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Destiny. A fixed natural order. A predetermined course of events.

Everyone fighting before you tonight believe tonight is their night.

Their Date With Destiny

Destiny…to finally surpass your idol?

The screen lights up with images of Jake Steel and Kalada, former friends standing united in an EWF ring.

Destiny…to finally prove that you are the best?

Images of the likes of English and Silverhawk standing victorious over Kalada appear next as the voice over continues.
Destiny to BECOME the future?

To erase the past?

Rapid images of EPW’s newest crop of superstars the likes of William Haze,Shawn Grendrill,Tim Feeley and Izrah.

Destiny to fight for your beliefs and emerge victorious?

The color fades away and we are treated to black and white images of EPW stalwarts like JM Hardy and Brendan Black, the color returns and the music takes a dramatic turn.

Destiny to change this world forever?

Images of “The Estonian Dream” Andres Terehov being led to the ring by “Blackjack” Danny Caballero, rapid shots of the likes of Shawn Grendrill,JM Hardy and Kalada and several others lying broken on the ground as he roars in victory.

Whose side will destiny be on?

“Power” by Kanye West kicks in as we cut to the iconic Wembley Stadium in London we are treated to a display of fireworks before the thousands of EPW fans in London become visible!, the crowd are certainly up for it holding up signs of their favorite wrestlers as the camera pans around the ring which is decorated with golden ring ropes for the occasion.

Larry Johnson and Dan Borowski are at the commentators booth high above the grand DWD entrance as they welcome us to the show.

Larry: Ladies and Gentlemen I am Larry Johnson…WELCOME TO EPW DATE WITH DESTINY VI!!!!
Dan: Oh man oh man can’t believe we are finally here, LONDON BABY!.

Larry: England, the spiritual home of Edge Pro Wrestling where we’ve hosted so many classic bouts like English vs Payne and hoping to match that main event tonight will be JM Hardy as he takes on “The Estonian Dream” Andres Terehov!.

Dan: Hes fighting for survival, the stakes don’t get any higher!

Larry: It’s a dream match as Unknown takes on Lost Soul!, both men have insane undefeated streaks going on something has to give!

Dan: Mentor vs Protégé, Kalada takes on Jake Steel with a shot at the World Title hanging in the balance!.

Larry: It’s Brendan Black’s final match as he takes on a young man who everyone is hoping will get his come-uppance…Izrah!

Dan: Lockness takes on an opponent handpicked by the boss and 3 men do battle for the Deathmatch Championship.

Larry: Let’s get to the action folks, we are kicking things off with a HUGE match, some participants are already in the ring…this is a 11 man battle royal which will turn into a Money In The Bank ladder match, the winner has the chance to cash in the briefcase for any title at any time!.

Luke: The following is a 11 man over the top battle royal!

''Rise today by Alter bridge starts to play as the lights of the arena dims. Smoke appears to be covering the entrance, then the smoke vanishes and Artemis appears, sporting somewhat of a serious expression on his face. He walks down to the ring and then rolls
in under the bottom rope. He then gets onto one of the turnbuckles and looks all throughout the arena, and then jumps onto the wrestling mat, awaiting his opponent.'

Larry: The man who dismantled OneWhite on Eclipse can he make a huge impact in just his second match?

The lights dim as the first verse of "Lazarus" plays to mixed cheers and apathy.

It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being you
It’s horrid to see you again
Now that you’re back from the dead

Nate Cook steps from the back in his plain black trunks and white kickpads with his right index and middle finger pointed at his temple.

It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being alive

Alive (x2)

At the second Alive, Cook begins to walk to the ring, taking time to point out to the crowd that he is more like them than anyone in the lockerroom.

It’s horrid to see you again
Acting like you’re on some kind of cross
It’s horrid to see you again
An emotional retard
It’s horrid to see you again
Unaware that all may not be lost
It’s horrid to see you again
So bored of being alive

Alive (x6)

During the previous verse, Cook slides in the ring, kneels in the center of the ring and sings along with the song. His voice reaches a desperate pitch.

Dan: This guy is one tough son of a bitch Larry!

Larry: This is a very interesting match up cause of the clash of styles, you have someone like Nate Cook whose a brawler how will he do when this turns into a ladder match?

The tron sparks as if a lightening storm or power surge then suddenly the arena goes completly dark. For second there is nothing heard until the sound of "Don't Fear The Reaper" seduces your ear drums. Through the darkness footsteps can be heard tapping against the metal gates of the steel ramp.

Out on the road there are fireflies circling
Deep in the woods, where the lost souls hide
Over the hill there are men returning
Trying to find some peace of mind

Sleep my child

Finally three purple light's strobe around the arena centering on one figure kneeled on the ramp in a praying position wearing a dark robe with his face covered by the hood. In audiable words are spoken before this man comes to a standing stature.

Under the fog there are shadows moving
Don't be afraid, hold my hand
Into the dark there are eyelids closing
Buried alive in the shifting sands

Sleep my child

Prematch ritual completed he makes his way way slowly down the ramp.

Dan: The return of The Dream Reaper Larry!

Larry: Deacon Cage…a surprise addition to the card, he’s battled all over the globe and gone toe to toe with the likes of Brendan Black and Jake Steel he’s the wild card in this one!.

Dan: And it’s time for the hot favorite!.

The annoying doorbell starts ringing as the crowd burst into cheers, Pizza Delivery Guy appears from behind the curtains.

Larry: He’s got pizza for everybody! Hot favorite eh?

Dan: God dammn it production guys we discussed this!

PDG hands out as much pizza as he can before taking one last bite himself and running er…jogging into the ring.

Finally the purple strobe lights go around Wembley and the crowd start to boo instantly.

Purple Haze all in my brain! Lately things just don’t seem the same

Shawn Grendril is in the ring already he motions for everyone to move out of the way as he prepares for Haze.

Larry: Lot of bad blood between Grendrill and Haze, you can tell Grendrill wants to pummel him into the ground.

Grendrill continues to wait and finally a familiar emerges from behind the curtains but it’s Naima?

Larry: Naima?


The lights return to normal and a perplexed Shawn Grendrill is caught from behind by William Haze who surprises him with a low blow!, Grendrill keels over in pain as Haze bundles him out of the ring!.


Larry: What on earth did he have to do that for? Where’s his dignity?

Dan: Dignity? It’s the age of Haze Larry you better recognize!

Luke: Shawn Grendrill has been eliminated!

Grendrill is furious and immediately tries to crawl back into the ring but a horde of referees and officials stop him from getting back into the ring as Grendrill is led up the ramp the remaining 10 combatants all start tearing into each other!.

Larry: Here we go!

William Haze who had been waving at Grendrill was jumped from behind by his old rival Aaron Fitzgerald who started battering him in the corner whilst on the other side of the ring Nate Cook and The Oracle were tearing into each other with lightning quick lefts and rights picking up where they left off. “The Dream Reaper” Deacon Cage and Arthemis Xantis were at each other with Xantis spearing him into the corner but Cage continued to club away at his back whilst the massive Pizza Delivery Guy was being worked on by Cassidy,The Bartender and Rusty Rockefeller.

Larry: The fight splitting into different corners, Fitzgerald might be on his way out!.

Aaron goes for a spin kick but Haze ducks and tosses Fitzgerald over the ropes, he thinks he’s done the deed but Aaron skins the cat and comes back in!.

Dan: Tremendous athleticism right there shades of Dan “The Man” Borowski

Larry: …really Dan?

Dan: I am very flexible. Just ask your mom

Larry: sigh, back to the action!

Fitzgerald returns to the ring but he’s squashed in the corner by the figure of Arthemis Xantis who was whipped at Fitzgerald by Deacon Cage, Xantis staggers out and he’s met with a Roaring Elbow, Cage then catches the groggy Fitzgerald with a T-Bone Suplex before heading towards the trio trying to elevate the giant PDG out of the ring, instead of helping he pulls Rockefeller out of the skirmish and full nelson suplexes him right out of the ring!.

Rusty Rockefeller has been eliminated!

Dan: OUCH!

Rockefeller lands hard on the concrete as Cage plucks Cassidy from the crowd but Lohm hits back with some lefts and rights of his own before landing a rough Headbutt which sends Cage reeling, Lohm goes on the offensive as he lifts Deacon up and brings him down with a backbreaker, The Bartender now realizes he’s alone with Pizza Delivery Guy and yells at Cassidy to come help him. In desperation he moves towards the fighting Cassidy and Cage, Cassidy ducks under a Springboard Spin Kick and The Bartender gets hit he staggers right into a STIFF Busake Knee from Haze.

Dan: Right in the fucking eye too!

He staggers and Pizza Delivery Guy backbody drops him right out of the ring!.

The Bartender has been eliminated!

The Oracle and William Haze work on Nate Cook together and whip him against the ropes, Cook however flies back at them with a Double Clothesline!. The crowd cheer as The Oracle slowly stands up he swings at Cook who ducks and smacks him with a knife edge chop, Cook goes on the offense with a barrage of MMA punches but The Oracle out of nowhere lifts him over the top rope but Cook athletically locks in a Triangle Choke!.

Dan: He’s going to choke him out!

Larry: Nate Cook has got the triangle choke locked in but that’s a precarious position to be in!.

Arthemis Xantis seeks to take advantage as he screams out SPEAR and cannons off the ropes but he’s blindsided by Fitzgerald who simply punts him!. The crowd groan as the sound of Aaron’s boot crashing against Xantis’s cranium echoes across the arena, Arthemis staggers and Pizza Delivery Guy charges before flooring him with a 400 pound spear!. The force of the spear sends Xantis hurtling towards Fitzgerald who tosses him out!.

Arthemis Xantis has been eliminated!

William Haze slowly gets up and Pizza Delivery Guy drops him with a shoulder block he beckons to Aaron who bounces off the ropes before PDG lifts him up and drops Fitzgerald on top of Haze with an assisted splash!. Haze rolls around holding his ribs in agony. Deacon Cage ducks under a swing from Lohm Cassidy and drops him with a ring shaking Spiral Powerbomb!, satisfied he moves onto The Oracle whose broken the hold and is trying to push Cook off the apron. Nate holds on for dear life as Cage charges and knees The Oracle across the back this allows Cook to grab The Oracle by his waist, GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE APRON TO THE OUTSIDE!.

Holy shit, Holy shit!

Referees rush to aid The Oracle as Cook clambers back into the ring and starts trading blows with Cage.

The Oracle has been eliminated!

Dan: Eliminated? More like murdered!

Fitzgerald takes advantage of the unconcscious Haze as he drags him to the center of the ring before pointing to the top rope, the crowd roars in approval as Fitzgerald climbs to the top rope preparing for his panted shooting star press.

Larry: Are we going to see the move Fitzgerald made famous last year?

Dan: We’re gonna see his ass get eliminated!

Nate Cook breaks free off the slugfest he had going with Cage as he tried to push Fitzgerald off the top rope but Aaron kicked away at Cook to try and remain in the match, Cook got in a hard kick to Fitzy’s midsection before putting him in a face lock however PDG arrived from behind and used his size to pick up Cook and position him on the top rope. PDG and Fitzgerald both started to punch away at Cook from two sides as Deacon Cage got into the action as well

Larry: This is not going to end well!

Dan: They got to eliminate the big man Larry!, he’s just too strong for them!

That seems to be Cage’s train of thought as well as he stunned PDG from behind with a flurry of strikes, Cook managed to get in a hard shot sending Fitzgerald down to the mat before the two men started to slug away at PDG before positioning him on the second rope and bringing him down with a Double Backdrop!.

Dan: Dammn! Did you see the ring shake upon impact? That’s an entire pizza hut crashing down right there!.

Lifting the big man has taken a lot out of both men, Fitzgerald stuns them both as he kicks Cook in the gut and hits him with The Woes Of Life!. He swings at Deacon Cage who ducks and perches Fitzgerald on the top rope yet again but before he can do damage Fitzgerald kicks him off the top rope.

Larry: What’s Cassidy doing?

Cassidy drags William Haze and positions him on all 4’s before bouncing off the ropes and uses Haze to elevate himself as he hurls his body at Aaron. It’s a moment that fans will remember forever as Fitzgerald sees him coming and with amazing agility leaps right over the incoming Cassidy!.


Cassidy flies clean over the top rope and lands face first onto the concrete which is now stained with blood!.

Lohm Cassidy has been eliminated!

Larry: Lohm Cassidy taking a risk!, that’s not how he usually wrestles and it didn’t pay off

Dan: Tremendous agility from Aaron to avoid the Poetry In Motion!

The men left in the ring are Aaron Fitzgerald,Nate Cook,Deacon Cage,Pizza Delivery Guy and William Haze. All stand in separate corners of the ring as the crowd rise in anticipation.

