the fight!

Dan: It all comes down to Date With Destiny Larry! JM Hardy MUST win you can’t afford to miss it…we are out of time folks!

Larry: I am Larry Johnson with Dan “The Man” Borowski, good night folks..what a show!.

The EPW logo flashes across the screen as Hardy stands over Terehov with the World Title while Haze tends to his girlfriend, the EPW chants continue to ring across the Hammerstein as we fade to black.


There you go! Thanks to Kalada,Profit and The Oracle for helping out!.

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Damn, a hot show through and through. DWD has definitely shaped up to be a hot card, w/ Izrah and Black, Lost Soul/Unknown, & more between Terehov/Hardy/Haze. The stuff with Grendrill was interesting, I'm excited to see what he does in the next few weeks, as well as everything with Izrah and Black. PDG is still epic, and without a doubt can't wait for more stuff brought to you by Mavericky :p, and Jones/Feeley haha. Overall a really good show. Had some downs, but the ups surpassed it by far.

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Damn, a hot show through and through. DWD has definitely shaped up to be a hot card, w/ Izrah and Black, Lost Soul/Unknown, & more between Terehov/Hardy/Haze. The stuff with Grendrill was interesting, I'm excited to see what he does in the next few weeks, as well as everything with Izrah and Black. PDG is still epic, and without a doubt can't wait for more stuff brought to you by Mavericky :p, and Jones/Feeley haha. Overall a really good show. Had some downs, but the ups surpassed it by far.
Yeah pretty much what he said aside from the fact that Maverick and Feeley are going down! But seriously I can't wait to see what happens next and the Izrah character just seems to be getting more and more exciting each and every week definitely a great character there.

Nice job on the write up as well guys, keep on trucking!

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Black/Soul was a nice read. Izrah's promo was pretty well done. And as for Grendrill's, I'd like to see what it's leading up to. I like the nice mix of matches and promos throughout the results. It makes for some good flow.

Yet another very solid show.

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Fun work Brendan, it's always a good pleasure. Great write up of the match as well. Here's hoping DWD is epic...although with the bar exam coming up on July 27 and 28 I dunno if I can promise anything...

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DWD is on August 1st so you have some time...although not much.

Good luck for the bar exams though I am sure you'll do fine!.

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The show is slated for August 1st, the deadline is going to be the 31st.

An Eclipse card will be posted really soon, the final Eclipse before DWD, The DWD card will be posted as soon as I get the banner for it.

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that works for me, I'll be able to get a little bit of a battle going with Chris, so I'm cool with that

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Damn, even when he no shows Terehov whips my ass.


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Always a pleasure Marc. I never feel bad about losing to you. :p
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