Luke: The match will now be contested under ladder match rules!, the first person to climb and retrieve the briefcase will be your winner!

Larry: Here we go! Whose side is destiny going to be on?

All five men stare each other down as the crowd smatters them all with a large mix of chants. Some shout for Fitzgerald, some chant for PDG, some for Cook and Cage, and a even a few show love for Haze. The majority however, are chanting “EPW”. The five men let the moment hang in the air, just as the briefcase does. They all pause for a brief moment more before Aaron breaks first, being the most experienced of the group in this climate. The sudden movement snaps the others out of their trance and they all dart out of the ring as well.

Larry: And here we go!

Aaron gets to a ladder first, sliding it in the ring. He tries to slide in after it…but is nailed by Nate Cook before he can even hop up to the ring apron. The two begin to trade hands on the floor as PDG and Deacon Cage both slide ladders back in the ring, bringing the count to three. They both slide in after them and immediately start jockeying over who gets to set up what first. Still on the outside, It looks like Aaron is beginning to get the upper hand on Cook…but both of their momentum is stopped by Haze! Who nails both with ladder shots to the face!

Larry: OH! These guys aren’t wasting anytime putting those ladders to good use.

Dan: Haze just rearranged some facial features with those shots!

Not stopping to admire his handy work, Haze drops the ladder and slides in the ring. Trying to interject himself in PDG’s and Cage’s scuffle. Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea though, as the two turn their focus from each other, to him! PDG peppers him with jabs, allowing Cage to damn near take his head off with a spinning heel kick! With Haze momentarily taken out, the two turn their attention back to each other. PDG strikes first with a clothesline, but Cage gets tight back up. PDG nails him with another one, but Cage pops right back up again. PDG tries for another clothesline, but Deacon has him scouted and ducks down. Cage goes bouncing off the ropes and comes back full speed at PDG and takes him down with the Razor Blade Kiss (Reversed clothesline wrapping the opponent's own arm around there neck and taking them down with a neckbreaker).

Cage pops up, grabbing a ladder, ready to set it up. He starts to prop it up…but Is caught slipping by Fitzgerald! Aaron, seemingly bidding his time on the outside. Hops up on the apron and then launches through the air, giving a Missle Dropkick to Cage’s back! The force of the kick sends Cage face first into the ladder, causing it to tilt over into the southwest corner of the ring!

Dan: I knew Fitzgerald wasn’t gonna disappoint!

Larry: I think the whole world knew he was gonna disappoint Dan!

With Cage down, Aaron takes to grabbing another ladder and propping it up under the briefcase. Aaron stars to climb up, getting half way, but is clubbed from behind from Haze! Haze continues with the clubs, with Aaron fighting back with kicks. On the other side of the ring Cook has found his spot and slides in the ring. Immediately dashing for the other side of the ladder, He gets about halfway up before PDG grabs him by the leg! The four are still jockeying for position when finally Fitzgerald grows tired of Hazs’e pestering and manages to finally get him off with a strong kick to the Jaw. Haze stumbles away, and with opportunity in sight, Aaron jumps of the ladder and catches Haze with a beautiful Headscissors Takedown !

Larry: You can really tell that Fitzgerald’s experience in this match is really making the difference for him...

Dan: Hells yeah it is! I mean, he’s been on a tear since this thing started!

Back on the other side of the ladder PDG looks to have brought Cook down a bit. The two continue their fight until Cage comes roaring back into view! He rocks PDG with a roaring elbow and then grabs Cook by the foot, using him strength to finally pull him of. Cage and Cook begin to trade hands as Aaron can be seen in the far corner. Aaron comes rushing at the two men and….but no! Cage and Cook saw him coming and for a breif moment work together to Flapjack Aaron into the corner….the very same with the ladder in it! Aaron crashes face and chest first into the ladder before crumbling in a heap of pain, with the crowd letting out and audible groan.

Dan: Jesus Christ, as if his face was jacked enough just from poor genetics…

Larry: Oh come on, that was uncalled for!

Dan: I don’t hear you disagreeing with me…



With Fitzgerald down, clutching his face, Cage and Cook continue with their jostle until Cook takes Cage down with a double leg take takedown. On the other side of the ring, Haze is back up, as is PDG. Haze tries to grab the only ladder in the ring that’s till down, but PDG comes up from behind and begins peppering him with jabs. He then transitions to smashing Haze with forearm after forearm until Haze they bring him down to a knee. PDG goes bouncing off the ropes, and charges back in at Haze. It looks like he’s gonna try for a spear, but Haze springs back to life and snatches him up with a Snap Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex that ends up having PDG land back first on the downed ladder! The crowd “oh’s” for PDG, who immediately rolls to the outside, groaning and grasping for his back.

Dan: Jesus! That was brutal!

Larry: PDG won’t be doing much delivering after that!

Haze gets back up and goes right over to Cook and Cage, who are still jostling. He gives Cage a boot to the face and then moves over to Cook. He lifts him up, slapping the back of his head as he does. Haze hits Cook with a stiff looking European Uppercut. The force is so great that Cook stumbles away, his back resting on the ropes. Haze sees his chance and comes rushing back in and hits him with a clothesline to send him over the top rope….but Cook ducks down, pulling down the rope with him! Haze goes spilling out on the ring apron, but manages to avoid falling to the floor. Haze gets back up to his feet, but a knee to his gut from cook doubles him over. Then, in a great show of ability, Cook launches over the top rope, and Haze, and drives Haze down to the floor with a Sunset Powerbomb! Naima immediate squeals in panic as she runs over to check on her downed man…

Larry: My gawd, Cook just lived up to his last name and “scrambled” Haze’s brains with that power bomb.

Dan: Wow…what a horrible pun. Did your mommy help you out with that one?

Larry: No….but yours did!

Dan: OH! Somebody grew a personality over the weekend!

Cook doesn’t waste time, as he see’s Cage moving towards the ladder. He hops up to the apron and tries to enter back in through the middle and top rope. He gets halfway back in before receiving a boot to the temple from Fitzgerald! Aaron grabs a hold of Cooks head and pulls him in the ring until Cooks legs are hanging up by the rope. Aaron yells out to the crowd, with the crowd yelling back, and drives Cook down with a hangman version of the Woe’s Of Life! The crowd pops for the move, but it doesn’t last long , as PDG comes from behind and forces Aaron out of the ring with a Shoulder block. PDG looks up and sees Cage starting his climb. PDG grabs the ladder that Haze slammed him down on earlier and hits Cage in the sternum with it until he falls off, crashing down to the matt. PDG drops his ladder down and takes to climbing up! He gets about halfway up before Aaron makes his way back up to the ring apron. He doesn’t stay there long however, as he springboards off the apron and onto the same side of ladder with PDG! Aaron begins to try and climb over PDG, but PDG ain’t having it. He elbows Aaron in the gut a few times and then, in a daring moving, takes both himself AND Aaron down with a Russian Legsweep off the ladder and down onto Cage!

Larry: OH MAN!

Dan: I bet Aaron wasn’t expecting that when he hop’d his ass on that ladder.

Larry: Your probably right about that. But more importantly, for the first time since this match started, all five men are down! Whoever gets up is gonna have the advantage for sure!

It’s Cook who gets up first, PDG not far behind him. Cook goes over to the ladder and begins to climb up, PDG gets up to a vertical base and goes to the other side, beginning his climb up. The two scuttle up to the top and begin to trade blows for position. Cook, being the more trained brawler, begins to gain the upper hand a bit until PDG gives him a thumb to the eye, preserving himself. PDG rears back, trying for a Haymaker…but Cook dodges! The momentum of the swing causes PDG to lose his footing! He slides down to about midway on the ladder, with his right leg getting caught up in the ladder steps, and then falls back

Dan: That big bastard is caught in a Tree of Woe on the ladder!

Larry: I think Cook just might have this!

PDG is trying to get back up, but its not working! It looks like Cook might do it….but Cage is up! He takes the ladder from the corner, and sets it back up. Then climbs like a madman up to the top. Cook stops his reach and begins to trade blows with him. On the other side Haze is back on the apron and climbing up on the top rope.

Dan: Now what the hell is Haze doing up, he can’t get to the case from there can he?

Haze gets up on the top rope and peers over at PDG whose still upside down and struggling to get back upright. Haze smirks to the crowd and launches off, hitting PDG with a Warriors Way! The force of the stomp jars PDG loose and he goes crashing to the ground!

Larry: GOOD LORD!!!


Chants of “This is Awesome” can be heard ringing out as seemingly all of London Town is chanting. Haze gets back up, using the ropes to help him. He then scoots PDG out of the ring. Back on the other side of the ring Cook and Cage are still battling it out. Haze see’s this, and runs over to the them. He climbs up the other side of the ladder Cook is on and tries to begins hitting him with heavy hands. Fitzgerald is back up and takes to climbing up the other side of the ladder that Cage is on.

Dan: Oh, this is not gonna end well.

All four men and slugging it out in a full out brawl high above the ring…with each trying to reach up every once in a while to try and end the match. Haze and Cook are warring on their ladder, so much so that they don’t even notice Cage and Aaron working together! Cage and Aaron have taken to kicking over Haze and Cook’s ladder! They don’t even notice until it’s too late and Cook and Haze go falling off their ladder! Haze falls face first into the corner and Cook falls right onto the ropes and gets hung up before bouncing out onto the floor. With Haze and Cook out of the picture, Aaron and Cage take to battling each other again.

Larry: Whoever wins this exchange has definitely got this thing in the bag!

Aaron and Cage are still going at it at the top of the ladder, with neither Haze, Cook, or PDG well enough to stop them. The two continue to fight when suddenly Naima slides in the ring and beelines it for the ladder!

Larry: What the hell is she doing?

Dan: She’s making sure Haze sill has a shot at this thing! Now that’s a ride or die chick!

Naima grabs a hold of the ladder and begins to nudge it over! It looks like the two are gonna take a tumble as Naima takes finally tips the ladder over, but both of them grab a hold of the briefcase!

Larry: Aaron and Cage are dangling high above the ring!

Aaron and Cage are both hanging on for dear life as they begin to swing back and forth. They begin kicking at each other when finally PDG pulls himself up. Naima sees him and quickly darts out of the ring. He looks like he wants to give chase, but glances up to see Cage and Aaron dangling by the briefcase. With a sly smirk on his face PDG sets the ladder back up in the corner and climbs up…

Larry: How PDG is even moving I’ll never know…

Dan: It’s Date With Destiny! You either go big or go home man!!!

PDG looks to the crowd, who egging him on. He looks back at Aaron and Cage and launches off….taking both down with a double "The Delivery Truck" (spear) that takes both Aaron and Cage down, crashing to the mat below!!!


Dan: WHAT A MOVE!!! PDG’s big ass just might’ve written his name into EPW folklore!

Chants of “Holy Shit” explode form the crowd as Aaron and Cage both grab for their ribs. PDG didn’t escape unscathed though as he’s yet to get back up. Cook however, is getting back up on the outside while Naima is up on the apron trying to get Haze to get back to his feet. Cook pulls himself back into the ring ad goes over to get a ladder. He bends over to pick it up. Naima sees this and enters in after him…jumping on his back! Naima begins clawing at Cook’s eyes and face. Cook begins swinging back and forth with her still on his back. She’s a wild woman, punching him on the face. Fed up, Cook reaches up and grabs her by the hair. He rears back and swings forward, whipping her down…on the ladder! Naima slams back first on the ladder and begins to roll around in sheer agony!

Dan: Poor Naima!

Larry: Poor Naima? Please. She shouldn’t have gotten in the ring.

Dan: She looks like she’s gonna need a massage or something….good thing I brought my oil out!

Larry: Yeah…wait, what?

Cook moves Naima off the ladder and sets it up. Starting his climb to the top…although he doesn’t get very far as Haze is back up! Its quite obvious his nose is busted from that fall from earlier, but he’s back up and takes cage off his feet with a Shining Wizard, and then goes to clearing the ring. He takes one of the ladders and slides it out. Then takes one of the ladders that’s still standing and tosses it out as well, tossing it over the top rope.

Larry: Good strategy by Haze, clearing the ring a bit.

Dan: With only one ladder left inside its gonna make it a whole lot less cluttered.

Haze moves back over to Cook, stalking him. He rushes in for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Cook ducks it. Haze spins around, but Cook is already on the up and up, and takes Haze out with a Spin Kick of his own! The hit knocks Haze on his already injured nose and he rolls out of the ring, trying to compose himself. Cook is back up and goes right after Haze, sliding out after him. Cook clubs Haze in the back with a couple of Double Axe Handles that sends Haze stumbling away. Cook goes rushing towards Haze again, but gets caught with a Drop Toe Hold that sends him face first into the steel steps! Naima is finally back up, grasping for her back, but up nonetheless. Haze sees her and yells for her to “bridge a ladder”. She shakes her head at him, not understating the request. Haze grunts a td before pantomiming what he means with his hands. Naima’s eyes go wide as if a light bulb has gone off in her head and she picks up one of the ladders that Haze tossed out of the ring and lies it flat in between the security barricade and the ring apron, effectively creating a bridge. Haze lifts up Cook and yells for Naima to get clear. She jogs around to the other side of the ring. Once she’s in the clear Haze tries for an Irish Whip…but Cook reverses! Cook boots Haze in the gut for his trouble and tries for an Irish Whip of his own, sending Haze face first n the bridged ladder!

Larry: I bet that didn’t work out like Haze thought it would!

Dan: You can say that again, if that nose wasn’t broken it damn sure is now!

With Haze down Cook slides back in the ring, hoping to scale the ladder and get to the briefcase. He gets back up to his feet, but is immediately met by PDG, whose finally back up! PDG takes Cook down with an Arm Drag, then keeps him down with a Running Leg Drop. PDG, wanting to dish out more punishment, points to the corner and goes to scale it!

Larry: That’s a big man…

Dan: That’s a big, BIG man. He needs to act his size and stop climbing shit. Just like fat bitches need to stop wearing sweatpants that say “sexy” on the back…

PDG, goes out on the apron and begins to climb up…but Cook has gotten back up to his feet and nails him with a Springboard Dropkick. But the big man doesn’t fall off the apron! Instead he stumbles along it, seemingly out on his feet, walking along it on sheer instinct alone. Cook goes dashing towards the ropes on the other side of the ring and comes back, nailing PDG with a monstrous Roaring Elbow that’d make Misawa proud! The elbow knocks PDG down onto the bridged ladder on the outside. Cook pears down over the rope, seeing that PDG is down, but wont be for long. With that incentive, Cook climbs out of the ring and onto the apron…

Larry: Oh boy, Cook has looks like he has some bad intentions stirring up right now…

Dan: PDG needs to get his fat ass up off that ladder before Cook does some huge damage!

Cook climbs up to the top rope, his eyes still on PDG. He gets to the top…but doesn’t get a chance to pull of his move as Deacon Cage comes back into the picture, shoving him off the top! Cook goes flying off the top, and crashes down face first into the barricade! With Cook down on the outside Cage sees PDG starting to stir and decides that he’ll climbs to the top!

Larry: And now Cage is the one climbing to the top!

Dan: Man, PDG just can’t catch a break!

Gaining his balance he stand up tall at the top, the crowd standing up with him. Cage, glaring at PDG with evil content, takes a deep breath and launches off, getting some major hang time, hitting his Stir of Echoes (450 Moonsault)!!!

Dan: OH!!!


The impact is so great that it causes the ladder PDG was lying break in half. The crowd beginning to chant “This Is Awesome” again out of respect for the move. PDG is coughing violently, and Cage is rolling around, grasping for his ribs, kicking his feet against the floor! EMT’s coming rushing from the back to check on the men while back in the ring, Aaron is up again and is working on setting up the ladder. Aaron starts to climb up, getting about a quarter of the way there…

Larry: And this is where the match is gonna start to slow down, as all these men have taken on some major damage!

Aaron is still climbing up, with Haze just getting to the base of it. Cook is stirring now too, and is working his way back into the ring. Aaron is almost at the top now, with Haze getting to the middle now. Cook roles himself back in the ring and immediately goes after Haze, running towards him and giving him a Lariat that knocks him off and causes him to fall off onto the apron. Knowing that he cant climb fast enough to stop Aaron, Cook begins to pushes the ladder over with Aaron still on top! The ladder begins to tip over, and the panic in Aarons face is evident. Cook has tipped the ladder so much that is damn near on only two legs…but Aaron will not be denied and jumps off the ladder at the last second and grabs onto the briefcase, latching on for dear life!

Dan: Holy shit!

Larry: Aaron Fitzgerald will not be denied!

Aaron is hanging on for all he’s got, swaying back and forth. He takes to trying to tug the briefcase loose, but it’s not working. Cook sees him still hanging on and goes to try and get him off…but Haze comes flying back in the picture and blast’s Cook with a Spinning Heel kick. Haze, seemingly with a second wind, immediately goes back to scoop up Cook from the ground…but Cook grabs a hold of his right arm, swings his legs forward and catches Haze in The Great Depression (Triangle Choke)!!!

Larry: Uh Oh! Haze got caught!

Dan: Cook is just showing off right now, he cant even win the match with is!

Larry: Yeah, but if he can incapacitate Haze that one less guy he haze to worry about! Plus, Haze’s nose is still bleeding profusely!

Haze looks to be fading fast, tapping out almost immediately, but to avail as the match can’t end by submission! and Fitzgerald is till above the ring, swaying back and forth more and more, trying to yank the Briefcase free. Cooks has the hold locked in tight, squeezing Haze’s head so tight it could pop! Naima’s is on the outside yelling Haze’s name, trying to keep her man conscious. Haze, in one last fit of desperation, manages to get to his feet with Cook still holding onto the submission. Haze bends his knee’s and in a show of strength, lifts up Cook from the mat and Powerbombs him down onto the ladder!

Dan: Shit! So much for that!

Larry: Some fast thinking from Haze, although the damage might’ve already been done!

Both Haze and Cook are down, with Cook laid flat out on the ladder and Haze on his hands and knees trying to regain his composure. Fitzgerald, knowing that he can’t unhinged the briefcase from his position, has taken to swinging back and forth on the line like a pendulum. Each swing driving him farther to each side…

Dan: What, is he Tarzan now?

Larry: We all know what happens when Fitzgerald gets that brain a his turning!

Dan: I think your giving him to much credit…

Aaron gets one more good swing in….before surprisingly letting go! Flash bulbs in the crowd begins to flash as Aaron uses the momentum to vault him forward, giving him just enough hang time to tuck into a Shooting Star Press and land on Cook whose still laid out on the ladder!




The replays shows it one more time. Aaron Fitzgerald swinging from the briefcase and transitioning into a SSP on the way down!

Larry: Aaron Fitzgerald, as if the first one wasn’t big enough, just outdid himself here at Date With Destiny with yet another amazing display!

Dan: I don’t even know what to say, absolutely breathtaking!

The crowd is roaring with chants of “EPW” and “Thank You Aaron (clap, clap, clap clap clap)”, while Fitzgerald is struggling to get up to his feet. Seemingly, working straight off of fumes. Fitzgerald gets back up to his feet and exit’s the ring, grabbing another ladder out from ringside and putting it in the ring. Aaron slides in after it and sets it up. Aaron, showing great fatigue, finally takes to climbing the ladder!

Larry: Come on kid! This is what you came back for!

Dan: He’s gonna do it! He’s gonna fucking do it!!!

The crowd is going crazy as Fitzgerald makes his way slowly up the ladder…but here comes Haze! The crowd is so hot that the whole building seems to be rocking! Fitzgerald is midway up the ladder now as Haze is just starting to start his climb!

Dan: It’s Haze and Fitzgerald!

Larry: And how fitting right? Haze and Fitzgerald! These two have so much history!

Their both climbing now, both trying to reach their destiny’s! Fitzgerald is sjut about their, Haze is just getting up to halfway! Aaron reach up, getting a hand on the case. Haze finally gets up to the top as well and reaches up, also getting a hand on the case as well. The crowd is going bats hit, as is Naima on the outside! The two begin tugging for the case, trying to get the upper hand!

Larry: Whose gonna get it! Who wants it more!!!

Haze and Fitzgerald, both seemingly with the same idea, tug as hard as they can and end up knocking heads…but neither fall off the ladder! There’s a brief pause in the action before Aaron reaches up while Haze is too busy grabbing for his nose, which is most likely broken by now. Aaron grabs hold of the case, looking like he’s about to unhinge it…but Haze rakes him in the eye! Aaron pulls his arm back to grab at his eyes, giving Haze enough time to grab the case and smash it straight in his face. The blast from the briefcase is just to great and Aaron falls from the ladder and down to the floor below. Being the only man left, standing, Haze reaches up and finally unhinges the briefcase!




“Purple Haze” comes blaring over the arena speakers as Haze lifts the briefcase over his head. The crowd standing and applauding all the contestants in the match and chanting “EPW” once more. Naima bounds into the ring and damn near tackles Haze as he descends the ladder and collapses to the mat.

Larry: Love him or hate him. William Haze is Mr. Money In The Bank!

Dan: I love it! My sweet Jesus what a match!


Naima helps Haze up to his feet and the two leave the ring, with Haze hoisting the case above his head as he does…

Dan: That was amazing, I knew my boy would pull it off

Larry: Well we have an intriguing match up coming next!

Dan: Oh yeah a good ol surprise!.

Larry: This next match is one I've been anticipating for weeks. Just who has Henville replaced DG Novak with.

Dan: Me too~!

Larry: I'm afraid to ask why?

Dan: I'm anticipating it being over. I'm so sick of LockNess picking on poor Archie, he doesn't deserve this.

Larry: Archie? Doesn't deserve this?

Dan: You heard me.Terehov, Haze, Soul... all trying to bring an end to EPW and if that's not enough he's got this washed up prison bitch breathing down his neck. Give the guy a break.

Larry: LockNess would like to give him a break alright. Right arm, left leg, or spine is the question?

Dan: It's not gonna happen. Archibald's hand picked opponent is gonna hand him his ass and send him packing.

The sound of a prison cell opening echoes through the arena.


From there the voice of Notorious BIG filters through the crowds ears.

One... One Two... Check me out right here... YO.

The Puff Daddy verse kicks in as LockNess wastes not more time. Determined look on his brow and a devious scowl acrossed his face, The man from the depths of Scotland makes his way down the ramp. Quickly down the ramp before entering the ring he looks into the camera to leave Archibald's henchmen with one last message.

Caballero and Kist, Virus, Novak... One more name added to the list before your ass is mine Henville.

With that he reaches up grabbing the top rope and pulls himself onto the apron. No thought goes into his ascension as he weights down the top rope to climb over it.

Larry: That is the face of a man with a mission to destroy all who step in his path.

Dan: Or choke one step from the top of the ladder.

LockNess circles around the ring swing rights and lefts to warm himself up. Archibald Henville appears on the big screen.

Archibald- I must apologize for my rudeness in not sitting ringside to watch your untimely demise but I have a show to run here. I won't drag this on because your opponent is chomping at the bits to get inside the ring with you.

Seething hatred protrudes from the Diamond Dawgs very being. His fist clenched a man steps to Henville's side.

Larry: No, that can't be? Henville you son of a bitch. How dare you?

Dan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Oh Emmm Geee... I love it.

Larry: What could Heville have said to that man to make him turn on his mentor.

"Thank God I'm A Country Boy" hits the speaker system as the man disappears from Henvilles side. LockNess is dumbfounded in the ring. His fist unclench and he seems confused.

Larry: Heville you've gone too far, bringing Lockness's own trainee into this!.

Dan: Love the new look too.

Ness is still in disbelief as Kristian KinKade runs down the ram, slides into the ring, coming face to face with the man he admired so much only months ago. KinKade stands toe to toe with LockNess fist balled up ready to strike.


Larry: This can't be happening.

Dan: A wise man once said everybody has a price and by the look of KindKade's new dud's it might not have been expensive but it was sure worth it.

LockNess refusing to back down tries to reason with KinKade who will hear none of it. A right hand is thrown and ducked. KinKade swings wildly again. LockNess circles around him, coming up behind him, trying to restrain the smaller man. KinKade wiggles free after a stiff mule kick to the lower nether region. Turning around he looks Ness in the eye holding his chin before delivering a right hand. Ness goes down to one knee. KinKade hit the ropes, bouncing off, and recoiling with a big boot to the mush. KinKade straddles LockNess delivering blow after blow after blow cuping the back of his head for maximum impact. Nes manages to block one of his shots with his forearm before delivering a head butt of his own. KinKade staggers back. Back on his feet Ness still tries to reason with the Cornfield Colossus but Kristian still hears nothing he has to say. KinKade charges in with a clothesline taking Ness of his feet.

Larry: How much more of this can Ness take before he realizes that KinKade will not stop until his mission is complete.

Dan: That's what he gets. Never underestimate a country boy. Those hillbilly SOB's will sell their momma for a look at Shirley Temples Ta'ta's.

Larry: Henville must have really gotten into this mans head. The look of admiration and appreciation in his eyes when his training began to this? Something had to snap in that mans skull.

Dan: Yeah, that hate monger Ness and his treatment of Archibald. That alone would be enough to make any southern gentlemen uneasy. KinKades defending his honor.

Larry: Isn't that sweet.

Dan: Whats sweet is the domination of LockNess in the ring.

KinKade stomps away at LockNess refusing to give him a seconds rest. He screams and taunts Ness at every chance before kicking him while he's down. Kick after kick weakens the Bathhouse behemoth to the point of desperation. With one last glimpse of hop Ness catches the leg of KinKade, drilling him to the mat.

Larry: I think Ness has had enough.

Ness mounts the HellBilly but does not capitalize on the position. Ness can be heard asking him over and over why? KinKade cowers in fear prompting Ness to grab him by the neck. Before any further movement can be made on the offense, KinKade jams a thumb right into the eye. Ness falls back but doesn't stay down. Both men get to their feet with Kinkade backing Ness into the corner. He smiles before backing up acrossed the ring coming in all engines boared out with a big body splash. Happy with the damage inflicted KinKade berates his former mentor with a few choice words and a choke till the count of 4. The ref has tio psyhically break the hold with Kinkade complaining. LockNess recovers a bit of energy and manages to grab KinKade tossing him into the ropes. KinKade cowers once again as Ness brings his fist back.

:Larry: Do it~!

Dan: See how he treats people, what a poor excuse for a human being.

Ness cant bring himself to do it. KinKade has now fully slumped down in the corner covering his face with his hands. Ness exits the corner with his hands at his side. Kinkade comes to his feet.

Larry: Turn around...

Kinkade stalks behind Ness. Preparing for an axe handle smash to the back of Ness, Kinkade does not expect whats next. Ness violently turns around, graps his body, and drills him with a T-bone suplex that sends shock waves through the arena. The crowd goes wild. Ness is pumped now. He brings KinKade to his feet and off his feet driving him down with a brainBUSTA~!

Dan: Somebody get some help out here, this is not how things are supposed to go.

Larry: LockNess has had enough. KinKade started a war he could not finish.

Ness winds up the right arm waiting fro KinKade to get back to his feet. A left, followed by another left, and yet another left before bringing the combination to a close with a thunderous right hand. Planting his feet and waving his hands in a "come get some" manner LockNess awaits the revival of KinKade. KinKade rolls out of the ring to escape any more damage. Adrenaline running trough his veins, LockNess rushes to the ropes only to be stopped by the ref. LockNes argues with the ref but ultimately pushes him aside, grabbing KinKade by the hair. KinKade manages to grasp the injured arm of Ness yanking down as he jumps to the floor.

Larry: I can be you that wasn't something included in the school of hard knox.

Dan: But im sure he learned alot of useless things. Like loyalty to friends and how to do the harlem shake.

Speaking of the harlem shake here comes the owner, proprietor, and perfecter of the maneuver Slow Jam down the ramp. He tries to reason with KinKade which gets him a pie face for good measure. KinKade then turns his attention to a still fallen Ness in the ring. He dashes up onto the apron taking a moment to soak in a crowd reaction while telling them just how he feels in the process.One leg in the ropes before his progress is halted. Slow Jam grabs the left ankle trying to keep him from entering the ring. KinKade kicks him off but doesn't notice Ness is back up. Ness kicks the ropes between the legs of Kristian giving him a most unpleasant feeling down below. Wasting no time at all he grips the neck of KinKade lifting him high into the air in hanging suplex position, holding him there.

Larry: Wow, what a display of strength. Who knew he had anything left?

Dan: Who cared if he had anything left?

Slow Jam on the outside is c-walking around ringside as the crowd has hushed in anticipation for what seemed like days. LockNess shouts out "Henville" before dropping KinKade into a fall away slam position. Letting out a primal growl from deep inside, LockNess throws KinKade over his shoulder before driving him down in a Samoan drop position.

Dan: Day Of The DAWG, I knew he could do it.


Dan: Screw Team Edward... Fuck Team Jacob... I'm Team Ness.

Larry: Wow~!

LockNess goes for the pin.


Larry: He has done it again.

Dan: Henville better retire tonight.

Larry: After everything he has done to try and keep that man down, he better invest in a nice casket.

Dan: Now that's just too far.

Larry: He's been to jail and he ain't afraid to go back.

Dan: Don't drop the soap boys...

LockNess and Slow Jam celebrate in the ring.

Luke: Here is your winner...LOCKNESS!

The camera cuts backstage where Matt Jones is walking down the corridor, William Haze bumps into him and Jones isn't impressed, Haze who seems to have already hit the celebratory wine starts to yell at Jones.

Listen jack I know it's tough being a janitor at Date With Destiny but when Mr.Money In The Bank rolls through the corridors you don't bump into me, you roll out the red fucking carpet! Pretty neat too give the janitor some wrestling attire,I dig. Makes you feel special right? Where you headed now jack? to clean the ring off the corpses I just left behind?

Not one for conversation Jones gets into Haze's face.

Matt Jones..and I am about to be your new Deathmatch Champion and after I am done breaking the two fools who get in my way. I'll make sure I wipe the smirk off your face

Hey hey don't be hatin! after all it ain't nothing to a shov-

Alone I walk, deep into the shadows. As I tread I hear a voice, it beckons me and I will follow.

With those cryptic words Jones shoves aside Haze and makes for the ring as Naima comes bursting into the hallway.

Baby I got some more wine...who was that?

Shit...I think I just met that Edward Cullen guy

Larry: Well coming up folks, it’s Deathmatch Title time as we see the defending champion Tim Feeley take on Drew Maverick and Matt Jones—

Dan: I’m putting my money on Maverick, Larry! The kid has it all, and he’s got hold of that Deathmatch Title right now, I just know he’s taking it back to Las Vegas!

AFI – Miseria Cantare plays as the pyro goes off and Matt comes out wearing a leather jacket with jean shorts. He extends both arms out and looks down as his hair falls to his face. After about three seconds he flips his head back and his hair goes flying back.

Luke: The following contest is scheduled for Deathmatch rules and is for the Deathmatch Title! Introducing the challengers, introducing first, making his way to the ring, standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, ‘The Lone Soldier’ MATT JONES!

The crowd cheers as he makes his way to ringside. As he gets to the ring he uses the steps to make his way up. When he's in the ring he goes to the corner and puts his arms on the ropes waiting for his opponent.

Larry: This young man has been impressive as of late and here tonight he’s going to try and take the Deathmatch Title home with him.

Dan: I’m telling you Larry, Maverick is winning this. Sure, Jones could have a slim chance, I’ll admit the title is going to change hands, but he doesn’t have the advantage tonight.

"I Stand Alone (Instrumental)" by Godsmack hits as red and white fireworks set off on the EPW stage, with "DREW MAVERICK" spelled out in them. After a few moments the fireworks stop as DREW MAVERICK steps out onto the stage, the Deathmatch Title on his shoulder, with a MMA-style t-shirt, which reads "Maverick" on the back, and a set of custom wrestling trunks. Maverick taunts, holding the title in the air, as the crowd boos before heading down towards the ring, smiling egotistically at his opponent.

Luke: And introducing the next challenger, standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 241 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, DREW MAVERICK!

Larry: And here comes Sin City’s own, Drew Maverick folks. This past week on Eclipse he stole Tim Feeley’s Deathmatch Title and—

Dan: He didn’t steal anything Larry. Do we know the entire story? No. Maybe he bought it. Or maybe he took Feeley out to a casino in Vegas last week.

Larry: Oh shut up Dan. Its obvious that Maverick stole that title and tonight you know Feeley is coming back for it.

Maverick heads down the ramp and enters the ring before jumping to the top rope and taunting the crowd before he takes his t-shirt off and pretends to throw it to a person in the crowd but instead throws it to the arena floor as the crowd boos. Maverick taunts once again, showing off his stellar six-pack, and the stolen Deathmatch Title before his music comes to an end.

Lights slowly fade and the arena becomes completely silent. Fans rise on their feet and anticipate the entrance of Tim Feeley with boos. The lights flicker on and off and the camera focuses on the stage. The screen is black and a light shines down where Tim will be walking out. Suddenly....

"Fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him by...."

Two pyro's blast off from the stage and shoot toward the ceiling. The music goes off and the pyro's keep shooting off. The only light in the arena is from the pyro's. The boo's quickly come from the crowd again and the music goes off again as the fireworks continue to shoot.

"Hoping that he's meant for more than argument's and failed attempts to fly...."

Luke: And now, allow me to introduce the current EPW Deathmatch Champion, standing at 6’3” and weighing in tonight at 205 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, TIM FEELEY!

Larry: We’re waiting the arrival of the true Deathmatch Champion folks, and you know he’s pissed off here tonight!

Dan: He can be pissed off Larry, all that matters is that title, and I’m betting you he won’t walk out as champion.

Suddenly, the pyro's go off as fireworks come down from the ceiling to the stage. "Sparkler-like" fireworks come from the floor on the stage.

And everything stops as we cut to the ring where Maverick and Jones stand awaiting, when out of nowhere Feeley comes from the crowd and jumps in the ring, Maverick nor Jones seeing him, and he clubs Maverick in the back of the skull with a barbed wire baseball bat! It sends the Sin City Loudmouth to the mat, the back of his head busted wide open, blood literally oozing out!

The ref has no choice but to call for the bell before checking on the bloody Maverick as Feeley nails Jones in the head with the barbed wire bat as well, sending him down to the mat! Feeley throws the bat out of the ring and walks over towards the fallen Maverick and kicks him out of the ring, before grabbing his Deathmatch Title and taunting before going onto an assault to Jones.

Feeley is back at it with a recovered Jones, both throwing punch after punch at the other! Feeley finally getting the upper hand and taking Jones down with a Spinebuster! Feeley quickly exits the ring and searches throughout underneath the ring, pulling out a chair, and as he climbs back onto the ring apron a recovered Jones nails him with a spear, sending the Deathmatch Champion back down to the arena floor! Jones gets out of the ring and grabs hold of Feeley, slamming his face against the hard steel guardrail at ringside, before smashing the steel chair straight into his face, blood now flowing out from Feeley’s busted and possibly broken nose! Jones pulls Feeley back into the ring and taunts for a moment, before lifting him up and nailing a devastating Piledriver onto the steel chair!! Meanwhile at ringside, Maverick is knocked out, the back of his head still bleeding profusely from the baseball bat shot.

Back in the ring, both men are down, Feeley’s face now covered in blood and the non-bloodied Jones still recovering. Finally, Jones gets back to his feet and yells at a fan at ringside, in which the fan throws a prosthetic leg into the ring!! Jones grabs the fake leg and pulls Feeley up to his knees, before slamming the leg into the Deathmatch Champs back! Feeley is back down as Jones proceeds to wrap the leg around Feeley’s neck, choking him out in the process with it!! After a good minute of choking Feeley out with the prosthetic leg, Jones finally lets go of him and throws the leg back into the crowd and grabbing the steel chair again…and suddenly out of nowhere Maverick is seen on the top turnbuckle behind Jones, and he jumps from the top rope, going for a crossbody, but Jones takes him down with a stiff shot to the ribs with the chair, the sound of the impact heard all the way in the bleachers! Jones stands tall, looking at both the injured Maverick and the lifeless Feeley. The crowd cheers, as the loner looks back and forth at both men, before running towards Maverick, and he tries to go for a Safe In Your Face but Maverick somehow slides out of the way, Feeley trying to get to his feet, and as he does he gets hit in the head with a table by the now-conscious Feeley!

All three men are down now, exhausted and injured, but Feeley is the first to get to his feet as he sets up the table in the center of the ring. But he gets taken down with a clothesline by Maverick! Maverick grabs hold of Feeley again, and locks in Sin City! Feeley is about to tap … but no! Feeley nails Maverick in the side of his head with the You’re Outta Here, Maverick falling to the ground and letting go of the submission! Feeley stares at the set-up table in front of him, both of his challengers on the mat. Feeley moves the table towards the nearby ring corner, placing it perfectly. He walks back over and lifts Jones up, before dragging his lifeless body to the ring corner. He puts him on the top turnbuckle, and steps on the middle, set to take Jones through the table!

But Maverick is back in the action again as he claws and punches away at Feeley’s back, but Feeley kicks him away, still trying to throw the lifeless Jones from the top rope through the table. And all of a sudden we see someone from the crowd jump the barricade, wearing a Drew Maverick t-shirt, obviously in some way connected with the Sin City Loudmouth. The person quickly hands Maverick a gallon bottle of something, before they run back into the crowd. Maverick looks on for a moment, and then pours the liquid in the bottle onto the table. All of a sudden he pulls out a lighter from his boot, and lights it … the table sets on fire!!!

Dan: It was gasoline! Maverick is brilliant! I told you he had a plan, Larry!

Maverick throws the lighter out of the ring and stares at the engulfed table, the crowd now on their feet and anticipating everything! Meanwhile Feeley has hold of Jones now, but Maverick once again grabs hold of Feeley! Feeley is trying to kick Maverick away, but he can’t! Maverick has his hands locked around Feeley, but Feeley frees himself! Feeley throws a punch at Maverick, but Maverick shoves him, Feeley falls off of the middle turnbuckle down to the arena floor!! But Maverick turns his attention back to the lifeless Jones. He grabs hold of Jones with all his strength, and they fly off of the turnbuckle down onto the engulfed table with a devastating belly-to-belly suplex! Both men are shattered and destroyed in the broken table carnage, both men rolling around in absolutely excruciating pain!! Maverick falls to the arena floor as an unresponsive Jones lays in the center of the ring, his back bloodshot red from the fire.

Dan: If we haven’t seen it all in this match yet we have now! We’re living up to true Deathmatch rules right here, baby! Drew Maverick has just sent Matt Jones through that flaming table! Their backs were just on fire! Hey wait a minute!! What the hell!?

And all at once a recovered Feeley slides into the ring with his signature baseball bat in his hand, Jones is out cold and he thwacks Maverick with the bat to make sure before making the pin.

... ... ...

Dan: What the hell is this!? Feeley just won out of nowhere! Drew Maverick had this!

Luke: Here is your winner and still the Deathmatch Champion, Tim Feeley!

The crowd boos to no limits as the referee hands Feeley the Deathmatch Title, the defending and still reigning champion smiling from ear-to-ear over his win.

Larry: I'll admit, this was a controversial finish right here Dan, but lets face it, Maverick wasn't in the ring.

Dan: Oh shut the hell up Larry! Drew Maverick should have had this won! Now I can't go and party in Vegas with him. Damnit!

As Feeley celebrates his successful title defense the referee and a few medics aid the severely-burnt Jones backstage while Drew Maverick sits on the outside of the ring on the arena floor, staring on in absolute anger and disgust at what could have been his celebratory moment.

Larry: He's vowed to become the greatest Deathmatch Champion ever and after a successful title defense at Date With Destiny VI he might be well on his way!.

Luke: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Number One Contendership to the EPW World Title!

Larry: Big prize to be won Dan!
Dan: A shot at either The Estonian Dream or JM Hardy with the World Title on the line!, but there’s more to it then that…Jake Steel will be eager to show he’s finally surpassed his mentor.


The lights cut, the drum roll thunders into the arena and the guitar riff explodes, "Light Show" bringing each member of the audience standing to his or her feet, craning to see the superstar about to explode through the curtains.

I want to paint a picture
Lights off with no more reasons
I’ve got a story to tell
Of visiting hell every weekend

The stage is the only thing in the building that burns bright, silver sparks falling from the EPWTron onto the steel rampway. The fans roar with a loud roar of cheers along to the steady throbbing drumbeat and the swirling guitars as a spotlight powers its way through the sparks to rest upon the stage.

Lights low, it’s time to get high
Living it up ‘til ya….
But I’m still breathing
I’m not dead I’m still here
It’s time to face the mirror

The cheers grow even louder as a hooded figure bursts through the sparks and into the spotlight.

Larry: Here he is! The Stainless One back in the big time and it’s a big reaction for the Englishman!

Won’t be bought, won’t be sold
Beaten down
But I’m still standing
Loose ends get tied in a knot
Hit by the truth on the slow comedown
Run to the edge and pour yourself out


Luke: Introducing, weighing in at 225 pounds, standing at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, from London, England. The Stainless One, Jake Steel!

The fans go wild as Jake sprints to the ring, hopping on the apron and flipping the ropes, jumping onto an adjacent turnbuckle. The Stainless One spreads his arms out wide as the fans chant his name.

Suddenly, the arena blacks out and the roars from the crowd starts to subside.

Larry: Here comes another legend…EPW’s first grand slam champion, Murder K!

The crowd anticipate the opening lines as Ja Rule's echo voice begins.

I feel the rain comin down on me .....s, heh
When the sun gon' shine?
My lord, somebody help us all

The crowd roar and flash bulbs cuts through the darkness, finally prompting a spotlight to appear on Kalada, clad in classic attire, black trunks and pads emblazened with a gold K. The music blares out.

I think the reign is callin murdaaaah

Dan: Murdaaaaaaah!

Kalada walks down the ramp clearly savouring the moment, the Date With Destiny VI set over his shoulders.

Luke: And his opponent, from New York, New York, weighing in at 210 pounds, MURDER K!!!

Larry: You know he’s feeling this!, he left years ago to establish EWF…no one thought they’d see him in an EPW ring ever again but here he is facing one of his students!.

K turns at the bottom of the ramp, and walks up the ring stairs, climbing to the top rope and throwing up his signature taunt.

Larry: The crowd are hot for this!

Dan: And so is somebody else, buddy...

The crowd continue to roar as K drops down to the mat inside the ring. The men stare at each other across the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

Larry: This may be a phrase over used in wrestling, but this match, on it's own, is Icon vs. Icon.

Steel extends his hand mockingly but Kalada doesn’t even bother as he starts rocking Steel with a series of punches, Steel staggers as Kalada starts kicking away at the Sheffield Superstar he backs up and charges again but Steel trips him and locks in the Lockdown!
Dan: Lockdown! He’s got it applied early can Kalada break out?

Larry: It feels strange saying this but that was a rookie mistake from Kalada he has to make sure he’s not blinded by emotion.

K cries out in pain as Steel synches in the hold. Murder K slaps his shoulder a few times, trying to maintain circulation, almost as a decoy, before rolling throught and sending The Stainless One flying forward into the ropes.

The pair stare at each other before K runs at his opponent. Steel drops flat on the mat and Kalada has no alternative but to run over him and back off the ropes. Upon his return, he see's Steel in the way and leaps over him, immediately bouncing off the ropes and kneeing Steel's lowered head.

Steel recoils, but before he can go down, K's straight back on him, grabbing his arm and whipping him across the ring. K ducks, looking for a Samoan drop, but receives a Meltdown for his troubles!.

The crowd can’[t beliee that the moves been hit so early as Steel gets to his knees.

Larry: Meltdown! My god Steel could have this already!

Steel however doesn’t make the pin instead he backs up to the opposite corner, he leaps athletically onto the top rope before several nice rotations ends with him crashing on top of K.

Dan: Corkscrew Splash!

Larry: Steel is going to punish Kalada, desperate to show him that he’s better then him in every way!

Steel's on his opponent quickly, picking him up, locking in the front face headlock and taking his opponent over with a vertical suplex. He then rolls up his opponent's body for the first pin attempt.


Larry: Whoa! A Meltdown and a Corkscrew Splash but Kalada still kicks out!

Kalada gets the shoulder up and powers out, but Steel is up fast, coming off the ropes and delivering a stinging elbow drop.

He picks K up and locks in another frontface headlock, but this time he hooks a leg.

Larry: He's looking for the Fisherman's Suplex.

Steel pops the hips, but Kalada doesn't budge, blocking the move with his standing leg. The pair tussle, and K manages to free his other leg, grabbing Steel's right he trips him before a BRUTAL double stomp right onto Steel’s face!

Dan: Fucking hell! He just re-arranged his face!

Larry: A brutal double stomp and he’s got Steel’s nose busted open!

Steel's wipes the blood from his nose as Kalada moves in with the lateral press and the referee counts.


Steel kicks out and the pair get up quickly to their feet simultaneously.

K turns Steel around and locks in a waist lock, looking for the German Suplex. Steel performs a standing switch however and then hits a German Suplex of his own, landing Kalada on his neck.

K is doubled over on the mat as Steel stands up, prodding his opponent's body flat with his foot.

Wasting no time, The Stainless One climbs to the top rope. He leaps off.

Larry: A Double Stomp off his own! From the top rope!

Dan: Anything K can do Steel can do better!

Steel lands right on Kalada's head and neck before rolling over and making the cover.



K kicks out and Steel sits upright, puffing a little.

Murder K slowly gets up as well, breathing heavily as Steel taunts him asking Kalada if he wants his walking stick. An infuriated Kalada charges but Steel is expecting it and drops him with a sudden NorthernLights Suplex!.

Larry: This is vintage Steel!

Steel, maintains the bridge and the referee drops to the mat.


Steel's bridge is broken by the kickout, and Steel's back to his feet quickly, this time looking at the referee.

Larry: I knew he kicked out of it, but is this a step too far for Kalada? He’s performed admirably in his latest EPW run but is the occasion too much for him?

The Stainless One wanders over to his opponent, blowing a little in the process of picking K up. K looks a little weary as Steel once again whips him off the ropes, but upon his return, Murder catches his opponent with a trademark running neckbreaker

Dan: Guess not Larry! He still has it in him to hit all his signature moves and he just did!


Larry: Both men are down in the middle of the ring, holding their respective necks.


Dan: Say what?


Larry: Perhaps this is just what K needs to get back into the match!!


Dan: You're lucky this isn't radio, man...


Steel is the first to a knee, and he wearily gets to a vertical base before walking over to K, holding his neck. Kalada is ready for him however, stunning his former friend with a swift uppercut before hitting a Meltdown of his own!.

Dan: A Meltdown from Kalada! Who thought we’d see that?

Larry: Someones clearly trying to establish that he taught Steel everything he knows!


The Stainless One kicks out with a shocked expression on his face and both men slowly clamber to their feet.

Kalada gasps for air whilst a stunned Steel whose definitely pissed off after getting hit with his own finisher starts swinging at Kalada who punches back. The two trade blows with frantic pace before Steel tries to break the chain with a spin kick but Kalada ducks underneath it. Steel goes for a Pele Kick but Kalada instinctively ducks and then ducks another attempt before dropping Steel with the Dangerous DDT!
Larry: Dangerous DDT!

Both men lay on the mat as the referee begins to count.


Dan: What I don't get is, if he counts both of them out, what happens?

Larry: JM Hardy is fucked



Both men begin to stir at 5, but both look wearied from the action.


Both men are on a knee on 8, and then get to their feet as the referee stops counting.

They start trading rights.

Steel wins the trade off with a stunning uppercut that flattens K.

K gets to a knee, but before he can climb up any further, he's met with a stiff enziguri

Steel, follows up, picking his opponent up and locking in a frontface headlock. He shouts out before trying to twist, but Kalada pushes him away.

Larry: You have to say he was going for the Meltdown there! That would have been game over!

K instinctively locks in a frontface headlock of his own and raises Steel up in the air, before driving him down head first.

Dan: Good night!

Larry: Brainbuster! Hooks the leg!


Both men are down once more, but the roar of the crowd has them stirring already.


K is up to his feet first, and maks his way to Steel, raising him to a vertical base. Kalada looks to have control, but his opponent bursts into life, throwing K's arms away, lifting his opponent up in a cradle and hitting a piledriver!

Dan: Ouch!


Larry: What the...?

Kalada gets the shoulder up, but only just. Steel, with a sudden rush of energy gets to his feet and raises his opponent up before leaping in the air and driving K's head straight down to the mat with a piledriver.

Rather than making the cover on a prone K, he drags him, one arm and one leg, towards the corner.

Larry: Is this...?

Dan: Spit your words out man!

Steel ducks between the ropes out to the apron before climbing his way up the turnbuckle.

From the top rope, he throws himself up whilst somersaulting through the air.

Larry: Show Stealer!

But Kalada lifts up his knees!, Kalada rolls around clutching his knees in agony whilst Steel rolls around the mat himself in excruating pain

Dan: Both men giving it their all here!

Kalada stalks Steel before going for the Verdict but Steel fights out of it and goes for the Citizen Erased but Kalada elbows him in the face and heads towards Steel who stuns him with a Hurracanrana!, Kalada is sent hurtling towards the corner but with surprising agility he adjusts his positioning and leaps onto the top rope. Steel however crotches him on the top rope before climbing up himself and putting Kalada in the familiar face lock.

The hometown fans erupt, they know what’s coming

Larry: A Top rope Meltdown!?

Jake prepares to hit the move but Kalada knees him in the back before hooking Steel into a reverse face lock…VERDICT!

Murder K drives his opponent down to the mat!!


Larry: He's done it! Murder K is going to face JM Hardy! The teacher outdoes the student!

Dan: What a frantic match that was!, both men threw their finishers at each other very early on in the match but a devastating Verdict from high above gives Kalada the win!

Murder Reigns rings out around the arena as K drops to one knee.

Luke Here is your winner and NEW number one contender…KALADA!

Steel rolls out of the ring as the referee raises a victorious Kalada’s hands up in the air, despite seeing their fellow Brit lose the crowd applause and appreciate Kalada’s efforts. Suddenly commentator Larry Johnson rolls into the ring!.

Dan: Hey where’s he going? Stealing my limelight god dammn it!

Kalada…Kalada congratulations on your victory but there is something that needs to be addressed

The fervor of the crowd dies down as Kalada who can barely stand up listens to Larry.

After some heavy thought and evaluation of your performances over the year, EPW Management have come to a decision…I am really sorry to tell you this…I do wish I could have done it earlier

Dan: No way are they firing Kalada? Larry’s gonna get skinned alive!

A furious Kalada seems to know that a firing is coming he shoves the referee aside as Larry continues.

It’s with great respect I have to inform you….that you have been inducted into the EPW Hall Of Fame!

The crowd explodes and Kalada turns to see that several wresters have lined up in the rampway, applauding the talents of the man whose given so much to EPW over the years.

Larry smiles and bows out of the ring as a surprised Kalada takes in the “KALADA” chants.


The crowd explodes yet again as none other then the Limelight himself swaggers down the ramp like only he can.


Williams has in his hand a golden plaque, he rolls into the ring and hands it to Kalada before the X-Killaz embrace in the middle of the ring to loud applause. The duo strike their familiar pose as the crowd give them a standing ovation.

Larry: What a fantastic moment! Kalada joins Danny English in the EPW Hall Of Fame!.

We cut backstage the cheers from the crowd and "X-KILLAZ" chants can still be heard but it's Lost Soul who is in front of the camera now.

Dan: Talk about a killjoy!

The camera cuts to a locker room where a behemoth of a man is sitting alone, hair over his eyes as he clinches a black baseball bat. Even though the hair is over his eyes, though, the face paint can still be seen. As if the size didn’t give it away, it’s clear now that this is Lost Soul. Several moments pass before he begins to speak.

Unknown, this is it for you. This is where I bring you back into the darkness. No more of your light will shine upon EPW.

In fact, judging from the support and anticipation of this match, it seems as though you are the only light left.

So it’s only fitting that I will be dragging this wretched place into the abyss with you at Date with Destiny, the same event I made my debut in over four years ago.

Lost Soul pauses for a brief moment. Although you can’t see it, you can feel the demonic smile crossing his face.

When I heard you speak, you tried to downplay the darkness. Attempting to make me feel empty and alone. But once I expose you to be the false idol that you are, you know what you’ll be left with?


This place only cares about you when you are winning your matches and stroking its balls. They will rally behind you against the likes of me, but when you fall victim, you will no longer have their support. The next one on my list will.

And you will be forgotten.

Fan and organizational support is never reliable. Yet that’s exactly what you choose to have in your corner, while spurning the very same power I have that will put you under.

Trust me, I’ve seen it.

I was once beloved long ago. Adored by the fans. And when I let them down…just once…I was no longer their hero. I was no longer the face of the organization.

I was empty.

Until the very same evil that fuels me today filled the void.

Lost Soul flips his hair back and reveals cold stare into the camera.

And this is very much a battle between good and evil. The dream match that is finally happening. The one that everybody has been dying to see.

Only when I’m through, you’ll wish this dream match never occurred.

Because you will be reliving it over and over again through your nightmares.

Lost Soul stands up and starts to move towards the camera.

Be prepared when you meet me tonight because I promise I will be everything they say I am.




And above all else…

The Reaper.


Unknown, you aren’t just in for the fight of your life…

Because tonight, it’s your life you’re fighting for.

Lost Soul moves past the camera as the scene cuts away.

Larry: And now we come to one of the most bittersweet matches on the card, as we say goodbye to one of our own.

Dan: Brendan Black’s last match...I can’t believe we’re here.

The camera fades into a video as the song Flux by Bloc Party tunes up. Clips of Brendan entering the ring from various stages of his career come on. The New Breed. Messiah of Straight Edge. The Authority. World Champion. Each one passes by, another moment in times past.

If your right hand is causing you pain
Cut it off. Cut it off.

EWF. The New Breed’s early days. The attack on Danny English. Taking out Willie Williams. Beating Thrillaz Inc. for the tag titles. Unifying them at the last EWF show.

If your colours have started to run
Let them all run, run away from you.

WWA. facing off with Daniel Strong, the draw with Steve Fella, and subsequent victory over the legend.

There is lightning in this room.
Above our heads, waiting to strike.

ELITE. Winning the Euros in the Bank. Pinning Arrow the MVP. Facing off with Steve Fella, Lance Steadfast, and Zero. Beating Travis16.

I’m a thinker, not a talker.
Put your faith, your faith in God.

BQWA. The feud with Jericho. Forming the Authority. Winning the tag titles. Facing Owen Bourne.

We were hoping for some romance.
All we found was more despair.

Black rescuing Tara Shannon from a postmatch attack in EWF. He hits Lost Soul with the No Light Theory across barbed wire ropes as she lies bleeding in the ring. Lost Soul wins regardless as both their bodies lay in a bloody heap.

We must talk about our problems.
We are in a state of flux.

Their feud in the BQWA. Black hitting a vicious kick to the face only to hesitate at the killing blow and lose the match.

I’d kill for an adventure
Just you and I in the Curzon Bar.

Brendan’s original EPW run. The second New Breed. The TV title. Ultimate Edge. Facing off with Jake Steel, Lost Soul, Chris Cage, and David Rave.

Dancing till we knew
So all that we learned disappeared

ELITE again, the team with Matt Ford. The feud with ELW. Attacking Marf Daniels and pinning him in the middle of the ring.

When you shouted at me
I saw my father in the second grade.

BQWA again and Brendan’s vicious feud with Owen Bourne. Hangman’s Horror. Glass Gloves. Bloody hatred in the middle of a ring.

Concerned and kind
Yet unable to reach me.

Clips of Black and Shiva, backstage and in the ring. Her having his back and vice versa.

We were hoping for some romance.
All we got was more despair.

The losses. Lost Soul. Steve Fella. Zero. Tara Shannon. Danny English.

We must talk about our problems.
We are in a state of flux.

All the times Brendan was left lying, bloody and beaten throughout his career.

State of Flux repeats as the bridge hits and we see the hospital visits, the training, the hardships endured to get back in the ring over and over again.

We need to talk.

EPW. Home. Brendan returns and wins Last Resort, the World Title, DWD, Hell on Earth, the retirement tour.

We were hoping for some romance.
All we found was more despair.
We must talk about our problems.

A career in retrospect. Moments from across so many promotions, each of which Brendan had his moment to shine in. A last flurry of memories before the final curtain.

We are in a state of flux.

And fade...

Luke: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is the retirement match of Brendan Black. Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 215 pounds...Izrah!

This Fire Burns blasts through the arena as Izrah makes his way to the stage. The crowd boos him violently. He tries to give off an arrogant swagger, but there’s clearly some nervousness behind it. He makes his way into the ring with a look of focus on his face and waits for his opponent.

Luke: Introducing his opponent, from Windsor, Ontario weighing in at 215 pounds and competing in his final match...Brendan Black!

Panic Switch lights up the arena as the fans go ballistic. Brendan Black makes his way to the stage, a huge smile creeping to his face at the reaction. His body is obviously breaking down, but in this moment he looks strong. He makes his way to the ring, trying to take in every face in the crowd before coming face to face with his final opponent.

Larry: Here we are. The final match.

Dan: Black looks ready for this. So does Izrah.

Larry: One more time.

The bell rings and the two just stare at each other for a moment. Then they lock up. Black looks for a hammerlock, but Izrah rolls out into a drop toehold. He swings around trying to get a front facelock, but Black counters out and rolls him into a front chancery. Izrah twists out and grounds Black with a legsweep into the Kareless but Black counters into an Anaconda Vice of his own from the ground. Izrah slides out of it quickly and backpedals, giving Black a moment to get to his feet.

The two stare at each other for half a second before rushing to the middle of the ring and exchanging fierce elbow strikes. Blow after blow lands on each of them with neither being willing to back down. Black hits a particularly nasty one that causes Izrah to reel, but he comes back with a brutal straight punch to the face, knocking Black to the mat before collapsing himself.

Dan: Holy crap!

Larry: Both men bringing everything to the table here, early on.

Izrah’s the first one to his feet. He doesn’t try to cover though, instead lining Brendan up for a vicious roundhouse kick to the chest. Black winces at the pain but then yells at Izrah to hit him again. Izrah obliges with another kick that causes welts to start to form, but Brendan just seems to be getting fired up by it. He goes for a third and Black catches his leg after impact, using it as a post to rise to his feet. Izrah stares at him in shock for a moment before Black drops his leg and unloads with an absolutely brutal slap to the face, sending him to the ground in a second.

Larry: Oh my god! That was sick!

Dan: Brendan Black just said it. He’s not lying down for Izrah in this. If he wants the win, he’s gonna have to earn it.

Black follows up quickly, taking a run and hitting a baseball slide kick than sends Izrah toppling off the edge of the apron and onto the floor below. He takes another run and goes for a dive, but Izrah sidesteps him, leaving him to hit the guardrail at full force with his chest. Black gasps for air as Izrah grabs him and rolls him back into the ring, going for a quick cover.




Dan: Black nearly caught himself there.

Larry: Good instincts by Izrah.

Izrah doesn’t give him a chance to breathe, quickly going for the Kareless again, but Black recognizes the hold and quickly shuffles his foot to the bottom rope before any serious damage can be done. The ref orders a break, but Izrah gets a jab in first. He drags Black to the center of the ring and hits a slow elbowdrop into a casual cover.


Black kicks out quickly.

Izrah takes exception to that and hits a sharp back elbow. He then drags Black to his feet and hits a big belly to belly suplex. He covers quickly.




Dan: Brendan Black won’t say die, Larry!

Larry: He’d just better be careful that his pride doesn’t get in the way of his health here.

Izrah stands over him, looking frustrated. He does another casual elbow drop and goes to lock in the Kareless, but Black springs to life, swinging around his close arm and going for the Broken Mirror!

Dan: He’s got him!

Izrah places a hand between Black’s and his face to keep pressure off while searching for the ropes with his legs. Finally he finds the bottom rope, forcing Black to break.

Larry: Good instincts by Izrah there. That’s a tough hold to counter.

Dan: Brendan picked it up from our boss, who used it to beat guys like Danny English. Not many people have survived it.

Izrah quickly hits a right hand to the face of Black to keep him on the defensive. He picks him up in a waistlock and quickly hits a nasty German Suplex, dropping him high on his head and neck! He covers!




Izrah has a look of frustration on his face now. He picks up Black and goes for another German, but Black backflips out. Lungblower! Izrah’s down! Black crawls into a cover!




Dan: That was CLOSE!

Larry: Izrah’s nor giving up easily here either.

Black gives him a look of shock and rises to his feet slowly. He lines him up for the Blackest Night, but when he goes for it, Izrah rolls off his back. He reacts quickly and spins around, grabbing him for an exploder suplex. He then grabs Izrah’s legs and wraps them into a British Figure Four.

Larry: This is it! He used that move to beat Daniel Strong in WWA and nearly beat Steve Fella with it as well!

Dan: Izrah’s got to tap.

But Izrah doesn’t tap. He raises his hand to, but instead just grits his teeth and starts looking for the ropes. He pulls toward them, fighting with everything he has. Black sees that he’s about to reach the ropes and rises to a standing position, reaching forward and grabbing his neck before swinging backward into a sickening wrapped leg DDT! He covers!




Dan: How in the hell did Izrah kick out of that?!?

Larry: Izrah’s not willing to let a match this imporant slip away from him.

Black shakes his head in disbelief and crawls to his feet, dragging Izrah up with him. He goes for the Blackest Night again but Izrah rolls off his back again. This time he hits the ground running and rebounds off the ropes, coming back with the Down Under! He covers!



2.9999! Kickout!

Dan: Oh my god!

Larry: I thought that was it!

Dan: Me too! What’s it gonna take to keep Brendan Black down?

Izrah’s eyes go wide in absolute shock. He gets to his feet and lines Black up. He runs the ropes for the Down Under...Black counters! He flapjacks him high into the air, hitting a vicious knee on the return in a modified Go 2 Sleep! He goes for the Blackest Night...he hits it! Cover!



2.99999 kickout!

Dan: Izrah just kicked out of the Blackest Night!

Larry: Almost no one has EVER managed that. Izrah’s showing some serious fire here!

Black doesn’t let it slow him down. He’s got the fire in him now. One last time. He picks up Izrah and positions him for the Blackest Night, but instead rolls over his back quickly with enough momentum to pull him into Violent Ends! He covers!




Luke: Here is your winner, by pinfall...Brendan Black!


Larry: Izrah put up one hell of a fight against the former World Champion, but Brendan Black is going out on a high note.

The crowd explodes in cheers as Brendan Black stands in the ring triumphant, one last time. As Izrah recovers from the finisher, he looks absolutely crushed. Black goes over to him and offers his hand. Izrah eyes it for a moment, as if unsure whether or not to take it. But he does and they shake hands in the middle of the ring, then share a quick hug before Izrah leaves the ring to allow Black to say his goodbyes.

Larry: It doesn’t matter what he did to get here, that was an absolute show of class from Izrah.

Dan: He manned up to the loss and took it with dignity.

Brendan gets a microphone handed to him by one of the men at ringside. He goes to say something but the fans start chanting “Thank you Brendan!” loudly and he goes silent. Tears well up in his eyes.

Brendan: I just want to say thank you to Brad Payne for giving me this chance to be out here. I want to thank my wife, Dinah, for supporting me through this and not trying to talk me out of this last match. I want to thank my sister Eden for keeping the family name strong in wrestling. And I want to thank Izrah for giving me a high note to go out on. I pushed and I prodded and I denied you because I wanted to see what you had in you. I wanted to see how much you wanted it. Tonight I saw that, and I was impressed. Make no mistakes folks, that man is a future World Champion in this business.

But mostly...I just want to thank all of you. Every single person who watched my career unfold from promotion to promotion, title to title. Everyone who’s stuck with me and seen me at my best and worst. Everyone who’s followed my story here to the end. Thank you. It wouldn’t have meant anything without you.

He drops the microphone then and makes his way out of the ring.

Dan: There he goes Larry. Walking out of here for the last time.

Larry: I think he can be secure in knowing that he’s made an impact in this business and he’ll not be easily forgotten.

Brendan stands on the stage looking out at the crowd one last time before going. Then he walks behind the curtain for the final time, leaving only the cheers and echos behind.

The screen lights up with the words "Unstoppable Force" before fading into images of the likes of Sinc Mercier,Danny English and Brendan Black being left broken in the ring as a giant stands over them victorious.

The words are replaced by "Immovable Object" as we see images of Unknown taking apart his opponents inside the Ultimate Edge Cage.

What happens when they collide?

We cut back to ringside and the crowd are going absolutely bananas!.

Dan: You know what time it is Larry!

Larry: Do I? It's time the dream match becomes a reality!

Dan: Lost Soul vs Unknown, woooo!

Larry: An insane show so far, Dan. Haze walks out with Money In The Bank, Kalada is the new number one contender, Brendan Black walks out on a high note..

Dan: And yet we have quite possibly the biggest showdown in EPW history coming up.

Larry: It’s scary, Dan.

Dan: They’re scary, Larry.

"The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is The Dose" by Circa Survive brings the arena to life. The Ultimate Edge Champion saunters out and surveys the audience, his eyes alit by flashing camera lights.

Larry: Unknown has been devastating the competition. There has been no one, absolutely no one able to stop him.

Dan: Until now.

Unknown’s eyes fleetingly go over the Date With Destiny logo on the apron and he rolls into the ring. He quickly removes the UE Championship from around his waist and he hands it off.

Larry: What makes you think Unknown will be stopped by Lost Soul?

Dan: Because Lost Soul’s done everything Unknown has and more to men Unknown has never fought, or even seen. Unknown came around when Lost Soul had left EPW in his wake.

The lights dim and one large crimson red spotlight flashes on and off, while being focused at the entrance. "Haunted" by Evanescence begins to play...

"Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there..."

Pyros start to go off at each beep sound, in the song, starting at opposite ends and meeting at the sides of the entrance. When the guitar hits, the final pyros go off, forming an X over the entrance as Lost Soul comes out with a black trench coat on, wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, carrying his black bat. He pauses for a second as the song continues...

"Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you loving you
I won't let you pull me down..."

He surveys the crowd, as they try to boo him over the blaring music, before walking to the ring and stepping over the top rope. He stands in the middle of the ring for a few more seconds, head down, then raises the bat in his hand and more pyros go off. When they finish, the lights turn back on and he throws the bat and trench coat out of the ring.

Larry: I don’t know who to side with. I’ve learned in times like these to watch how it goes down.

Dan: And it’s going to go down alright.

Soul spins around and his eyes meet Unknown’s. The arena falls into a stunned silence for a moment, maybe even a minute, as they slowly approach one another. Soul towers over Unknown, a smirk perched on his face. Unknown stares eagerly into the cold eyes of Lost Soul before they step back. And finally they come to blows.

Dan: Soul’s over twice as heavy and over a foot taller then Unknown.

Soul attempts a right but Unknown ducks and charges underneath his arm. Soul turns to get his left leg knocked out with a baseball slide and he falls to a knee. Unknown comes to his feet again and bounces off the ropes back to a kneeling Lost Soul but he gets lifted into the arms of the mammoth. Soul tauntingly looks around at the audience with Unknown flailing aimlessly in his arms and he drops him for a sidewalk slam. Soul hooks the leg mightily.

1… NO!

Larry: Unknown won’t go down that easily.

Dan: Soul knows what he’s doing.

Soul comes to with Unknown in his grasp. Soul hoists the UE Champion high into the air, preparing for a military press drop and he drops him like a paper weight. Unknown lands on his feet though and as Soul turns around he’s met with a flash kick to the chin! Soul wobbles backwards, using the ropes for support and Unknown leaps forward, throwing all his weight into him to flip him over the top to the floor! Both stars go toppling over, Soul landing on his feet and Unknown haphazardly falling down on the mats. Soul snickers and drags Unknown to his feet before chucking him into a steel ring post. Unknown staggers and falls to the floor again. He tries to get up but Soul clocks him with a boot to the jaw, sending him back to the pavement.

Dan: Total control, baby!

Larry: It’s early yet.

Soul tosses Unknown underneath the bottom rope and he jumps onto the apron. Unknown lays out spread-eagled on the mat and Soul ascends to the top rope to the awe of the audience.

Larry: Who does he think he is, JM Hardy?!

Dan: I think it’s the death of Unknown if he hits this.

Soul smirks and leaps for a flying elbow off the top! But Unknown throws himself out of the way in a life-saving, match-saving effort. Soul holds his elbow in agony and Unknown gets to all fours, the ball in his court. Unknown rushes towards Soul and jumps into the air for a standing shooting star press! Unknown hooks the leg and the official begins the count.


2… NO!

Dan: …Whew.

Larry: Is that sweat I see?

Unknown shakes the cobwebs out of his head and Soul comes to a knee to receive a running dropkick to the face. Soul flails backwards into a corner and Unknown runs forward hitting a jumping knee to the face. Lost Soul slumps and Unknown brings im to all fours merely to drop him with a backbreaker neckbreaker. Soul holds onto his neck and Unknown decides he’s not through. He turns to the top rope to the audience’s pleasure and ascends to the top.

Larry: What does he have in mind?

Dan: Death.

After a brief reprieve, Soul stirs and comes to his feet. As he spins around, Unknown leaps off the top – Calamity From The Sky – but Lost Soul catches him in his arms. Unknown’s eyes flutter with panic and Soul repositions the UE Champion to the appropriate position – Paradise Lost! The audience is shell shocked as Lost Soul has seemingly done it again and he hooks the leg triumphantly.




Dan: You’ve gotta be shitting me.

Larry: Unknown kicked out of one of Lost Soul’s most devastating moves!

Dan: Oh really? We didn’t notice or anything.

Soul rips at his hair, anger etched across his face. He turns to the referee and lifts him off his feet by his collar. The official flails until Soul decidedly shrugs and drops him back to his feet. Soul stares lustfully down at an unmoving Unknown and rubs his boot across his face to awaken him. Unknown stirs ever slowly and reaches his feet after twenty seconds of Lost Soul’s eyes staring holes through him. Once to his feet, Soul lifts him up – Pitch Black – but Unknown falls off of Lost Soul’s shoulder. Soul spins around and Unknown takes advantage, a boot to the abdomen and then Fate Sealer!

Larry: Unknown just leveled the playing field.

Dan: But he won’t be able to capitalize, look at him.

Larry: Look at you, looks like you capitalized on a few donut sales lately.

Dan: I might capitalize on the opportunity to break your face at the biggest PPV of the year too.

Unknown crawls, slowly moving his way over and tosses an arm across a prone Lost Soul.



3… NO!

Larry: Lost Soul isn’t going down that easy.

Dan: Yeah unlike your mother.

Soul rolls towards the ropes for support and Unknown does the same in the opposite direction. Both superstars reach all fours and turn to one another, eyes interlocking in a moment of surprise and disgust.

Larry: This doesn’t look good.

Unknown shakes his head and charges, Lost Soul following suit. Soul lifts his boot but Unknown just ducks underneath. Unknown goes onto the apron quickly, leaps onto the ropes and springboards off for the Relentless Spiral. Lost Soul catches him in his arms though. Soul maneuvers him in his arms and tries to powerbomb him but Unknown starts laying into Soul’s forehead with haymakers. Soul staggers backwards, unable to stop his movement into a corner as Unknown continues his onslaught.

Larry: Unknown’s fighting for survival here.

Dan: And he won’t win.

Soul’s back hits the turnbuckle from the momentum of the backwards movement. Unknown quickly transitions, moving onto the turnbuckle off of Soul’s shoulders. The UE Champion takes Soul by the head and leaps off the top – Fate Sealer from the top rope! The audience is in a stunned silence, Lost Soul’s body looking vacant and broken. Unknown appears exhausted but he lays his entire body over top Lost Soul’s.




Larry: Unknown’s done it!

Dan: Fuck, my bookies gonna be pissed.

Unknown’s body doesn’t move as the official raises his limp arm into the air. Both men appear completely unmoving on the mat as the audience applauds.

Larry: It looks like Lost Soul won’t be reaching 20-0.

Dan: Why does this always happen when I have money on the line?

Larry: Because if you were to win a fortune on these events, we would have to sadly say goodbye to you. You know how hard that would be.

Dan: Prick.

Luke: Here is your winner....UNKNOWN!

The cameras lights lay over Unknown and Lost Soul’s bodies, both spread eagled in the middle of the ring. Unknown still lies across Lost Soul and the official starts trying to wake up the competitors as we fade away.

We go backstage again and Jerry Armstrong is standing by with a sombre yet intense JM Hardy.

JM I don't have to repeat to you what I am sure has been running through your head ever since Terehov won Last Resort. This Apex Syndicate has threatened to completely destroy everything EPW stands for, it's absolutely crucial you get the win out there do you feel you are ready to defeat a man whose earned a reputation as a wrestling god? A man fueled by the unlimited funds of The Apex Syndicate

Hardy takes a minute to take in the loud EPW chants ringing behind him.

You know Jerry...all this time the talks been about how big and bad Terehov is, how he's fueled by the thought of destructoion. He maybe the most dominant force EPW has ever seen but people seem to forget...I got where I am getting thrown around like a ragdoll but always, ALWAYS getting back up. I was this company's greatest Deathmatch Champion, I know what pain is and everyone seems to forget what I am fueled by!

This business isn't what it once was, few years back you had every "next big thing in wrestling" camping outside EPW Headquarters trying to get a job. They don't do that anymore...when I was a young wrestler trying to make it my aim was to become an EPW superstar, to one day main event Date With Destiny and here I am minutes away from fullfiling my dream. I am not fighting for personal glory out there, I am going out there to preserve EPW's lineage...to preserve it's history and to make sure it's a place worth dreaming about again.

With those words Hardy walks past Armstrong and heads for the ring on the way he passes several open locker room doors and it's inhabitants all wish Hardy luck as he approaches the final two doors, Shawn Grendrill and Kalada curtly nod at Hardy as he vanishes from view.

Larry: It's time Dan! Will The Estonian Dream add another victim to his growing list or will Hardy stand firm and deny him?

Dan: We are about to find out!.

Luke: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd bursts into cheers as they rise to their feet in anticipation.

Luke: Introducing first…from Estonia at 290 pounds he is the challenger, THE ESTONIAN DREAM ANDREEES TEREHOV!

Cold. That’s the best explanation for the feeling in the arena as “Come With Me” sets in. The lights go black, instead pale blue lights cast a chilly glow over the stage. The smoke machine produces a medium haze, but it looks nothing short of swirling snow atop a mountain.

Hear my cries, hear my call
Lend me your ears, see my fall
See my errors, know my faults
Time halts, see my loss

Know I'm lacking, backtracking
Where I met you, pistol packing
Itchy finger, trigger happy
Try to trap me, bad rap

Wiretap me, backstab me
Break the faith, fall from grace
Tell me lies, time flies
Close your eyes, come with me

Andres steps into the haze, wearing a long fur coat. He pauses for a moment, almost as if relishing in the familiarity of the frigid site. After the short delay, he begins his walk to the ring, his gait purposeful.

You said to trust you, you'd never hurt me
Now, I'm disgusted, since then adjusted
Certainly, you fooled me, ridiculed me
Left me hangin', now shit's boomerangin'

Right back at ya, think long-ranged
Narrow minded, left me blinded
I co-signed it, shit backfired
Now I'm bouncin' back, I grinded

Not many would bear the pressure
You comprehend me, you musn't end me
You offend me, it's trauma
Feel the drama, come with me

Walking straight to the ring apron, Andres gets up on it, before ducking in between the middle and top rope and entering the ring.

I close my eyes
And I see
You, standing there
I cry
Tears of sorrow
I die

He walks over and climbs up to the second of a set of turnbuckles. His hands down by his side and his face stolid, Andres simply looks over the arena before getting back down onto the apron. Handing his coat to the ref, he hops in place three times, ready for war.

Larry: Just look at him, such a grand occasion and he isn’t even phased.

Dan: He’s a killer Larry nothing more. Caballero’s sent him to take this place over and the only man who can stop him is about to make his way out!.

Luke: And his opponent, he is the EPW World Heavyweight Champion! At 5’9 and 195 pounds….JM HARDY!

Finished with my woman cause she couldn’t help me with my mind

The legendary riffs of Paranoid kicks in as the crowd erupts, JM Hardy wastes no time as he bursts out of the curtains and makes a bee line for the ring. He pauses at the top of the ramp taking in the loud chants of EPW and raises the title high above his head before entering the ring

Dan: I may have given this guy a lot of stick in the past Larry but if we can rely on anyone to go out and fight to the death it’s him!.

Larry: He’s dropped 30 pounds for this bout Dan, he knows he’s gotta use his speed because if he tries to go at Terehov blow for blow there’s only going to be one winner.

The EPW chants get louder and louder as Hardy raises the title high above his head before locking eyes with Terehov. The lights return to normal as senior official Keith Andrews raises the title.

Dan: That’s what at stake…main event of Date With Destiny VI it doesn’t get any bigger then this!.

The noise of the crowd has risen to fever pitch, Terehov still shows no signs of being phased by the loud EPW chants as Hardy stares him down, the bell rings and JM quickly charges at Terehov and ducks under a clothesline. He gets to his feet and starts swinging for the fences delivering blow after blow to Terehov’s back but Andres elbows him hard in the face before kneeing JM in the gut he bounces off the ropes making a beeline for Hardy who ducks and bursts into action shoving Terehov into the corner he tries to bridge back into a pin but Terehov simply throws him back. JM hops up but this time he’s taken down with a stiff lariat!.

Larry: ugh! He nearly took JM’s head off!

Terehov glares menacingly at Hardy before grabbing him with one hand and lifting him up!, he chucks Hardy into the corner and starts to work away, battering him with a series of headbutts.

Dan: Did you see that? He just lifted up 200 pounds with one hand!

Hardy clutches his ribs in pain as Terehov backs him up against the corner and smashes him with an open hand chop, the sound of Terehov’s large hands crashing against Hardy’s bare chest reverberates around the arena. Terehov backs up before going for a running avalanche but Hardy desperately throws himself out of the way. Terehov crashes into the corner as Hardy catches his breathe before vaulting forward he locks in…a Tarantula?.

Larry: Tarantula locked in! not a patented JM Hardy move by any means!.

Dan: He’s gonna have to throw everything he knows at Terehov!

The referee starts to count as the move is illegal and Hardy breaks the hold at 4, he turns to catch his breathe before turning to face Terehov. Hardy was clearly expecting a tired Terehov but the submission hold only served to infuriate The Estonian Dream and a leaping Hardy was swatted down like a fly as Andres re-entered the ring. Hardy flung himself at Terehov again desperately clawing and punching at his much larger opponent only to get kneed in the gut, Terehov then hooks the arm and lifts JM for a Vertical Brainbuster but Hardy wriggles out of the back. Terehov charges and this time Hardy throws himself out of the way causing Terehov to fly out of the ring!.

Dan: Terehov’s out of the ring! Hardy HAS to take advantage now!.

JM looks around the arena at the roaring crowd and wastes no time bouncing off the ropes before sailing through the air with a Somersault Plancha!, the crowd chant for Hardy as he rolls back to his feet and goes into the ring once again. Terehov staggers to his feet and Hardy again takes to the air he feints the plancha before surprising Terehov with a rope assisted dropkick!. He goes for it again but this time Terehov grabs him by both feet and pulls him out of the ring!.

Larry: Oh Oh!

Hardy tries to wriggle free but Terehov starts spinning him around before letting loose!, Hardy flies and crashes into the steel steps to large groans from the audience. Terehov rolls Hardy into the ring and JM is showing no signs of movement, The Estonian Dream stands over him laughing before lifting him up he gets into Hardy’s face calling him nothing before a flapjack sends Hardy down!.

Dan: He’s just toying with JM now!

The fans viciously boo Terehov who simply points to their fallen hero and hammers home the point landing a leaping elbow drop onto JM Hardy.

Larry: An elbow drop to the heart of our world champion, to the heart of EPW!.

Dan: This doesn’t look good at all!

Terehov signals for the end as he lifts Hardy up for The December Sunset.

Larry: Oh no!

He moves forward preparing to hit it but Hardy instinctively latches onto the nearest set of ropes with his legs!.

Dan: A desperate attempt to escape!

A frustrated Terehov settles with hanging Hardy in a tree of woe position as he backs up…he runs menacingly at JM who avoids the move!. Terehov’s foot crashes against the post and Hardy stuns him with his patented Superkick!. The Estonian Dream is sent stumbling into the ropes as the fans erupt

Larry: Superkick! The tide has turned! Terehov in a precarious position now!.

Hardy is exhausted and clutches his ribs in pain, still feeling the effect of being thrown into the steel steps however the crowd wills him on and he knows he has to strike. He makes sure Terehov is tangled in the ropes and the crowd erupts as he unloads!

Larry: JM Hardy pounding away at Terehov! All the frustration over the months going into those fists!.

Hardy continues to furiously punch away at Terehov before letting loose and pounding his chest, he’s certainly fired up the crowd but as he turns he sees Terehov still conscious tugging at the ring ropes, Hardy goes to strike again but Terehov rips the ring ropes right off!

“holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

Larry: WHAT?

Dan: Did he just rip off the fucking ring ropes?

Hardy,the referee and the capacity audience at Wembley all stare in amazement as the monster throws the detached ring ropes like a lasso around JM Hardy and reels him into a bonecrushing spear!.

Terehov makes the pin but the referee is too distracted by the sight of the ring ropes being torn off a furious Terehov tosses Hardy aside and starts to scream at the referee. JM slowly tries to get to his feet but can’t as he clutches his ribs in pain he desperately just throws himself forward and shoves Terehov into the referee!. The referee is crushed in the corner as Hardy rolls up Terehov!


A referee comes charging down the ramp as Terehov desperately tries to break out.


Kick out!.

Dan: God dammn it! He had him down for 5 there!

Larry: Both men escaping a loss due to the referees!, JM Hardy is giving it his all can he pull it off?

A furious Terehov has rolled to his feet, Hardy can barely stand and Terehov charges going for Winters Frigid Wind but Hardy moves out of the way before going for the J’Ded Diamond Cutter but Terehov powers out and throws Hardy out of the ring.

Dan: They’re heading over to the Spanish Announce Table! God bless those guys.

Larry: Don’t think they’ll be counting their blessings now!

Hardy is sent crashing face first onto the table as Terehov clears the table off the monitors before dumping Hardy onto the table.

Dan: Oh dear god what’s he going to do?

Terehov heads back towards the ring and starts to climb to the top rope.

Larry: No way! That is 300 pounds!

Dan: 300 pounds of pure muscle! JM Hardy is going to get murdered!.

Terehov positions himself as the flash bulbs go around the arena, the referee desperately tries to stop him from leaping to the outside. Terehov soars through the air heading for the announce table but Hardy is up he uses the momentum to catch Terehov, SPINEBUSTERS TEREHOV RIGHT DOWN ONTO THE CONCRETE!.



Dan: Incredible! JM Hardy with a Spinebuster off the announce table onto the concrete! Right after catching Terehov In mid-air!

The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing as Hardy holds his own back in pain he knows he has Terehov down and desperately tries to bundle him into the ring but he can’t. Terehov is 300 pounds of dead weight and Hardy just gives up then rams Terehov into the steel steps!.

Larry: That lower back of Terehov must be shot to bits after that spinebuster and I doubt this is helping!.

Dan: Hardy knew he had to do something extraordinary to weaken Terehov and that spinebuster was it!.

Hardy rams him against the steps again before trying to roll Terehov in, he climbs onto the apron himself and pulls Terehov into the ring before dropping down and making the pin.

The referee however refuses to count, Terehov’s right arm is dangling out of the ring!.

Dan: Oh come on!

Hardy can’t believe his luck he goes to grab Terehov’s arm but The Estonian Dream instinctively kicks him away. Hardy staggers to his feet again and surges forward but

Terehov sweeps his leg and brings him down!, The Estonian Dream does the unthinkable and pulls himself up using the ropes for support.

Larry: Can you believe this? Where did Caballero get this guy? He’s still alive!

Terehov plucks Hardy off the mat and goes for The December Sunset but Hardy whose clearly spent a lot of time studying the move again wraps his legs around the ropes!. Terehov pulls but the pain in his spine is apparent and he lets go,

Terehov charges and goes for a Mafia Kick but Hardy ducks and the referee goes down!

Dan: Not again!

Hardy drops down and ducks under a flailing arm before he catches an oncoming Terehov and lifts him up!


Hardy brings him down with a ring shaking bodyslam as the crowd goes crazy, Hardy stumbles before ascending the top rope he looks down at his fallen opponent and the EPW chants reach fever pitch as Hardy lands The Destiny Dive right across Terehov’s battered back!.



It’s Archibald Henville! He slides into the ring himself and makes the count.




Larry: YES!

The crowd erupt as “Paranoid” blasts over the speakers, Henville rushes to Luke who hands him the World Title.

Dan: Archibald Henville just managed to not get boo’ed out of the building!

Larry: He maybe a snake Larry but he wanted Terehov out just like we did! His family were under siege from The Apex Syndicate and he’s vindicated himself here!.

Confetti falls from the rafters as Hardy raises the world title high above his head

Luke: Here is your winner and STILL EPW World Heavyweight Champion…JM HARDY!

Larry: What a night…what a night! Andres Terehov has been defeated! EPW lives on!.

Dan: I am relieved to say we’ll see you at Eclipse! EPW Eclipse! Not some Apex Syndicate endorsed drivel!. What a show! what a match!.

DWD VI starts to fade out as Hardy celebrates amongst the fans, the EPW Logo shines brightly over Terehov’s fallen body as DWD VI comes to a close.


Credit to:
Drew Maverick
Shawn Grendrill
Brendan Black
Lost Soul
William Haze

The main event will be edited in very soon!, I apologize again and again for the delay I realize how inconvenient it is but without the proper amount of staff it's just been very hard to get shows up, hopefully we'll see some improvement on the matter in the coming weeks.

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Start throwing me some things.. for the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed writing a match. as for the show haven't read it all but Unknown/Soul had me marking out... my jaw dropped. Although really no matter the result that would have happened.

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ahhh, first loss here and it couldn't have happened to someone who deserved the win more...congrats chris, I can't wait for the rematch :)

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Epic show so far boys. All we need now is our main event and things'll be golden.

Really fucking sexy stuff so far though. Congrats to all the winners and a special thanks to Izrah for giving me a hell of a fight in my final match with Black.

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Awesome stuff guys. I really enjoyed this and to prove it all I've been doing today at work, instead of working, is reading this!

From the beginning match to the black match every match was fantastic. Congratulations to Haze for sure on a crazy win and Aaron Fitz your a beast dude. Lost soul and unknown lived up to its hype for sure and although I was rooting for Steel (he cracks me up dude is funny) congrats Murda for the win.

Black I know I don't really know you man but congratulations on the career and your hall of fame induction. From what I've read and heard about you its well deserved.

Can't wait to read the rest but very impressed so far! Keep up the great work and good luck Hardy.

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Fantastic show so far with amazing results!

Haze winning the opening match was awesome and congrats to you man! Fucking deserve it!

Unknown winning was awesome!! It was purely a fantastic match.

Brendan, it was an honor and a pleasure to face you in your last "Brendan Black" match. I may have lost, but this feud definitely benefited me and I definitely got better. Awesome win and a great moment for us with the handshake!

Great show in addition to everything else, and can't read to read the main event.

Thank you so much to the entire staff that helped! Without you none of this would be possible!

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Nice work gooooooooys

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The main event along with Kalada's Hall Of Fame induction have been formatted/edited in, Eclipse card will be up shortly.

Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming :) and it's always a pleasure to see you around fincheh :)

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Holy Shit. I'm sitting here after an 18 hour bus ride in Bolivia. Logged on on the off chance DWD was up and to see that! Happy days!

Thanks to everyone who wrote the show - this is why EPW is the best there is, and well done to all the winners (and losers).

I'll be back in London on 30th August at which point, to steal a phrase from Booker T, JM Hardy, we comin' for you n1gguh!
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